After the defeat of the collectors Shepard and Tali went to the Citadel to buy some repair parts for the Normandy. They walked down to Zakera wards hand in hand. Finally, a little time for just the two of them. When they reached the level, Shepard noticed that there was some kind of a problem there.

He saw a Quarian in a white enviro-suit, a Volus, and a C-Sec officer.

"I'm telling you! She did it! Arrest her!" Exclaimed the Volus.

"What...? Just because I'm a Quarian?" The Quarian said to him.

Tali shake her head when she heard this, so much bad memories when she was accused with stealing. Shepard noticed his lovers' reaction, so he went there to help with the situation.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

"I've got this under control, I do not..." The officer tried to say, but was interrupted by;

"Bah! He's got another of those them thieves with him, maybe the two clanless Quarian are working together! " Said the Volus.

"How can you say that? Do you know who I am? I am Shepard, the saviour of the Citadel, and you are saying that I'm working with thieves? "

Well he did work with thieves like Kasumi, but at that moment, he totally forgot about it. Meanwhile Tali just stud there, trying to stop her anger to erupt.

" I am not saying that you Commander. All I say, that I don't like to be with another suit-rat here, one is enough already! " Said the Volus.

" You are saying that I am a suit-rat, look at you! You are wearing a suit and look much more like a rat, now go tell that to a turian, and cry for protection, like you always do... " Talis anger finally erupted.

" Tali don't bother with him, please! " Shepard ask nicely.

" I won't but no one should talk to me like that! " Tali was back to her normal temperature.

Shepard looked at the Volus, "You said you lost your credit chit?"

"No, I didn't lose it! She stole it!" Volus answered, pointing to the Quarian.

He looked at him, and shook his head. He looked at the Quarian.

"He's accused you of pick pocketing him?"

"Apparently, he did, I accidentally bumped into him, then the next thing I know, he runs up to C-Sec, accusing me of stealing his damn chit!" The Quarian explained.

Shepard nodded, "Ok," then looked at the officer, "Any idea where he might have used the chit?"

"It says that he's last been at Saronis Applications, and I've scanned the Quarian, she doesn't have a chit on her, but she may have stashed it somewhere to retrieve it later."

" I will take a look, come on Tali, let's see around!"

" Okay Shepard, if I stay here more than a minute a might kick this Volus like a ball." She said.

They made the way to the Saronis Applications store, and saw a Salarian employee.

"Hi! Welcome to...wait, Shepard?" The Salarian greeted.

"Do I...know you?" He asked in a questioning tone.

"No...but I know you! I thought you were dead!"

"Yeah," He replied, rubbing the back of his neck, "I've been getting that a lot."

"So, what brings you here?"

"I'm wondering if a Volus came by here, and left his chit," Leon explained.

"Ah! Yes! A Volus came in here not too long ago to buy some system environmental drivers. If you see him, tell him I have his chit here behind the bar."

Shepard nodded, "Alright, Thank you."

"Come again!" The employee said to him before the Commander walked out.

When they returned to the trio, Tali stud right next to the Quarian. While Shepard went straight to the Volus.

"You left your chit at Saronis Applications, the Clerk is holding it for you," he said to the Volus.

"Oh...Well...she could have stolen it."

"I'm shutting this case down," the Officer said, tapping at his data-pad, then spoke to the Quarian, "Get a permanent residence or I'll run you in for vagrancy."

She looked down at the floor.

Tali hugged the girl while Shepards rage boiled out at the others.

"Are you two serious!?" He said, stepping up.

"Wha...?" The Volus tried to say,

He kneeled down to the Volus, almost kicking it. "I tell you where your chit is, and all you had to say was 'She could have stolen it'?"

The Commander stood up and grabbed the Officer by the collar and pull him close.

"And you, she gets harassed by this guy, and you threaten to run her in for vagrancy?" He said to the man.

"How about I run you in for the obstruction of Justice?!" The Officer said as Leon pushed him off, walking back to his spot.

"You think you're going to run in a Spectre and a friend of Bailey?" Shepard told him with a big smile.

Both men scattered off, "Shit...", "Bah...!"

" Thank you! I don't know what can I give you, but Thank you! " Her voice was like she was crying.

" You don't owe us anything, maybe just tell me what is your name. "

" Lia'Vael nar Rayya"

" Hi there Lia, my name is Shepard, and she is Tali'Zorah vas Normandy"

" You are Raels daughter am I right? You will be someday an Admiral. "

" Yes I am, and maybe, but i don't want to be that really. So your pilgrimage isn't going good? "

" Well kind of... I don't have enough money for food, and no one wants to give me a job... so yes it is kindda not good. " The sadness was clear in her voice will she said these.

Tali and Shepad looked at each other, they were talking by the eyes. After a little Tali stand next to Lia, hugged her, and asked a question.

" Would you like to join us? You can continue your pilgrimage aboard the Normandy. I did it to and well I would be really happy, to see another Quarian on board. Sorry Shepard, but sometimes you just not enough for me. " She said with a little grimm.

"Really? Thank you...Really thank you, I want to say more, but I can't. Thank you! "

" Welcome aboard Lia, is there anything you want to do before heading to the ship, or we can go now? "

"There is nothing, I looking forward to the trip."