Author's Notes.

Hey, it's The Cool Kat, as usual. This fic, like almost all of my stories, has been a long time coming. There's a longer AN at the end, but before we begin I'd just to like I've been a fan of SWAT Kats for three years now, and a fan of Jake/Chance for two.

I've read a lot of SK slash fics, but my main influences for this fic were "Anger Management", "Trapped", "Life Changes", and "A Fateful Decision" / "Feral's Journal" by ULYFERAL, as well as "Taking Chances" (an offsite fanfic) by Salai, and "Love Takes Flight" by Red Aigh. In fact You're your fic left such an impact on me there a few allusions to that story sewn into this fic that I'm sure you'll notice.

Chapter 1: Crushes.

June 1995.

It was just another ordinary day in MegaKat city. That was, if you were used to living in Megakat city. A monster appeared downtown, destroyed some buildings, scared some townspeople and caused a hell of lot collateral damage before the SWAT Kats arrived and blew it up.

Maybe the feline populace had become too dependent on their masked vigilantes to appear just in the nick of time and save them from catastrophe, and that's why the day's going ons seemed so typical to them. But one could hardly blame them. And it wasn't like they were ungrateful.

It was just that the SWAT Kats had been such a big part of their lives for so long it was hard not to get used to the crime-fighting duo. It'd been over five years since they first appeared on the scene in 1990; over half a decade. Once feared as outlaws or terrorists, the pair were now heroes, commended by Mayor Manx himself, despite skeptics like Ulysses Feral.

Even they had long gotten used to their routine of crime-fighting by night and tuning up vehicles by day (helping out their community in a more mundane way). Their adrenalized activities helped to stave off the boredom and suicidal thoughts that would have undoubtedly tortured the former enforcers had they not decided to take up crime fighting.

That didn't mean they hated being mechanics though. Because they had had years to find a balance in their lives, T-Bone and Razor's alter-egos as Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson allowed them a breather between all their fun/intense battles with supervillains, and gave them privacy. Obsessed guys like Feral certainly didn't hound them when their masks were off.

In fact it was right around this time, when the bad guy had thoroughly gotten his or her tail kicked, and the Turbokat was flying over the familiar MegaKat scrapyard, that T-Bone and Razor were starting to wind down, congratulating each other on their fine flying/shooting and preparing to relax on their couch with a cool can of coke.

For some reason though T-Bone wasn't that talkative; the bigger, burlier of the two kats was unusually stoic as he flew through the secret door and landed them on the platform that would elevate them into their 'lair'. He almost certainly had a reason for keeping to himself, and Razor wanted to know what it was, but unfortunately the 'good friend' part of him didn't want to pry.

So he only shrugged as the dome lifted and jumped out the jet. He waited for T-Bone to head for the wall and grab the stamp to commemorate their latest victory, but he didn't, since he was being all resigned and thinking to himself near the Turbokat. So apparently it was Razor's turn that day.

When he was done he headed for the lockers, about to pull his mask off, when his partner finally spoke, stopping him. The big guy was finally ready to talk. He knew he'd spill if he gave some time. He just didn't know it would be this soon.

Apparently Chance had a confession to make.


Razor could feel T-Bone's fingers on the back of his neck, grabbing at his fur in spite of the bandanna in his way. Lips melded, tongues grappled, crotches grinded. If the two gripped each other any harder they'd be sinking their claws into each other's skin. A rather erotic, if painful, thought.

Razor had to admit, he didn't see this coming.

Since the day he first met Chance Furlong, his bunkmate, in the Enforcers academy he'd always admired certain aspects. Not just his (admittedly sexy) body, but his charm (not that he'd ever admit to the kat he had charm), laid-back personality, and sense of humor (he'd never met anyone so into Scaredy Kat). His fierce determination and short-temper were both kind of a turn-on on the days they didn't cost them a TV.

Jake had always had the odd fantasy or idle thought here and there about the striped tabby. But none of them were like this. None of them could compare to this.

He had never, for a second, thought that his buddy had the exact sentiments as him. He had never allowed his attraction to Chance to be anything else. Never tried to make his friendship with a kat who was 100% straight anything more than that. How was he to know his best friend had gone through the exact thing as him? Suppressed thoughts and hid desires like him until he could do so no longer?

While Jake had conceded to just be Chance's friend forever, said kat had eight years to decide he was tired of being in the friend zone. He was twenty-six years old and wasn't getting any younger; if he was ever gonna tell Jake now was as good as ever, so he decided to risk their friendship and tell him how felt. Chance always was a risk-taker. Fitting, consider the kat's name and all.

His long overdue admittance led of course to his pal's stunned gaping, the tabby's awkward babbling right after (scrambling to get the details out as quickly as he could), and (as unprecedented as it was) a second overdue confession, interrupting him, from his orange chum. For a long time after that, neither kat said or did except bask in the incredulity. They'd known each other for a good portion of their lives and there was still so much they didn't know.

Unlike before, Razor decided to end the contemplative silence and asked T-Bone 'So what now?'.

The still-masked tabby slowly, careful approached him; hesitated about something his residual fear had a hard time allowing him to do, and replied 'This'.

And then he kissed him.

Which brought Razor back to his tongue being brazenly shoved down T-Bone's throat. He had no idea whether he was devouring T-Bone or it was the other way around. Both men were pushing into each other with about the same strength. And they weren't exactly taking it slow.

They were both experienced with kissing, but not with each other. Their movements were hurried, almost frantic, as they explored the inside of each other's mouths. Razor, not quite as tall as T-Bone, had to bend up a little to cover everything he wanted. In doing so his groin brushed against T-Bone's again and he felt the tabby hard and hot in his flight suit, just like he was.

T-Bone trembled, his below the belt region had only made contact with Razor's for a second and it brought him so close to coming. Through the spandex, the tom's shaft was throbbing, pulsating. Daydreaming about your buddy's dick and actually feeling it for real were two entirely different things. He imagined all the things it could do to him, or he could do to it, and he only got hotter from head to toe.

They were only kissing and he was already thinking about fucking him, or giving him head. He couldn't help it. Eight years of sexual tension was coming to a head, and now that he had finally gotten a taste of Jake he couldn't get more fast enough.

He was like an addict; his want wasn't a want anymore but a need. He needed to go even further, take more risks. So he took a tiny step back, never stopping the kiss, but allowing his lips to slide away from Jake's and move across his face.

Razor knew where T-Bone was going before he felt it. The tabby placed his warm, wet lips on his neck, running them through his fur; nibbling on his neck.

Oh god. He didn't know how much more he could take.

Razor heard himself moan, and let his head hang to the side, giving T-Bone full access to one of the more sensitive parts of his body. And the big kat just kept on moving; not just his lips but his entire body as well. He wasn't in front of Razor anymore but beside him, and then he was behind him as he curiously moved to the back of his head.

Razor's mask brushed his face, and the tabby finally stopped, stepping back. And Razor allowed himself to breathe out.

"Chance, I can't take it anymore. Stop… stop fooling around", he gasped, sucking in air like a precious commodity.

"I was just thinking the same thing", T-Bone replied from behind his ear, his already gruff, throaty tone even huskier from lust.

What happened next happened so fast. Two arms reached around his sides and met in the middle, holding him tight to the feline behind him. If it had been the actions of an enemy Razor would have fought back, fought to break free, but since it was his partner he let T-Bone do he wanted and waited for the horny tabby's next move.

T-Bone couldn't hold out any longer. He had succeeded in turning Razor on, and himself as well. And he wanted nothing more than to get off. To have his way with the two succulent buttocks Razor had had no problem surrendering to him. So he leaned back…

And Jake felt something long and hard bump into his rear, none too gently.

T-Bone was humping him, like a mattress. It would have been funny if it weren't so goddamn sexy. Every time he pushed into Razor T-Bone could feel the tom's crack through his g-suit. And every time T-Bone grinded his bulge into his butt Razor could feel how stiff and itching to shoot he was.

He knew what T-Bone was doing, so he decided to help. He started pushing backwards, giving as well as getting. Rubbing himself on T-Bone's hard-on and giving the big guy a taste of his own medicine.

"Shit", the striped one swore, too sex-crazed to use his signature expletive 'crud'.

And then he got he wanted, what he'd practically forced to happen. He came. His briefs flooded with sticky hot seed that seeped through the cotton fabric and spilled out into his g-suit, forever marking his uniform with his essence. But instead of coming steadily, his pressurized loads came in bursts. He shuddered every time he ejaculated.

The really amazing part was that even as he was losing it, and starting to lose steam, he kept humping. He wanted to give Razor the same pleasure he was experiencing, and kept things up until he did.

The thing that sent Razor over the edge was his buddy's come oozing through both their tights and soaking his ass, getting his fur all sticky. Fuck.

The feline jittered with excitement as he followed T-Bone's pursuit. "Right on", he said, as his boxers got a lot more saturated, and clingy.

When it was over T-Bone's brawny arms finally dropped from his torso and the two fell away from each other, panting. Razor's first reaction was to look down and grinned wickedly at the dark spot right on the blue part of his g-suit.

Feeling in a particularly good mood, he chuckled when he looked back at his buddy/sexmate. "Looks we might need to do some washing tonight", he joked.

To his surprise, Chance was quick to disagree. "Fuck that, I don't want to stop now", T-Bone said. "What about you?", he asked.

Razor was still coming back down from the orgasm he had less than a minute ago, and yet…

"I'm up for more if you are", his partner in crime replied.


It'd been a long time since Jake Clawson found himself yowling, claws digging deep into bed sheets as some dude hammered his member down his channel, and to be honest he had really started to miss getting laid. Since being expelled from the Enforcers academy and becoming the SWAT Kats, he and Chance hadn't exactly had time for things like relationships.

He'd missed the heat, the passion, and the intimacy that came from having another in bed with him, on top of him, bringing two bodies together as one. Of course he wasn't always the bottom, but he was in this particular case and he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather want in him than the guy he was with now. The one he'd always felt closest with.

They were out of the lair, in Chance's upstairs bedroom in the actual garage. Both kats were in the buff, finally having the patience to discard all their clothes so nothing could stop them from touching every inch of each other they could reach. And if Jake wasn't using his hands to support himself, he'd probably be gripping some part of Chance he'd already been curious about (like his ass for instance).

But Jake didn't have time to think about what he would do if his hands were free, because Chance's drilling had finally struck gold. The orange cat purred when Chance reached his prostate. "That's it… harder", he said encouragingly, knowing Chance wouldn't go any faster unless he told him to.

Once again Chance found something brushing him in the face, and this time it was orange and bushy. "Well then control your tail", he grumbled, as he lightly swatted one of the more annoying parts of his pal out of his way.

Jake could feel Chance going faster and firmer within him. The tabby had less room to move around the further he went in. Jake's tunnel was like a cone almost, and the way it was squeezing his member was only bringing his climax closer quicker (and hopefully Jake's as well).

Eventually he hit his friend's sweet spot with just the right speed at just the right time and his tip opened, his pole draining inside Jake (it was so different and so much better than what he had done before in his underwear).

Jake came not long after, spewing his seed on the sheets. Jake's strength gave out after that and he let himself fall onto the sheets, with Chance still on top on him. They collapsed on the bed in a tangled heap of limbs. After so much back-to-back action, they both needed a rest.


"So how come we never did this before?", Jake asked, as he and Chance leaned side-by-side on the bed's headboard.

Chance took a moment to think about that, though there was really nothing to think about. It was mostly about him swallowing his pride and embarrassment. "I didn't know how you would react if I told you the truth, and I guess I was too scared to find out", he admitted eventually.

Jake raised his eyebrow. "Scared? You? No", he said in a teasing, dismissive voice. And instead of getting pissed like he probably would have any other day, Chance cracked a smile.

And then Jake decided to get serious.

"Alright, start talking. Since when are you gay?", he asked. As much as he enjoyed what he and Chance just did there were some things that needed clearing up.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I am", Chance explained, sounding almost confused himself. "I mean I like chicks, but I like guys too, and I've liked it both ways since high school", he explained.

"So you think you're bi?", Jake questioned.

"I guess so. I've never really thought about it. I don't like labels. Whatever feels good feels good in my book", he said. Jake could tell he was starting to relax by the way he folded his arms and blew at the scruffy tuff of fur both he and Jake had on their heads.

Jake smirked. "I bet you've been in plenty of relationships", he reckoned.

"Never anything serious. Sure I've had a few one-night stands with some chicks, and a few guys got me off in the past. Heck, I've even got them off. But never anything romantic or star-crossed, like you'd see in a movie", Chance informed.

"Cause Chance Furlong doesn't like to be tied down?", Jake guessed, knowing his buddy's personality.

"Yep, it's one of the reasons I joined the enforcers. I wanted action, adventure, the ultimate adrenaline rush. Then I met you my first day there… and I'm not gonna lie to you, you were pretty hot", Chance replied.

Jake grinned. "Thanks", he said, feeling kinda flattered. It'd been a long time since anyone called him 'hot'.

"You were adventurous like me. Sure you weren't always the most interesting guy to hang out with", Chance added, and Jake's grin turned into a frown. "And you don't like Scaredy Kat (and who doesn't like Scaredy Kat?)", Chance complained. Jake rolled his eyes; relieved when his pal finally got back on topic again. "But you're my friend, and my partner. We've been through thick and thin together. We're the SWAT Kats", he declared. "I've known for a long time that I… like you, but I never said anything. Cause if you were attracted to your best friend, would you tell him?", Chance questioned, confidence waning again as he returned to a more awkward subject.

"No", Jake admitted, knowing very well how Chance must have felt.

"Exactly. But like I said we're the SWAT Kats, we're supposed to trust each other, and I got tired of keeping it a secret", Chance continued, before turning his head towards Jake so the two could look each other in the eye. "I told you the truth because I knew however you would react, you would understand. And you did", he said, relieved and satisfied.

"Of course I did", Jake said, lightly punching the tabby in the arm. "Still, that couldn't have been easy for you. What you did was pretty brave", he commented.

Chance, in a surprisingly modest move, brushed that compliment right off. "We're vigilantes, bravery comes with the territory", he said casually.

He repositioned himself again, putting his arms behind his head, getting even more comfortable. "So what about you? What's your story?", he asked Jake.

"Pretty much the same as you – I was curious in high school, and I fooled around a lot when I was in the enforcers", he shrugged. And for some reason, his reply was a laugh riot for Chance.

The striped kat snickered and Jake turned his full attention back to him, frowning again.

"You?", Chance chortled.

"Yes me", Jake said flatly. "Why is that so surprising?", he honestly asked, as Chance wrestled back the laughter he now realized was inappropriate.

"It's just hard for me to picture an uptight guy like you… fooling around", Chance replied, before he almost lost it again.

Jake tilted his head. "Well it's not exactly easy for me to picture my best friend taking it up the ass either but I'm not one the making cheap shots", Jake retorted.

That got Chance serious again. "Who said anything about me being the bottom?", he asked.

Jake glanced down at the tabby's naked body. It was hidden somewhat by the blanket they both had draped over them now, but he knew what was under the material. "No offense but with a butt like yours I don't see how anyone could resist topping it", Jake replied with total honesty.

"I've always had too much fun being the top to be interested in bottoming. Besides, I've sort of been saving myself for something other than a late night booty call, something real", Chance clarified, before the yellow kat leaned in real close to his buddy.

"Would you like to do the honors?", he offered.

Jake's eyes widened when his razor-sharp mind realized what Chance meant. "You'd really want me to?", he asked in surprise.

Chance's voice and body language got all heavy and seductive again, like he knew just how to get Jake hard beneath the sheets. "I like you, and I want you to fuck me", he replied, as bluntly as he could.

Jake gulped, and Chance smirked toothily, knowing Jake was really considering what he was proposing. And then Jake shook his head. "We're getting distracted again", he mumbled, willing himself to soften.

Chance groaned and let his eyes roll. "See, this is what I was talking about before. You're no fun", he protested, really immaturely.

But Jake ignored his pouting. "Before we do anything else, there's something we gotta be sure about right now", the orange kat informed him. And Chance's relaxed features tightened ever so slightly as the joking tabby realized his comrade really wasn't playing around. He straightened up when he saw Jake pause before asking the next question. It had to be really important to him.

"You really do like me, don't you?", Jake asked.

And then Chance unwound, when he realized Jake's question was important and stupid. Seriously, they had already been over this. He didn't know whether to be relieved or irritated, but considering how anxious his partner was about this he figured neither reaction would have been the right one. Instead he decided to settle Jake's doubts once and for all by putting all (mutual) teasing between them aside and speaking plainly and clearly about what he meant.

"More than I've liked any guy or girl before", he said. Everything from the affectionate way he looked at him to the steady and true tone of his voice prevented Jake from second-guessing that. And Chance could see the orange kat's worries gradually dissolve from his face.

Now it was his turn to ask the questions. "What about you? Cause I know you have a thing for Ms. Briggs", he reminded the lankier kat.

"I think we both have a thing for Ms. Briggs", Jake replied.

"And she doesn't have a thing for us, does she?", Chance figured, something he had had so much trouble admitting before, back when he was trying to find someone else besides Jake to take an interest in. He had always thought Callie was a nice she-kat, but not Jake. Those days she was what he thought he needed but not what he wanted.

Jake shook his head. "No, and that's why I let that ship sail years ago", he said. Neither he or his partner had made a move towards Ms. Callie Briggs in over two years, and he doubted she had even noticed. She just didn't like them that way.

"So do you like me?", Chance enquired.

"Yeah", Jake grinned; like Chance, not having to think about his answer.

"Then what else is there to talk about?", Chance decided.

"Just one thing", Jake replied, and his friend's ears flattened in exasperation. "You got the sex started pal, you do the washing tomorrow", the orange tom said happily.