Chapter 3: Suits.

Chance Furlong was trying his best not to show it, but the kat was freaking out on the inside.

It was Saturday night. It'd been almost a week since he and Jake first had sex, and their first night out since then. Even though a week was hardly any time at all and hardly qualified as an anniversary, he wanted to do something for Jake, make tonight special.

Jake had just been so good to him since that fateful evening, almost too good. They were sleeping in each other's bedrooms almost all the time (and thinking of sharing just one and converting the other), so he kept him company on the nights he couldn't sleep. They'd kissed more than a few times in-between hard jobs (working on a guy's busted carburetor, fighting a mutant freak). And most of all, he'd accepted him. Something he didn't have to do when Chance confessed his true feelings for him, but something he did nonetheless.

He wanted so much to show him his gratitude, his appreciation. But Chance was never was good at this part of a relationship. Give him a good dogfight and he'd fly circles around almost any opponent. Give him a kat to fuck and he'd give that guy or girl the best night of their life.

Most of the things he did were purely instinctual to him – knowing just when to pull out of a dive, knowing just the right spot to hit to please his lover. But romantic gestures were a pure guessing game, a gamble. And he wasn't much of a gambler. Even a gutsy risk-taker like T-Bone was nervous about his first big show of affection. And it didn't help he was completely out of his comfort zone.

The normally scruffy and untamed fur on his head was now combed back, from neck to belt he was wearing a suit and tie, and his blue jeans had been replaced by black pants to match the tuxedo he'd kept from his sister's wedding a few years back. He was just as uncomfortable in it now as he was then; standing as rigid as one of Viper's tree-beasts as he waited for his partner to finish getting ready. Glancing at his watch, he saw they were still making great time.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs he looked up to see his boyfriend descending. He immediately thought of every sappy, prom-related movie ever made where the leading lady walked down the stairs all dolled up and ready to party; and he snickered. He'd reined himself in though by the time Jake reached the bottom.

"You clean up nice", he told the tom, noting the bow tie Jake chose to wear as opposed to the classic neck one he'd went with.

"You do too. Suits really bring out your muscles", Jake replied, an observation he'd made way before then (during the wedding he and his buddy attended) but for obvious reasons never commented on out loud. "Maybe you should think about ripping off the sleeves. Might look pretty cool", Jake suggested, eyebrows raised, and it was obvious the feline was getting turned on.

Damn they were horny. Chance, as much as he liked sex, hoped the urge to grab at each other constantly waned some as time went on, because they didn't have time for even a quick blow job at the moment. Tonight was his night to be romantic. So ignoring what his slightly thicker member was thinking, the tabby shook his head.

"Not tonight, tonight we eat out", he reminded Jake, making sure they'd locked up everything before he and his mate headed for their truck.

Jake looked down at the slacks Chance had requested he wear (promising him answers would come soon enough). "Getting dressed to go out, it's so unlike you. It's so…", he thought aloud.

"Classy?", Chance interjected, opening the door to the driver's side.

"Yeah", Jake said, climbing into the passenger's seat.

"I've still got the moves", Chance grinned. "But for once I'm not trying them out on just some chick", he thought nervously.


From the way they were dressed, Jake would have suspected they were headed to some kind of five star restaurant. But he knew neither of them could have afforded that.

No the place they went was a place called The Kat's Meow. While it wasn't five star, it was certainly different from their usual hot dog stand or burger joint. It was a real restaurant. With tables and menus and a lot of kats dressed like penguins. Dressed like them.

Of course some were plain-clothed; the formal-wear was optional. Apparently Chance had just wanted things to be traditional. Almost like he was trying to impress him. The fact they were going to be eating spaghetti in a restaurant instead of at home, or watching a movie at the multiplex, pretty much meant he was trying to impress him with this first date of theirs. But why?

That's what Jake wanted to know as both men took their seats, but he didn't get a chance to ask just yet as their waiter appeared almost as soon as they settled down. Talk about speedy service.

After the employee left (Jake having chosen the most familiar pasta on the menu), Jake turned to his partner, who's weirdly apprehensive grin made it all too clear he was waiting for his approval.

"I don't mean to sound ungrateful pal, but why did you pick this place?", he asked truthfully.

Chance finally let his face slip and then relax, having seen this moment coming. "Because I wanted to do something different for tonight, something to make it… ya know… memorable", he explained. But he didn't stop there, knowing Jake would only have more questions. "And I wanted to make it memorable cause you and me are going out now, and you've been killing me with kindness all week", he continued. And then his eyes fell from Jake to the utensils on the table. "And cause… you didn't reject me", he added more quietly.

His answers were only making Jake even more curious.

Ears flattened and eyes evasive, the tabby went on. "I kinda underplayed how nervous I was when we first got together. I wanted to play it cool and all, ya know? But I wasn't just nervous, I was scared out of my mind how you'd react. I've beat the crud out of more bad guys than I count, and it turns out talking to you is what scares me", he confessed.

He looked up at Jake, knowing the kat's intelligent mind had to be working already, trying to figure out the reasons for what he'd just said. So he might as well tell him everything. "I knew you were my friend and you wouldn't judge me either way it went, but I was afraid that when I told you I'd liked you for so long, you'd start looking at me different", he explained.

"If you'd start to wonder if I ever watched you take a bath, or snuck a few peeks at you when we were changing", he clarified (lowering his voice at this part, even though the other patrons would have no idea what he was talking about). "Or even if I'd ever snuck into your bedroom, touching you at night", Chance said, his speech still hushed.

Jake's eyes were wide, for a number of reasons. "Did you?", he asked, voice just as low.

Chance recoiled and jerked his from side to side so quickly, almost violently. "Hell no! I liked you, but there's a different between that and obsession!", he replied with a much louder tone of disgust. Just the thought of him molesting Jake… He could never do that to anyone, let alone his best friend.

Taking a moment to calm himself, he sighed. "But I was worried you wouldn't understand, that I wouldn't be good ole Chance to you anymore. I'd be some stranger you didn't trust", he said, shedding light on what was perhaps his greatest fear.

Jake's expression softened from curiosity to that of sympathy. "That's crazy talk. No matter what you do, you'll never be anyone but Chance Furlong to me", he said firmly.

Chance smiled. "I know. And you have no idea how much of a relief that is", he replied.

Jake leaned across the table, til he and his dinner mate were eye-to-eye. Two pairs of black orbs gazing upon each other. "I love you Chance", Jake declared, wanting Chance to know that. It was the first time either of them had openly stated that kind of devotion for each other, though they both felt the same way.

Chance was almost envious of how easily the words had to come to Jake, considering how much of a struggle it was for him to be honest about his feelings. But mostly he was just touched by the sentiment, and didn't mind at all when his boyfriend cupped his cheeks and pulled him in close enough to nibble on his lips. It wasn't the rough, frenzied kind of kiss they were used to, but a soft one; a gentle, caring one between two friends who never wanted to be 'just friends' again.

Although their libidos had unsurprisingly reacted to the passionate touch, they didn't feel like going all the way in the restaurant. The kiss was sweet, and for once they felt like sex wasn't a necessary follow-up.

And then they remembered they were indeed in the middle of a restaurant and, cheeks red with embarrassment, they looked around at the other patrons.

Some, whose backs were turned to them, hadn't noticed, others looked intrigued, only a few looked put-off, and some just honestly didn't give a fuck if two guys were deep-throating it nearby so long as they finished their ravioli. Chance couldn't say he blamed them.

Jake smirked. "I think we ruined a few people's appetites", he said under his breath (he would have elbowed his partner if they weren't sitting on opposing sides of the table).

"They'll get over it", Chance grunted. "I paid good money to get into this place, and I'm not leaving til we get dinner and desert", he said, unworried.

Jake's grin grew. "There's the good ole Chance I know", he responded.


It had to be around 10:00 by the time they got back to the salvage yard. That didn't mean they were tired though as they unlocked the garage. Both kats were used to staying up late, and it'd be at least another hour before their eyelids started to feel heavy. So Chance still had one last trick up his sleeve to make things fun and unpredictable before they turned in.

Chance was only half-listening as Jake thanked him for his great idea about mixing things up. "It was my pleasure", he replied; but he was already planning his next move as he followed the tom into his bedroom. His hands left his sides and started rubbing his elbows; Jake noticing his odd movements.

"You know, ever since you gave me the idea I've wanted to do this all night", the tabby told him, before gripping the fabric around his shoulders and yanking on it; tearing the sleeves right off the tuxedo and revealing his stripy brown arms.

Jake was shocked to say the least. "You know I was just kidding earlier", he said, awestruck.

"The thing was too tight anyway. I can always buy another suit", Chance replied, his strong arms, the product of years of hard work, now fully exposed and unrestrained; his colorful fur contrasted by the dark remains of what had once hidden it.

He looked so punk rock.

"Well I was right, the sleeveless look fits you", Jake stated and Chance smirked.

"I'll take note of that", he said. And he wasn't joking. "Note to self – Jake likes studs", he literally thought. He'd be wearing a lot more short-sleeved shirts in the future, for his and Jake's benefit.

Next he shrugged off his ripped coat, tossing it to the side, followed by his white undershirt. And then his pants. And then his underwear.

Jake had seen Chance undress in front of him several times now, but abusing formal wear – well, that was a first. Pretty soon the only suit he was wearing was that of the birthday variety, and the naked kat let himself fall backwards on his bed.

Jake could see his lover in all his glory, and the way he positioned himself it was like he was inviting him in. Seducing him.

"Fuck me", he asked.

"Huh?", Jake said, head slightly askew.

"Just for a change. I already asked you once and never got an answer", Chance reminded him. He moved to the foot of the bed, beaming at his partner. "You're the one who said my butt's big, don't you want to know what it feels like from the inside?", the tabby taunted him.

And Jake had to admit, he did.

"I'm waiting", Chance goaded him, knowing the longer he and his lover dragged things out, the more aroused both of them would get.

Jake cursed. If Chance wanted him to top him so badly, he'd give the big guy what he wanted. There was nothing holding him back. No reason for him not to have the time of his life.

The usually calm, reserved kat wrestled with the buttons on his shirt, and yanked down his fly in record time; naked in under thirty seconds.

Chance watched with anticipation as Jake reached into his bedside table and grabbed a tub of vaseline.

Both men had started to grow tired of Chance having to use his spit every time they had sex, so as soon as it came time to restock their kitchen around midweek, they made certain to pick up some better lubricant at the store. Being mechanics, they knew all about the importance of keeping things properly greased. There was vaseline in both their bedrooms, since they never knew just which one they'd be sleeping in from night to night.

Chance was lying on his stomach now, showing off his plump, hard-on inducing cheeks and giving Jake easy access to his anus. His erection, hard and curved, ground into the mattress and the tabby cooed as Jake applied to the cool, slick substance to his rim.

Jake grinned, noticing how much he was enjoying just the proceedings. It was Chance's first time being in this position after all. "Note to self – Chance likes to be fingered", he thought, deciding he would 'play' with the kat's butt some more the next time, when he wasn't so impatient himself.

When he was done he put the vaseline back on the table, his full-length member bobbing in the air and poking his stomach every time he moved. But he didn't climb onto the bed with Chance to relieve himself; instead he grabbed the tabby's striped arm and pulled him off the bed, towards him.

The shoe now on the other foot, Chance had no idea what Jake was up to when he released him; he didn't give him any (vocal) clues. The orange kat just looked at his boyfriend and then down at his shaft, back and forth that way for a few seconds until Chance finally got it. Jake wanted to do things differently too.

Chance had had sex this way before but this would be his first time doing all the work.

Jake backed against the wall for support, grabbed his dick and held it steady as Chance hovered over it. Chance started to bend his knees but stopped all of sudden; and Jake wondered if he was having second thoughts. But instead of backing away, Chance turned around, facing him. When things got all hot and heavy he wanted something to hold onto. More so, he wanted to see Jake's face during the whole thing.

Gripping Jake's sides, the feline steeled himself and resumed squatting; slowly, carefully inching downwards until he felt the tip of Jake's cock nudge his bottom. He was almost but not quite over it, so Jake reached down and held his buttocks apart (there was not words to describe how good the tom manhandling his rump felt) just long enough for his member to slip in-between them.

Jake knew just what to expect when he went in. Chance had never been broken in before, by anyone. So for once, Jake wasn't the one with the tight-ass. He didn't mind though. He loved the friction that came from widening someone's channel.

Chance loved it too. He could feel Jake in him, pushing upwards through warm flesh. But he couldn't do it alone. Now was the part where he came in. Chance gave himself a second to learn Jake's rhythm and then started working with it. When Jake pushed up he sunk down, when Jake pulled back he moved up, rising and falling on the kat's pole like an amusement park ride.

The whole time he was doing this he was sliding his paws up and down and along Jake's chest, sliding his mitts through Jake's fur and feeling his abs whenever he got a chance. Jake wasn't as bulky as him but he was not a skinny dude; he had some pretty impressive pecs from all the time they put in the gym (and the obstacle courses they built from the ground up).

By the time Jake was midway in both kats had gotten into a good groove, Jake grunting every time Chance clamped down on him, and Chance moaning every time Jake's hands touched a part of his body that was extra sensitive; fondling him.

"Yeah, tear it up", he growled encouragingly, gritting his teeth from Jake's prodding.

The two could see every inch of each other's expressions the whole time if they chose to. Chance seemed to be getting more and more hyper, while Jake constantly had to wipe sweat off his brow as the air around them got hotter and hotter.

And of course as Jake got closer and closer to where he wanted to be he impaled Chance harder, and the kat rode him harder; the need to release overwhelming them. Their cocks were so hard it almost hurt how much they wanted to come, and it was a struggle not to touch themselves, wanting to blow their loads at just the right moment.

That didn't mean they didn't want 'the right moment' to come in a hurry though. Whether they touched themselves or not neither kat would last much longer and Chance really wanted to Jake to reach the end of him before he came. He wanted to experience the same thing Jake did every time he made love to him.

As embarrassing as it was, he actually had to bite his tongue to keep himself from screaming when he got his wish. The suppressed yowl was justified though as Jake was now tapping one of the few parts of his body that had never been touched, even by own his hands. His legs felt wobbly and unsteady (he could fall and bring them both down at any minute), so he kept himself steady by grabbing two fistfuls of Jake's fur, pulling the pair even closer together.

He couldn't quiet himself any longer though the moment of climax actually came though. His mouth released and indescribable sounds of pleasure came out as Jake's slit opened and shot semen all the way up his anus, soaking it before some fell back on the tom's member and dribbled down his shaft.

Chance wasn't far behind Jake in the apex department; the tabby erupted like a geyser, spraying seed all over his chest, Jake's chest, his neck, Jake's chin. And he didn't give a shit about any of that. His fists were still clenched tight and his teeth gnashed together, tongue flicking against them; his head tilt back at the revelation of what it was like being the one who was fucked. It was awesome.

His cock gave a few more short spurts before it was all over, and the tired, sweaty kats panted like dog, letting the muscles they had pushed to the max finally relax. If they weren't still on such a high, their racing heartbeats might have actually bothered them.

Chance lifted his head up, grinning stupidly at his mate. "Dude, now that was radical", he declared.

Jake nodded in agreement, his own grin just as goofy. "The ultimate rush", he added woozily.


It was 11:00. The lights were already out, and a very worn-out Chance and Jake would be catching some ZZs at any moment. The comfyness of the bed they were lying on was lulling them to sleep.

Jake leaned against Chance's chest, and the tabby played with his quiff.

"So you wanna keep topping from now on?", he asked.

"Only if you will. I don't wanna do all the work and miss out on all the fun", Jake negotiated.

Chance chuckled and kept mussing up his lover's fur. But then his gentle touches changed, going from playful to hesitant. The tabby quieted down, something he only did when he was about to be serious about something.

"Hey Jake, you know what you said tonight? About how you loved me and all?", he asked.

"Yuh-huh", Jake yawned.

It was another second before Chance spoke again. "I love you too man", the fellow SWAT Kat told him. And Jake's lips, despite how wiped out he was, curled upwards.

Eight years of friendship and secreted love had all been leading up to this. Fear no longer stood between them, their trust in one another would always be stronger than it. From now the pair would be as inseparable as peanut and jelly. Lois and Clark. Chance and Jake. T-Bone and Razor. Partners in crime, partners in love. Til the end of days.

The End.

Author's Notes:

If you liked this story you'll be glad to know I'm posting a follow-up soon, a set of one-shots following this fic entitled "Secret Lives of the SWAT Kats: One-Shots and Drabbles".

Chance has always been my favorite character from SWAT Kats, and not just because I find him attractive (there's a whole paragraph about that on my profile). I love intellectual characters but Chance makes me laugh, and I love slightly goofy characters even more. So despite this fic being about Chance and Jake it is slightly more about Chance. Though the focus does shift more towards Jake in the one-shots.

Like all my slash fics, I wanted my first SK story to be about more than just sex. Because while sex is almost always hot in any way shape or form, it can also be pretty meaningless if the characters get no development and you care nothing about them. For me the fun part of this story was the 'boring' part of their lives; the domestic stuff, where Chance and Jake just hang around the garage. There'll be more of that in the next fic.

This fic, instead of being about the sex and what led up to it, was about change. Cause I figure if you suddenly start sleeping with your best friend, there are gonna be some pretty big changes.

Like it says in this summary, this completed story is dedicated to Joe 'Po' Navark (a friend and fellow SWAT Kats fan), Red Aigh (another friend and fellow SWAT Kats fan), and ULYFERAL (an author's whose T-Bone/Feral fics I've admired since I first stumbled onto this category). Joe and Red have been both given me great writing advice since I met them, and Uly's wild ideas were a pleasure to read.

See ya soon, The Cool Kat.