The Lemonade Stand

Flash Fic 9-20-13

"What do you think your students would say about you getting dirty in the stacks, Professor Masen?" I ask, dropping my purse and keys on the table. It was a long day at work, but his visit certainly made it an enjoyable one.

"I don't care what my students think, Mrs. Masen. I only care that my wife enjoys herself as much as I did."

Edward spins me around and pushes me against the table. His mouth is hungry against mine as his hands cup my face. I love this side of him. The six years we've been together have been quite an adventure.

I hum into his mouth as our tongues dance together. His hands trail down my throat and over my shoulders before coming to rest at the opening of my blouse. In one smooth motion, he rips it open and pulls my breasts from my bra for the second time in as many hours. Only minutes later, my bra and blouse are discarded and Edward is unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down.

His kisses move down my neck and toward my ear. "I promised to take care of you, baby," he whispers.

My head drops back as his hand moves from my hip and slips into the front of my pants.

"So wet," he murmurs as two long fingers move through my slickness.

"Since the moment you walked into the library," I admit, although he already knows that.

He pushes those fingers inside me and I immediately clamp around him. My hips buck as his thumb rolls lazily over my clit. "Ride my fingers," he demands.

It doesn't take long for me to explode around him, screaming his name.

When I come to, he's lazily licking those fingers. "Now, I want a taste from the source."