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summary: Steve surprises Alexia a week early from SEAL training and she shows him their new house

First Night Home


It had been a long few months. Alexia wasn't getting to talk to Steve every day while he was in training. While she was proud of him, it was agonizing to be away from him for so long. At least for now, she found comfort in knowing that he was going to be home in one week, done with training. He would be based out of Hawaii and they would get to start their life together, that was all that mattered.

She had bought the house on her own a few months ago when she returned to Hawaii to start work at the hospital. That process was exhausting in itself. At first, her brother was staying with her. He didn't like the idea of her living alone for now and insisted she get a dog. While she was allergic, she thought this might be a good idea. While she had friends at work and saw John regularly, it got pretty lonely around the house.

The previous night, she had just worked all night in the ER with it being her turn for the night shift. Unfortunately, early that morning, there had been a bad car accident with several victims, all of them brought through the ER. Exhausted after working all night and staying past her shift, nearly traumatized from what she saw, Alexia pulled herself from the ER, dragging her feet out towards her car.

"Excuse me, doc!" she heard a deep voice calling behind her and she internally groaned. She loved her job, but right now she needed her bed.

"Mmm, yes?" she yawned, rubbing one of her eyes as she turned around. She'd be lucky if she didn't have to sleep in the parking lot before driving home she was so out of it.

"I was just hoping that you could take a look at this," Steve smirked at her, walking closer.

"AH!" Alexia squealed with delight, jumping up into his arms. Her shrill scream had attracted a few strange looks from around the parking lot.

"It's fine," Steve waved them all off with a laugh as he held her up. "I'm..." He was laughing at her reaction. "I'm her boyfriend."

"And you're home!" she kept squealing, kissing him now as she kept herself wrapped around him. "Early, you're early...and..."

"So, you're surprised?" Steve laughed, squeezing her tight as he set her down.

"Extremely," Alexia promised him with a smile. Steve held his hand out to take the keys from her.

"Gimme," he said as she handed them over. "You look exhausted."

"Didn't you drive here?" she asked curiously as they got in the car.

"Dad dropped me off," Steve explained, starting the car. "Besides, I kinda need your help finding the new place."

"Oh, right!" Alexia said as she relaxed back on the seat, thrilled to have Steve home with her and eager to show him the new house. She directed him to their new home together, farther from the shore than she would have liked but it was still a great house. Steve followed her up the front walk of the house, stopping her from going in once she unlocked the door.

"What are you doing?" Alexia laughed.

"I'm supposed to carry you or something, right?" Steve said in confusion. "Into the new house or whatever."

"I've been living here six months," she pointed out.

"Lex," Steve complained. He didn't want to be reminded about that, he felt guilty enough as it was that she had been living alone for so long. After she was done with school was supposed to be their time together. Instead, he was gone for several months.

"And," Alexia continued, holding up a second finger as she listed. "I'm pretty sure that's for when you get married." She smiled at him playfully. "You're my boyfriend, and lucky you even get to live here."

"Ok," Steve said, leaning over to carry her over his shoulder. "That's it."

"Steve!" Alexia laughed as he carried her inside. "I don't think this is right either!"

"That's what happens when your a smart ass," Steve smirked at her as he set her down; she stuck her tongue out. "Cute," he laughed.

"Well, do you want a tour?" Alexia laughed, dropping her bag by the door. They stood in the front hall, facing each other with Steve's back to the door.

"This," Alexia held a hand out to the right. "Is the dining room." She pointed to the left. "That's the door to the basement." She walked backwards into the big open space that was the connected kitchen and living room. "Kitchen, living room..." She pointed over towards the glass doors in the kitchen. "Deck."

"It's nice," Steve told her, looking around. The house was great, and she had done an amazing job at making it comfortable, a home. The furniture, the pictures. It was a lot like he imagined.

"C'mere," Alexia nodded, leading him over to the stairs that was off to the side by the kitchen. "This," she said, opening doors as she went by. "Is the bathroom." She opened the next door. "Guest room." She grinned at him as she opened the next door to a completely empty room.

"And, this room will be for..." She started off saying, trailing off when she saw his face.

"Lex," Steve laughed, though he was a bit nervous. While he was planning to propose to her very soon, it wasn't quite the time to be turning that empty room into a nursery.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes playfully at him, backing up towards the room at the end of the hall. "And, this, is our room."

"Our room," Steve echoed as he took it in, everything really hitting him now.

He had a house, he was a home owner. He'd gone from living at his dad's to shuffling between various dorms and apartments during college and in DC while Alexia was in Boston. But he had never had a house of his own before; it was a great feeling.

"So, do you like it?" Alexia asked, biting her lip now. "I wish we would have had more time to decide..."

"Hey," Steve stopped her, taking one of her hands and squeezing it. "You did amazing, this place is great."


"Yeah!" Steve assured her, pulling her closer to kiss her. "I love it here." He grinned as he kissed her again. "And I love you."

"Aw," Alexia said in exaggeration, giggling as he kissed her once more. "I love you too."

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