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Taemin Lee has a good life. He has caring and loving parents, good grades, and a good future ahead of him. But Taemin is tried of walking in the same path. He wants to go out in the world and see what it has to offer him. One day Taemin finally gets brave and runs away from his home, leaving a note to his parents. Excitement fills Taemin that he is about to start a new life, but that excitement quickly leaves him, when he gets involved with something that he shouldn't have.

Taemin Lee has a good life. He has caring and loving parents who want the best for their son. His parents want him to do well in school. And to their satisfaction, Taemin comes home with good marks on his report card. He isn't one of those A+ smarty ass teacher pet kind of student, but he gets good marks that could be a little higher.

Despite the good life that he has, he dislikes it. Everyday it is the same routine. Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, get ready for school, go to school, sit in a classroom all day with teachers lecturing the class, go home, study until his mother calls him for dinner, eat dinner, then study some more, and then finally go to bed. Repeat.

Taemin was pretty sure that he would be able to survive his last year of high school and then he could do what he wants. Live life how he wants. But his parents had already had talked to him about college and stuff. Taemin is done with school. He doesn't want to have to sit in a classroom all day and then go home and study until his brain is totally fried.

What Taemin wants to see is the world. He wants to travel. See what the world has to offer him. He wants to try new things like skydiving, and hang gliding. He wants to be free. But no, he is stuck in a classroom with a teacher going on something about the eighteen hundreds or something.

The final bell rings, releasing the students from school. Taemin gathers his school stuff and joins the other students in the hall. The hall is crazy but yet organize. Everyone is chatting with someone. Students who have after school activities know where they need to go and not be late. The other students leave the school building, heading home. Everyone is moving around and yet no one is push or shoving to get through.

Taemin wonders if any other students have wanted to break free from the routine they created way back in elementary school. He goes to the school gate, knowing that he is going to turn left and walk the same path home. Again.

No. Not again. Taemin turns right, going in the opposite direction of his home. It won't hurt if he walks around the block once and then goes home. His parents won't mind, right?

Taemin gets home and kicks off his shoes. Taemin finds his mother in the kitchen. "You're home later than normal."

"Yeah. I stayed after school with a friend to work on a project. Sorry I should of told you before." Taemin kisses his mother's cheek.

"It's okay, sweetie."

"I'm going to work on my homework."

"Alright. I'll call you when dinner is ready."

Taemin leaves his mother, and heads upstairs to his room. He sits at his desk thinking. He broke his normal routine. Now it's up to Taemin if he is going back his routine or is he going to create a new routine.

Taemin makes up his mind. Taemin is going to do it. He broke his normal routine, and he is not going back to it. Taemin gets out a piece of paper and pen. He also pulls out his school stuff, so when his mother comes to get for dinner it looks like he is working on his schoolwork.

Taemin was so engrossed with what he is doing that he didn't hear the knock on his door. "Taemin." Taemin looks up startled at the sound of his name to see his mother poking her head in his room. "Dinner is ready."


After dinner goes back to his room. He reads over the note that he was working on.

Mom and Dad,

I am very happy with my life. I love you both very much. But doing the same routine for most of my life is tiring. I've decided to break this routine. You don't need to worry about me. I'll be back in a few days. I just need something different. I know that you guys will understand. I'm 18 and I can take care of myself. I love you both.

Lots of love,


Taemin is happy with this note. He grabs his backpack and starts to pack it. Taemin puts some change of cloths, his tooth brush and tooth paste in his backpack. He opens one of the drawers in his nightstand. Taemin pulls out an envelope. Inside the envelope is his allowance money that he saved. He puts it in the backpack. Taemin goes through his backpack to make sure he has everything, as he waits for his parents to go to bed.