Taemin waits until it is quiet. He then gets his things.

"What are you doing?"

Taemin drops his shoe. He turns around to see the SHINee members watching him. "Um, I was going home."

"You think you can just leave without saying goodbye to us?" Key asks.

"I thought you guys were still asleep."

"Don't lie. We know you were listening to us." Onew scolds Taemin.

"Sorry." Taemin says quietly.

"Do you want to know what we were talking about?" Onew asks.

Taemin looks up. Onew holds out a pearl aqua green piece of cloth to Taemin.

"It's beautiful."

"It's yours." Onew ties the cloth around Taemin's wrist.

"You're part of SHINee now. Just stay out of trouble until you finish all your schooling. Do well in school."


"If you need us, you know where to find us." Jonghyun walks up to Taemin. "You still need to learn about the street, but we can fix that."

"Thank you. All of you." Taemin slips off his backpack and pulls a pen out. He takes Onew's hand. "If you need me, you can call, just not during school hours."

"Have a safe trip home." Minho says.

Taemin nods, he puts on his shoes and head for the door. Key stops him. Key takes Taemin's hand. "When you get home you call me. I want to know that you made it home safely."

"Yes Mommy Key."

"Hey Mommy Key, I'm hungry. Make me breakfast." Minho whines.

Key turns to glare at Minho.


"Bye Taemin."

Taemin walks to the bus stop. Taemin has the feeling that someone if following him, but he isn't worried. He has SHINee's color and knows none of SuJu will bother him just as long he stays on SHINee's side.

The bus pulls. Taemin enters the bus. He takes a seat by the window, spotting who was following him. His saviour.

Taemin finally plops down on his bed with is cell phone. He dials the number.

Key's voice comes on. "Hello?"

"Mommy Key I'm home."

"Good. Did you eat?"

"Not yet. My mom is making dinner as we speak."

"Be sure you eat well."


"You alright? You don't sound too good."

"It's been a long day for me. And as soon I got in the door my parents were all over me. I've been grounded."

"You go and have dinner and then get a good night's rest."

"I will."

It has been a month since Taemin let SHINee. He feels good about himself. He knows that his hometown is his town and no one is going to take it from him. Taemin walks to school. Taemin didn't notice that someone across the street noticed the pear aqua green cloth around Taemin's wrist.

"Hey Key."

Key looks to see who is calling him. "What do you want Leeteuk? You're in SHINee's territory."

"I was wondering if SHINee heard."


"There's gang movement."


"Don't know. They're not from any where around here. And don't ask if they are running from the cops or they're just on the move because I don't know."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Let's just say your Boss and I made a deal." Leeteuk leaves Key and goes back to his own territory.

Key hurries back to the apartment with his groceries to inform the other members.

The End

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