Four young women,

Four young spirits, alone when darkness arrives.

Four young souls, rather driven.

Facing the end of their short lives.

"It's hopeless," one cries.

She pulls her cloak tight and looks up, wishing she could see the night sky.

Her desperate prayers have been unreturned.

It's just one of many times that she has been spurned.

"Please, don't…" Her companion mumbles.

"We can't stop now!" The other girl looks from face to face.

She tries to encourage them, but she only fumbles.

What can she say when they're in such a dreadful place?

One of the others lowers her gaze as she raises her quiet voice,

"I'm honored to have known you all." She has made her choice.

She wonders if her parents are waiting for her.

Like always, she sniffles and her eyes begin to blur.

The leader of their party bites her lip.

"We'll pull through!" Her voice has a loud quiver.

Two against one has made her optimism falter and trip.

Her loud valiant cries have become a soft whisper.

Their strongest merely sighs.

This is the last time she will see her allies.

"You all are the most incredible fighters I've ever met." She says at last.

Her quiet, accepting face says her thoughts without being asked.

The one who still refuses to put stock in this fate closes her eyes.

A smile, hesitant and uncertain, graces her features.

"Somehow, I know it. We'll get out of this alive."

She opens her eyes, ready to live or die at the hands of these creatures.

He knows that this time is the last chance,

Yet he still cannot spare them a single glance

He tries not to think of what he's going to do

He balls up his fists, and bids them adieu.

I was playing The Future Past One and this popped into my head. I suppose I should try ones for the other tw. Hm. We'll see.