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Rivaille look at all the paper work on his desk with a bored expression, everyday he do the same thing which is signing paper that has something to do with war, for his country, benefit, capture villains and other stuff that he actually doesn't care about. Even though he hate this job there is nothing he can do since he is a king for this country and his assistant Erwin is watching him like a hawk if he intend to skip his job again.

It's not like he want to be a king in the first place, ever since he is born the previous king crown him when he was a baby which is 20 years ago before he pass away 10 years later so now Rivaille has to be responsible for his kingdom ever since he is 10.

To make matter worst is that his mother pass away when he is born so basically he is all alone in this place full of grown up that try to take control of him. Thankfully he is a smart kid so they can't fool him easily and 2 years later, Erwin the son od Duke Smith came to help so his job got a bit easier.

Also he got Hanji to thanks since she somehow knows well to manipulate the adult if they dare to hurt her dear king. It is not like she is having any special feelings for Rivaille, it is just that he is one of those kids that actually take her as a friend beside Erwin since she is very weird.

She is a cool girl once he got to knows her better.

Erwin and Hanji family has sworn to death to protect the king and the kingdom safety to death and so this is their duty as well since they have the blood within them.

Seeing them just make Rivaille realize that no matter how much he wants to escape it but he can't since his father blood is inside him.

"Levi, there is just a few more to go so please continue to work." Erwin says with a smile on his face.

When three of them are alone they will call each other by name instead of formal greeting.

"You got to be kidding me." He says as he look at his left to see those pile of paper that is even taller than his height. There is no way he get to finish this in one day. It will take weeks and he will have to sacrifice his right hand for this and maybe even his left.

"Don't worry Levi, I'm sure you will get to finish it." Hanji giggles helps seeing her king is glaring at her.

"Good luck." She says before leaving.

Rivaille slam his head on the table multiply times before Erwin has to stop him.

"Let me help you."

"You don't have my handwriting so how can you help me?" He asks and sighs loudly.

"Hanji just made a new pen that can help you."

He then put the feather pen on the table and Rivaille just look at it boredly.

"What can it do?" He asks.

"Hanji says that the ink is very wet so once you write something on the pile of papers it will leave mark on the paper below it. It is a great invention for lazy people isn't it?" Erwin grins but Rivaille start cursing him under his breath.

"I'm not lazy, it is just too much for me."

Erwin just nod his head and put the pen on Rivaille hand.

"I have to go since my sister asks me to come back home early for dinner so you better finish your work by today and thanks Hanji later." He reminds his king.

"Bye." He says and watch as that blond close the door leaving him alone.

He knows well that Erwin will surely get angry at him if he didn't finish his work, even though he has higher status than his childhood friend but Erwin is a commander for his armies which means that his friend is more experience in killing which is dangerous.

So he use Hanji invention and it turn out it works until he finds out that the pen lose ink 5 times faster than normal pen so the rest he has to sign on his own.

"Shit." He curse.

London bridge is falling down,

Falling down,

Falling down,

London bridge is falling down,

My fair lady.

He sings as he lie down on that cold floor only wearing a long white shirt with collar, both of his hands and legs are chain with the strongest metal so he can't escape from the underground. He is trap in that huge cage build especially for him, they thought that it was enough to lock him in but they are so dead wrong.

He is cover with blood that is from the guards that he kill earlier thirsty for something to drink but never get hungry for something solid to eat.

He has a reason why he still didn't escape from that place and that is because his bored of his life since every time he actually get to go out all he do is fight and kill.

Everything has become boring to him.

So all he do now is be a good boy and stay here becoming a prisoner for the rest of his life until death.

"Eren." Erwin calls him.

He quickly stop singing to see who is there and see the familiar blond waving at him.

"Erwin, what do you need me for?" He asks. "Is it to kill someone again from the anti-government or the terrorist that want to take over the kingdom."

Erwin shook his head.

"None of those."

Eren is surprise to hear that, usually Erwin come all the way down here just for that or is it that he has finally decide that he must kill the monster before it decide to disobey his orders.

"I came here for something personal."

Eren brush his long hair behind show his ear and curl so his leg is press on his chest to feel the heat.

"I want you to come to the surface with me."

The boy can't help but laugh and lie back down on the floor.

"That is the funniest joke you ever tell me." He laughs and start hitting the ground. "Why would you invite a monster like me on the surface?"

"I am serious." Erwin use his death tone to silent Eren and it works perfectly and Eren return back that serious look.


"Because I can't stand to see you trap here any longer, just because you are a murderer once doesn't mean you have no right to live like a human and a true monster don't have feelings of hurting others but you do."

The boy slowly got up and walk toward the commander ignoring the painful chain on his foot, because of it he hasn't walk much.

"Erwin, I can tell when people lie. What is actually your true reason?"

Erwin unlock the gate and the cage door is open widely, Eren watch as the chains around him suddenly fall apart on its own.

Eren wonder what is his commander is planning, nobody can tell what is that blond is thinking and not even Hanji know what is in his mind even though she is his childhood friend.

"Are you blind? Can't you tell I already kill your guards?" He asks.

"Don't worry those guards are actually criminal, I actually want you to kill them anyway since they will get executed anyway and you need blood to survive so it likes hitting two bird with one stone."

Eren chuckles as that commander place his uniform around the boy.

"Lets' go, I think it is about time for you to meet the king."

"Why is the king engaged to a monster like me?Are you sure he is not crazy? Because I think he is."

"Well Levi fell in love with you at the first sight when he sees your picture a fell in love deeper after reading the information about you. Normal people will try to forget knowing that you kill hundred of ordinary soldier with a dagger but our king is very, very different."

The boy somehow feel like that he should just let himself being lock back inside that cage, this king sounds very dangerous.

"Can you just let stay in that cage?" Eren asks wanting to get out before it is too late.

"No, he been waiting 3 years to see you face to face." Erwin says. "I don't think he can be patient anymore."

"Levi!" She says happily as she walk toward her exhausted friend that somehow manage to finish all those works.

"I'm done with this crap, so if you got no other reason to be here please leave me alone."

Hanji just keep smiling as she sat on the table.

"I heard Princess Petra offer you and engagement proposal to unite your country with her, isn't that great?"

"I already engage with someone." He says while crossing his arm and legs.

"Eh? So the rumor is true?"

"Indeed it is."

"Why didn't you tell me?" She sulks.

"Because you will make a fuss of it for three whole years if I told you." He pinch her cheek so she will give a painful scream.

"Three years? Why haven't I see your fiancé before. The only person you are so close too is Erwin and me. Who else can it be?"

Rivaille grin at her making her shiver.

"My dear fiancé is that person that has been lock inside the cage underground for 6 years, his name is Eren Yaeger and now he is 18 years old and is at the age when he can marry."

Hanji gasp at shock as she known she heard that name before.

"You are the craziest person I ever met apart from me."

Rivaille just keep grinning.

It's about time for him to be release and become my wife.