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Eren look at himself at the mirror as Christa and Sasha is giving the last preparation for his wedding; he is wearing a white dress cover with veil and frills all over him. To replace his sleeve he wears elbow glove instead which is thin so the engagement ring put on without slipping off from his finger.

The dress is different from the other since it is apart at his front so everyone can see his legs; Levi wants everyone to see how beautiful he is which embarrass him a lot. Isn't this dress too sexy for him and it is very tight that he can even see his body shape. Christa can't stop complement how pretty he is at the moment once she done his hair.

This is the first time he wears pearl necklace, silver earrings and high heel shoes that woman usually wear.

"You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen." Sasha says excitedly as she straightens Eren posture.

"Remember to smile but if you are to embarrass to do that just look down and watch your step or you can just look at his majesty instead." Christa gives the small bouquet of white roses for Eren. "Just don't trip, that's all you need to remember."

Eren grip the bouquet tightly feeling the nervousness rushing inside of him, the thought of this marriage keep questioning inside his head.

Does he want to get marry?

Should he let himself being taken over by that possessive man.

What should he do?

"I don't know if I can do this." Eren says and look away from the mirrors in front of him, his words shocked both the servants. Who wouldn't be shock to hear that since it is every woman dream to marry such a perfect king like Levi, for Eren to say that there must be something wrong?

"Do you want to share your problem with us Eren sama?" Christa asks.

"We should sit."

Sasha and Christa take a sit beside Eren on the bed.

"I don't know if I should marry him." Eren says while hiding his face with his hands. "I don't deserve this."

"Why not Eren sama?" Christa pat Eren head treating him like a child.

"I'm not worthy to become his wife nor the queen for this kingdom, I'm sure both of you already knowing what kind of monster I am."

"Eren sama, please don't think that low of yourself. My mother always tells me to think high even if I'm a maid so please do the same to for your sake and your future husband. I don't know if you seen it or not but his majesty truly love you from the bottom of his heart, we have never seen him care so much for someone else before in our entire life. That is enough proved to show how much he loves you."

"Christa . . ."

Sasha gives a little push at Eren back.

"Just like Christa said, his majesty really got some hot on you. He never shows so much interest in anyone else before other than you."

"Eren." Christa calls him by his sur name. "Do you love him?" She asks.

"I-I don't know."

"Then take this opportunity after this marriage to know him better, use every moment during your honeymoon to see him when he is not doing his duty as a king but instead his doing his duty as your husband and a mate that will be with you until the end of your life."

Eren feel like crying in happiness to know someone is still there to help him with his problem, he is truly grateful for having Christa ad Sasha as his maid.

"Thank you." He starts to cry and hug them both.

"Your make up!" Christa looks nervous to see it is ruin.

"It's alright we can fix it later." Sasha said calming her blond friend"OH GOD, OH GOD!" Mikasa walk back and forth feeling nervous.

"What's up with her?" Jean asks as he wrap his arms around Armin that is currently sitting on his laps, his lover turn slightly around to look at the male face and give a soft and fast kiss. "She is just nervous that she finally get to see eren again." Armin tells him before Jean returns his kiss back.

"Stop kissing in front of me, you guys are pissing me off." Ymir warns them as she polish her sword for the big day along with Annie beside her.

"Are you jealous that you can't do it with Christa?" Jean says with a mocking tone making the tall woman angry again.

"Shut up, you're making me frustrated!"

"Look at the bright side, at least you guys get to see each other again after so long after this wedding ceremony." Connie says making the angry Ymir fill with cheerful aura. "And I finally get to see Sasha again; I better cook a lot of meals soon since the girl has a big appetite for a thin girl."

"You got that right." Berthold agree. "Speaking of appetite I'm feeling kind of hungry."

"But we have to be ready in five minutes!" Armin quickly tell them and accidentally hit the back of his head with Jean chin making them both yelp in pain.


Annie try not to laugh seeing those cute couple, seeing Annie suddenly smile when she rarely show any emotion make them smile too since that girl looks so beautiful when she smile. "Our Annie just smile." Berthold says happily as he pull Reiner sleeve.

"She will make such a beautiful bride."

The two guys like to treat Annie like their little sister; maybe it is because she is short and likes to be spoil by them.

"W-we should get ready." Annie blushes as she pick up her sword and quickly walk out from that room.

The wedding ceremony is starts with the sound of the trumpet play by the royal orchestra band, many noble or royalties from the other kingdom came just to see the wedding of a prince and simple commoner. This is the first time they heard that non royal wedding is going to happen so it attract lots of attraction from the other kingdom and more surprisingly they just heard the news that princess Petra is engaged to a knight and have been blessed by Prince Levi himself.

So many things are going on here making them all anxious and excited to see who will soon become their queen.

They all spread rumor that Levi is going to marry with and of course none of them are true, the only way for them to find out is to go the wedding and wait for their future queen to make her or his appearance at the public.

"Nervous?" Christa whispers once she is done fixing the makeup and thank god that make it on time.

"Yes." Eren says nervously and gulps. "Will I able to love him?"

The two maids nod their head and hold each of Eren hand carefully as if they are holding precious gems. "Just remember to my advice and get to know him better, maybe there is a side of him that will make you love him. That is how I get together with my girlfriend Ymir, when I learn a side of her that no one else knows I fell in love straight away."

"You have a girlfriend?"

"I have a lover too, his name is Connie!" Sasha tells him excitedly.

It was then someone open the door of Eren chamber, the both turn to see Hanji standing there with a wide smile.

"Enough chatting women, the time have finally come for us all to go to the chapel." Then Hanji give a bow. "It is time for your wedding Your Highness."


Eren follow Hanji from behind follow by his to trustworthy maid, every step he takes make his heart beat loudly than usual. Is this how bride always feel during their wedding day or this the doubt they feel wondering if this is the right choice. He shake off that feeling and continue walking hoping the time that pass by will help him to calm down.

"Relax." Hanji whispers so he is the only one that can hear her. "Levi will never harm those people he loves."

Eren feel secure hearing him say that.

"So I hope you do the same since Levi is a precious family for me and Erwin."

Now he feels more nervous to hear the advice turn into a warning.

Mikasa and Armin cry seeing their friend walk in wearing that beautiful white dress, Levi eyes widen to see the beauty of the person he loves, everyone watch in awe and some cry to see the couple that will soon become husband and wife.

Once Eren stood in front of Levi his mind go blank, he didn't hear what the priest is saying since his eyes concentrate on Levi face. His hands and holding tightly with Levi, he can tell this man is trying to calm him down and he truly grateful this man hold his hand or he might get to nervous not knowing what to do and faint.

There is no need to embarrass him and Levi at their own wedding ceremony, right?

"Will you take Levi as your wedded husband?"

The question startle him and take him back to reality, he gulps nervously as if he forget how to answer that man. Everyone is waiting for his answer, Mikasa is getting worry to see her brother is being to silence while Armin pray that Eren won't suddenly run away or faint on that stage where every noble and royalty can see him.

"Eren." Levi whispers. "It's okay."

Eren feel like the weight of burden suddenly lifted after seeing that smile on Levi face, he know this man will take care of him.

"Yes, YES I DO!"

Levi didn't wait for the priest to announce they are bond now, he pull Eren toward him and give him a full kiss on those lips. His hand trail down to Eren hips before pulling him closer for another long kiss, he doesn't give the younger male any chance to breathe as they continue kissing. Many woman and girls faint in nosebleed while other cheers happily for these future rulers.

Mikasa take out her tissue to wipe her tears of happiness even though she's supposed to be angry someone steals Eren from her.

"I just thought of something." Jean says out of a bloom.

"What is it?" Armin asks as he wraps his arms around Jean and lean his head on his boyfriend shoulder.

"We should get marry too."

It was then Armin faint because of the shock.

"I wonder how their honeymoon will be." Hanji asks due to curiosity.

"Who knows?" Erwin smile as he watches Levi carry Eren bridal style with a grin while Eren try to hide his face with embarrassment by burying his head on Levi chest. "I think everything will go well as he plan at least."

It was then Hanji give Erwin a questioning look before walking away wondering what her king and her friend are planning.