Today is the day, Eren Jaeger. You've fought titans and cheated death so many times, you can do this. You can do this...

Eren took a deep breath. His inner peptalk didn't really do him any good, but it kept his mind from imagining the worst case scenario.

"Corporal!" he shouted, as he ran after the shorter man, who had just passed him without sparing him a single look.

Levi didn't react and kept on walking down the dark hallway. Eren caught up to him and grabbed his wrist, making the corporal stop and glaring at him.

"What do you want?"

"I... I need to tell you something," Eren shouted, panicking in his mind. No backing out now.

"Then spit it out!" Levi was tired and didn't really feel like being social at any point. He had an awful headache and the brats shouting in the long hallway didn't exactly help.

Levi sent him an annoyed glare, when Eren didn't answer him right away. His headache was getting worse, making his senses vulnerable to light and noise. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his free hand.

"You're so annoying," he sighed and removed Erens hand from his wrist. He started walking again, all he could think of was getting back to his dark, chilly, clean room, and get some very needed rest. Alone.

"Corporal!" Eren said again, looking at the raven-haired mans back, as he slowly walked away from him, "I.. I love you!"

Levi stopped for a second. He tried to figure out how to handle the boys confession, but his headache was too overwhelming. He really just wanted to go back to his room, that was all he could think of.

When the corporal didn't answer him, Eren started following him again, calling out his name softly.

"Corporal? Please..."

"What? What do you want me to say?" Levi snapped and turned around, facing the boy again, "You love me, so what? You think you're the first one to confess your love to me?"

"N-no.. I..." Eren stuttered.

"Have you even thought this trough? No, because you never fucking do, you goddamn stupid brat!" Levi was shouting now. His head felt like it was about to explode, and he took a deep breath to stop himself, "You are a fucking stupid teenager, you know jack about love. You think you can impress me with your hormones and stupidity? You think I would actually be interested in someone with no experience, who never think things trough and just..."

He wasn't really one to loose his words, but his headache was to much now. He turned on his heel and walked of, leaving Even back alone in the hallway.

He could feel an aching pain in his chest, as the corporals words dawned on him. He leaned back against the cold stonewall, as his feelings caught up to him. He was a bit mad at the shorter man for not letting him defend himself or at least let the corporal know, that is wasn't just hormones, that he actually wanted to do anything to be a worthy partner for the strict perfectionist.

And he had thought this through. For a very long time, actually.

As soon as he realized, that his feelings for Levi was more than just professional affection, he had held himself back for weeks, just to make sure it wasn't just a phase or hormones, trying not to think about the corporal, trying to find all his flaws and focusing on how annoying the man could be, but it was no use. Eren had thought this through!

As he went back to his own room, he had problems with holding back the tears. Luckily he didn't meet anyone, since it was quite late, and most of his comrades was probably already asleep.

Eren closed the door to his room and let the tears flow as they pleased. He was heartbroken. If the corporal had just let him finish, he could have told him that he knew he was just a teenager. He knew he didn't have much experience, but he had fought titans along with the older man, and Levi had actually praised him for being a good soldier and a fast learner. He has seen more than most other people his age, he had made difficult decisions, he had felt feelings most people didn't know existed, and he had the ability to transform to a titan and almost control it.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't actually a bad catch...

He knew Levi hated his inability to control himself and the titan, but that was just a matter of will, wasn't it? And training maybe...

And the lack of experience – if the corporal was talking about experience in the bedroom – well, maybe the boy hadn't been with either men or women, but he sure knew how to satisfy himself. Since Levi was a man as well, that should count for something, right? If nothing else, he could experiment on himself to get to know the male body better, and possibly have an idea to how he could impress the corporal in the sheets.

Erens mind wandered of and he felt himself get a bit horny, thinking about how to please the older man. He wanted to do everything the corporal would ever want. If he ever had the chance, he would do anything in his power to make the man tremble and loose himself.

The brunette found himself getting hard, just by the thought. He glared at himself in the mirror again, studying the now glassy eyes and blushing cheeks, and let his eyes wander lower to his hard erection in the tight pants. He would love to see Levi like this.

As his mind wandered of to Levi-land again, his hands automatically opened his pants, taking out his hard-on. He looked at it in the mirror, quite satisfied with himself, as the teenager he was. Stroking himself, fantasizing about Levi doing it to him in front of the mirror, he began to feel quite sure about himself. Exploring his own body and doing what he did best, he might be able to handle the older man.

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