Today is the day, Eren Jaeger. You've fought titans and cheated death so many times, you can do this. You can do this...

Eren was standing on a chair, cleaning the top of a cabinet in one of the hallways. This was his first cleaning-duty since he had lost his ability to read Levis thoughts, and he had practised the routine in his head for days, afraid that he was no longer able to clean after Levis standards. Even though Levi had told him that he loved him too, the teenager still felt like he had to prove himself. The mind-reader ability had come in handy, but now he felt like he had come to rely on it too much. He had tried to remember everything he had learned from reading Levis thoughts, but he felt like it was impossible to remember it all at once. He knew, that if he could keep up his cleaning-skills, he would probably get to clean Levis room often, and that would earn them some private time together.

A week had passed since Levi and Eren had talked things through, and spend the night together, cuddled up in Erens bed. The corporal had made sure not to accidentally act cold towards the boy the next morning, to make sure the brunette didn't think he had changed his mind again. He had woken Eren up gently by caressing his cheek until Eren had opened his eyes. Eren had been confused at first, as if he had thought it was a dream, but Levi has kissed him gently and told him to go to Hanji for at check up on his now healed arm and wounds. When he went to Hanjis lab, he had gotten the feeling that Hanji knew exactly what had went on between the two men, but she was kind enough not to say anything directly.

They hadn't had much time together since that night. Levi had had a lot of paperwork, keeping him in his room most of the time, and Eren didn't want to claim alone-time with the corporal, when he was busy.

Levi had acted normal towards the brunette when they had passed each other in the hallway, but the older male had made sure they could eat together every day, even though he didn't want them to show their affection in front of the other squad members.

Eren wasn't really ready to act all lovey-dovey in front of his comrades either, and he knew that Levi would never let him do so, and somehow the younger man was fine with that. The fact that Levi had actually told him that he loved him too, and tried to open up to him, was more than enough. He didn't want to share Levis soft side with anyone else, even though it was hard not to show his affection towards the corporal. It made him feel special.

Eren blushed slightly by his train of thought, and continued cleaning the top of the cabinet. He wasn't sure where this was going but he didn't mind. Knowing that Levi had finally acknowledges his feelings and felt the same way was all that mattered, and it gave him butterflies.

Eren would continue to prove himself as a suitable partner to Levi, and he had kept up his hard work on improving his skills as a soldier. Hanji had praised him every time he had made the slightest progress, giving him great motivation.

He didn't know that Hanji could read him like an open book, knowing that the teen still wanted to impress the corporal. She knew that Levi would never praise him for it, no matter how close the two males got. Levi was Levi, and he would never praise anybody for doing what he believes was 'their job'. She wouldn't interfere - Levi would strangle her if it became to obvious - but she didn't mind pulling a few strings to make their relationship go a bit smoother. She had a feeling that the both of them could end up in a lot of trouble and pain, caused by their feelings towards each other, but she chose to believe that this was good for them. In a world like this, love might ruin your life but as long as the love is pure, it will be worth the risk.

Eren sighed as jumped down from the chair, wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead. It had been a long day; after hiss training, he had practised alone with his maneuver gear and the rest of the day had went on with cleaning the hallway. As soon as he was finished, he just wanted to go to his room and relax until he would fall asleep.

He was on his way back to his room, when Hanji called out his name.

"Hanji-san!" Eren said, hoping she didn't have another chore for him or wanted to experiment on him again.

"Are you busy, Eren?" she asked, sending him a teasing smile.

"I was on my way back to my room. I've finished cleaning the hallway now, so I just wanted to go back to rest a bit," Eren mumbled, as he hoped she could sense how tired he was.

"Oh, but I have a job for you," she said, making a teasing frown, "but if you're too tired, I'll just have someone else do it..."

"What kind of job?" Eren asked, cursing himself for being so curious.

"Corporal Levi asked for you, he needs your help with something," she smirked, winking at Eren.

Eren blushed slightly by the womans teasing tone.

"Uhm... Where can I find him?" Eren asked, clenching his fist in embarrassment.

"In his room. He's doing paperwork right now, so you might want to bring him a cup of tea as well. He seems to be in a horrible mood," she answered, and went back the way she came from, waving at Eren over her shoulder.

The teenager went down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for the corporal, making sure the tea was exactly how Levi liked it.

On his way to Levis room, Eren suddenly became nervous. This was the first time they would be alone together since that night in Erens room. He remembered the last time they had been alone in Levis room, and how their fight had escalated. He felt a pinch of fear in his heart, afraid that the story would repeat itself. He still didn't know why the corporal had asked him to come to his room, but he probably needed it cleaned and if that was the care, Eren decided that he wouldn't speak a single word unless he was asked to. He felt his hands tremble as he held the tea-cup, and he focused all his energy on not spilling a single drop.

When he found himself in front of the door to Levis room, he took a deep breath and knocked gently on the wooden surface. A moment went by and the door was opened. Erens green eyes met the grey orbs of Levi, as the older man slowly opened the door.

"Come in," Levi said lowly, moving to the side to let Eren pass with the tea. He closed the door silently, and turned his attention on Eren as the teen walked over to the desk with the cup, and gently placed it next to a pile of papers.

"You wanted to see me?" Eren asked with a nervous tone.

"Yes." Levi just answered, still looking at the brunette.

"What can I do for you, Sir?" Eren asked, as he rubbed his hands against each other nervously.

"I need your help, Jaeger," Levi said in his normal calm tone, closing the cap between them, and looking up at Eren with his steel grey eyes.

"Wha-what do you need help with, Sir?" Eren stammered. He had forgot how beautiful Levi was up close, and the older mans sent filled his nose, making him blush. They were alone and Levi was so close to him without touching him, and he suddenly realized how much he had missed him in the last week.

Levi pulled Eren closer and smashed his lips against the teens. Eren sighed through his nose as the feeling of the corporals soft lips filled his head and made him dizzy. Levi pushed Eren against the cold stone wall, as he deepened the kiss, biting Eren bottom-lip and brushing his tongue against the teenagers. Eren melted in Levis arms, thanking the wall behind him for giving his body support to remain in his feet. He wrapped his arms around Levi, nuzzling his neck and the edge of his undercut as their tongues danced.

Levi pulled back, still holding Eren, and sent him a warm and needing look as grey eyes locked with green.

"I need your help," he smirked, moving his right hand up to grab a handful of Eren soft brown hair, "to get rid of this awful headache."

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