The Long Game

AN: I am excited about all of the great stories being written about OITNB! An idea got stuck in my head about where the events of Season One might lead and I just had to start writing it down. It is dark, but in the way that life in prison is dark and beating the crap out of someone to save your life is dark. There will be angst, violence and bad things will happen. There will also be joy, relationships of the love (sex included), and loyal friend variety. Ultimately I am a huge fan of Piper and Alex so use that as a guide throughout. I own nothing of OITNB and all the credit for bringing us these amazing characters goes to Piper Kerman and Jenji Kohan.

I hope you enjoy and I do love feedback. I will do my best to post at least twice a week. Reviews and PMs happily accepted for praise, criticism or critique.

Prologue-A Woman of Mystery

The sliver of the new moon shone down on the calm water of the bay casting a soft glow. The yacht was docked at the far end of the pier with the surrounding slips kept intentionally vacant. She could hear the soft lapping of the water against the side of the 60 meter luxury vessel as she gazed down from the railing that surrounded the open deck. The setting was perfect, an expensive Long Island mooring with all of the amenities. Just what she needed for the most important night of her life, one that had taken three years of planning, pain and hard work.

She raised the flute in her hand and took a sip of champagne. It provided that glorious burn as the sweet bubbly alcohol slid down her throat. She had promised herself she was going to save the good stuff for when the woman she had waited for all this time finally arrived, but one glass couldn't hurt.


Who dared interrupt on this night when they knew how important it was to her. "You better have a really good reason for speaking to me tonight."

"I'm sorry; I wouldn't bother you if it didn't require your personal attention. We found Jorge. He was trying to hide in this fleabag motel off Times Square. Looks like the Colombians abandoned him after the deal went bad just like we knew they would."

She looked at the man speaking quietly but seriously. Antonio had been a consistently loyal presence in the aftermath of events since she got out of prison. She had complete trust in him. "Then we need to deal with the situation." She started down the stairs to the lower deck, but stopped midway. "Have you gotten an update on her?"

"Yes ma'am. She was released from Litchfield three hours ago. She's in the limo on her way. It'll be a couple of hours until they get here." Antonio seemed relieved to have escaped her wrath for now. He had good reason to be concerned; he had seen what her anger was capable of in the past.

"Thank you. Let's make this quick."

The two entered a small room near the gangplank of the yacht. A young man was kneeling in the room, handcuffed behind his back with a hood over his head. His breathing was audible and the fear roiled from him. With a wave of her hand one of the two guards removed the hood and he looked up at his captors.

"Jorge." She said his name hoarsely. "I am so disappointed. Did we not provide a good life for you? For your family? All I asked for in return was your loyalty. But you tried to sell that to a higher bidder. You tried to steal from us, betray us." She grabbed the young man by the back of his head and yanked hard, tearing out a chunk of his hair and causing him to cry out against the gag in his mouth.

After handing the hair to Antonio who placed it carefully in an envelope she returned to the young man and stroked his cheek as he sobbed. "There is no hidden agenda here Jorge. The rules and the punishment were clear. You knew the price for your deception. Your family will get that envelope in a few days." She placed a soft kiss on his forehead and turned to leave, addressing Antonio. "Take care of this. We will be leaving tomorrow for the Bahamas. Once we set sail I do not want to be disturbed."

Antonio nodded and she saw a glimpse of a Ruger 9mm being fitted with a silencer as she slid out of the room. The body would disappear into the deep waters of the Atlantic after they were well out to sea tomorrow.

She needed to take a shower and change clothes. What she had just done had been necessary, but still was unpleasant enough to make her slightly nauseous. Her business was brutal and sometimes deadly, but she didn't want to think about that tonight.

She tried to take her time, letting the hot water run over her body in the shower, her fingers sliding down over her breasts and further still until she was lightly stroking herself. She stopped. If all went well perhaps she wouldn't be going to bed alone tonight as she had done for all the interminably long lonely nights since Litchfield.

She stepped out of the shower and dried off then spent time carefully doing her hair and makeup before selecting an elegant dress that she hoped showed off her figure. Everything needed to be perfect. Three years she had waited for this reunion. Thirty six months that had changed her in ways she had never imagined possible. All she could do now was hope that it had all been worth it.

Emerging from the master suite she passed through the kitchen on her was back topside. The chef was preparing her love's favorite dishes and the aroma was delicious. Back on the deck outside she found a table for two had been set near the bow, complete with candles and a bottle of expensive champagne chilling nearby.

She leaned back on the rail this time, her eyes glued to the road that led from the clubhouse down to the dock. That was the direction that would change her life. If the woman she had waited for all this time could accept what she had done, what she had become to survive, they would leave together and never look back. If the answer was no, the limo that had picked her up near the prison would turn around, possibly to deposit her at some filthy halfway house where her love could try to make a life playing by the rules, staying out of trouble. The choice was still there, 'real life' or a beach in Cambodia.

Now that night had fallen the air was cool and the breeze ruffled her hair. It felt good and kept her from combusting from the anxiety that had her pulse racing. It was a good thing no one other than Antonio had seen her out here tonight; her nervous behavior would have damaged her reputation. To those who worked for her she was an ice princess, beautiful but heartless, seemingly carved out of cold marble.

She had pushed down all of her emotions for so long, but tonight they were bubbling just beneath the surface. Happiness, joy, love had become the stuff of dreams; words without connection to the life she had created to survive. Maybe tonight she could let down her barriers enough to feel those emotions, to see if they could be part of her life again.

Her reverie was broken by headlights. The limousine was snaking its way toward the gate at the head of the dock. Now she was starting to hyperventilate, that wouldn't do if she wanted to appear cool and collected. She watched as the driver opened the car door and helped the occupant out of the back seat. She couldn't make out details in the dark, but it looked like her love was wearing casual wear, jeans and a shirt. Probably the civvies she had available to walk out the doors of Litchfield. The driver opened the gate and the woman who would change her life one way or another once again began to walk down the long dock, the driver pointing to the yacht in the last spot.

She was frozen, a death grip on the rail behind her. She waited and watched each step the woman took down the dock and then up the gangplank. It was only when they were facing each other across the deck that she moved. Her emotions as well as the restrictions of her dress kept her stride paced and measured, but they soon met midway.

They looked at each other in wonder, almost in denial that they were within arm's reach and with a lifting of a hand they could touch each other. And then in an instant they were in a tight embrace, points of contact from cheeks pressed together to shoulders, breasts, hips and thighs. Their arms encircled each other, hands running up and down backs, fingers sifting through hair. It was several minutes before either of them could break away enough to speak, trying to get their emotions under control.

When they did, it was simultaneous.



"We have so much to talk about. I got your message, but I was still so worried."

"I know. Me too. Me too."

The chef appeared with two covered plates in his hands, nodding to the women as he set down the food at the intimate table and then quietly disappeared.

"You hungry?"

"Starving and that smells really delicious."

"I had him make your favorites."

"Uumm, so thoughtful. Let's eat."

The two women dined and drank with abandon, interspersing the meal with frequent kisses. Light music was playing that beckoned them to the open area of the deck. "Dance with me."

Several songs later they broke apart and drifted over to gaze out at the water from the rail. "I was standing here earlier, worrying about tonight, whether you would come."

"I'm here now."

"And I hope you will stay. But before you decide, you need to know some things, about me, about what has happened over the last three years."

"Can you tell me in the morning? Right now I'm hoping you will give me a tour of this amazing boat, concluding with what I hope is your really enormous bed covered with soft, silky sheets."

She answered with a nod and a kiss, taking her hands and leading her down to the stateroom. "Fuck yes."