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Chapter Nine-Tools of the Past

The next few days saw a continued rise in the temperature and rapid start to spring. All the inmates found themselves drawn to the outside after a long frigid winter. Caputo relented to allowing the track to be opened and Piper immediately began running again. She was discouraged to find she was in the worst shape of her life after her time in the SHU and relative winter immobility. Watson was already lapping her repeatedly, although with each pass she did call out teasing taunts mixed with words of encouragement.

It happened in the early afternoon when Piper was working in the laundry. Any of the COs could have made the discovery, but it was Mendez who was guarding the outdoor area that day. He had been patrolling slowly, walking the perimeter of the fencing, avoiding the areas still muddy from the last of the melting snow. It was because he was watching his steps, not wanting to get a boot stuck in the muck that he spotted the flash of color.

The orange handle was sticking up when he grabbed it and realized what it was. His first instinct was to sound the alarm to freeze all the inmates in place for a search, but looking at the screwdriver he could tell it had been in the snow and mud for a while, months maybe. No inmates were anywhere near here anyway. Then he put two and two together and clutched the tool remembering that this spot was outside the chapel doors, right where Doggett had been attacked. Had the little meth head said something about Chapman attacking her with a screwdriver? It would be better to report this to Caputo immediately.

"It sucks that you have a cube mate. I was really enjoying the privacy, even if we did have to be quiet, which you are terrible at by the way." Alex made this pronouncement as she yanked down Piper's khaki pants and prison issue white panties in one motion before lifting the blonde at the waist and sitting her on one of the oversized washers which was currently chugging away.

"Then I guess it's good we are in the laundry where I can vocalize my appreciation for your, ooohhh, talents." Piper almost failed to finish her sentence as Alex wasted no time in spreading her thighs wide and laving a soft tongue through her wetness and over her clit.

"Hhhhmmmm, you taste extra sweet today. Glad I saved room for an afternoon treat." Alex's hum vibrated through Piper's nerve endings shooting sparks that made her stomach muscles clench. "I wish I could stay right here all day and tease you until you beg me to fuck you."

Piper gave a quiet laugh. "Baby I know you can feel how wet I am already, so it won't take all day to get me to beg."

Alex knew exactly how drenched Piper was. She smiled and wrapped her lips around Piper's clit and sucked lightly as she teased her opening with swirling fingertips.

Piper tried to push forward to envelope Alex's digits, but they danced away staying just out of reach. "Alex, please."

Alex's only response was to suck harder.

Piper used her hands on the lid to leverage her ass in the air, thrusting out for Alex in a wanton display of her dripping center. She whined quietly, enjoying the sensation on her clit immensely, but needing more. Then she felt a change in the machine beneath her. "Spin cycle has started, we don't have much time." She panted to her lover. "Please fuck me."

Alex chuckled and immediately complied, three fingers sliding in easily. Piper was moaning loudly now as Alex moved immediately to a hard rhythm as the washer vibrated beneath them. Alex could tell Piper was close and gave one more hard suck before lashing her tongue over Piper's clit repeatedly until the blonde came hard, shouting out her name into the empty room.

Piper dropped back down onto the lid of the machine, her legs flopping down the front as Alex rose up and embraced her limp body. "Good thing we have lots of towels around here. This washer is going to need a wipe down."

Piper hugged Alex tightly to her body. "All I want to do right now is crawl in bed and hold you. I hate being here, having to sneak around. I want us to start our real lives together, but we have to wait so long."

Alex didn't know how to respond. Piper only had a year more at most on her sentence depending on what happened with her good time, but Alex had closer to four remaining even with all of her good time intact. They had talked about it and Piper had said all the right things; that she would wait for her, come visit when she was off parole, write and call. But Alex knew how long three years could seem, how life could intervene. So she just nodded her agreement and kissed Piper softly.

When Piper got back to her cube after work, her new roommate was there. Piper didn't understand how the young woman had been assigned to a cube so quickly, well before she had a job, which left her in the dorms without much to do. Johnson was lying on her bunk staring at the ceiling with a glazed look in her eye. She didn't even acknowledge Piper's arrival.

Piper shrugged and got her things for a shower. She was perfectly happy to make nice with the new inmate, but felt it was the other woman's responsibility to make the initial effort. When she returned to get ready for dinner Piper became concerned. Johnson hadn't moved a muscle and now it looked like there was sheen of sweat on her. "Hey, you ok?"

Johnson turned her gaze slowly to Piper and answered as if she had been asleep, although her eyes had been clearly open. "Yea, I'm fine."

"It's dinner time." Piper offered as she slipped on her shoes and headed out. When Johnson didn't show while they ate Piper decided she was probably just depressed by the reality of being in prison. She thought maybe she and Alex could talk to her a little later.

Piper's thoughts were interrupted by a scuffle at the table next to them. Taylor and the bible thumpers were at one end and Taystee and her friends were at the other. Piper hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary; Taystee was being her usual loud self, but only in a jovial way. Everyone in the room had Taystee's attention at her next statement.

"Bitch get out of my face right now. Take those nasty teeth and sit your ass back down at that end of the table." Taystee was standing and had a couple of inches and several dozen pounds on Taylor who was, as Taystee had indicated, right in her face.

Taylor was not deterred. "I am tired of hearing you take the lord's name in vain. You need to show some respect. We know you are friends with several of the homosexuals, like your little friend Poussey there. God will take retribution for your blasphemy."

That was all it took. "Oh no you didn't!" Taystee hollered, followed by a firm shove right into the center of Taylor's chest sending her sprawling. Poussey and several other of the ghetto girls were on their feet instantly beside her. Taylor struggled to her feet and realized none of her crew had moved from the table and were all staring at their trays.

Officer Bennett had been at the door and was moving towards the confrontation as well. Piper jumped to her feet to defend her friend and found Alex had a firm grip on her forearm, holding her in place. By the time Piper broke free, the situation had somewhat diffused. Taylor found herself without support and backed off with a sneer and Bennett stepped in front of Taystee to keep things from escalating.

Piper sat back down fuming. How could Alex have done that to her? She knew Taystee was a friend and that Piper owed her. Alex leaned towards her to say something, but Piper wasn't ready to listen. She jumped up to leave the dining hall when she was intercepted by Mendez. Piper rolled her eyes. What did Pornstache want now?

"Chapman. Caputo needs to see you, right now. Come with me."

Piper didn't like the glare in Pornstache's eyes. It was smug and knowing. She glanced back at Alex, her anger having drained instantly away replaced with a look of worry in her eyes. Suddenly she wondered if she was headed back to the SHU for some reason and away from Alex. She couldn't stop from feeling a moment of panic.

Alex jumped up but knew there was nothing she could do except express her love and concern with her eyes as Mendez gave Piper a little push towards the door.

Mendez escorted her all the way to Caputo's office. The hallway outside had a small alcove where Piper felt herself being shoved. Mendez turned her and put her hands on the wall.

"Need to search you for dangerous weapons before we see the boss." The truth was Mendez was looking forward to this. Chapman was the type of woman who would never give him a second glance on the outside and she had somehow fooled several of the COs into thinking she was just a nice girl. Well, now was his shot at the 'nice girl.'

Piper thought she was going to be sick when Mendez kicked her feet apart leaving her completely vulnerable. He started at her neck, running both hands around to the front as if to give her the impression that he could choke her down, or maybe just silence her if necessary. His hands ran down her shoulders and arms quickly before coming up her back. When he started down the front he didn't even attempt to avoid her breasts. He stopped and fondled them, trying to pinch her nipples and growled a little in frustration when they didn't perk up for him.

When her top failed to satisfy him, Pornstache moved down. Piper almost swung at him when she felt the waistband of her pants moving, but she could feel her panties were still in place. Her legs were so far apart the khakis couldn't go down very far anyway. He squeezed her ass repeatedly before moving a hand to the front where he rubbed over her mound as she felt him hard and rubbing his crotch into her from behind.

Piper was trying to decide her limit. Attacking Mendez would certainly get her sent back to the SHU, probably for an even longer stint, and she wasn't sure she could handle that. As long as he kept his pants on and didn't touch her skin, Piper decided she would try to remain calm and think about Alex. They needed each other right now and she couldn't leave Alex to defend herself against the meth heads again. Finally it seemed Pornstache had tortured her enough and stepped back, ordering her to pull herself together before pointing towards Caputo's office door.

Mendez had thoroughly enjoyed himself. He knew Chapman was in trouble and couldn't afford any more. If she didn't go to the SHU immediately tonight, maybe he could have even more fun with her. He couldn't imagine Chapman really doing the damage he heard Doggett had sustained, but that might just be part of her deception. Right now he was just glad he had found the screwdriver, it would give his reputation a boost with his superiors and he still needed that after his embarrassment with Daya.

When she entered the office, Piper noticed she wasn't being offered a seat. She fidgeted not knowing what to do with her hands. Worse yet Healy was there, just standing casually by the window. Caputo looked at her hard for a minute before addressing her. "Chapman, you are aware Doggett has identified you as the person who attacked her."

"Yes sir." Piper wasn't about to volunteer any information.

"Well, Officer Mendez here found something in the area of the attack today, a weapon." Caputo was obviously waiting and watching for her reaction.

Piper put on her best flat expression, glad she had worked on developing the look, because on the inside she was completely terrified. Shit, shit, shit, the screwdriver. She had dropped it in the snow when she had been cut and never used it on Doggett, but it had been in her hand. How could she have been so stupid? Of course it would be found eventually.

When she didn't respond Caputo continued by lifting a gallon sized clear baggie from a drawer in his desk, showing her the orange handled screwdriver inside. "Do you know what this is Chapman?"

Piper stepped closer as if to get a better look. "A screwdriver sir?"

"Yes, just like the one lost from the electrical shop last year. The shop where you worked if I recall."

"I thought that tool was found?" Piper asked innocently. There was nothing else she could say to help her situation so she stayed quiet. Finally Caputo seemed to come to a decision.

"I am sending this to forensics for fingerprint testing. You better hope your prints aren't on it or you are in big trouble. These things tend to sort themselves out in the long run Chapman, if you have anything to say, now is the time." Caputo had narrowed his eyelids giving him a distinctly beedy look.

"No sir." Piper didn't hesitate. She heard Mendez snort behind her where he was standing guard. Healy just kept the same smug expression and said nothing.

"Then you are dismissed." Piper turned and Mendez opened the door as if to escort her back until Caputo asked him to remain and close the door after Piper scurried away. "Between the snow, mud and your grubby hands all over this, the chance of us getting useable prints is nil you know. Keep an eye on her, both of you."

"Gladly sir." Mendez left the office with the first smile he had felt in months.

Piper practically ran back to the A dorm. Alex wasn't in her cube. She moved down the dorm peering in each cube until she found Alex sitting with her back against the wall and her legs curled up clutching them on Nicky's bunk. Piper got to her just as she sat up and held out her arms.

"Shit Pipes, are you ok? What happened?"

Piper relaxed as soon as Alex's arms closed around her. She could hear her lover talking, but couldn't respond until her arms started to shake from holding Alex so tightly. Alex moved her to the side to sit on Nicky's bunk. Nichols had been surprisingly sensitive, standing up and keeping an eye out for any CO coming by and giving them a little privacy.

"I'm fine. Alex I was so scared. I was mad at you and left dinner in a huff and then I thought what if I get sent to the SHU and the last thing you saw was me being stupid and angry again?"

"Ssshhh. Don't worry about that. I shouldn't have grabbed you like that. I was afraid you would get in between Taystee and Taylor and do something that would get you sent away from me again. I don't think I could handle that." Alex held her tightly against her chest.

Piper could hear Alex's heart beating wildly. Somehow that calmed and comforted her, knowing that Alex felt that strongly about her, even on the inside. Piper leaned up and kissed her. "Let me tell you what happened." She spoke a little louder so that Nicky would hear. "You too Nichols, I want you to hear this from me."

Nicky came back to the bunk and sat down with Piper in the middle. Piper told them both about her meeting with Caputo, leaving out the disgusting pat down by Pornstache.

Nicky gave her concise opinion of the whole affair before leaving, saying she wanted a book from the library. "Shit Chapman, that sucks."

Piper and Alex left when Nicky's cube mate returned and went to Piper's bunk. Johnson was still in her bunk and appeared to be asleep. Piper told Alex her concerns over the young woman and Alex agreed they could talk to her tomorrow.

The lights flashed for final count and Alex kissed Piper one more time before whispering, "They have nothing on you with the screwdriver. This will blow over like everything else."

Alex left and Piper went over to wake her cube mate. "Hey, you need to get up for the count unless you are sick and have a note."

Candace had never been a very good faker, but she did her best impression of waking up from a sound sleep when Piper spoke to her. She had been flying high from the Xanax she had gotten from Mendez in exchange for a blow job all afternoon and through dinner. When Piper and her girlfriend had slipped into the cube she was awake but decided to listen. Mr. Healy had made it clear she might get time off her sentence if she heard anything good. Unfortunately the two women didn't say much except talk about her; just some comment about a screwdriver and then she heard them kissing.

It didn't seem right that they could have a relationship in prison when she was forced to get what she could from the male COs. Of course as long as she could stay high, nothing else really mattered. She struggled to her feet just as Mendez came by for the count. She noticed he stared for a long time at Chapman, but barely looked at her. What was it with this chick; it wasn't fair if she got the girls and apparently the guys too around here. She'd have to spend more time around Chapman and see if she could get any information to take her down and help herself at the same time.