Casual Graffiti

In the bustling streets of Shibuya, the same crowds gather as the day before and the day before that. Teen girls rush about to get to the sales before the last pair of designer jeans is sold to some other girl. Busy adults run to work in attempt to be on time and kiss up to their bosses. Others walk idly texting on their phones or procrastinating outside shop windows, making trouble to keep themselves entertained.

The angel looked down at the rotting town from the top of PorkCity. He watched as people turned a blind eye to a human girl's pleas as she was pulled to an alleyway by men with faces distorted by greed and lust. He longed to help this girl however as an angel he was forbidden to interfere directly with human lives. He could only sit in place and watch these events unfold.

He reached for a cigarette in his back pocket, placed it in his mouth, and lit it. Smoke spiralled upwards as he took a drag. The angel looked down again whilst he finished smoking then doused the light and jumped off the skyscraper. A flurry of feathers flashed behind him as he flew gracefully towards the suburbs of Shibuya. He beat his wings to a hover and touched down gently. The place was worn down and was known to humans as a gang ridden area. But for all the dangers there was one good thing about the area; it was quiet. The angel hid his wings and casually leant against a wall. This area had become a comfort to him in his own way. It remained as one of the few places that hadn't been touched by the flash of new buildings that had popped up over the last few years.

A hissing noise and the snickering of two males broke the silence. The angel peaked around the corner to see a couple of youth's holding cans of spray paint and scribbling random swearwords on the wall of an abandoned shop. It wasn't that long before they finished their fun and strolled away laughing.

'Tsuna is gay'

'Taito woz 'ere'

No points for originality. He walked up and touched the wall lightly with the tips of his fingers. Each word was filled with heavy negative vibes. Withdrawing his hand, he stepped back and looked for a way into the sealed building. The entrance and windows were boarded up with rotten wood which made it easy to break in. He stood a little way inside and explored his surroundings carefully with his eyes. It was clear that this had been the base of the gang at some point but, for now at least, it was empty.

His eyes were drawn to a small overturned crate in the corner with its contents spilled out over the floor. He'd found what he was looking for. The angel knelt down to put everything back into the crate and carried it outside to the graffiti.

Standing away from the wall, he scanned area before grabbing a can of paint from the crate and shaking it thoroughly.

An hour passed before he was completely satisfied with his work. Originally he had planed on just covering the graffiti plainly however inspiration struck him at a crucial moment. He hadn't covered the graffiti, no, he had replaced it. It wasn't silly scribbles of malice and stupidity, it was (in its own way) art. The angel touched his work with his fingers and traced the outlines with a slight smirk on his face. The negativity was gone. His work emitted a more positive energy instead.

He supposed that he should sign it. But signing his name would identify him as a person. Not to mention it would look weird. Maybe wordplay?

'Sanae Hanekoma'


'Neko (Cat)'

"A cat huh?" he shook the black can and finished his work.

…Little did he know that his work would lead to the events that followed…