This is a short story I had in mind for sometime now. I mean it's been done over and over again, but I decided to try my hand at it.

I can write crossovers, but never have I had any luck with an individual faction. Still I do want to try and write something good that doesn't involve just sticking Canon with a bunch of different characters. I rather try and mix things up a little.

Be warned though, as this is an AU, characters are bound to be OOC.

Well things are probably a little heretic for you, but try to at least listen before freaking out all right?" A guy with short spiky brown hair around my age and somewhat shorter than me tried to get me to settle down. "I mean it's not everyday a guy gets resurrected."

It was easier said than done.

"You were really killed, and we kinda had to take a risk to save your life."

I'm still having trouble believing what just happened.

I couldn't believe that my girlfriend had just killed me. It was all supposed to be a fun time. I finally managed to get a date with a hot girl.

We went on a regular date and by the time the sun was setting. She finally led me to a fountain. It was then did she suddenly reveal her true self. She grew dark wings out of her back before stabbing me with a spear.

Well on the bright side at least I got to see her naked before I died.

It's rare to find girls with breasts as big as hers.

"Don't blame me, blame God who left that sacred gear inside of you."

Those were the last words I heard before I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found myself inside my room on my bed.

This guy who I have no idea who he is, claims to have brought me back here.

"Dude quit staring at me!" He crosses his arms and backs away from me. "I don't swing that way!"

"Fuck you asshole!" I scream at him.

Did this guy seriously think I'm gay?!

I really feel like beating him up! I'm into women! Especially women with huge breasts!

"I rather be fucked by a beautiful woman so no thanks."

Urgh…I'm already starting to hate you.

"By the way, how did you even get here anyway? No...why did my parents allow you in here?"

"My boss carried you home but didn't stay. I rather not touch a guy if possible. Your parents were quite shock when a lady carried you home bridal style." He then turns to the side and mutters bitterly. "Lucky bastard."

"Your boss?"

"Ah...yeah." He looks away. It's almost as if he seems a little bit hesitant to answer the question. "You might have heard of her before. Her name is...Archangel Gabriel."

I Hyodo Issei am currently in a lot of confusion right now.

The guy who's standing in my room at the moment next to me calls himself Keisuke. He claims that I've been killed by a Fallen Angel and resurrected as an Angel.

Yeah...that's a lot to take in.

"By the way, I need to tell you something. You aren't...a proper Angel to be honest."


"To tell the truth, the Angels aren't like the Devils where they have a secure method of reincarnation."

"So...if I'm not an Angel...then what am I?"

He shrugs. "I don't know. You're a bug in the system. The Angels attempted to copy the Devils by using game pieces. You're the first one it worked on for reasons unknown. All the other attempts to do so have met with violent rejection."

So I'm not a human anymore...I hope this won't mean I'll have trouble scoring a girl.

"Just so you know, the moment that Lady Gabriel saved you, you pretty much became aligned to the Angel faction."


"Yeah you know, Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels? The girl who killed you was of the third group. Do you have any idea why?"

Yeah I do. Though I'm having some trouble telling him what it is.

He crosses his arms and frowns. "I'm guessing it's some kind of power you hold? Did she mention something like that to you?"

"How do you know that?!"

"You be quite surprised how many Devils and Fallen Angels have killed humans for reasons like that. Really that damn governor can't control his own servants properly." He looks at me curiously. "By the way, did she say anything?"

So my death wasn't that much of a surprise to them? Angels are a lot more cold hearted than I thought.

"Umm...she said blame god for giving me the sacred gear or something like that."

What the heck is a Sacred Gear anyway?

He claps in understanding. "Oh...that explains everything. Well since Lady Gabriel isn't around, I'll at least run you through the basics of what three factions, and the sacred gears."

So for the next twenty minutes I listened to his lecture.

Keisuke seems like the chatterbox type who doesn't know how to shut up. But he probably knows a lot of stuff seeing how detail he is in explaining it.

At the end of his explanation I find myself doubting that I have this power like he says.

Suddenly I find him grinning at me.

"Want to see for your power yourself? The first time you try to summon it, is usually is quite embarrassing."

This he reading my mind or something like that?

"There is something I find weird though."

"What is it?"

"How come mom and dad have no objections to you being here with me? They've seen you for the first time in their lives, and it's like they knew you for a long time."

"Well for starters, your parents are christians right?"

Yeah. I'm glad they aren't one of those fanatical types though.

"Wait! You mean that they-"

"Were aware of the supernatural from the start. Your dad works an exorcist...or at least used too until his body couldn't take the stress of the heavy workload and had to retire. Your mom...well she was something similar but different." He then looked away and grumbled softly to himself, but I could still make out what he was saying. "The two of them were awestruck when they saw Lady Gabriel carrying you home. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually kissed the ground she walked on."

I'm sensing some bitter feelings from him. Does he like his master that much?

"So how come I never heard about such things before? I always thought he was a lame businessman."

Keisuke glares at me and crosses his arms while putting one leg onto the table. " exorcist is dangerous work. What kind of parent would want their kid going taking a job that risks your life on a daily basis?"

That's...a good point.

Suddenly he raises his feet and slams it down onto the table as if demanding attention. "Anyway I should warn you though...your school you go to? It's not a safe place for you to least not anymore."

"What?! Why not?"

"It's run by Devils by the way. Normal students are fine, but Angels and Fallen Angels aren't so very much welcome."

Are you fucking kidding me?! I have to transfer schools now?!

No wait! In the first place I was studying with Devils the whole time and not even know it?!

"If it makes you feel better, only a very small fraction are Devils. It would be beneficial if we had a direct talk with them to be on the safe side."

"Didn't you say that they're our enemies?"

"There's a truce at the moment. Besides, walking in from the front is a sign of goodwill. We also have something that will be of interest to them. It concerns you as well."

Me? Is it because of the Sacred Gear I wield?

Come to think of it, even though I managed to summon it, it feels kind of weird holding it.

It's large red metallic gauntlet with a green jewel in the center of it.

Keisuke claims it to be a high level one but he didn't tell me anything else other than it was a supportive type that doubles my power every ten seconds. He says at present it's basically a device that turns me into a superhuman.

"Haven't you wonder why Fallen Angels and Angels are this close to Devil property?"

Ah! Now that he mentions it, no I haven't thought about it.

"I...don't know." I replied to his question.

He shrugs before answering. "Well have you heard of Excalibur?"

The most famous sword in all of mythology? Who hasn't?

"Who in the hell wouldn't have heard of it?"

"Yeah…" His voice breaks off and he finally sits straight before looking me in the eye. "What people don't know is that long ago, the sword was really broken in combat. It was separated into seven pieces and distributed among the different churches. Recently some pieces were stolen, and we traced it here..that and the culprit is a Fallen Angel. Lady Gabriel can't actively go visit the school as she's a Seraph. If she comes too close to it, we might end up sparking a war, so it's up to two lowly Angels to act as messengers."

"What are supposed to tell them?"

"Well first up, we are to tell them that we are only here for the Fallen Angels. The second is that we really mean no harm to them. Third is that we'll clean up our mess ourselves."

I quickly stop him before he continues to speak. "Wait! I don't even know how to fight?"

"You can throw a punch can't you?" He asks me simply.

"Yeah why?"

"Good." He nods in approval. "Because you only have superhuman strength at the moment. I can't teach you much, but I can at least teach you the basics of your Sacred Gear. You'll be able to get some live practise soon. Most of the enemies here are basically just normal humans with guns...that practically can't hurt us for reasons I'll explain when I'm not tired."

No! No! No! No! No!

"You are going to explain everything now!"

"No I'm not going to do that. I'll wait until Lady Gabriel returns. She is your new know that right? If you have any complaints direct it to her." He then leans forward and whispers into my ear. "Just so you know, the Lady doesn't like people who complains too much. Last time one of her servants did so, the Lady tied up on top of a cliff and left her hanging for days in extreme conditions before she was released."

Immediately I paled.

Maybe I should reserve my complaints for something else.

Now I know in Canon, the Angels don't get the brave saints system not for a while, but in an AU, it might be possible to just write it down as an idea they always had and constantly experimented with it and always failed. Issei just happened to be the one of the few people their idea worked on, but they don't know why it did.

Honestly, I'm quite curious. I know it's brunching out from Canon, but I added in elements from Vol 3 into the beginning as well. I'm going to mess with the timeline to make something new. I'll be honest and say that I am quite tired of all the OC's in this faction that are only inserted to follow Canon events so that many can make their characters look good and awesome while serving no real practical purpose other than to outshine Issei.