From atop his mountain, he had watched the ages pass. He had watched empires rise, and dictatorships fall, he had watched as the world had devolved into madness, all upon the whims of a single man. And so, it came as a surprise when he saw the very fabric of the dimension get torn in two, perhaps he would get some amusement after all…

"BOOM!" thunder crashed as the clouds above his reclusive home collided, lightning flashing as it descended from the clouds, colliding with the ground below it, digging foot deep trenches as the bolts struck, discharging across the earth, pouncing at random intervals toward the puddles that fizzled and steamed before drying up into superheated steam.

Sitting in the middle of this furious storm of natural violence, sat a blonde haired man, who's long, silken locks flailed randomly in mid-air, reminiscent of his redhead mother who used to intimidate her husband so, with the same look.


Lightning beamed down at blistering speed, arcing through water droplets and turning the air itself into vapour with its sheer power. Descending toward the ground, the lightning bolt arced in the direction of the tallest and most conductive thing near it.

Human skin.

Its direction absolute, it barrelled through the air with a deadly intent.

But just 5 feet from its target, it was stopped as it struck a swirling white barrier that seemed to selectively appear in its path.

"Hn!" a grunt from the man who's hair had settled down upon the intervention of the barrier seemingly brought the storm that raged around him to a crescendo as lightning burst all around the mountain, a jagged halo and mass of gargantuan electrical energy illuminating the area for several seconds, allowing those who would have gotten a look if they were there to see his baggy black trousers that seemed faded and worn with age, His upper body was concealed by a long, flowing black cloak with a high collar that masked his face and parted at the waist to flow past his thighs (think a homura-ish type cloak from sekirei), but past that, one could identify the sleeveless black vest he wore which was ideal for fast movement and wide body angled physical attacks which would only be hindered with sleeves which would tear at the seams and require repair after every battle.

"It does seem, that the world is once again in peril, perhaps we should help, ne, Juu chan?" he coarse, unused voice, powered throughout the landscape as a terrible shuddering seemingly brought the man's attention to a large cave that punched through the single peak, towering above the human who possessed immense power.

"Indeed that is correct, Sennin Sama"

A deep, yes surprisingly seductive and alluring voice echoed from the depths of the cave.

"Though I have yet to fathom why you wish for me to conduct myself in this, form" the voice paused, in confusion and consternation most likely as 'Sennin' chuckled, his dry throat scratchy as he addressed the being.

"It is simply on a whim, I put that soul of yours in a female body on a whim, and I can easily reduce you to naught but a whimpering kitten if I wish, I simply gave you that form because it was more appealing and my urges could be satisfied, now be silent and get ready, we leave tomorrow"

The shuffling of clothing indicated body movements of which sennin interpreted as a nod "very well, master, what else is it you wish of me?" the being asked as sennin turned away from the cave, cold, ringed blue eyes glowing as the tomoe within them spun faster, indicating some sort of excitement.

"Tonight, you cook dinner, then bring it to my room, I must identify the current situation, much has changed apparently in the last decade" waving a lazy hand imperiously in an arc that crossed left to right in the air, the clouds seemingly parted as though ordered, to shine golden beams upon his mountaintop.

"Very well master, the usual I assume?" Sennin nodded and turned back to begin his entrance into the cave.

"Of course, what else would it be?"

"Tempura, or Yakitori perhaps, master?"

Sennin shook his head at the plead "not likely Juubi, not likely"

Below the mountain-20 miles away-With

Gray stood paralyzed as he stared up at the huge, sealed monster before him.

Said monster brought up many, many unpleasant memories, the most unpleasant one of all perhaps, was the death of his dear teacher, Ur, who sacrificed herself to save him, and his one-time ally Lyon from death, and many others from the beast's annihilation.

Focusing his hatred on the monster before him, Grays mind worked at lightning speeds to try and figure out what the hell was happening, Ur was disappearing, melting from some type of demented ritual which summoned the power of the moon to chip away at Ur's power and soul.

Gripping his fists, Gray turned back to his companions for the mission, Lucy and Natsu, his features grim and his posture rigid, both in nervousness and anger "Natsu, Lucy" he addressed them quietly "meet Deloria, the demon of destruction, creation of Zeref the black mage and murderer of countless" he muttered darkly as Natsu turned his head.

"Demon of destruction, Zeref, murderer?" the pink haired boy questioned as his eyes roamed over the gigantic body sealed within ice.

"Yes, murderer" Gray growled as his throughts turned to his mentor, Ur, who taught him everything he knew about ice make magic and how to use it "he did so to my teacher, unknowingly most likely" Gray muttered.

Natsu's face lit up in recognition, before setting on solemnness at the words Gray used to get his point across "murderer of countless" he whispered.




Eyes widening, the group quickly burst into action, their eyes flickering about the cave to locate a hiding spot from the people that would most likely pass through here.

Natsu, naturally protested against such a decision, throwing a silent fit as Gray hauled him over a stalagmite and kept his hand pressed to his mouth "Shut it!" he growled as he and Lucy peered over the rock to see what was going on.

"You heard peoples voices around here eh?" a man bearing blue hair and thick eyebrows looked about, his arms clasped behind his back, while the human-like person dressed in jeans and a spiked dog collar followed several steps behind him, acting as his loyal dog.

"Its noon, I'm sleepy, why did you drag me out here instead of searching yourself?" the man growled as the demon looking creature whined throatily.

"What are these people doing here?" Gray asked himself as he glared at the two who stopped to admire Deliora's muscular appearance, exchanging small talk like reluctant friends.




Another set of footfalls sounded through the halls as a pink haired woman dressed in dark blue latex stockings and a open top dress stepped from the shadows, her hands clasped to her chest and pink hair tied into two ponytails.

"Yuka san, Toby san, I bring sad news" the woman reported as the two turned to her in recognition "Angelica has been bullied by someone" she continued sadly as the demon-like human twitched.

"It's a mouse, dude" Don't give it no fancy name!" he shouted irately as the pink haired woman began to reprimand him.

"Angelica is a hunter that runs through the darkness stalking her pray, and, and…Love!"

Face faulting behind the rocks, Lucy and Gray sighed, their eyes still wide.

"We have got some serious weirdos here" Lucy whispered in morbid fascination "especially the last one, what a maniac"

Gray could only agree with that statement.

With Fairy Tale- 2 Hours later

Stood upon the bar, master Makarovs stern expression never wavered as he gazed upon the chaos of his guild with fondness.

"Mira chan, pour me a beer!" he announced as the pleasantly smiling woman behind the bar giggled and began to pour a tankard or beer for the stout leader of their guild "here you go!"

Chuckling under his breath, Makarov tilted his head back as the lip of the beer glass met his lips, letting the bitter beverage pass his old lips and pass down his throat in large gulps.

Finishing the golden coloured drink he slammed his tankard into the wood and smirked happily as his guild tussled playfully with each other.

"Ah, to be young"

"Ano, master, your ramen is ready!" Juubi knocked on the stone door to her masters room and study, the inside of their abode wasn't actually too big, the insides of the place the two lived in was only several dozen meters across and about 20 meters back from the entrance which, when one wasn't outside, was sealed with some sort of barrier magic her master invented.


Funnily enough, that word didn't leave much of a bad taste in her mouth, actually, the word was rather fitting if she thought so herself, then again, it still seemed to cause her a pain of some sorts, one located in her chest, where the human heart would be located, sometimes, when she gazed at her master, either from close up or afar, she felt her chest constrict while she stared at his peaceful expression.

Perhaps it was that she had become protective over him in the past few millennia, perhaps she just didn't like to see him in danger?

It was either that or.

No, no it couldn't be.

She shook her head of the foolish stray thought, her flowing mercurial hair swaying gently in response to her movements.

"Hm, come in then, I don't need it getting cold!"

Heaving a sigh, she pushed open the door with her shoulder and stepped in, the bowl of ramen held in her right hand as she manoeuvred around the bed and sat on the side of it, the springs dropping in height in response to her small weight.

Seeing her master's hands full with a tinted blue crystal ball, she set the bowl of noodles on her skirted lap and picked up the chopsticks, snapping them off each other before she stopped as her master held a hand up, requesting she halt her actions for the moment.

"Come, look at this with me" he idly patted the spot next to where he was laying, signalling that she should move, which she did, allowing her to peer into the ball which displayed a rather amusing scene.

"Master, isn't this guild the one that, that woman, Mavis, offered you to join?" Juubi questioned as she fanned the hot ramen for the moment.

Seemingly thinking on it, the man laid in bed, chuckled as if remembering something "hm, yes it does seem to be, a nice girl that woman was, always happy" he muttered as he took a more attentive eye to the guild which he had considered joining at one point "perhaps we should go there first then, your thoughts, Juu chan?" he questioned, turning his head to her, causing a slight blush to leap to the woman's cheeks, not that the man noticed, with him looking at his crystal ball and all.

"Yes, well, I guess we'll start here" he chuckled, turning his head to Juubi who bowed her head obediently as she got the message and began to feed him.

"Of course, anything for you, master Naruto"

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