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§ Parseltongue§

''Speech, People conversing with someone in the same language will speak normally''


Chapter 1

''Harry, Ron wake up! Honestly Ron it's almost time to go!'' Hermione's voice echoed across the room. As Hermione reached over the bed to knock Harry's arm, he turned over. ''Hermione I'm u-….'' He was about to finish the sentence until he realised exactly where he was looking. He quickly averted his eyes, and asked her to pass him his glasses. ''When your fully up Harry, please make sure to get Ron up please, I'll be downstairs with Ginny eating.'' Unbeknownst to Harry, Hermione walked out of the room with an extremely Weasley like blush.

Hermione knew she wasn't exactly what most boys would consider 'Hot', but she knew she becoming more and more attractive, much like her mother was at her age. The reason for her blush, was that she had always harboured a small crush on Harry. He was just so endearing to her, although he was always a bit on the small side, due to the Dursley's treatment of him, but she had always thought it just suited him. His incapability to talk to girls other than her was just so cute. He was rather like Ginny in that respect; well in the way she reacts to HIM at least. She also thought he was very brave, any lesser man, would cower at would Harry has had to face, A Troll in his First year, along with a crazed mad man, Voldemort twice. Then he faced Voldemort again the next year and killed a Basilisk, and not just any Basilisk, one that was created by Salazar Slytherin himself! Then over 100 Dementors at once, from what she's read, the most anyone was able to drive off with a single Patronus was just under 30, and that was a record set by Dumbledore himself, during the war with Grindelwald. ''There's only so much more he can take'' She thought aloud.

She was broken out of her reverie by Ginny's voice, ''who can't take more of what?'', ''Ohh Ginny, you're there, I was trying to find you uh-..'', anything she was about to say was cut off by Ginny. ''You didn't answer my question Hermione.''

''I was just waking Ha…the boys up, why are you looking at me like that!''. After a tense minute with one eyebrow raised Ginny remarked ''don't think I missed that slip up there Hermione, you were trying to get Harry to notice you''.

After blushing slightly, partly hidden due to the poor lighting in the hall, and also her bangs hiding her face, she replied ''Ginny, that's completely preposterous, and even if I was, which I'm not'' she added hastily ''It would be completely pointless, as he has that silly infatuation with Cho Chang, in the year above''.

''Silly huh? Sounds to me like, someone's….jealous.'' Ginny said the last part with an exaggerated stage whisper, not without donning a rather large smirk, which made her look uncannily like the cat that caught the canary.

''Fine, I'm jealous okay, I think Harry's cute and I want him to notice me more often! Happy now?''

By now, the smell of Molly's cooking was slowly filtering through the house, and as if by magic, Ron comes haring past the two girls to get downstairs as quickly as possible in case of…heck the boy just likes his food. After stepping back, so as not to get knocked over by Ron, she accidently knocked into Harry, who was running after Ron, who was still holding the shirt he asked Ron to pass. By doing this she not only knocked over herself and Ginny, but also Harry, who attempted to keep them from falling over. He not only ended up lying on top of them both, but also with his face crushed against their chests. ''Erm…Harry, fun as this is, could you please get up?'' Hermione's meek voice came from the bundle of limbs. ''Yeah Harry, your kind of crushing us here'', and there was that Weasley bluntness, from Ginny. ''Yeah, right, I was just going to get my shirt, and Ron ran, after he smelt food that is, then I chased after him and th-..'' ''Harry, your blabbering, accidents happen, and that was an accident''.

''I'm going to get another shirt''. And with that he ran back up the stairs.

''Hermione , to answer your previous question, yes now I'm happy, and wipe that silly grin off your face, otherwise mum will want to know why you're wearing it, well that and why you're blushing like a Weasley'' Ginny said, half-joking, and wearing a grin similar to one that Hermione was.

True to the fact, ''Hermione dear, are you alright, you're looking a bit red, are you feeling okay?''

''Yes, I'm feeling fine Mrs We…Molly'' she added after a stern glare from the Weasley matriarch.

''How many times must I ask you children to call me Molly'' She said with slight amusement. ''The same applies to you Harry dear,'' As he arrived back in the room, ''after all you're both practically family!''

After everyone had finished breakfast, Mr Weasley's voice sounded across from the sitting room. 'Right, everyone gather your things, we need to get to the portkey!''

''Well kids, welcome to the Quidditch World Cup!''

Harry never really seeing Quidditch nor magic outside of Hogwarts was looking around like a child would in a candy shop. ''It's excellent'' was about the only thing he say before his attention was caught by Mr Weasley having problem with some of the Muggle money, seeing as the site was owned by British Muggle Government, and not the Ministry Of Magic.

''Harry could you come over here a sec…I'm a bit lost with all these extra coins you see''. Harry grinned.

''Sure Mr Weasley, I'll pay, why don't you go and start setting up our tents?''

''What a grand idea Harry, you'll also be in for a treat later. I'm guessing you've never seen a wizarding tent before, so you'll be rather surprised''. The Muggle guard was a bit of a loss at the conversation now so by using the 'wizard' the guard would think it's some kind of euphemism.

''Righ, now no funny bus'ness 'ere on this sight. For you's site and water it'll be £38 guvn'er''. After Harry paid the required money and got Mr Weasley's change, he wandered back to find the others.

'' I probably won't be needed for a while, and I need to walk anyway''.

His need for the walk, was just to have some thinking space, at the Burrow, there was never really the quietness for it. What with the twins and their experiments going off every five minutes, Bill and Charlie playing Exploding Snap with Ron and Ginny, Percy blabbering on about cauldron bottoms. The only time he got to quietly sit and think about anything was when he was sat with Hermione in the Garden. The subject on his mind however was, Sirius, the attack they had at the end of term, affected him a lot, and they were only there for an hour or so, but Sirius's near constant closeness with them could not of done him any good.

He was so deep in thought he didn't see the person walking straight at him, who like him was lost in their thoughts. The person pushed him in surprise, and after vainly trying to keep himself up, much like earlier that day, he went down anyway, but not without taking the stranger with him.

After an initial groan of pain, Harry noticed the hand he was holding onto, small soft, almost as if the hand was made out of cloud. He opened his eyes and looked into the most beautiful blue eyes, he had ever seen, they were like pure pools, of swirling sapphire. The perfect angular face, with long, silky, silvery hair splayed behind her. His heart skipped a beat as he saw her slightly parted pink lips, he had a sudden urge to put his lips to them, until he came back to his senses.

''Erm, c..c…could you get up? Please?'' He stammered nervously.

Her face broke out into a beautiful smile as she complied but not before leading him away from the knowing smirks, and glaring onlookers, the latter being mainly from the male population. She led him between some tents, when he couldn't help but think how nice her hand felt in his. He also took a second to get a proper look at her. She was the definition of the word beautiful, almost unearthly so. She had a fairly lithe form, he could feel that much after they fell, her fitting t-shirt, showed her to have a slightly athletic build, not muscly nor toned, but…perfect? She had rather slender legs, and arms that just reached mid-thigh. He had seen some Muggle models in some of Dudley's more adult rated magazines, but this girl, put all of them to shame. She asked him something in French, which he obviously could not understand. ''I'm sorry, I don't speak any French'', he replied somewhat apologetically, inwardly cursing himself for not taking up the language.

She switched into a heavily accented English, ''I just wanted to apologize for ze way I walked into you''.

He grinned at this. ''it's okay, I guess I wasn't watching where I was going either''.

''Zen we are both at fault non?'' She said with slight giggle here, and by hearing this almost melodious sound, his heart skipped a few more beats, ''Why is she affecting me so much''. ''My name iz Fleur Delacour, and who iz it zat I have zee pleasure of, how iz it you British say, bumping into?''

He almost gave her a false name, he didn't want her to become some fan girl, but if he wanted to get to know her he'd have to give her his real name. ''I'm Harry, Harry Potter''.

Then of course, her eyes did the all too similar flick to his forehead, he flinched only slightly, but it didn't go unnoticed by Fleur, ''iz something wrong, 'arry?''.

''Erm…w...well it's just sometimes people only notice the scar, then me second'', was his meek reply.

''I understand 'arry'', She looked down and realised she was running late, ''Zut! 'Arry I need to get back to mes parents, maybe we can see each other later?'' She smiled questioningly at him.

''Err…yeah I'd l...Like that Fleur, sure, we're in campsite B1, and you could come and find me later?'' Harry replied, gaining more of his confidence and cool he had before falling over a second time that day.

''It's a date then,'' And with that she walked off, presumably back to her camp. He couldn't help but feel elated at the word date, he'd seen pretty girls, beautiful even, but she was far more gorgeous than every single one of them, yet there was something, a feeling about her that drew him to her far more than it should. Also she seemed to know exactly how he felt about his scar.

As Harry was walking back from his encounter with Fleur, he saw some of his friends from school, that group included, Neville, Seamus, Dean, the Patil twins, and trio of chasers on the Gryffindor Quidditch team; Katie, Alicia and Angelina. He finally arrived at a small looking tent, which was odd because there were 10 of them. Mr Weasley was outside of the undersized tent, playing with some matches. ''Ahh Harry, ingenious these muggles are, aren't they? I gathered you went on a look around, so we got everything else set up, the rest are inside'' He said the last bit with a hint of amusement

''Inside?'' Harry asked doubtful that this small tent could fit 10 people. Then it occurred to him, that if Wizards could hide a place like Hogwarts from muggles completely, they could invent something similar to the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

''Also we didn't quite expect Bill or Charlie, as their jobs are a bit finicky so they didn't know if they would be coming, so you're going to be sleeping in the girls quarters with Hermione and Ginny I'm afraid'' Mr Weasley's voice became only slightly stern here. ''Now Harry, I know you're a wonderful young man, and I trust you not to do anything, but I can't say the same for Ginny, and being totally honest, nor can I say for Hermione either''. After seeing Harry's confused look he explained. ''Harry, you obviously know about Ginny's little crush on you, you have to understand that when you saved her from that horrible chamber, you really did become her knight in shining armour'', After seeing Harry go red at this he added, ''Now Harry, there's no need to be embarrassed, whether you had help or not, you did it on your own. And as for Hermione, well I shouldn't say anything, but I'm doing it for both of your sake's, as an adult you can see much more clearly on these kind of matters, and Hermione really does like you, Harry.'', Mr Weasley had the grace to blush at this. ''Come on, let's get the others.''

''How much further up are we, Dad'' Was Ron's rather exhausted voice, travelling down the flight of stairs.

Harry didn't really catch Mr Weasley's response; he was too busy thinking about the events earlier that day. If what Mr Weasley said was right, then was this morning, not as much of an accident as he thought it was; her, giving him a full view of her breasts, him falling on them, not ten minutes later. He was thoroughly confused. He liked her a lot, she was his best friend, but he just didn't harbour and romantic feelings towards her. As he was thinking about the first event today, he blushed deeply as he remembered the situation.

''Harry , are you okay, you're looking a bit flushed'', She put her hand to his forehead, to see if he had a temperature, unknowingly giving him a second view of her chest, and again he averted his eyes. Ginny, who was just beside Hermione saw this, and did the same. ''Yeah Harry, you do look flushed,'' Ginny subtly put emphasis on the word 'look'.

The temptation was simply too much, he looked down, and it revealed some interesting news, neither was wearing a bra, and before he lost all inhibitions he pulled away, and swallowed deeply , ''Ohh, yeah... I'm fine, honestly, just feeling a bit hot is all, don't worry about me''.

''Here we are, Minister's Box''. After Mr Weasley, produced 10 tickets, which looked like they were made of pure gold, they went inside.

''Ahh Ambassador Delacour, how nice to see you again...'' Was the nasally whine of Fudge's voice across the room, above the noise of the rest of the stadium.

Harry wasn't listening, ''Delacour…Delacour...FLEUR, I wonder if he's related to Fleur''.

A small hand touched his arm, '' 'Arry? What are you doing 'ere?'' He loved the way she said his name sounded when she said it.

''FLEUR, err, Fleur, hi, oh my friends dad works at the Ministry of Magic, and he managed to get us tickets up here,'' She giggled and smirked at his surprise when he saw her.

''Ahh a coincidence non? Mon pere works for your Ministry as an Ambassador to France. I'll 'ave someone to speak to then?'' After he nodded they all found there seats, and Harry was sitting next to Fleur, on one side, and Hermione on the other, with Ginny sat next to her, and from the looks of it, Fleur's mother and little sister was sat next to Fleur.

''Minister, are you ready?'' Bagman's voice shouted over the din of noise.

''Ready when you are Ludo,'' Replied Fudge, in a comfortable voice, though with the noise he could barely be heard.

''He didn't even react to my mother! There is something special about this boy, none of that ogling most wizards do, including some of those red haired friends of Harry's. I must get to know him better!'' Fleur thought to herself.

''Ladies and Gentleman…Welcome! To the 422nd Annual, Quidditch!...World Cup! Join me in welcoming one of our very own, IRELAND! Troy! Mullet! Moran! Connolly! Quigley! Ryan! And their captain…LYNCH!''

Everyone watched in awe, as the player's multi conjured a rainbow, resulting in an even bigger one, and then to top that, leprechauns started dancing…ON the rainbow! Harry heard Fleur's sister giggle at the display. Gabrielle, he thought he mother called her.

''Now, Ladies and Gentleman, please put your hands together...FOR THE BULGARIANS! Ivanova! Dimitrov! Levski! Volkov! Vulchanov! Zograf! And finally…at only seventeen….KRUMMM!''

Now unlike Irish team, the Bulgarians, didn't have leprechauns, understandable considering they have nothing to do with Bulgaria at all. No, the Bulgarians had Veela. There were still those looks of awe, but only from the male population. At first Harry wanted to get a better look at them, much like all of the Weasley's other than Ginny, and Mr Weasley, but he remembered Fleur, and refused to make a fool out of himself, so he quietly sat there, uninterested.

He was jolted out of his thoughts, by Fleur and her Mother talking excitably in French, who not thirty seconds ago, were glaring at the dancing Veela, with open malevolence, but now seemed positively ecstatic.

''Fleur! Look at Harry! He is completely uninterested in those….Veela,'' Appoline added the last part with unrestrained vehemence. ''If what you said earlier is true, and all of your allure was out at once, then I think this Harry Potter might be quite interesting, ma chérie''.

''Maman! He's just a friend! After a raised eyebrow in response, Fleur continued, ''He's the first boy who doesn't look at me like I'm a piece of meat, and although he is very cute, he is much too young''.

Everyone give it up for the winners of the World Cup; Ireland!" Bagman yelled to the deafening roars that were sounding throughout the stadium.

After the round of excitement (and a big hand to the Bulgarian team, Krum in particular) the crowd started filing out.

Outside Fleur gripped his hand. "I will zee you tomorrow before we go back, I 'ope?"

He grinned and nodded. "Looking forward to it. Bye Gabrielle," he added, looking at the little girl who nodded vigorously before holding onto her mother's hand. After saying his goodbyes to the French family Harry went to join the Weasley's, who were waiting for him a short distance away.

Although he nearly missed it, the rage on Ron's face was too obvious, a blind man could of saw it.

''Oi Ron, come over here, me and George wanna speak, come on we'll stop by the butterbeer stall on our way'', said Fred, immediately seeing the jealousy, of what just happened between Harry and that French girl. After a Solemn nod from both twins, at Harry they left with Ron in their wake.

''Ahh Harry, enjoy the game?'', Mr Weasley said trying to defuse the tension in the moment.

''It was great Mr Weasley, thanks for getting me a ticket!''.

''I may not be a fan of Quidditch, but I must admit, it was an enjoyable experience, so thank you Mr Weasley''. Was Hermione's, slight know-it-all reply. ''Hermione saying something…nice?...about Quidditch…now I'm scared''. Harry thought to himself.

''Let's get inside and get some hot chocolate before bed shall we?'' Mr Weasley, talking to himself more than anyone.

''Hermione, did you bring your quilt or sleeping bag?'' Ginny asked, with slight amusement, with almost the same amount of horror.

''I don't use one in the summer, and I'm just sleeping in my bra and some shorts like I usually do, why didn't you bring one? Though I wish I did, I thought they would of had some kind of heating charms in these.'' Hermione replied.

''No, I thought I'd share yours instead, as my bag wasn't big enough to fit mine in, and I forgot to ask mum or dad to put a shrinking charm on it.''

''Well it's too late, everyone else has gone to bed, we'll just have to go cold tonight.'' Hermione replied somewhat miserably.

''Girls...you decent it?'' Harry voiced through the silk curtain

''Yeah, come in.'' Hermione replied, once she got in her dressing gown.

''What brings you here Harry?'' Ginny questioned, and surprisingly without her usual blush.

''Didn't your Dad tell you?'' Both raised an eyebrow, simultaneously, he might've laughed had he not been so embarrassed at the situation, and well Ginny's pyjamas, were hugging, and Hermione dressing gown, left nothing to the imagination. So he continued.

E..er…ermm, well, basically. Mr Weasley wasn't sure if Bill or Charlie were coming, so since they are here, obviously, there isn't enough room in the boys area, and he thought Ginny wouldn't appreciate, having any of her brothers bunking in here, nor would Hermione, so he thought if I came in here instead, everyone would be happy''. Taking a deep breath after he rushed that out.''

''It's okay though, I can just camp out on the floo-…'' He was cut-off abruptly by Hermione.

''Harry! You will most definitely not be sleeping on the floor!'' Hermione raised her voice just slightly to get her point across.

Hermione and Ginny were inwardly smirking at the situation, a normal guy, would jump at the chance to sleep in bed with two girls, but not Harry, nope, he just has to be chivalrous. Though both had to admit, it was his defining trait, and one of his most attractive.

''Me and Hermione di-….'', Ginny was cut-off, much like Harry was.

''Hermione and I.'' Hermione cut in instantly.

''Right…Hermione and I,'' she paused slightly to give a small glare at Hermione, ''forgot to bring our sleeping bags or quilts, so we're going to have to share yours''. Ginny adopted Hermione's no-nonsense tone.

''Riight.'' Harry's voice to his credit cracked only slightly.

''You can sleep in between us, and that way we can all share it''.

''You're going to have to scoot in closer than that Harry, we've barely got any''.

It ended up with Harry lying rigidly straight looking at the 'sky', as the tents had charms to make the roof of the tent look like the night sky. Hermione cuddling up to him with one leg over his, on his left, and Ginny doing the same on his right. So he had no choice but to put his arms over them and let them nuzzle into his shoulder.

''Good night Harry'', Ginny whispered into his ear, and giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

''Yes, goodnight Harry'', Hermione did the same to his opposite cheek.

Of course the darkness hid all three of their blushes.

''Harry! Girls! Wake up, something's wrong!'' Was the sound of Mr Weasley's voice, the same voice that woke them up, but it helped that a small explosion accompanied with it to show the seriousness of the situation. ''Get dressed and get to the Portkey''.

After all three of them got dressed quickly, forgoing formalities, and just getting out of their pyjamas, of course, regardless of the situation, they all had the grace to blush at seeing each other so cloth-less.

After running out of the tent with their wands in hands, a large crowd came running past, away from the flashing streams of Green and Red, knocking Harry out, and over. Thus splitting the trio up.

''MORSEMORDE'', was the first thing Harry heard when he awoke. After seeing the large, Green, skeletal head, accompanied with a searing pain in his forehead, he ran into the forest.

''Little girls in the forest at a time like this, how unfortunate…for you'', The voice was followed by more than couple of guffaws, and chuckles.

After seeing five men surrounding a tree, and with the previous comment he did the only thing he could do…take out his wand and start firing curses.

''Stupefy! Expelliarmus! Petrificus Totalus! Stupefy! Stupefy!''. All of these spells were done in rapid succession, though only 4 hit their desired targets; it did give Harry time to quickly see who it was he was defending; Fleur and her little sister Gabrielle. Then he realised that their clothes were torn, and Fleur's shirt was ripped down the buttons, showing off her chest to the thugs.

''Thwack'', ''Now who have we got here now? Ahh Potter, nice of you to join us men.''

He felt dizzy, and even with his glasses on he couldn't see straight. He brought his hand up to feel the back of his head…Blood.

''Been sometime since I've done this, I'll have to use you as test dummy before I move onto them girlies ayy.''

''CRUCIO!'' The man roared, and Harry never felt pain like it. He learnt from a young age to never cry out in pain or it will only result in his Uncle being more aggressive. But this, he couldn't hold in. It was like every nerve ending in his body, was being set on fire, one by one.

The distraction was enough for Fleur to finally summon her wand from her holster. And although she managed to subdue her attacker, it wasn't enough to save Harry. His head was bleeding; his body was limp, and his shirt seeping with blood. She sent up sparks with her wand, and put his head in her lap, crying softly with Gabrielle.

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