Hey everybody this is only going to be short. I wanted everyone to know that I'm not stopping writing this Fic. I'm just taking a break. Course/Homework is taking it's toll. I'm going to be a Godfather on the weekend (I've been preparing for that...) and most of all...i'm tired. I'm getting in fro school and either falling asleep or i'll start to watch tv. Laziness mostly though, writing a 2000 word essay seems like a lot when you're in school, but writing more if not double that every chapter is a lot. And it takes time.

This is my first fic, and more than likely I will probably re-write this after it's finished:L

Anyway so yeah, i'm taking a couple of moths break, only like a month left now:L I'll start writing after i go skiing, which is on valentines day, and ill get back on the 23rd or so.

See you real soon Guys and Gals,