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Anyways I came across the RWBY series by accident and it is AWESOME FUN. Now that is a webtoon I can get behind. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. Now. Vamoose. Although I keep feeling that Jaune should be a bit cooler as well, you know, and I guess that's just cuz of my personal preference of having a powerful character as a focus. Though I have no issues with weak characters, I like my protagonists strong and my antagonists stronger, you know? So that the protagonist constantly grows? I'm just too impatient for weak starts.

So I decided, what the hell, and to write a fanfic for my self-satisfaction and glorification. Hope that you enjoy! -WARNING- AU, not quite canon but does follow it a bit, although I might find ways to incorporate the new episodes that come in. I also changed Jaune Arc into Jaune D'Arc, cuz I think it's cooler :P


Oh Dust, don't get sick, don't get sick. Why, oh, why do I have MOTION SICKNESS?!

Really now, this is just, URP… so unfair…

Ok… maybe if I just look at the nice scenery below… DUST we are HIGH UP! Hold it in Jaune! Hold it… oh who am I kidding here?!

Dashing past a group of fellow students to be I dashed into a bathroom unit before upchucking all today's lunch into the metal toilette.


I'll be lucky to not be known as 'Vomit Boy' after this.

Spitting the taste of bile and half-digested sandwich out of my mouth I walked out of the bathroom unit as the Beacon Academy's Dust-TWing landed, letting all the student hopefuls out.

I sighed with my head in my hands.

I'm the last one off… oh what absolute fun

If Ozpin thinks that I'm gonna ride on one of these again for him, he's got another think coming. I don't care if he's my only family at the moment, that man is pure evil. With a 'z' at the end for good measure.

The Dustplane left as soon as I got off and I checked myself to make sure I didn't forget anything, seeing as how all luggage would be taken care of by Beacon.

Shield? Check.

Great-great-great-gramp's old sword? Check.

Throwing knives in boots? Check.

Armor? Breastplate, shoulder-plates, shin-guards, gauntlets? Check.

Blade-guns as hunting knives? Check.

Choker? Check.

Utility belt? Ah wait, forgot Ozpin took that away from me for 'the sake of research' that asshat…

And lastly…

I partly drew out my second sword. Through the sheath made one think of a rapier, rather than that it was just simply a metal frame for mecha-shift type weapons.

So, well, check.

It was reflexive to look up when I heard a mecha-shift weapon deploy. I mean, this is Beacon, but I'm pretty sure that a weapon complex as that doesn't just get drawn for no reason.

However, judging from the little black haired girl who looked like a badass version of the little red riding hood, that was probably exactly the case this time. But rather than her looking badass, I'd probably say it was more like the scythe that made her look like a badass. Getting into Beacon as a scythe user? Now THAT is interesting.

Her aura levels aren't anything to scoff at either.

Now I didn't stalk her or anything. She was quite a ways away and pretty much right in the middle of my line of sight. So me seeing what seemed to be her beautiful, blonde, non-biologically related sister run off with a surprisingly average looking group of friends, and seeing her get chewed out by a gorgeous white-haired heiress girl over a bunch of mid-quality Dust that was obviously leaking from a poorly manufactured container, causing a pretty amazing explosion of fire, ice, and lighting was a complete coincidence. It really was.

Then some really pale black haired semi-gothic-lolita girl with a surprisingly cute bow on her head schooled the gorgeous white haired one before walking away reading.

…I need to make friends with the little red riding hood. If this is her first day, I think a lot of fun might come around.

Or a helluva lot of trouble, but hey, not like I really wanted to be at Beacon that badly anyways.

As she collapsed onto the ground tiredly, and somewhat unnecessarily, it seemed like she could use a hand.

"Hey… I'm Jaune."

So I offered her a hand.

"Ruby." she smiled back, tiredly, as I pulled her up. She was pretty cute, even though she was obviously, like, two years younger than me. But she seemed cool enough.

This might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Then she snickered.

"Aren't you the guy that threw up on the ship?"

Or maybe not.

"...You really aren't a people person, are you?" I laughed, slightly hurt, "but yeah."

"Ah, sorry." she chuckled nervously, scratching her head.

"It's alright. I'm terrible at conversations myself. I'm more of a watch people have conversations guy, even though I talk a lot."

"No way? Me too!"

Huh, peppy. I like that.

"Well, I'm terrible with directions, but I do have a school map with me as well as the dorm we're supposed to head to marked. Think we could maybe help each other out?"

She giggled.

"Sure, sounds good to me!"

Cheerfully snatching the map out of my hands, and after looking at it while humming an unfamiliar tune, she started walking to the east side of the Academy.

"So was the ride here fun for you?" Ruby teased, laughing.

"Oh, ha ha, very funny. I'll have you know that motion sickness is a much more common problem than people let on. 10% of the world's population are unable to ride large Dust-vehicles without becoming nauseated and 10% of those people have extreme reactions to motion sickness."

"...Wait, so then you're just in the 1%."

"...I really need to think this argument through more."

"Ha ha, you're so silly."

"But really, to remember me as the guy who had to vomit, not the guy that was motion-sick is a little cruel."

"Look, I'm sorry." She said gently, still smiling, "Vomit-boy was just the first thing that came to mind."

"...And now a nickname. I'm just not doing well today."

"I said I was sorry, if that helps."

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say… Crater-face."

"Hey! That explosion was an accident!"

"And not entirely your fault, from what I could see. That Schnee heiress girl needs to really get some better containers for her Dust. Nobody in their right mind uses cork as a Dust bottle stopper. She'll have lost 10% of it before she even opens the bottles."

"You really like saying 10%, don't you?"

"Hey, is this what you say to the guy that's trying to cheer you up? I'd hate to see what your boyfriend must go through."

"Wh-what nonsense are you saying?!"

"Hmm? So you're single then? That's surprising."


I snickered, letting her know I was just teasing her, and laughed more inwardly as I saw her flush and pout.

"Well, anyways, my full name is Jaune D'Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. I'd say that ladies love it, but I haven't really been part of society long enough to know."

"Hmm? What does that mean?"

"Erm… well I'm not from Vale. My village was beyond the borders in the mountains where we were mostly safe. But you're like, maybe, the fifth person I've spoken to that wasn't a part of the village."

"Whoa, that's actually pretty cool."

"Really? Three out of the other four called me a hick."

"I'm sorry."

"Pft, don't be. Like I cared what they said in the first place."

That and the fact that I beat the crap out of them, but yeah.

"Sooooo, you're a sword user?"

"Hmm?" I turned to her again as her eyes gleamed, looking at my antique of a blade's hilt. "Yeah, something like that. I can use just about anything as long as it has a blade. I'm not bad with a bow either, but with Dust-powered guns nowadays bows are kind of obsolete. I left mine back at the village. I've been trying to get used to these, but my aim isn't the best."

I pulled out the two hunting knives crossed in an x-shape across the back of my belt, two orange Dust-crystal blades drawn with yellow crystal veins like data streaks running through it. Snapping it forward they flicked forward like fangs, revealing that the large hilt was actually a powerful pistol.

"That was so cool! What rounds do you use? Are these blades actually for combat? How did you get such cool patterns in it? Is there some sort of secret? Can you cast aura spells with them? What element is orange?"

"Whoa, whoa, slow down Ruby. Goodness. That's a mile a minute talking if I've ever seen it."

"Sorry… it's just that weapons are, like, so cool! They're extensions of one's souls. Like auras. But… you know, better."

"Gee, so I'm chopped liver now?"

"No! No, it's just, well, here's mine." She grinned brightly before flicking and spinning out her mecha-shift scythe before impaling the tip of the blade into the ground.

I am not paying for that property damage there.

"Ah, a scythe, huh? Neato."

"It's also a customizable, high impact velocity sniper rifle."

"You can aim with that?"


Huh, you learn new things every day.

"Well, other than that and some throwing knives in my boots just as a precaution, I have my old great, great, great grandfather's sword," I said, drawing it out, getting an appreciative 'Ooooh' in response, "Which he got from his grandmother, so it's like an antique family heirloom, but it's still in perfect condition, so I use it too. That and this shield. It's retractable, but weighs still the same, but it's also the sheathe for the sword. They're a matching pair from the War. My family probably lost some prestige or something to have had to live in the countryside. It's pretty light to begin with though, so its not too bad. I haven't ever seen a better one yet. I got them from my annoying older brother."

I sighed as I put the two away.

"He's kind of the reason I was forced to come to Beacon."

"Huh? I can understand the annoying sibling bit, but didn't you wanna come here? This is Beacon Academy! Where the best Huntsmen and Huntresses come from! This is THE greatest school in the world!"

"To be honest, I want to kill monsters too… but that's only because they destroyed my home. If I had a choice, I'd still be at the village doing what I used to always do."

"Oh… sorry…"

"Nah, don't let that get you down. I probably shouldn't have brought it up."


"Oh look. The dorm." I said changing the subject.

"Ah, yeah, cool."

Ruby still seemed a bit distracted.


Now I feel guilty. This is really not my day.

"So, where did you get that? It doesn't look like any of the mecha-shift weapons I'm familiar with." I said, as we walked into the dorm, which as it turned out wasn't to be our final destination, but warned us that we would need to sleep in sleeping bags.

I don't have a sleeping bag.

"I made it! All students at Signal forge their own weapons."

"That's really cool. Well I'll have to see if they'll lend me a sleeping bag, or I'll have to rough it out on the ground. Later."

"Wait… I… erm… why did you help me back there, in the courtyard?"

"Eh, you looked like you needed the hand. That and 'strangers are only friends that you haven't met yet.'... That was my mom's favorite saying… Well I think I see somebody you know waving at you. I'll talk with you later."

I waved as I walked away into the crowd as I caught the words: "Ruby! Over here! I saved you a spot!"

Man that outfit really works well for that girl. Best not to be caught staring though.

"Hey, dude. I just got here, why is everybody standing up?" I asked a boy to my left.

He was about my height, just a tad shorter, with a ponytail to his midback, his black hair had a small streak of a fuchsia, or maybe magenta hue to it, the same color as his eyes, oddly enough.

"Ah, the professors are going to give an announcement about the academy or the like before they let us alone to mingle. I'm Ren. Lie Ren."

"You're from the East then? Vale's pretty far out to the West. Huh."

"Well, my ethnicity, sure. But I was born and raised in Vale."

"With me!"

Well, there's an incredibly perky girl.

Very cute, but probably taken already, she had short orange hair in a cute pixie like haircut and a mix match of clothing and armor, she wore a pink skirt and a white shirt with a heart cut out at the top of her fairly above average bust.

"I'm Nora with an N! Nora Valkyrie, nice to meetcha!~"

"Jaune D'Arc. Pleasure. Childhood friends?"

"Yeah." Ren said with a bit of a sigh.

My friend, you have it rough.

We started talking about ourselves a bit, especially once we found out that Ren and I shared a common weapon, much to Nora's squeakings of joy. Something about horoscopes and fate that I didn't really know much about.

But then I heard Ruby's voice in the crowd.



I turned to look with a raised brow.

"Friend of yours?" Ren asked with a knowing smile.

"Yeah, I met her today. She keeps interesting company, I can tell you that. I love watching trouble magnets. It's a lot of fun."

"I wish I could say I felt the same. My life would be a lot easier."

"Is there something wrong with a friend in your life Ren? Tell me, Nora will make it allllllll better!"

"..." we both deadpanned at her.

But turning back to the fun at hand...

"You're lucky we weren't blown of the side of the cliff!" the white haired one verbally bashed.

"Oh my god, you really exploded." the blonde one stared at the smaller and younger girl in her arms. Oh for Dust's sake Ruby, you're not a cartoon character, what are you doing?

"It was an accident." she told her sister, before turning to the heiress, "It was an accident! I didn't mean to!"

Only to be interrupted by a pamphlet waved in front of her face.

"What's this?" Ruby asked.

As the white haired girl, who later was addressed by Ruby as Weiss, went on a short company propaganda spiel, I turned to Ren with a grin.

"Think you understand it better now?"

"...Yes a bit. She is funny."


"Nora's confuseeeeeed."

"It's alright, Nora. We'll tell you when you're older."

"Hey!" she pouted as Ren stifled laughter.

I turned to see Ruby holding her hand out to Weiss.

"Hello Weiss! I'm Ruby. Want to hang out?... We could go shopping for school supplies."

"Yeah! And we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, like blond, tall, and scraggly over there."

I snorted before activating a long range Dust spell, summoning a gust of wind from under her skirt, getting a flash of black lace, and a yelp.

I winked at Ruby before turning away, appearing like I wasn't responsible.

The older sister burst out laughing.

Ren gave me a secret fist bump.

"Now that's a fun blond!" She smirked, elbowing Ruby. "Weiss, you're surprisingly daring aren't you? Not even your color scheme."

Her angry retort was cut off by the professors Ozpin and Goodwitch walking onto the stage.

"...I'll keep this brief." Ozpin fixed his glasses. "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you are finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you and all I see is wasted energy in need of purpose and direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove your knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

Then the jerkface walked away, slowly leaving the stage as he turned to me and met my eyes, a small smirk forming after he had done so.

Goodwitch stepped up in continuation.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow initiation begins. Be ready. You're dismissed."

I sighed. I walked off toward the door that Ozpin left out of, ignoring Ren and Nora's confusion behind me.

"You're annoying as usual, Oz."

Ozpin turned around with a sinister smirk. It's the closest thing he ever has to a smile.

"I could say the same to you, foolish little brother."

"Yeah, call me that after I consider you an older brother."

"That would take the fun out of it. Good luck on your initiation. Not that you should need it."

I glared at his back as he walked away. Limping ever so lightly as always.


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