Ok. I'm really new at this but it's been eating my brain. So please be gentle. I obviously don't own this. I think this will be rated somewhere between a rated R-M possibly MA for adult situations and language. I'm not exceptionally familiar with the japanese honorifics but would love to learn if someone can spare the time. I'll update as I can. Like I said-it's been eating my brain to write these two and I just gotta go with it.

Emotional turmoil and romance abound. Not to mention a few ghostly chills.

Mai looked out the window at the breeze blowing through the trees. She knew she should be listening but it was days like this that she was always transported to a different time. A time when she had been at her most happy, her most alive. In the three years since he'd left her..well no since they left her she had changed dramatically. She grew a few more inches, her body matured. Her hips sloped more, her body had filled out and she was definitely not the same Mai who had been so easily brushed off by Nar...Oliver. Dr. Oliver Davis. He'd lied to her for over a year. The betrayal had hurt but she'd been willing to overlook it if he'd just have acknowledged her feelings. Yeah it'd have been great,AMAZING if he had felt the same but to just dismiss it out of hand as not him she cared for stung to this day. She sighed again while the professor at the front of the class droned on and she did all she could to put it in the back of her head and focus on her notes. She'd be damned if she failed at something else because of that lying, egotistical bastard. Even if all she wanted to remember was his dark blue eyes, and the slope of his lips..

"Noll dear, you're doing it again." Luella Davis reminded her son. He'd been staring off into the distance while the family took their afternoon tea. She smiled gently at him. He'd been changed by Japan. He'd some back even more stoic and introverted; if such a thing were possible, than when he'd left to find his older twin. In the years since Gene had passed Oliver and retreated further into himself and the only thing that seemed to drive him was work. The need to learn, excel, and solve cases of the supernatural. He followed into the field his adopted father had practically founded and took it to heights that even her husband hadn't dreamed. People came from all over the world to the British research facility they'd founded to study with him. He was never wrong and his own unique gifts put him a class well above the average PK user. Ever the scientist. That was her beloved Noll.

"I'm sorry Mother. I had something on my mind." He said shaking himself from his thoughts. It wouldn't do him any good to wish for Mai's tea. She was half a world and a lifetime away. It didn't matter that the cup in his hand was pale imitation of hers. At 21 years old he was fine figure of man. Or so those insipid little girls who tried to fawn all over him told him. It was really sad to see them hang on his every word, some were shy about it and some were very brazen. Sitting in the front of his lectures wearing micro skirts, spreading their legs to reveal that they wore nothing beneath. He'd often just roll his eyes and move on. Some would get red-faced and some would try harder. He sighed every time he thought about it. As if he had time for such nonsense. There were much more important things to worry about in this world than some silly biological function. Oliver was of the strong opinion that his genes need not be passed on. Who would want to live their life only half living. Constantly having to check yourself. Hold it all in or collapse.

The only person who seemed to really get it was Lin. The Chinese man seemed aloof but Oliver knew that he missed nothing. Not even the one thing that he'd managed to keep hidden from everyone and tried to hide from himself. That he was hopelessly in love with that bumbling girl who made the most amazing tea and would call him on his pompous bullshit. He admired her backbone but he adored her heart. So very unlike him. She could empathize with people and genuinely cared about helping them while he was searching for the answers of why. The few times he'd managed to hold her close to him he'd breathed in as much of her goodness as he could and held in his most secret of hearts. It wouldn't do him any good to fall all over himself for the young woman. He had a singular purpose for being in Japan and falling in love would only complicate and already tense situation. Still though, he missed her.

At first he tried to tell himself it was pity. She was an orphan, similar to his own start in life. He felt bad. Then it was that he liked her tea and he could allow himself a few comforts during his difficult time. He was after all looking for his murdered brother. Before long her dreams began and he could justify keeping her close because not only could he study her but it was a help on his cases. In the end it was Lin who pointed out that something was there. He remembered the conversation well. It was when he was returning to his home after he had passed out trying to protect her from yet another danger. He found himself repeatedly for her sake. It was very unlike him. The only person he had ever treasure more than himself had been Gene but then that was all before.

"So Naru, what was that about?" Lin asked lifting a brow. "What was I supposed to do, let her be hurt? Do you want to take over the filing again?"he replied shrugging off his friend

"You're a good liar Naru but don't forget who taught you how to do it. You care quite a bit about her, don't you?"

"Good night Lin." And that should have ended it but his words took hold in his mind. Did he care about Mai. If he thought about it she was pretty. She had soft caramel eyes and sweet lips. Her smile was infectious and she was kind, she reminded him so much of Gene. They'd have been perfect for each other. But Gene wasn't here and he was. She irritated him, but that wasn't all. He found his mind drifting towards her throughout the days more and more. He'd started leaving his office door open so he would watch her move about the office. He tried to explain it away to not trusting her, but if he really thought about it, it was because he simply liked to see her there.

He had enough of this longing. He hadn't felt whole since that night she confessed to him. He reeled a bit and asked the only thing he needed to know before he could confess his own feelings. It was terrifying to even consider. Did he care for him or the sweet Naru of her dreams, his dead brother? When she didn't answer right away and he was the pain in her face he felt like he'd been hallowed out. If she loved him surely she'd have just said "You." but she didn't answer. He walked away before she could see the storm of emotions that was about to erupt from him. He'd be damned if he let anyone see. Even Lin knew not to say anything when he saw his face.

"Mother," he began knowing she wouldn't like what he was about to say, "I'd like discuss something with you."

"What dear?"

"I'm going back to Japan. I'm going to reopen my office to do research there. I'd like to do it under my real name and our banner but if you're not alright with that I'll start by own again. I've asked Lin to join me and he's agreed to be my business partner."

"Oh Noll," Luella looked at him sadly. She knew that attempting to stop him when he wanted something was pointless. He was more stubborn than his father. He had his own credentials that rivaled just about any other paranormal expert in the world and he'd have no problem getting funding for his research if they didn't keep him under the BSPR. She did the only thing she could do. "I'll talk to your father about making the arrangements"

"Thank you." He was going back to Japan. He was going back to Mai and he was damn sure going to get the answers he sought. Was it him or Gene.

"it's you Naru." Mai cried. She had sunk to the ground after he walked away. "It's you. It's your pig headedness. It's your ego. It's your will. It's your intellect. It's just you..." She whispered. Her lips moved in her sleep and she groaned trying to push the dream away. For three years she'd have the same nightmare. Whenever she thought she was over him it would rip her out of that belief. It was him.