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In the end they had not made it to Christmas for the wedding. When Martin had told his wife Luella that there was a little one on the way she'd pretty much demanded that Oliver do right by Mai and 'make and honest woman' out of her. Not that there was every any question of if he'd marry her. Once he'd found out that the baby was on the way poor Mai had practically been wrapped in bubble wrap.

She smiled when she thought about it. Following his strange proposal in the hospital he wasted no time in moving her in to his apartment. She'd been quite surprised when she was discharged just a few days after having her arm set to find out that he'd had everything she owned moved to his home. Poor Lin was forced in with Madoka. Not that he'd seemed to mind this development at all.

So here they were six weeks later. They'd managed to take Luella into waiting until her cast was removed for the sake of pictures. Mai stood looking at her reflection in the floor length mirror. She'd opted for a simple silk dress. It hugged her curves; she was more generously endowed on top, and hid the start of her baby belly. She turned to Ayako and smiled as her best friend handed her a bouquet of red roses.

"Oh, Mia, here. This will cover your something old, something borrowed and something blue." Masako said handing her an old lace hankey that has light blue flowers embroidered on it. She smiled at her friend and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"How do I look?"

"Beautiful, so beautiful." Ayako said with tears in her eyes. "Just wait till he sees you."

"You look quite lovely dear." Luella Davis said, coming over to give Mai a hug. "What do you say we don't keep my boy waiting any longer and you make him the luckiest man alive." Mai blushed. She had originally been worried that Naru's adopted mother would think badly of her, but the older woman was actually very happy that Mai was marrying her son. Mai took a deep breath and looked at the faces of the women gathered around her and smiled. She wished her own mother was there but she felt very blessed to have the ones she did around her.

"Ok, I'm ready" With that Luella went to let the procession of people know. A few minutes later Mai made her way outside to the rose garden that Luella had spent her adult life cultivating. It was the end of summer and roses of all colors were in bloom. As Mai approached the patio that held the small water fall and koi pond the first strains of the violin carried through the air. Pachelbel's Canon in D minor began and her maids went before her. As Mai rounded the corner she saw her groom shifting nervously from foot to foot while he waited for her. When their eyes met her heart lept and she smiled and he actually smiled back at her.

When the music shifted to announce that it was her turn to come down the aisle the guests all rose and looked at her. She made her way past Naru's family and friends. While she didn't have a great amount of either the Davis had graciously flown in those people who couldn't have made it on their own.

As she reached the temporary pulpit she smiled at John who returned it with his own warmth. She looked at the men who made out Naru's attendants. Yasu and a man she didn't know from BSPR were the ushers. Monk was a groomsmen along with a distant cousin and Lin served as the best man.

Making eye contact with her groom she felt her heart pound and they joined hands.

"I do" and with that Oliver was joined to Mai for life. He slipped Martin's family ring on her finger and sealed their union. He was hers. She was his. Not Gene's. No one else but his and the baby that their love had created. As he kissed his bride at Father Brown's urging he felt Gene watching him and smiling. He'd spoken to his brother in the mirror before the ceremony and he knew that his older brother was happy that he'd finally; as he put it, 'gotten his head out of his arse'.

He kissed Mai throughly knowing that Luella would have something to say about it, but to be frank he just didn't care. He had the woman he'd loved pledged to him, and the rest would be ok.

The past few months had been a whirlwind to say the least. When Luella had found out that there was another Davis on the way she'd had kittens and been on a place to Japan before anyone could blink. Even Martin had seemed afraid of her, but when she'd met Mai her anger was instantly tamed. He hadn't cared where they married so long as they were wed. Mai had only cared of her friends could come. Once they chose the date Luella had insisted that the garden would be at it's best bloom and everything else was a blur.

Pulling away from her lips to smile he heard the applause. Looking into her eyes, he softly asked "Happy Mrs. Davis?"

"I love you Dr. Davis" and with that they were making their way down the aisle to the cheers of their guests. He grasped her hand and pulled her to him.

"So, are you going to tell me yet?" The question he'd been asking since Mai and told him the baby could communicate with her via esp. She smiled at him and laughed. She'd told him that he knew far too much and it would be good for him to be surprised for a change. When he'd asked Lin the sorcerer had just laughed and walked away. He couldn't wait another six months to know the gender of his child.

As they were paraded around, and danced the night slipped away. As Mai began to fade he slipped away with her to start their honeymoon. They were staying in the guest chambers in the other wing of the house. Martin and Luella had decided that the newly weds might want some privacy on their first night as husband and wife.

It was with a great deal of blushing that he'd gotten Mai away from the crowd and all to himself. When they reached their private rooms he gently cupped her face and kissed her so hard it left them both breathless. She laughed softly when he pulled away. He placed his forehead to her and closed his eyes, enjoying having his wife so close.

"I love you Naru."

"I love you Mai." and he meant it. She was branded on his heart and bonded to him through blood, sweat and tears. He placed a hand on her belly and gently rubbed the small mound of her stomach. "and I love you." Mai smiled at him as he began to pull his tuxedo off. When she kissed him he felt like everything was perfect in the world for the first time since before Gene had died. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her palm and held it to his heart.

As Lin watched Noll and Mai make their way out of their wedding reception he smiled and turned to Madoka and swept her into his arms for another dance. The young couple had been through quite a lot and he was happy to see that things finally seemed to be working out for them.

David Hines has pled guilty when confronted with the evidence against him. Jackie Hines was staying in Japan for the time being but was focused on helping young Adia heal and get a handle on her growing powers.

Ayako and Takigawa had eventually calmed down about the whole situation but they'd still made Noll made dearly for the honeymoon he'd cost them. He'd tried to expense it to SPR but Martin had wisely turned him down. It had been a good; albeit costly lesson for the young doctor.

When the news of the baby had been revealed he'd known why his fourth shiki had laughed. It found the idea of Noll changing nappies to be hysterical and had been laughing since the moment of conception. While he and he suspected Mai knew the sex of the baby she was carrying they both kept it to themselves. It was good for Noll to learn some patience and not know everything all the time.

As he dipped Madoka and kissed her lips he noticed that the Monk and Miko were dancing and he'd been quite surprised to see Masako Hara and Yasuhara taking a spin on the floor as well. He was hoping that he'd get to stay in London for a bit but knowing Noll they'd be back in Japan before long. There were still; afterall, a great many paranormal cases to be solved. That was something to worry about later though. As he enjoyed his evening he though back over the past few years couldn't help smiling, because for the moment at least everything had ended happily ever after.

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