A/N: As far as I know this is the first time a Butter Stotch and Karen Mccormick pairing has been done. The idea popped in my head when I realized how they both share some similarities and thought why not do this.

And so here he was; graduation was around the corner; it was like what, two weeks? Everyone seemed to have someone. Stan and Wendy, Kyle and Bebe, and other couples whose names no one cares about. However one little blonde boy was all alone, Butter's Stotch, dressed in a plan shirt, jeans, a gray sweater. He sighed, seeing that everyone had someone with them. Prom was right around the corner, not that he had any plans on going.

"What's up you lonely blonde"

As if anything could become more depressing, in Butter's world it did. Eric Cartman, the closes thing he had to a "friend" was walking towards him; all dressed in some pants, a shirt that said "Money Talks" and a track jacket that made him look athletic despite the fact he couldn't run a block.

"Oh, eh, hello Eric" he said meekly.

Cartman paid no attention, instead getting himself some punch.

"I can't wait for it Butters, soon senior year will be over, and I'll be a freeman" he said

It sounded like he was preparing to monologue and Butter's was not in the mood to hear, and chose to walk off, hearing Cartman grumble underneath his breath. He looked at the punch in his hand, and only sadness was what he had. He silently cursed, his nervous attitude and no backbone made him unwanted by girls in the school. And it only got worse with Cartmans constant "prep talk" and the fact Butter's would confide to him when it failed.

"And I getting desperate?" he asked himself, the dancing partiers paying him no heed.

It was true; with his failures with girls, he grew increasingly nervous to take any more risks and was finding himself turning to his "friend" more and more. Yea he notice Cartman laughed at him when he poured out his depressing life (He actually made a music video). But who else did he have? As he grew up, he realized his parents simply didn't care for him, there once domineering attitude turning in an uncaring we can't wait till your 18 one.

He took out a photo from his wallet, him in fourth grade with a golden necklace. It was when used to be the pimp of South Park. He often wondered where that old spark lied. The fact he was able to stand up for himself, to not be put down, too have the ability to command others, where were those features now? He could never find them again and he wished he could. Everyone respected him, and when he lost the spark, everyone rejected him.

"I'm so lonely" he muttered

"Well Butter's it looks like you need a friend, for just 50.00, I'll get someone to be your friend" said Cartman appearing out of nowhere which made him jolt and spill a bit of punch.

"I don't know Eric, last time it didn't work, in fact it's never worked, plus you always get that bus driver who makes me sad when I look at her"

"I promise it will be different, and come on, do you want to be lonely forever"

Butter's wanted to say no, to actually refuse Eric, but the little courage shriveled when he realized he lacked assertiveness to face him.

"Ok" he said reluctantly handing him 50 bucks.

"I promise you will not be disappointed" said Cartman holding the fifty dollar bill as if it was the Holy Grail.

And with that he sped off, leaving Butters to himself. Butter's prepared for whatever Eric would throw at him; he just prayed it would work out.


"Hey Stan, I'll give you five bucks if you hook up your sister with Butter's" shouted Cartman.

Stan almost wanted to punch him, nearly ruining his moment with Wendy. He sometimes wondered why he kept Cartman around but realized despite all his faults, it would be too weird to cut him out, similar to how they replaced Kenny.

"Dude my sisters in college, and she already has a boyfriend" he said obviously irritated.

Cartman stormed from before seeing Kyle.

"Bebe I will never understand how a perfect blonde like you will get yourself infected by the Jewish blood that runs within Kyle's veins"

"Fuck off Cartman"

He considered asking Bebe if she had any sisters but the look she was giving him told him otherwise. And for the next few minutes, he ran around, asking Craig, Jimmy, and even Token. But alas, either they said no way, or simply ignored him. He tried calling the Bus driver who ranted on how she was a failure, he thought he heard a gunshot, but was more focused on finding someone else. He then saw Kenny and his brother Kevin, both nearly drunk and laughing about the women they slept with.

"Hey Kenny, you got a sister don't you?" asked Cartman

"Um, maybe, shit I don't know, she rarely comes" he said slurring his words but trying to remember

"Well guess what, how bout I hook up your sister with Butters" he said in a business tone pointing towards a sulking Butter's.

Both Kevin and Kenny laughed, knowing how bad Butter's was with girls, and having Cartman trying to "help" only showed how bad the situation was.

"With that loser" screamed Kevin before bursting in a fit of laughter.

"Hey, I'll give you five dollars if you do this" said Cartman

Kenny briefly thought about this. Knowing that this date Cartman was doing wouldn't last, he agreed to it.

"Wow, you're seriously doing this?" asked Kevin

"Hey I just made five bucks and, oh my god, Kevin, doesn't Cartman look like that girl from sheetz.

In a few seconds they laughed pulling one another onto the floor. Cartman walked away, happy to only lose five dollars. And after Butter's failed again with, what was her name, Karen? He would find another way to profit from him. Opening his wallet, he saw numerous 10s, 20s, 50s, and even 100's he gotten from Butters.

"Maybe I should major in business?" he thought to himself.

Well hope this pairing takes off. It I know Karen has only appeared in I think three episodes?