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Chapter One

Rons Pov

Hes a shell of his former self. So is George. Neither of them speak. Their grieving. George locked himself in his and Freds old room. Harry locked himself into Fred and Georges room at Grimmauld place. He doesn't answer the door. Neither of them do. George won't eat and Kreacher told us Harrys hasn't been either.

Harry blames himself for his fiancees death. Fred and Harry were planning on getting married after the war. They had been together since Harrys fourth year. The begining of it. Around the time of the world cup. It had been awkward when I first found out.
It was two days after the Quidditch world cup and in three days time we were going to be returning to Hogwarts. George was flooing Angelina and Fred was off somewhere. I wanted to find out where to see if he knew where Harry was as I hadn't seen him and neither had Hermione or Ginny and as mum and dad were shopping and the rest were at work this was the option.
I opened the door to see Fred and Harry curled together asleep. It was quite sweet actually. They were layed on Freds bed and neither of them had shoes on. Their feet were intwined and they were curled up hugging yet still asleep.
I closed the door behind me and went downstairs. George had just finished flooing Angelina.
" George come and look at this." I said.
" What is it?"
" Come and see but be quiet as they're asleep."
He followed me up and I pointed to the door but motioned for him to open it quietly. He did so and stuck his head around the door. It came back around a few moments later and looked at me for somewhere for us to talk. I pointed to my room and he nodded.
" Finally." George laughed.
" What do you mean?"
" Freds wanted Harry for ages!"
" Really?"
" I bet if we asked Hermione she would tell us Harry wanted Fred as no offense Ronnikins but you wouldn't have noticed it."
End Flashback.
A few days later Mum, Dad and Hermione had forced Kreacher to letting them in the house. We walked up to Freds old room where we expected Harry to be. We were right. We stood outside the door and listened to a hysterical Harry sobbing to himself. Hermione had tears in her eyes and she muttered an alohamora and the door opened itself.
We had to glance around the room for wasn't on the bed or any of the seats. It was then that we saw the small figure of our best friend or surrogate son in the corner of the room. It had only been two weeks since the war and Freds funeral wasn't for another week but Harry looked as if he had lost a lot of weight.
He was crying into his knees and shaking terribly. He was rocking himself back and forth and his clothes were ripped and his face was still blood stained. The room smelled bad and it didn't take long for us to realise that Harry hadn't bathed. Hermione cast a fresheing charm on him to make him smell Ok but it didn't make him look any better.
His wand was on the other side of the room as if he had thrown it away from himself. He hadn't noticed us enter the room but when Dad picked him up he panicked and screamed hysterically. He wouldn't calm so Mum stunned him with a quiet sorry. Dad held him closely and made his way into the street before apparating back to the Burrow.
George was in the living room staring blankly at the wall and hugging him a picture of him and Fred laughing to his chest. He looked up as Dad brought Harry in. Bill and Fleur having heard the commotion came running in. They looked to see Harry still crying and screaming but still stunned.
" What happened?" Bill asked.
" We broke in. He didn't notice us. We cast a freshening charm on him. Then your dad tried to pick him up but as he was already crying when he picked him up he started screaming hysterically. We didn't know what to do." Hermione said.
" We can't revive him until he stops screaming." Mum said.
" Well what if Ron casts a silencing charm around the same time as we renevate him he won't be loud."
" I can do that." I said.
" Ok one, two, three." Hermione said.
" Renevate."
" Silencio."
Harry carried on crying but when he opened his eyes he got up and tried to escape. Hermione grabbed him and pulled him into a bone crushing hug. He tried to struggle free but in the end his knees gave way as he couldn't hold himself up. He was too weak. Hermione put him back onto the sofa. He was still crying. She stroked his hair. He didn't care. He didn't seem to even have anything within him to fight anymore.
He just let the tears fall down his face and stared at the ceiling. He didn't reply to anyones attempts to talk to him. He just lay there.
" Why don't you get some sleep Harry?" Mum asked him.
He didn't reply. He hadn't heard her. He was lost in memories.

Harrys Pov

Fred was gone.
My Fred.
He was gone.
Wasn't coming back.
I needed him.
He had to come back.
He couldn't.
What was the point in living anymore?
Life was pointless.
Without him.
All my loved ones die.
Its a surprise Ron and Hermione are still alive.
Fred died.
Tonks died.
Remus died.
Sirius died.
Dobby died.
Dumbledore died.
Mum died.
Dad died.
Mad-Eye died.
Hedwig died.
They all died.
I would never see them again.
I would have to cut ties with my loved ones. They would die otherwise. Everyone of them would. Even people who liked me had died. I had liked them too. Colin Creevey had died. He should have left with the other underage students. Hagrid was nearly killed. He shouldn't have. Cedric Diggory had been with me when he was killed it was because of me that he died.
I was lost.
When I came to terms with wear I was someone was carrying me.
I screamed.
I couldn't tell whether it was friend or foe.
I screamed.
I was stunned.
I blanked out again.
I came awake in front of the Weasleys.
I tried to run but Hermione got me.
I collapsed in her arms. I was put back on the sofa and I was immersed in flashbacks.

Cedric had died. I was lost. Fred had the invisibility cloak and everyone else had left. Madam Pomfrey was asleep. My legs were shaking as an after affect of the cruciartus curse. Just then I felt a soft voice in my ear that I instantly recognised. Fred. He had whipped the cloak off and moved in to bed with me.
He stroked my hair and whispered comforting words in my ear.
" Its OK Harry."
" I'm scared Fred."
" You'll be fine. I will look after you. No one will hurt you. You'll be fine." He whispered.
He held me in his arms and I felt safe considering the danger that was happening outside the castles walls. Dark forces were moving against us and were gathering forces against us. The Minister of Magic didn't believe us. I wasn't sure why. Would I lie that the man who murdered my parents were back.
" You need to sleep Harry." Fred whispered placing a soft kiss to my lips.
" Stay?" I asked.
" I will but you might not be able to see me when you wake up I will be here. Madam Pomfrey will more than likely be out of her office so I'll more than likely have the cloak over me."
" Ok."
He placed another small kiss on my lips. He pulled me to his chest and wrapped his feet around mine and stroked my hair humming a weird sisters song to me. It was strangely comforting and with that I fell asleep.

" Harry!" He cried wrapping me in a hug.
" Hey Fred."
" You OK?"
" I'm fine."
" They won't expell you and if they do I won't go back to school and George won't either. We will find a place for the shop and I'll let you work with us. Even if we have to place you under a glamour while you're in the shop." He said.
" Really?"
" Yes."
" Thanks Fred."

" I'm sorry Harry."
" Its OK Fred its my fault. I shouldn't have gone after him. I should have known that he wouldn't have left the house. Remus wouldn't have let him. He couldn't help it this time though. They had to save us. How can I ever fulfill the prophecy if I can't save people?"
" Harry your one of the strongest people I know. I can tell Dumbledore is only letting you tell Ron and Hermione about the prophecy so I doubt I can go with you on this quest but call me whenever you need to and I will be there."
" Thanks Fred."
" I love you Harry."
" I love you Fred."
He pulled me to him and our lips pressed together softly.

" Harry?" Fred said on my seventeenth birthday.
" Can you come with me a second?"
" Sure."
The rest of the table watched as he led me to round the back of the burrow to the orchard where we always played quidditch in the summer. Lights covered the trees and Fred led me to the middle of the clearing. He got down on one knee.
" Harry James Potter. I love you with all my heart and soul will you become my husband?"
I wanted to laugh at Freds attempt at being romantic. It was cute.
" YES!" I shouted.
He got up and put a plain silver ring on my finger. He picked me up and kissed me. We walked back to the table.
" What was that?" George asked.
Fred winked and showed him. George grinned.
" What happened?" Mrs Weasley asked.
" We're getting married." Fred said.
" Congrats." Ron said grinning.
" I'm so happy for you." Hermione said.
The family came up and congratulated us.
" Harry mate I best be best man." Ron said.
" RONALD!" Hermione cried.
" Oh well I was sort of thinking of asking Draco to be it." I said.
" Oh well erm WAIT WHAT?" Ron said.
I cracked up laughing.
" Who else would be best man?"

" I'll miss you." Fred said.
" I'll miss you too."
We kissed passionatly and a twinkle came into Freds eyes as we kissed.

End flashback
I want my Fred.
I need my Fred.
I sat up for a moment and got a wand off the table. I wasn't sure whos it was. I didn't see the person watching me from the corner of the room.
I pointed it at the ring on my finger. I cast a permanant sticking charm on it and my finger. It was never going to come off. I wasn't going to let it. I checked the charm and was glad it had worked. I had found the spell on some paper in Sirius's room but had forgotten about it.

Percys Pov

" Is he OK Percy?" Mum asked.
All of the family were in the room excluding Harry.
" He just cast an unremovable sticking charm on the ring and his finger." I said.
" Oh." Hermione said.
" Someones going to have to go and watch him. I don't want to think what might happen if he is left alone too long."
" I'll go." Bill said.
" Thanks."
Bill left the room but a moment later a shout came from the next room.