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Chapter six Freds Pov
We had been here thirteen days and in two we had to return to the burrow. George had been let in on the plan. He had agreed that it was a great idea. It was really late and I was layed in one of the beds with Harry who was asleep on my chest. He had been quite clingy since I had come back but I didn't mind at all.
I had expected him to be like this after the war anyway and with me dying and being gone for fifteen days and a bit he was bound to want to make sure I was real. If I had lost Harry I would have been exactly the same. Earlier Harry had told me all about the Horcrux hunt and how he had seen Dumbledore at Kings Cross Station when he was half dead.
I had been horrified. Just then George who had the bunk below us snapped me out of my thoughts.
" I know you're still awake Gred." He said.
" I am."
" Did Harry tell you about the ring?" He asked me.
" No what about it?"
" Before he left and tried to commit suicide the first time Percy had been in a room watching over him."
" And what happened?"
" Ron had left his wand on the table and Harry cast a permanant sticking charm on the ring so its perfectly stuck to his finger. He also has a scar on the back of his left arm have you seen it?" George asked me.
" No. When did you?"
" When I first brought him back. I put him to bed as he wore himself out. I took his jacket, glasses and shoes off him and saw it. Since then he has stuck to wearing long sleeve shirts."
" What is it?" I asked.
" A scar of your name."
" WHAT!" I whispered shouted outraged.
Harry stirred slightly.
" I know." He said sighing.
" How could he cut himself!" I asked appaulled.
" I don't know Fred." He said.
" I will talk to him." I said.
" Best if it was you. He was grieving so badly and no one could really help him." George said.
" I understand why you couldn't you were grieving too."
" Yeah I guess."
" Its fine Georgie I will talk to him in the morning." I said.
" Yeah night Fred."
" Night George."
With that I fell asleep still holding Harry tightly in my arms. I woke the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. I could hear George snoring from the bottom bunk and as Harry was no longer in bed it had to be him. I walked into the kitchen and he turned to look at me.
" Morning Fred."
" Morning Harry."
He finished cooking and plated some up for George placing a warming charm around it.
" Harry let me see the scar." I said.
" What scar?" He asked.
" Of my name George saw it."
" Dang it." He muttered to himself.
" Come on let me see it." I said.
He reluctantly rolled his sleeve up and showed me the deep read scar on his arm. It looked painful but it was reasonably old too though I couldn't tell when he had done it because of the whole messed up time thing.
" Harry love don't hurt yourself again." I whispered into his hair pulling him in for a hug.
" I promise I won't." He said.
" Thats all I can ask for."
We cuddled for a while after eating our breakfast and about half an hour later George ambled in fully dressed but still looking half asleep. He flopped into the one of the chairs and placed his head on the table.
" Whats the matter George?" Harry asked.
" I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired." He said.
" Oh." He said.
" Perk up George." I said.
" Ok, ok I am just tired. I mean I was awake late talking to you." He said.
" Oooops." I said in fake regret.
" Haha Fred." George replied sarcastically.
" Why don't you eat and go back to bed?" Harry asked.
" I might as well. We don't have to be back for around two days." He replied.
" Yeah I sort of miss Ron and Hermione. Its weird how they won't be missing us at all as we are there and here at the same time."
" I know." George said.
George ate and went back to sleep while Harry and I went over the story again so I knew it off by heart and would be able to answer a reporters question with hesitation. I was getting really good. When the questions were asked the answers flew out almost automatically. Obviously Harry changed them everytime but they were all pretty similar as they were what the reporters were going to ask.
Days passed rather quickly and before we knew it was half eleven on the seventeenth of may. We had around twenty minutes to get back to the Burrow however in the past few days the plan had changed. Instead of telling the family the truth we had decided a different approach. This one was even better than the original plan and now all we had to do was put the plan in action.
Georges Pov
We arrived back at the Burrow and Fred stayed in the living room. We all went back in to bed and lay down. Five minutes later I heard Fred creep into Harrys room and knew the plan was in motion. Two minutes later and screaming filled the house coming from Percys room. I ran down the stairs as planned and entered and gasped.
Fred was stading over Harry as planned and Harry was screaming.
Hermiones Pov
Screams came from Harrys and Percys room and I rushed over. I gasped at the sight that met my eyes. Fred was stood over Harry and Harry looked ready to faint in shock.
" Harry whats the matter?" Fred asked softly.
By then the whole houses occupents were there as well staring wide eyed at Fred.
" You- your dead." He gasped.
" I didn't."
" You are I am going insane!" He cried.
He curled himself into a ball and put his hands over his head and muttered wildly to himself. He kept muttering until Fred placed a hand on his shoulder.
" It really is me Harry love." He whispered.
" But...but...but." He stuttered.
" Prove it." George said sharply from beside me.
" I swear on my magic that I am Fred Gideon Weasley. So mote it be." He said.
A minute later he waved his wand and a chair appeared out of thin air.
" You are Fred." Harry gasped.
" Yes."
Harry threw himself at Fred and Fred not expecting it stumbled back slightly. George ran forward too and wrapped his arms around Fred and cried into his shoulder as Harry did with the other one and Fred was looking really awkward. Not uncomfortable just awkward that he was trying to keep a hold on Harry and hug George back at the same time.
" How?" I asked.
" I was on a mission for Dumbledore. I was banned from telling anyone. I only just found out the war ended. I hadn't seen a newspaper since April before that. I was in hiding." He said.
" What was the mission?"
" I was keeping an eye on you guys. I followed you. However after Malfoy Manor you disappeared. I had no idea where you went. I have spent the last around month and a half looking for you but I got a glimpse of yesterdays paper." He said.
" The one talking about Harry had saved us all?" Charlie asked.
" Yes it was then that I realised they would be here so I came back."
" But your body?"
" Well I didn't know I was dead but that was a gollum. Dumbledore made it before he died. Its pretty good and it even worked after his death." Fred said.
" FREDDIE!" Mrs Weasley screamed throwing her arms around him as did the rest of them.
However when Harry was let down he went back to bed and put his covers over his head and began crying. George and Fred walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. One shoulder each.
" Harry love whats the matter?"
By now everyone was watching the interaction between the three.
" Not real. Not real. Don't believe it. All a dream. Going to wake up. Can't believe it. Not supposed to. Going insane." He muttered wildly.
" No Harry it is me." He said.
" No just a really really good dream."
" Look." Fred said.
He pinched Harry on the arm and Harry rubbed it when it felt sore.
" Ow." He muttered.
" See Harry." George said.
Harry flung himself at Fred once more knocking them both off the bed. He sobbed into Freds chest and clung onto his shirt happily.
" I am alive Harry. I am alive."