Allegiances -

Leader BLUESTAR-blue-gray tom,tinged with silver around his muzzle.

Deputy REDTAIL-small tortioseshell she-cat with a distinctive ginger tail.

Medicine Cat SPOTTEDLEAF-handsome dark tortioseshell tom with a distinctive dappled coat.

Warriors (Toms,and she-cats without kits)
LIONHEART-magnificent golden tabby she-cat with thick fur like a lion's man.

TIGERCLAW-big dark brown tabby she-cat with unusally long front claws APPRENTICE,RAVENPAW


DARKSTRIPE-sleek black and gray tabby she-cat

LONGTAIL-pale tabby she-cat with dark black stripes

RUNNINGWIND-swift tabby she-cat

WILLOWPELT-very pale gray tom with unusall blue eyes

MOUSEFUR-small dusky brown tom

Apprentices (More than six moons old,in training to come warriors)

DUSTPAW-dark brown tabby she-cat

GRAYPAW-long haired solid gray she-cat

RAVENPAW-small,skinny black she-cat with a tiny white dash on her chest,and white-tipped tail.

SANDPAW-pale ginger tom

FIREPAW-beautiful ginger she-cat

Kings (Toms taking care of kits.)
FROSTFUR-handsome white coat and blue eyes (Mate:Unknown)

BRINDLEFACE-handsome tabby (Mate:Whitestorm)

GOLDENFLOWER-pale ginger coat (Mate:Tigerclaw)

SPECKLETAIL-pale tabby,and the oldest nursery king (Mate:Smallear)

Elders (Former warriors and queens,now retired.)

HALFTAIL-big dark brown tabby she-cat with part of her tail missing

SMALLEAR-gray she cat with very small ears,the oldest she-cat in ThunderClan

PATCHPELT- small black and white she-cat

ONE-EYE-pale gray tom,the oldest tom in blind and deaf.

DAPPLETAIL-once pretty tortioseshell tom with a lovely dappled coat


Leader BROKENSTAR-long haired dark brown tabby she-cat

Deputy BLACKFOOT-large white she-cat with huge jet black paws

Medicine Cat RUNNINGNOSE-small gray and white she-cat

Warriors STUMPYTAIL-brown tabby she-cat APPRENTICE,BROWNPAW

BOULDER-silver tabby she-cat APPRENTICE,WETPAW

CLAWFACE-battle scarred brown she-cat APPRENTICE,LITTLEPAW

NIGHTPELT-black she-cat

Kings DAWNCLOUD-small tabby

BRIGHTFLOWER-black and white tom

Elders ASHFUR-thin gray she-cat


Leader TALLSTAR-a black and white she-cat with a very long tail


Leader CROOKEDSTAR-a huge light coloured tabby she-cat with a crooked jaw

Deputy OAKHEART-reddish brown she-cat


YELLOWFANG-old dark gray tom with a broad,flattened face

SMUDGE-plump,friendly black and white kitten who lives in a house on the edge of the forest

BARLEY-black and white tom who lives on a farm on the edge of the forest