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Chapter 1- Danny

I woke up falling from a tree.

Not the best way to wake up, I'll admit. However, given the long list of terrible ways I've woken up in the past two years, it wasn't that bad. I'd take falling over cop cars, terrified screams, barking dogs, Guys In White agents, and blazing guns any day.

Then again, crashing through multiple tree branches and landing on the hard, cold Earth isn't fun either.

I didn't have the strength to move- I was just too tired. God, had it really come to this? Accepting things like this without a thought?

Honestly, yes. It had. This was my life now- sleeping out side, running away, hardly eating, always scared, always hurt, always running.

If you asked me how it happened, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I never figured out what made my loved ones turn on me, what made my friends betray me. And I still don't know why the Guys In White did what they did.

Not that it matters- it was two years ago and lasted only two weeks. But those two weeks changed my life- our lives- forever.

My name is Danny. Once, a long time ago, I was considered a hero. A 14 year old half ghost who had to save his town on a daily basis. Then again, I didn't do it alone.

Her name is Elizabeth. She's what I like to call my partner in crime. I knew her for only about 5 months before our lives fused together in a way that can't be broken. Seeing as she's my age and shares the same secret I do, friendship and teamwork was inevitable.

We were heroes together, saved my town together. We went to the same high school, had the same friends, had the same abilities. Of course, we have very different back grounds, different stories to share.

But another thing we share is the permanent place on the world's most wanted list. A spot the Guys In White got for us, based solely on the fact that they're a government funded agency and yes, Liz and I messed up a few times. Does that constitutionally warrant torture? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Either way, that's what we got.

Sam and Tucker hadn't helped us- they're actually some of the people who helped turn us in. And as an extent, they helped the Guys In White conduct their little 'experiments'.

And even though it was only two weeks before Liz and I could escape, we were never the same.

All these thoughts went through my head as I layed on the leaf covered ground. I noticed that things were quiet... too quiet.

"Liz?" I croaked out as loud as I could, given the fact the air had been knocked out of me.

For a moment no answer came. I pushed myself up using my elbows, hissing slightly at the ache that came from my shoulder.

"Liz?" I tried again.

A twig snapped behind me and suddenly, "Why are you on the ground Danny?"

I blinked into the darkness and made out the shadow of a tall, female figure. Liz.

"I... I uhh..."

She walked over and crouched down next to me, pushing my bangs back, sisterly concern written all over her face. "You fell, didn't you?" Taking my embarrassed silence as a yes, she sarcastically began to applaud. "You're just all kinds of smooth, aren't you?"

I sat up fully and leaned onto the trunk of the tree I'd fallen from. "Yup. Mr. Smooth- that's me."

Liz sat cross-legged in front of me. "Should I take the sarcasm as 'I'm fine so I'll be snappy' or, 'I'm sore, tired, and don't wanna be social'?"

I lifted a shoulder, offering her a small smile. I just wanted to go back to sleep- judging from the color of the sky, it was still very early in the morning. And Lord, I was hungry. When was the last time I ate? Three days ago, four?

"I'll take that as hurt then." Liz said, positioning her self so she could inspect my back.

"Hurt, tired, and starving."

Liz tossed the plastic bad she's been carrying into my lap. "Good thing I got these then."

Sending her a confused look, I opened the bag. Inside was a bag of lime and vinegar potato chips, a can of trail mix, and a box of sour patch kids.

"How's you get this?" I breathed, popping open the chips.

"We're closer to a big city then we thought," Liz explained, opening the box of candy and popping one in her mouth. "Money falls, and dollar stores stay open late." She pulled the already half empty bag away from me. "Slow down," she scolded. "You're starving and so am I. But this has to last us a while. Besides, remember what happened last time you ate too fast?"

I rolled my eyes but slowed down all the same. Liz tended to be right about these things. She always does.

"By the way, Happy Valentines day." She said, eating another piece of sour candy.

"It's February 14th already?"

"18th actually, but close enough, right?"

I laughed and opened the rail mix. "Open." I commanded.

Liz grinned and leaned back on her hands, opening her mouth wide. Carefully, I laughed the M&M I had over to her mouth. With a quiet snap, her jaw closed around it and she ate it with a grin.

We did that for a few mom minutes, alternating between me tossing trail mix at Liz and her launching sour patch kids at me.

As the sky lightened, the temperature seemed to drop. I shivered slightly and pulled my thin black hoodie closer around me.

Liz inched closer and again prepare herself to check my back for injury.

"Does anything hurt?" I didn't respond right away. A lot of things hurt, and not just because I'd fallen twenty feet. And besides, Liz couldn't do anything about it if she wanted.



"You couldn't change it."

Liz gave me a hurt look. "Danny, what's wrong with you today? Tell me whats wrong."

I just shook my head and turned my back to her, pressing closer to the tree. "I don't wanna talk right now Liz."

She scooted closer to my side and placed her chin on my shoulder lightly, her forest green eyes boring into my soul. "I know this life sucks," she said finally. "But we can't change it. Not right now anyways. I don't know what's wrong with you, but I'm gonna go with a teenage mood swing."

"Why are we here?"

Liz looked confused. "What?"

"Why are we here?" I repeated. "In this forest, freezing, starving, and on the run?"

Liz smiled sadly and brushed my bangs away again. "Just lucky I guess. That's not really what's bothering you though, is it?"

"No... not really."

"Then what is?"

I sighed. "I just have a really bad feeling."

Liz turned so her hands ran over my back, checking for sprains or broken bones. "That's probably because you fell out of a tree genius. And we've been in this same city for about two weeks. I feel the same. So, let me check you out and then we can get out of here."

I sighed in defeat, but smiled. Liz always knew what to say. And even if she hadn't meant to, it made me feel better.

"Right shoulder." I said, rolling it tentatively. "I landed on it pretty hard."

Liz pressed on it gently. I didn't have to say anything as she went on. In the end, I had seriously bruised my shoulder and back. Not that I had expected anything different.

"And that, dear children," Liz joked. "Is why you don not sleep in trees!"

We laughed together, our breath visible in the air.

Liz turned and pressed her back to my chest, my chin resting on the top of her head. We leaned back together, my arms around her waist, her hands on top of mine.

"It's cold." She commented.

"You could always conjure up some fire!" I joked.

Liz just snickered and rolled her eyes, leaning closer to me to try and stay warm.

Part of me wished she had taken my request seriously. But the other part mocked my hope- neither of us had gone ghost in over a year.

"I wish we could fly again..." I muttered sleepily. "Be heroes again..."

Liz's teeth were chattering when she responded. "Me too. I wish I could become the Star of Amity Park again and fly far, far away. Save people without getting hunted."

"We'd have to train." I commented. "We're so out of practice."

Liz shrugged. "Maybe... we might be fine actually. The boot camp the Guys In White put us through was enough to keep our powers strong for a life time."

I nodded, but said nothing.

I hadn't thought about using my powers in a long time. Liz and I had to be careful when, if ever, we used them. If the GIW didn't have out ectoplasmic signature on file already, they would if we weren't careful.

I wondered what it would be like to use my powers again. It would be different for me then it was for Liz.

We never will know for sure why our powers are different, though we suspect it's because of the way we got our powers.

I got my powers by accident. Maddie and Jack Fenton had built a ghost portal. Or tried to anyway. I, being the sensitive little boy who loved his parents, tried to think of a way to fix it. Now, I wasn't smart enough to try and mess with the cables or work out the complicated math formulas. In the end, it was Sam's brilliant idea to actually go into the portal that started this whole mess. The problem turned out to be a fatal design flaw courtesy of my brilliant father. The on switch was in the portal. Yes, the genius that Jack was, and he put the stupid thing inside! I was caught in the middle of a nanosecond battle as the portal broke all laws of physics to try and bust a hole into a new dimension. The ghost energy that was being spread into the human world was enough to kill a man. However, fate was on my side that day. My genetic code, being only 14 years old, was easily susceptible to new virus'. The energy bonded itself to my DNA and BOOM! Danny Phantom was created. Had it been anyone else, they would have died. It definitely couldn't hurt that I'd been raised in a home where our Christmas turkey would come to life. So instead of dying, or staying alive, I was both.

Liz? Her story is very different. She was born a ghost. Her dad was a ghost but was able to disguise it and came into the mortal world where he met Liz's mom. They got married and had Liz and were pretty happy until Liz suddenly started turning ghost and firing ecto rays and other ghost stuff. Her mom was totally shocked to find out her husband was a ghost. For whatever reason, she still loved Liz's dad but loathed her daughter. Liz's dad went into the ghost zone and talked to Desiree, a ghost who grants wishes, and got a charm that would hide Liz's powers. It worked but Liz was treated like a freak by her mother. So guess what! Mom wants a human kid so Liz's parents have her little sister Kelly, who, luckily, was entirely human. Yay her. One day when Liz was 12, the GIW showed up at her house and busted out the ecto scanners and found out that her dad was a ghost. They couldn't tell what Liz was. So Liz's mother says that Liz was just babysitting her daughter and didn't even know her dad very well. Dad was taken to GIW HQ; Liz was taken to an orphanage where she stayed for two years. Then Vlad comes and adopts her. Life in Amity Park was nice, I had a ghost fighting team mate and then we get turned in to the GIW.

My thoughts were pulled back to the present when Liz stiffened in my arms.

There was some one come towards us. Twigs were snapping at a pace that suggested the person was moving at a jogging pace.

Liz and I looked at each other, but didn't move. Chances were, it was just a jogger on his early morning run. Of course it could also be a cop who could arrest us, or a GIW agent ready to kill us.

"Should we run?" I asked Liz.

She shook her head. "No. I think we should stay here, whoever that is might help us.

"Or kill us. They could do that too."

"Have a little faith!"

I just put the can of trail mix in my sweatshirt pocket while Liz hide away the candy. We had long since finished off the chips.

Soon, the jogger came crunching by. I had just been whispering to Liz about how nice it would be to have a fire when he slowed down to stare. We pretended to ignore him. At first, he just bent down a little and walked slowly towards us, most likely to determine if we were muggers or seriously in trouble.

When I started chocking on the cold air, he knew we were safe.

Slowly, he walked towards us. The sun kept rising, and as he got closer, I could make our more detail. He was a middle aged man- probably in his late 20's early 30's. His short brown hair was very fine- he was going bald in the front. His eyes were a calm blue- almost like mine had been. His track suit was the same grey/blue color of his eyes. I could tell why he wanted to run- he wasn't exactly slim. However, if he might be able to feed us, he could look like a terrorist and I wouldn't care.

"Hey." He said a little shyly. "Are you kids OK?"

Liz looked him up and down, searching for the tell tale signs of an undercover GIW agent. Luckily, there were none.

That didn't make us any more trusting towards him though. If anything, I think it freaked us out more. The fight or flight instinct in my brain was going insane. I wanted to fight out of defense, yet at the same time, I wanted to bolt right back up the tree I was leaning against. Eventually, I made do with having a firm grip on a pointy stick.

Yeah Danny, because that will really scare someone away.

"You look awful. When was the last time you ate?"

Liz slide a hand over mine before answering. "Two days ago, sir."

"Where are your parents?" The jogger questioned.

"We don't have any." I blurted. OK, so technically we did, but I wouldn't claim to be from their line of blood if you payed me.

"Well, that explains a few things," The man mused. He introduced himself as Jacob Walters. For a while, he sat and chatted with us.

At first it was awkward- after talking with no human who truly cared about my well being (Besides Liz) for two years, you kind of loss any social skills you once had. It was nice though. It wasn't like I was pouring out a sob story, he was just chatting with us like we were normal human teens. Ironic, since we aren't.

At some point he asked for our names. Stating the same names as the half-ghost, deranged lunatics that the government was hunting for was an obvious mistake. So instead, Liz claimed to be Star, and I became James. My middle name is James, so it was the first name that came to mind. Liz probably close Star on account of her ghost name. While I selected a nearly identical name as my own, she was a bit more creative. She was the Star Of Amity Park.

Once upon a time, those names were something to be proud of. Now, they are the names that strike fear into the very soul of everyone who hears it.

My thoughts were snapped back to reality when Liz grabbed my wrist and yanked me to my feet.

"What are we doing?" I whisper as we walked through the trees, close on the heels of Jacob.

"He offered us help. Like, he's buying us food. Did you nit just hear me saying 'thanks'?"

I mentally punched myself. Every time I zone out of reality to visit the good times, something important happens.

As we entered the bustling city, my heart sank. It was so like Amity Park, it hurt. I saw a small pizza shop where teenagers were hanging out before school started.

Like I used to.

In a between two buildings, a group of jocks shoved innocent, helpless little geeks into a dumpster, crushing their calculators for good measure.

Like ash used to.

I heard Liz sigh and turned to look at her. She was smiling sadly at a picture for a mayor election. The man going for vice mayor was smiling with an arm wrapped loosely around who I assumed was his daughter.

Liz used to pose for photos like that.

It was almost painful to walk to concrete sidewalk of the town. It wasn't Amity, but it was close. Maybe that's just how all cities are- maybe not. I doubt this town has any super powered teenagers protecting it though.

As we walked, people waved at Jacob. They sent him looks that said why are two hobos stalking you? But he ignored them.

Liz shivered slightly, and glanced at the sky. What I had thought was a dark morning due to the earliness of our activities was actually a storm rolling in. Snow clouds to be precise.

"Are you as uncomfortable as I am?" Liz questioned, glancing around in the paranoid way she had developed.

I shrugged, wincing. Falling from the tree had been slightly more painful as I had let on. And Liz knew it.

The look in her eyes said it all. Not only did she know it hurt, she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Carefully, she placed a hand on my back, between my shoulder blades. As much as I tried to hide it, a soft hiss escaped my lips.

"I'm fine," I tried to convince her. Liz knew better. She always does.

"You are going to have a heck of a time sleeping tonight mister." She rolled her eyes with a smile on her face as she quickened her pace. Jacob was a fast walker, and we were falling behind.

"Because I'll be sleeping in a tree?"

Liz shook her head. "Because you'll be sleeping on the ground."

I laughed at first, thinking she was joking. She wasn't. I would have questioned her further- explained that I was just fine- but Jacob had stopped in front of a small coffee shop. It wasn't a name I recognized 'cafe etonnant'.

The smell wafting from the door made my mouth water- fresh ground coffee, chocolate, fresh bread, and more.

A low growl came from Liz's direction. With an amused smirk, Jacob opened the door and gestured Liz and I through.

Soft rock music played in the background. The interior was all brown, dark green and orange, but it felt very homey. As soon as our little trio walked in, all conversation stopped. Everyone was staring at us with emotionless eyes, indifferent to what we were doing there. A few women pulled their purses closer to their chests, and fathers held onto their children protectively.

"It's cool guys." Jacob said walking to the counter. "Hey Sam." he said casually to the woman working the register.

The sound of her name was like a needle piercing my heart. But when I saw her face, I gasped out loud. This girl looked around my age. What was scarier was the insane resemblance she had with my Sam.

Bleached blond hair (Which was the only difference I could spot) was pulled back in a pony tail, a purple scrunchy holding it in place. Her purple eyes were locked onto me, almost as if she knew not only who I was, but what had happened to me. An orange t-shirt was covered partially by the black apron she was wearing. Her lips were a natural shade of pink, but their physical appearance reminded my of the ones that had met mine once or twice. And when she spoke, I swear she spoke with the voice of a certain goth.

"What can I get for you today Jacob?" Her voice wavered slightly, like she was trying to keep herself from bursting into tears.

He jerked a thumb towards us. "I know you love helping those in need, so I brought James and Star to you. I know you'll take good care of them."

Before any protests could be made, he sprinted out the door and continued his jog.

"Hi." Sam smiled- a smile that was familiar yet strange.

"Hi." Liz said cautiously. Judging from her face, she was just as reminded of our old 'friend' as I was.

"Table or booth?" Sam questioned. Neither Liz or I answered, so Sam gave up and lead us to a booth in a corner. She handed us two small, laminated menus, gave us a look that was unreadable, and walked off to help another customer.

"Was it just me, or-" Liz began.

"Or was she a lot like our Sam? Yeah, I know."

I probably would have cared more, but hunger was taking over my ind. I needed food, and I needed it now. Everything on the menu looked delicious, but it was expensive. And we had no money.

Just as I was about to suggest we leave, Sam walked back up. "Do you know what you want yet?" She questioned.

"We don't have any money." Liz said, setting her menu down.

"I know." Sam shifted her weight from on foot to the other, her hip jutting out. "That's why Jacob brought you to me. I always help anyone who needs it."

Her eyes glanced at me with a look so incredibly heart breaking, you would have thought she was talking about someone who died. "And by the looks of it, you need it."

Liz frowned suspiciously. "How do we know that you won't give us food, then call the cops and frame us for stealing?"

Sam sighed and grinned. "You don't. I guess that you'll just have to trust me."

"We don't really trust anyone. Why should we trust you?" I had to keep myself from growling. Every second I spent close to this girl, I became more and more sure that she was the Sam I once knew and loved.

"I suppose you wouldn't, after how you were treated."

Liz and I glanced at each other from across the table. "What are you talking about?" Liz asked. If you knew her, you could tell she was getting ready to fight. Her muscles were tensed, her hand slowly rolling into a fist.

I realized I was inching my way into a fighting stance; arms in a location that would easily launch me upwards, feet in a direction that could kick and run quickly.

A slight pink hue rose to Sam's face. "I mean, you ran away didn't you? Something bad must have happened for you to do that. Anyway, coffee? Muffin? Eggs?"

I still didn't trust Sam. Maybe she was the one I knew, maybe she wasn't. This Sam sure seemed nicer then the one who betrayed me.

"hmm..." Liz rescanned the menu in her hand. "I'll have the french toast with a side of scrambled eggs. But can I substitute hash browns for-"

"For the bacon?" Sam guess. As soon as she said it, she covered her mouth with her hand.

"How'd you know?" Liz questioned with wide eyes.

"The bacon here is terrible. Almost everyone asks that."

Liz shot me a look. Back when we were 14, Sam and Liz had been the only two vegetarians in the city. This blond Sam seemed to have known...

Shrugging off the creepiness of the situation, I ordered a large coffee, pancakes, sausage, and a french strawberry crape for Liz and I to split. Sam nodded, and stalked towards the kitchen to place our order.

As soon as she was out of ear shot, I turned to Liz. "You don't think that there's anyway that could be Sam, do you?"

Liz thought about it. "No." She decided. "The Sam that hurt us is in New York. Plus, this Sam is blond. And nice. I doubt our Sam could pretend to tolerate us long enough for that."

I nodded. By the time out food came, I felt like I might pass out from hunger. Chips are great, but they really don't make up for a missed meal every three days.

"How long have you guys been in town?" Sam questioned, handing out plates of steaming food.

"A while." Liz said absently, shoveling a forkful of hash browns into her mouth.

"Have you talked to the Teen Titans?"

At that, Liz and I froze. Teen Titans? Who were they? My mind made a comical picture of a bunch of teenagers made out of metal, standing on street corners like modern art.

Sam took our blank stares as a 'no'. "Seriously?!" She laughed a little. "The Teen Titans are the best super heroes ever!"

I swallowed a bite of pancake. I had never, in my life, heard of any other super heroes other than Liz, myself, and comic book characters.

"OK," Sam slide into the seat next to me, excitement radiating off her. "The Teen Titans are a group of 5 crime fighting, super powered, astounding super heroes! There's Robin- boy wonder and team leader. Raven, the goth sorceress. Then we have Cyborg, the half human, half computer, and totally sexy brains of the team. Starfire is the sister of the group- she's an alien by the way. And finally, we have Beast Boy, the animal shape shifter!"

Whoa. That was an... interesting team. At best.

I could tell that Sam was about to talk more about the team, but the door opened and she left to help a mother and her son.

With out the distraction of a complete stranger talking to us about a team of freaks, Liz and I were able to chow down. Every bite was heaven- every syrup drenched bite of pancake, every juicy piece of sausage, and the coffee was excellent! Liz was enjoying our meal every bit as much as I was. All to soon, the plates were sparkling clean- so free of crumbs they might as well have come out of the dish washer.

And I felt full. I hadn't felt that way in two years. Liz yawned and leaned back. The window we were next to was letting in early morning rays of sunshine.

"That was amazing." She sighed happily. I nodded in agreement.

"Hey guys!" Sam walked up to us cheerfully. "Dang, you must have been starving!"

I'm sure she meant that figuratively, but it was true.

"So these titans," Liz sat up to look at Sam. "How many people like them? I mean, they must have some haters, right?"

Without a second thought, Sam shook her head. "Nope. I can't think of one person who hates them. Except their enemies, but that's it."

I nearly chocked on the last of my coffee. "You're kidding? No one questioned them?"

"Hated them, tried to run them out of town, accused them of treason, nothing?" With every word, Liz's long nails dug deeper into the flesh on my wrist. With I pointed look, I pried her hand off of me. She sent a half second long apologetic look, but then focused back on Sam.

"Nope." Sam shrugged. "Everyone loves them."

Just as the words left her mouth, cheers came from outside. Everyone stood, raced out side, their voices joining the incomprehensible screams.

"Speak of the devils." Sam jumped up are ran out the door to watch.

Sharing a quick glance with Liz, we went too.

We had to shove our way to the front of the crowd, and when we did, I can't say I was impressed. Speeding down the strangely vacant street, was the strangest group of kids I'd ever seen.

Robin was in front. His black hair was greased back with enough product to open a hair salon with. His costume was ridiculous. It had the same colors as a traffic light. He was driving on a motor cycle the same colors as his uniform. He was flanked by a really cool- yet strange, looking car. A muscular guy with skin the same tone as Tucker's sat behind the wheel. I knew he was Cyborg because half his body was made of metal. Sitting shotgun with his head out the window was a young looking boy with green skin, and pointed ears. Hopefully that was Beast boy. Two girls were flying above. One of them was dressed in a black leotard and a matching cloak. Considering she was the only one in black, I guessed she was Raven. That left the alien girl. Star- something or another. Her long pink hair trailed behind her like a glossy banner. Her purple outfit looked like something Liz might wear.


The titans were a lot less impressive then I thought they would have been. As they passed us, Raven looked up and locked eyes with Liz and I. Without meaning too, Liz and I leaned in towards each other. The message we sent was clear: stay away from us.

Raven looked down at Robin, who was talking. All I could make out was 'Cinderblock is breaking into the 7th street jail-" and then they were gone.

The crowds dispersed, leaving Liz and I alone on the sidewalk. Sam walked up behind us. Her apron was off, and I noticed something black half hidden by the neck of her shirt. It looked like a tattoo. Noticing my stares, she covered it with her hand.

"I got it when I lost a close friend." She muttered. "Anyway, I'm off duty now, so I can't get you any more free food." She placed a hand on my shoulder. "But hey, stay strong. But if I were you, I wouldn't stay in this town much longer- at least not with some help."

Without another word, she walked away and didn't look back.

"Now what should we do?" I asked Liz.

"Isn't it obvious?" She questioned. "We go after the titans."

"Ha ha. Funny."

"I'm being serious."

The look on her face proved her statement. "Liz, are you insane?"

"Hear me out!" She folded her arms over her chest. "If we go ghost, find the Titans and explain our case, then they might help. Plus, we'll get to see why they are so wonderful, no one questioned their protection of the town."

Her plan made a little sense. But only a little. "You want me to go ghost? We haven't done that in two years Liz! I'm not even sure we can become ghost anymore!"

Liz smiled slightly. "I know, I know. It will be scary and risky and is most likely a stupid thing to do." She grabbed my arm and yanked me behind a dumpster. "But that's the story of my life. C'mon Danny, don't you want to fly again?"

Liz was giving me the puppy dog pout. The pout that finally broke me. "Scary, risky and stupid huh?" Liz gave me a hopeful look. "Well, must be Tuesday then!"

Liz hugged me and whispered a think you in my ear. Together, we crouched behind the dumpster. Before we had the chance to go ghost, a car pulled up to the Employes only door. The car was white. As we watched, Sam walked out and got into the car. She didn't look happy about it. Then, it drove off.

Whatever. It didn't matter to us anyway.

"Ready?" Liz questioned.

"As I'll ever be."

On a mental count to three, we went ghost. I looked down at my outfit. Since I was 14, it had changed. When it had exactly, I'm not sure. All I cared about was that it was stealthier, and cooler. Liz's too.

If you were to think of Liz and I in our ghost forms, you would imagine me wearing a black HAZMAT suite with white gloves, boots, belt, and collar. You'd also think that I'd been wearing the little Danny Phantom DP logo. Liz would be in a black tee-shirt with a purple star on it, black jeans, purple gloves, boots, and belt.

Our hair still turns white, my eyes still turn a glowing green and Liz's eyes still turn a glowing purple, but the outfits are different. Mine looks about the same, but every thing is black and I don't have the stupid logo anymore. Liz's costume looks much different.

Like my outfit the entire thing is black. She still has a tee-shirt, but her gloves cover the rest of her arms. Her belt is also black. Instead of jeans she wears shorts, and her boots are super high. She looks really awesome. The outfits always make me feel so mysterious. It's kinda cool.

Going ghost felt good. It awoke a part of my soul that had been pushed down for far to long. It felt the same way it does when you stretch your arms after working for a long time.

Liz flicked her now white hair out of her face and grinned. Her purple eyes glinted in the sun as if to say hello world! Guess who's back!

"Well," She stood up and helped me to my feet. "Let's go find the titans!"

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