Note: This is my first Cats and Dogs Fanfic, and it's been a while since I've watched either of the movies; so if I get anything wrong or the character's personality's wrong, I apologies.

Chapter 1:

A low, whining whistling sound came from the collar of one certain German Shepherd, who had been sleeping in the living room of his new owner's house. The German Shepherd in question woke from the low whistling, groaning lowly as the whistle was for dog hearing only; he covered his ears with his ear flaps using his paws, trying to block out the noise. But after he figured out that the high pitched whistling wasn't going to be quitting anytime soon, he sighed in annoyance and said, "Alright, alright! I'm up; quit it!"

Diggs got to his paws, and he was relieved to hear that the dog-whistle from his collar had finally stopped, giving his ears a chance to recover from the assault of noise. He stretched his front paws out, stretching his still sleeping muscles out before doing the same to his hind legs. Once he had stretched most of the muscles in his body, he got to his four paws again and looked out of the closed window of his owner's house. "Oh, c'mon! It's too early!" complained Diggs, making sure to keep it quiet enough as to not wake Shane, his owner, Shane's wife or their baby; Diggs looked over at the hand clock that hung above the TV in the living room, and confirmed that had just passed seven in the morning.

But he knew why the collar had emitted that high-pitched dog whistle sound to wake him up; he needed to head to his kennel, as someone was trying to get in contact with him. He sighed heavily as he slowly padded over to the back door of the house. After spending a few seconds of trying to get the door open, Diggs reared up on his hind legs and put his front paw on the handle, pulling it down as he lowered back down again. He quietly trotted out of the house, and nudged the door close again with his snout, making his way to the kennel at the back of Shane's garden after his closed the door.

"Alright; let's see what's so important to get me up so early," muttered Diggs under his breath as he nudged a small panel at the back of his kennel for a second. A light blue light appeared for a second around the panel, before it flipped over, revealing a small red button on the other side. After nudging that, several of the other panels of wood flipped over. Some of the panels had screens on the other side, and a couple of buttons on the other side of a panel below the centre screen.

The screen was filled with static for a few seconds, before the screen was filled with the image of Digg's mentor and the Dog Agent that had made himself an Agent in the first place; the old, white Anatolian Shepherd, Butch. "What is it old timer? I was sleepin'," said Diggs, yawning after he said that, flashing his pearly white teeth for a second in the yawn. Butch wore an expression that looked like he was annoyed at being called old timer, but Diggs was so used to Butch looking like that, he found it hard to tell what he was trying to show expression-wise.

"You're needed at HQ; debriefing," said Butch in his usual gruff voice, before the screen went blank again, turning to static once more before Diggs had a chance to respond.

"Do I get a say in this?" Diggs asked, though he knew that it wasn't going to get through. Diggs sighed deeply when he got no response; he had to admit that, even though being a Dog Agent was awesome and cool, it did have its downsides. For one, there were the meetings; sure, they were few and far between, they were still the most boring thing, apart from being in the kennels, Diggs had been forced to get through. All they did was establish several things each meeting, and it didn't cause Diggs anything apart from getting bored.

"Fine; I'll go," muttered Diggs under his breath, before pressing a paw to one of the buttons, a blue one with 'LAUNCH' written over it. After a second delay, Diggs dropped through the bottom of the kennel and landed in the transporter. Diggs smirked to himself; he always loved this part, even though he was almost sick the first time he did this.

"Yee Haw!" shouted Diggs as he pushed the speed lever from 'K1' to 'K9.' The engine sudden roared into life and soon, Diggs was travelling at high speed, his transport rocking across the loops, twists and turns that led from his kennel to the dog bowl shaped headquarters that was, D.O.G. HQ.

When the transport pod came to a sudden stop, Diggs, his eyes rolling about from the dizziness that was going through his head at that moment, shook his head to try and clear the dizziness. He got out of the pod after the screen opened up, and after staggering a few steps, spotted Butch waiting for him outside the circular, steel reinforced security door that led to the interior of the Dog HQ.

"Thought I'd expect you to turn up next week," said Butch sarcastically, though Diggs tried to ignore the comment and padded quickly over to the older and wiser dog; he had grown used to Butch throwing the odd-comment at him, but he said that it was only to motive him to be a better agent than he was a police dog.

"At least I actually turned up," said Diggs in response, though there wasn't any fire behind the retort; Butch had also grown used to Digg's cocky attitude and retorts. Butch put his paw on the Paw Scan, and after a brief second, a voice said from the speaker, "Welcome, Agent Butch," and the circular door opened up, revealing the busy interior of Dog HQ. Diggs and Butch walked through the open security door, which closed behind them and made a bee-line for Lou's office.

Before they got to Lou's office, when they were about halfway up one of the staircases, a familiar Russian Blue cat suddenly dropped from an overhead panel; landing on her paws, like most felines. "Hey, Diggs," said Catherine, the small, yet highly trained and lethal Russian Blue to the German Shepherd.

"Hey Cat," said Diggs, smiling down at the cat; he and Catherine had grown on each other, like an annoying song that eventually won you over. The Russian Blue feline smirked at the canine, her tail flicking behind her as her whiskers twitched slightly; she knew that most of the dog Agents here were still weary of having a M.E.O.W.S Agent in their HQ, but most of them had grown accustomed to seeing this cat in D.O.G. HQ.

"I take it you're here for the M.E.O.W.S/D.O.G. Alliance update Debriefing?" questioned Catherine, getting straight to the point.

Diggs looked at Butch, saying, "If that's what the debriefing's about, then I guess I will be going to it." Catherine chuckled lightly under her breath, her ears flicking slightly.

"Come on, you two; we're going to keep Lou waiting. And you know he wants to get this debriefing over with," said Butch, breaking the conversation between them and continuing to slowly walk towards Lou's office. Diggs rolled his eyes and followed behind Butch, Catherine quickly padding lightly beside the German Shepherd.

"Ah, you're finally here," said Lou, wearing a sweater that Diggs assumed was sent to the head of D.O.G. HQ by his grandmother. Diggs, Butch and Catherine all entered the office, Diggs gently kicking the door close after him. Lou seemed to wince slightly at the door slamming close, but didn't say anything of it at the moment as Catherine, Diggs and Butch all stood in front of his desk.

"Now, we're here to discuss the Alliance between our two Factions, the D.O.G. HQ and M.E.O.W.S…" began Lou, and that was when Diggs began to block out the conversation; he would always ask Catherine or Butch what they talked about after the meeting. He could always say that he just wanted a few reminders about the important stuff and all th-

A sudden commotion outside the office brought Diggs back to the land of the living, as well as breaking the meeting between the other animals in the office. "What's going on out there?" asked Butch to no-one in particular, heading back over to the door and nudging it open.

After Butch had just passed through the door, Diggs said, "Yeah, I'll, uh…go and see what's going on…" before quickly following behind the older dog. Catherine followed behind Diggs before Lou could say anything against the idea; not that Lou had anything to say, since he got off of the chair he was sat on and followed behind them.

What the four animals saw on the lower levels of the HQ caused a mix max of emotions on their faces; for Diggs, an expression of confusion and curiosity; Catherine, a slightly less confused, yet more curiosity look, and for Lou and Butch, they both wore expressions of shock and amazement.

"How…?" muttered Butch under his breath, while Lou just looked in amazement.

"Uh…who's that?" asked Diggs, looking at the more experienced D.O.G. Agents.

For there, standing just inside the now open security door of D.O.G. HQ, was a canine Diggs had only seen in movies; a Wolf. This Wolf seemed to be in pretty bad shape; covering the body of the Wolf was large cuts, some of which were still slowly dripping blood down his fur.

The Wolf, from what Diggs could see, was about through the middle of an average Wolf's life, and had rugged black fur covering his body, with a few streaks of silver running down his back. Though most of the silver was covered, with what appeared to be a set of reinforced chest armour, which extended down his back and his sides. The Wolf was breathing deeply, like he was trying to keep himself from falling out of consciousness; and judging from how his legs were spread slightly to give himself some more support, Diggs thought he was right.

The Wolf staggered forward a few steps, the other Dog Agents watching him with a mix of expressions. The Wolf looked up, his nose sniffing weakly as he smelled familiar scents.

"Shadow?" questioned Lou, asking the question to the Wolf below. The Wolf looked at the four animals, and Diggs saw the piercing icy blue eyes of the Wolf. But he didn't get to look at him for long, as the Wolf suddenly fell to the floor, unconscious.