Summary: Naruko Uzumaki Senju Namikaze Uchiha the Jinchuuriki of the Zero and Nine tailed beast's will show this world what happens when you mess with a cold, dark emotionless kunoichi. Godlike Futa Naruko, Cold/Dark/Emotionless Naruko, Perfect Jinchuuriki Naruko, Meiton/ Sharingan/Rnnegan/Mokuton/Chakra materialization/Dark Chakra Naruko, Extremely Experienced Naruko x Mass Harem, BAMF Naruko. Insanely intelligent Naruko. Blood Release Naruko, Inventor Naruko elements from Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear rising, street fighter, Hokuto Musou 1 and 2 and Bleach, genderbend, Ocness, Technological Naruko, things from Bayonetta.

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Let the bloodshed begin!

A 4 yr old black haired girl with royal purple eyes that were frozen cold, and emotionless walked down the street but, what she wore didn't make her look like a child. She wore a pair of black jeans, black sandals, a black and red belt that crossed into an X around her waist, black sleeveless tight shirt straining against her growing bust and toned muscles, over it was a short-sleeve black high collar shirt while her face had six extended whisker marks while her luscious lips and had a long O-katana with a white and black diamond patterned hilt and a tassel colored golden tied around the scabbard.

This girl is Naruko Uzumaki Senju Namikaze container of the Reibi (Zero-Tails) and the infamous Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) that wreaked havoc upon Konohagakure No Sato under the control of a masked man who Minato Namikaze managed to drive away before using the Reaper Death Seal to seal the two Bijuu inside Naruko turning her into a powerhouse at such a young age.

The Sandaime did the stupid thing of announcing her status to the whole village instantly gaining her the hate of many except a select group of people who trusted the Yondaime and wanted to adopt Naruko only for it to get shot down by the council or Hokage each time saying that would be favoritism.

They expected the demon to be easy to mold into their weapon or stress relief only Naruko glared darkly at whoever had bad intentions like she could sense their thoughts and as she grew up Naruko showed unmatched intelligence and began reading at only 2 and a half years old but, what frightened them was that she always looked at them coldly like they ruined her life and when reaching 4 years old she learned with the other children about unlocking their chakra but, her's when she unlocked it on the first try was at a Elite-Kage's level and were floored once again when she mastered Tree Walking and Water walking taking 2 weeks on each exercise and began increasing the difficulty by strapping heavy objects to her body and found out her body got stronger after recovering from training.

She even began going to the libraries learning about every ninja subject there was but, when the orphanage kids and patrons tried to bully her she responded by beating them brutally using her practiced Taijutsu yet her blows were so strong it was like getting hit by a boulder and many quickly began to fear her in the orphanage while the Sandaime was unaware along with the council.

At age 4 she was already Jounin-level in everything but Ninjutsu which was High-Chunin knowing most of the non-elemental jutsu after she snuck into the Hokage tower for something that could help her learn faster and found the Kage Bunshin which were able to transfer their memories and experience to the creator which she mastered quite quickly.

Right now Naruko is heading to the store to get some chakra paper to learn her nature affinity's while noticing a group of Genin leering at her that caused Naruko to frown since she is already beautiful looking except she was what people would call a Futanari a person with a female body and a male reproductive part and had to admit she wasn't shy about it as she already read books about sex and other things and saw women eyeing her with lust since she doesn't even talk, walk or act like a girl.

She enters a ninja store and saw many glaring at her with hate causing her to scoff in pure annoyance before grabbing a piece of chakra paper and went to cash register and payed for her stuff and bought several other outfits with some money she earned selling seals under a alias as 'Shi' before exiting heading toward the forest of death traveling across the rooftops with Anbu-level speeds after training to near exhaustion as her body grew stronger and also felt more powerful as negative emotions were sensed by her.

I count 5 of them mostly low-genin, no problem.' She smirked from the branch she is sitting on and unsheathes her O-katana Yamato and waits for the weaklings to appear and they did and saw them looking around frantically for her with angered expressions. "Dammit where is that demon bitch!" One of the older one's shouted in frustration not knowing the person they were looking for heard that and never saw the narrowed royal purple eyes.

'So i'm a bitch huh you will be the last to die scum.' She thought coldly before fazing out of existence and appeared in the middle of the Genin group as one spotted her and was about to warn the others only to pale in horror as his friends were split vertically in two before bursting into flames leaving ashes behind before gulping as Naruko walked toward him slowly causing him to c rawl away frantically only for her blade to pierce his hand getting a cry of pain.

"Now I am going to show you what happens when you irritate me." She whispered ominously as the man's pained screams echoed around the forest scaring the animals.

(1 hour later)

"Hm..." Naruko hummed for a minute staring at the card in her hand with a dark grin on her normally emotionless face. She found out her affinity's were the five basic one's which were extremely high, higher than the Nidaime's level and she also had the legendary Mokuton and Meiton bloodlines which she had to guess was the diamond pattern on her hands and the Yin-Yang element making her able to create things from nothing and erase them into nothingness meaning Ninjutsu is useless against her.

She also had her clan's Chakra Materialization bloodline and thanks to her almost perfect chakra control she can shape them into any weapon she wants in an instant which she had to thank her clones for since it would take decades for her to master all of this.

She made a thousand clones for each element and put them to work and sat down cross-legged and concentrated chakra to her eye's and gasped looking at the lake's reflection and saw her eyes turn metallic purple with several concentric rings and they were counted to 9 rings around her pupil. "Rinnegan..." She whispered with her mind going a mile a minute after finding out she had two rare elemental kekkei genkai's along with having the greatest of the 3 doujutsu bloodline limit's she's sure that they'll try and turn her into a breeding stock making her lips curl in disgust before making more clones to work on her eyes since she doesn't want to become like those arrogant Hyuga and Uchiha assholes.

She suddenly gained an idea and concentrated on entering her mind, since she did it by accident once and wanted to know who inhabits it. 'Here go's...' She thought before feeling a pull and slouched slightly not before making some Kage Bunshins to guard her.


Naruko opened her eyes to see her mindscape but, she saw a lush forest, with a blood red room above creating a very dark atmosphere making her smirk as it caused her features to look more menacing and suddenly sensed two figures behind her and turned to look slightly only to let out a wolf whistle seeing the two bombshells before her.

The red-head wore a black kimono with fox designs on the front and a kanji for Kyuubi on the back and had a body even a goddess would kill for especially those delicious curves, toned legs, and double G-cup tits but, what attracted Naruko was her crimson red eyes and that foxy smirk she had when wanting to torture someone.

The other one made her feel slightly horny, the woman stood at 5'8 a purple kimono with the kanji for Reibi on the back her eye's a purplish violet with a black sclera that was roaming Naruko's body, a bubble shaped ass, and a huge double I-cup rack along with her cute, hot face that had a blush looking at Naruko her black hair blocking one of her eyes

Naruko also sensed the energy from them and had to raise an eyebrow since it was higher than her's currently and stood up looking at them with curiosity and slight hunger but, managed to not oogle them no need to make bad impression.

"Our jailer finally greet's us huh? though I had to hand it to Minato-san I never expected to be sealed into such a delicious container like Naruko-chan." The black haired one said walking around Naruko trailing a finger against her hair with lust and want in her eyes causing the red-head to chuckle at her little sister.

Naruko looked at both of them with wonder. "So you two are the legendary Kyuubi No Kitsune and the Zero Tailed Serpent had to give props to my pops for sealing such beautiful women in here." Naruko said seductively walking around both Bijuu slowly with a predatory look and movement causing both to shudder in lust seeing the look in their container's eyes.

"I have to thank you Emi-chan for modifying my body for me." Naruko said sincerely getting a smile and a nod from Emi the Reibi.

"Kurami-chan thank you for unlocking my Rinnegan for me since I had a hunch that stupid toad sannin would seal all my hard earned skills away just to make me a weapon." Naruko's mouth twisted into a dark scowl that made Kurami shiver slightly and smirked with a evil idea one that will benefit their container in the long run.

"Naruko-chan, we have an offer for you we know you will be above Kage-level once you enter the academy but, there are some in this village that will use their experience to overpower you (if they can that is..) so me and Emi-chan have decided to help you train your Bijuu abilitie's along with sharing our millennia's worth of battle experience with you meaning you can take on anyone who opposes you also you can have your own Harem since you are the Senju, Uzumaki, and Namikaze heir especially that lavender eye'd girl that's been stalking you for a month now.' Naruko raised an eyebrow in amazement at the offer and accepted but, the last part made her grin darkly with a bit of lust in her eyes.

"Hina-chan must be very attracted to me doing this I wonder how much my Dark Chakra will effect her though..." Naruko trailed off with a very ominous voice that made both bijuu shudder in excitement and a bit of apprehension by kami this girl was scary when she wanted to be.

"Let's start I want my Jinchuuriki powers mastered by the time I start my first year in the academy." Emi and Kurami nodded before giving Naruko a long wet kiss and a grope of her package.

"Just know if you need any stress relief I will help you Naruko-sama...' Emi whispered lustfully restraining her self from taking Naruko right then and there as she felt that thing behind those pants and it was very big and long.

Naruko smirked before groping both their asses getting a moan from them. "Don't worry my Hebigami (Serpent Goddess) I will be sure to take you and Yokogami (Fox Goddess) on that offer and I will make sure you scream my name..." Both their panties wettened at that and nodded vigorously as they watched her leave the seal and looked at each other with grins.

"Let's get to work!"

(Timeskip - 5 years - age: 9)

"Naruko pay attention!" Iruka yelled throwing a piece of chalk at the sleeping form of Naruko only for it to suddenly vanish into nothing as she moved her head up showing the royal purple cold, emotionless eyes of Naruko Uzumaki Senju Namikaze now standing at 5'3 thanks to her body being jumpstarted allowing her to grow faster along with her other assets which she enjoyed immensely.

She had mastered the five basic elements, her Mokuton, Meiton and her Rinnegan which she got good practice using on mobs who tried to rape her with the Sandaime none the wiser. She also found out she gained another bloodline from Kurami, the Blood release an element that allowed her to manipulate the blood and water inside her enemies bodie's and doubles as a ultimate defense for her that she mimicked from stealing the forbidden scroll from Sunagakure No Sato and mastered several other Sub-elements granted by the Rinnegan especially the Dust and Yoton Element she stole from Iwagakure No Sato and also took her family's forbidden scroll back from the Hokage Tower leaving a everlasting Genjutsu that can't be detected by anyone even a Kage or Bijuu unless she allows it.

Her Genjutsu was in a sense real she can cause them to see their worst nightmare, she can give them pleasure, pain or torture by just looking at them or snapping her fingers that can cast Multi-layered B-rank level Genjutsu and is also immune to every Illusion alive she concluded hers was better than those of the Kurama clan which she was proud of.

As for her Ninja arts she is literally already over Kage-level and can take on the Gobi alone with just pure power after mastering her Jinchuuriki states from Emi and Kurami gaining the chakra mode that gave her the appearance of her ancestor. She also absorbed the soul chakra of Minato and Kushina getting all of their knowledge and skills allowing her to become a Fuuinjutsu Mistress, and an unbeatable fighter thanks to assimilating their experience along with Emi and Kurami allowing her to absorb a Millennia worth of battle experience meaning she could become a Kage right now but, she doesn't want it.

The Kage position in Konoha is nothing but, a paper pusher meaning the person couldn't even go out and train to keep their body in shape so therefore she has no interest in it. She also mastered thousands of Taijutsu, and Kenjutsu styles that were either rare, common, legendary, or outworldly.

She also based a jutsu off of her father's Hiraishin called Shunpo allowing her to move at hyper-speeds from one place to another and can be used to create an afterimage or close the distance between you and your opponent she only needed to use was her Spiritual chakra which allowed her to re-create those Kido spells from that Bleach manga she read and make another technique based off of Kamui called the Zanzo which she modified to look like she was intangible only for her to actually move at speeds that made it look like she was a ghost.

When It came to girls, Naruko literally made every girl her submissive puppy unknown to the guy's but, Naruko became an idol to all the upcoming Kunoichi in the academy meaning they all took to training hard to earn her affection especially Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, and Ami Mitarashi since they were like her three enforcers making sure the other girls knew their place around her.

One even begged Naruko to take her innocence during nighttime it came from Ami but, Naruko told her only when they become Kunoichi then she will allow it.

The guy's on the other hand thought Naruko was a hot bitch that needed to be tamed and many tried every time to make her feel bad, or get them to go out with her because she built a reputation that exceeds the Four Ice Queens of Konoha while others like Kiba Inuzaka, and Sasuke Uchiha kept trying to show her up or make her submit to them as their sextoy due to their sexist views on women earning them the ire of Naruko who practically made their lives hell during sparring.

Kiba even had the nerve to try and hire some of his clan members to kidnap her only for them to mysteriously disappear and they were all female, well Naruko found out most of them were demon haters and she gave them a punishment by putting them in a Genjutsu where they were her servants now and hers to pleasure when she wanted to, even Hinata changed after Naruko caught her in the hotsprings and dosed her with Dark chakra making her more sadistic, flirty, and outright skilled due to her gaining a higher chakra reserve, along with control and potency and managed to corrupt her younger sister Hanabi who was just 2 years younger than Naruko.

The academy was an absolute joke to her and the others, all they did was learn three basic jutsu, one chakra control exercise and one weak ass Taijutsu style along with only learning ninja theory! what the fuck were these people smoking!

Along with the fact that her Anbu guards were shadowing her everywhere she went it made her very irked that she needed some stupid baka's like them to get protection and then there's Iruka always calling her out on things she already knows. "What Iruka-sensei?" She replied in a flat tone making Iruka sigh at her monotone voice as he was tasked by the Sandaime to break her out of her cold shell and was so far having no success after a whole month.

"(sigh) Naruko who was the one who was the leader of the Senju Clan and First Hokage?" Naruko looked at him flatly along with the other girls excluding the guys with one thought on their mind.

'Is fucking serious?' They deadpanned inwardly with Emi and Kurami doing the same even they were getting bored of this.

"Hashirama Senju obviously you and the other teachers repeated this same lecture five times each day about the history of the Hokages which will have nothing to do on the battlefield ending up with some getting killed easily." Naruko finished coldly making Iruka and several others wince knowing she was right but, it was the councils orders to drop the standards.

"It's the council's decision Naruko." Naruko raised an eyebrow and began tapping her desk causing small cracks to appear after each tap making them shiver in fear since the last person who bothered Naruko when she was in that mood got crippled entirely and was lucky he could still walk after having his spine broken.

"I am starting to find myself less inclined to become leader to this village if he is letting the civilians tell him what to do with a ninja academy because I am sure Kumo and Iwa's academy standards produce Chunin-level and Jounin-level Genin most of the time while the only one's I see leaving this academy as the strong one's are my girls and me." She said bluntly with several dreamy sighs coming from those kunoichis who want her affection.

Naruko looked at the corner of the room with narrowed eyes knowing the Sandaime is spying on her. 'I know you are watching this old man along with those old buzzards and this village's stinking Jounin.' She thought darkly.

(Hokage Tower)

"I think she knows we're spying on her?" Kakashi gulped tugging at his vest's collar nervously with sweat dripping down his face.

"I can't help but, agree with Naruko's words, Hokage-sama the other village's have better standards than us and are producing multiple prodigies than us." Anko said in a flat tone making several glare at her for stating the truth.

"Yes, Anko-chan is correct." Everyone jumped in surprise, even the Anbu jumped at Naruko's voice and turned to see her sitting cross-legged on the window sill looking at them coldly making them shiver at how frosty and cold they were.

"Still spying on me with that perverted Toad I presume?" They flinched at the flat, dry tone in her voice knowing she was correct.

"Naruko why aren't you in class?" the Sandaime replied in a soft tone making Naruko narrow her eyes at him murderously.

"I want to know why you bastard's kept the clan head's from adopting me and I want answers now..." She trailed off before grabbing the hand of a white spiky haired man with a customized headband on his forehead who had a look of disbelief on his face.

"Well hello Toad sannin still the dead-last from your team I presume?" She sneered making Jiraiya wince at the cold humorous tone in her voice.

"Why are you being so cold to everyone Naruko?" Kurenai asked with Naruko looking at her suspiciously making them frown at that.

"That is something you have to find out yourself now if you excuse me Ino-chan is calling to me ja ne!" She smirked before disappearing in an afterimage leaving some gaping people.

"Did she mean what I think she meant..." Kakashi trailed off with a look of disbelief.

"Naruko has made the academy girls and instructors into her submissive puppies it seem's." Hayate nodded sagely with everyone gawking except him.

"Who knows Anko-chan, Yugao, Hana-chan, and Kurenai-san could be the next to join me..." Naruko's voice whispered near their eyes making them shudder because they could practically feel the predatory grin on her lips making Kurenai and the other female Jounin whimper and go ramrod straight when they felt a finger trace down their backs.

"Hope you keep this nice and warm for me..." They blushed when they felt a smack to their asses before the presence vanished with a melodic evil giggle making them feel their panties wetten.

'Is it wrong I am turned on by this?' The girls thought.

(With Naruko)

"(Moan), N-naruko-sama..." Ino breathed out with a blush on her face as Naruko's fingers slipped in and out of snatch while she licked and nibbled on her neck with her eyes glowing ethereally making Ino even more aroused.

Naruko moved back a little. "Do you like this Ino-chan?" She purred sending shivers up Ino's spine which she nodded at vigorously as Naruko continued her work and slowly the pressure began to build.

"N-naruko-sama i'm going to cum!" She moaned out only for it to be covered by Naruko's mouth as she intertwined her tongue with Ino's. "Than cum for me my Flower Princess..." She whispered causing the dam to break and suddenly Ino let out a silent scream as she orgasmed under Naruko's skilled fingers and was breathing heavily with a blush on her face before sitting up and fixing her clothes and headed back to class not before giving Naruko one last kiss.

Naruko smirked as everyone left for home while she walked at a slow pace to her parent's estate. 'Mmmm, Ino-chan tastes like vanilla I wonder what you two taste like Kurami-chan, Emi-chan?" Both bijuu shivered in lust Naruko seemed to know their secret desires and all the right movements count that to the fact they have been letting her absorb their battle experience for the past 5 years.

"I wonder if I should pay Mebuki and Sakura-chan a visit?" She muttered as she walked home with her hands inside her pockets only to stop and turn her head royal purple eyes glowing with annoyance. "Itachi-chan what is it?" A female anbu member wearing a weasel mask appeared kneeling.

"The council demands your presence, Naruko-chan." Itachi said Naruko's name with love, and devotion making Naruko frown at before sighing and nodded at Itachi.

"I'll be there Itachi-chan..." She muttered passing Itachi who nodded and shunshined back to the council chambers as Naruko vanished in a swirl of shadows to the council chambers to see what they want now.

(Council Chambers)

Naruko strode forward with an annoyed look on her face as she strapped her black Kodachis on her back and her O-katana Yamato to her hip while she made sure her storage seals worked just in case these assholes tried something and heard noises as she got closer and entered with everyone becoming quiet when she entered with her cold, emotionless mask up causing nearly everyone to avoid her gaze.

"What do you want? I have better things to do than be here?" She said coldly not batting an eye at the K.I. being directed at her only to blast the whole room with it causing many to faint on the civilian council except Mebuki who felt horny.

'Suck powerful killing intent what has happened to you Naruko?' The Sandaime thought with sad eyes.

"Naruko Uzumaki do you know why you are here?" Koharu questioned with Naruko not missing a beat.

"No I don't I was walking home when Weasel-san informed that the council demanded my presence like I was some kind of guard dog?" Naruko's lips curled into a sneer directed at the one's on the civilian council making them shiver in their seats.

"We would like to know how you acquired the skills you have shown during the academy?" Tsume asked politely.

"Simple, I trained my ass off with and without chakra so it won't hinder me which some shinobi tend to neglect thinking they won't fight someone who can absorb chakra." She shrugged with everyone raising an eyebrow at the intelligent logic that even Shibi couldn't counter.

"Why are you not in the orphanage like the other children?" Naruko's lips thinned into a straight line causing them to tense up.

Naruko just scratched her head slightly with an irritated look. "They tried to bully me all the time leading to me showing them their place when I am around I am sure the patrons can attest to the fact that trying to abuse me because I am not the obedient toy they thought I would be," She chuckled darkly with several of the clan heads making a mental note to have a word with these assholes.

"Also Sandaime-sama I would like to request to be a Solo Tokubetsu Geni because frankly if I get put on a team with the Emo or Mutt I will end up breaking them by the end of the 1st day." The way she said break made several asses clench tightly something she noticed precisely and smirked making them go ramrod straight and turned to leave.

"Goodday ladies and gentleman I've got training to do and some servants to pleasure." She said darkly before teleporting in a flame shunshin leaving some blushing people and confused ones.

(Namikaze Estate)

The four Inuzaka women who were tasked to kidnap Naruko sat chained to her bed with them being named, Tsuki, Bara, Omiko, and Yuki who were whimpering in lust only to gasp in fear and excitement as their master walked in with her eyes glinting lustfully before snapping her fingers causing her clothes to vanish showing her naked body to them including her thick cock. "Time to have fun ladies..." She said in a dark husky tone all throughout the night everyone heard howls, screams, and moans of pleasure and ecstasy making many blush.

(2 months later)

"Naruko-nee-sama!" Naruko smiled as Hanabi jumped on her back with a wide grin nuzzling into her neck with affection, ever since Hanabi met Naruko from her older sister she was really insatiable when she came over, Hanabi saw Naruko as another older sister in a darker aspect and blushed shyly everytime, Naruko would play with them and felt it slowly grow into something more.

Right now Naruko is hanging out with both girls with permission from Hiashi and his wife Hisana since they know about her skillset and power especially with Kumo-nin being here along with the Raikage and his two containers that is a very good reason to be on edge but, she just could tell those two are just nothing but, weaklings controlled by their emotion.

He also noticed that the two containers along with their friends were eyeing her with interest and could actually sense them following her causing a smirk to grow on her face at these idiots underestimating her but, turned her head slowly sensing a squad of Jounin-level ninja moving toward their position slowly and noticed the others were confused as well.

"Hanabi-chan." Hanabi blushed at the soft, melodic voice that came from Naruko's mouth and looked up with her cute white eyes.

"Go inside to Uncle Hiashi and wait for me there and I will promise to convince him to let me train you ok." Hanabi beamed and nodded vigorously and ran to her tou-san's office leaving Naruko and Hinata chuckling.

"She loves you very much, Naruko-chan." Naruko nodded with a smile behind her high-collar shirt hiding the lower part of her face slightly before her eyes turned cold along with Hinata's who's hair suddenly changed a dark shade of purple and black along with her Byakugan glowing an ethereal purple a side effect of getting dosed with dark chakra.

Yugito and the others in the tree tensed while the bijuu inside her and Kirabi were shivering at the feeling of coldness in Naruko and saw her flash a predatory grin at their containers making both Bijuu go ramrod straight.

They realized she is a dual container and is in perfect control of her power...

Aw fuck!

"Yare~yare." Naruko sighed and stood up as her form shimmered and instantly she had her blades strapped to her releasing her concealment genjutsu causing the hidden Kumo nin to gawk at her carrying a pair of long kodachis and an O-katana. "She's a laido master." Samui said shakily with the others sweating as laido masters were rare in the Elemental Nations due to the fact that they can slay a shinobi in an instant if they wanted to and realized Naruko was levels beyond them but, wait to see more of her abilities.

"It seem's some shinobi don't know when to give up." Her tone was of dark, cold amusement and humor causing a chill to run down the spines of Yugito, Samui, Karui, Omoi, Kirabi, along with Gyuki and Mataabi.

'My kami this girl is dangerous!'

"Ohoh? this little thing managed to sense us?" An arrogant gruff voice roared in laughter as a squad of Kumo-nin walked into view with Naruko narrowing her eyes.

"Kasai Guncho head commander of Kumo's forces and a lapdog to Kumo's council." She smirked seeing the look of shock in their eyes.

"Stand aside, girlie we came for the Hyuuga we might consider letting you go." Kasai leered at Naruko making her snort and cup Hinata's ass causing nearly everyone's jaw to drop in disbelief.

"Sorry I am only into such exotic creatures that are women unless a man wants to end up being my stress-relief toy for the rest of his life." Naruko smirked cruelly making a shudder go through the males in the area.

Emi and Kurami looked at each other with deadpan looks. 'We have influenced her way too much.' They thought in amusement before watching the scene.

"You actually think you take a squad of Jonin on alone i'll show you your place bitch!" One of them snarled in anger at this bitch mocking them only to freeze as he felt something pierce him and looked down to see Naruko's pointer finger embedded into his chest and into his heart and looked back to see her fade away.

"Afterimage..." He said in pain while Naruko suddenly glowed with a yellow aura before he felt his body grow weaker and weaker by the minute.

"Thanks for the life force now die..." She said darkly before her hands blurred into swipes before she vanished appearing beside Hinata and flicked blood from her finger just as the man screamed as sharp lines appeared on his face before he suddenly fell apart into chunks of flesh and gore causing Kasai and his men to throw up at how brutally he was killed and looked back to see Naruko looking amused while Hinata just giggled darkly.

"I feel much better after taking that simpletons life force and the results are extraordinary." She said pointing to her boobs that went from a low D-cup to a High F-cup causing Kurami, Hinata, Yugito, Kirabi and the tohers jaws to drop to the ground cracking it.

"Kami-sama she has one's bigger than mine..." Samui whispered in awe with a nosebleed but, quickly wiped it away while Mataabi had a speechless look on her face as well and drooled with lust in her eyes wondering if Naruko is need of a mate.

'She stole his life force!' Kasai thought in horror and started backing away only to be freeze as they felt their bodies lock up and saw Naruto's eyes glowing ominously with a sickening grin as she walked toward them with a predatory look in her eye as she took out a kunai and licked it with her elongated tongue sending shudders through them and felt her circle around them like they were her new meal.

They have no idea how right they are.

"Now what shall I do with you..." She whispered ominously as her eyes glowed even more causing them to whimper in fear but, that just escalated her sadisticness at wanting to hurt these baka's and stopped behind them and kicked them to the ground and cracked her knuckles as night blue and white lightning crackled on her skin and looked at them with sadistic glee causing Kasai to scream his head off. "Please no don't rape me!" Naruko just raised an eyebrow in amusement at his plea while the others just looked at him with pity and slight mirth at him being reduced to begging for his life.

"I don't rape men asswipe even I ain't low enough to pull something like that unless that person deserves it so that happening is very slim." She trailed off before her face split into a dark, sadistic grin that caused even Kurami and Emi to lock up in fear.

"Do me just one little thing Kasai-chan?" She asked in a sweet voice with an eye smile causing him to whimper before they snapped open showing the Rinnegan glowing full blast making her look more like a Fallen Angel. "Scream for me bitch!" The clearing was filled with screams and pained squeals alerting the whole village to the noise and rushed to it while inwardly holding in shivers and came upon a sight that made their jaws drop.

They saw Naruko sitting on a pile of bodies smoking a cigarette like she had eaten dinner and was about to call it a day and saw her turn a bored look to them. "Took you long enough I thought this village had lost it's touch." She drawled before kicking one body towards the Raikage's feet. Kasai's body exactly that instantly curled up like a ball and began sucking his thumb calling himself a good boy causing A to look at Naruko with a raised eyebrow wondering what she did to him.

"What did you do to him, Naruko-san?" Naruko tapped her chin with a mock thinking expression.

"I forced him into a Genjutsu where he was repeatedly raped and turned into a little bitch boy, a fitting punishment don't you think." Naruko's flat face curved into a dark, demented grin that glowed in the darkness causing a shudder to run down the spines of everyone hearing what the 9 year old did to the Head Jonin commander.

"See ya later A-sama, oh and Samui-chan, Yugito-chan, Karui-chan I hope to meet you again someday..." She purred seductively making said people shiver and blush before she vanished in a spark of night blue lightning.

(4 years later age: 13)

Naruko was now waiting for her Genin exam but, had a slight blush on her face now the reason why? She had two girls Ami and Sakura sucking her member and kissing it with vigor and is barely restraining her lust from taking over due to her tenants encouragement.

"Mmmmh...Naruko-sama tastes good ne Sakura-chan?" A cute voice said under the table with Sakura nodding before continuing their work causing her cock to throb painfully and held it in. "Mou, Naruko-sama please cum for us?" Ami asked in a pleading tone looking at her with cute innocent purple eyes causing her concentration to falter and her member exploded out white gooey cum into the mouths of her two favorite girls before snapping her fingers causing it to disappear, and fix their clothes and hair and sat next to Naruko snuggling into her.

She had become less cold toward her girls when training and other things and told them about her life and comforted Naruko when she let go of her cold mask and smiled a bit when around them, but her hatred for those who ruined her life would not be forgiven the old Hokage maybe but, various people in this village will never be forgiven.

The Uchiha clan had also been reduced to half leaving Mikoto, Shisui, Hibara, Tsubaki, Tsukiko, Hanashin, Sasuke, Satsuki, Saya, and some of there Uncles, cousins, and aunts when she had visited Mikoto her and the girls began begging for her attention since she was so hot in their minds who knew Uchiha women had a thing for Naruko after seeing her spar with Hanashin who took Itachi's old Anbu Captain position after she defected, and was now her personal guard.

They had always invited her and the others over for dinner, when Sasuke went to sleep at night and ended up drinking their asses off everytime while Naruko was the one who was unaffected by the alcoholic beverage.

Hanashin, Tsukiko, and Hibara were like female Madara's in both skill, and looks and had seen them eyeing her with lust and want in their eyes telling Naruko just what their feelings about her are right now and is happy she talked with them about it along with the other female Uchiha, and even gifted her with Madara's personal gumbai which could only be used by a direct descendant of the Sage and even managed to incorporate it with her jutsu's and elemental manipulation.

They just finished their written exams which Naruko and the others again find useless, seriously this is a disaster waiting to happen!

"Everyone follow me outside for your Taijutsu Exam!" Iruka instructed with all the boys rushing outside eagerly while Naruko walked out smoothly with the girls following her lead copying her movements as Naruko walked through outside wearing black combat boots, black jeans, a black short sleeve shirt that hugged her chest, a purple gem necklace with various seals adorning her arms while on her neck is the kanji for 100 showing her gravity and resistance seal, a black and purple belt crossed into an X while it had a buckle of a Serpent hissing at them along with fingerless biker gloves while her long black hair was tied into a long ponytail in the back reaching her mid-waist, with her front left eye being covered by a dark fringe that had a crimson highlight to it giving her a badass tomboy look causing the girls to squeal out her name with hearts in their eyes while Hinata, Ino, Sakura, and Ami smirked as they wore the same clothes as her with their own styles.

==Hokage Tower==

Sarutobi whistles impressed at the image his surrogate granddaughter painted and chuckled at the fangirls she has as well. "Naruko sure has taken the tomboy look to a whole new level." The others nodded while others frowned.

"Sarutobi-sama will Naruko be put on a squad?" Kurenai asked curiously with the others looking at him with interest.

"She requested to be a Tokubetsu Solo Genin add on to her not trusting any of the males to not keep their hands to themselves she has a solid reason not to want a Team since they wouldn't be able to keep her with her brutal fighting tactics." Sarutobi drawled in a way they could understand causing a few eyebrows to raise at the word brutal and asked him to elaborate.

"Naruko takes the shinobi code to heart, but she doesn't involve innocent people into things that don't concern or involve them in anyway and has trained herself to be cold to others who think being a shinobi is all about fame when it is protecting those who you love and despises arrogance to a level you will make a deadly enemy out of her." He smirked seeing some pale looks and continued.

"She is also a Fuuinjutsu Mistress not even Mito-sama could accomplish at such a young age and from what I can see she's also very experienced in Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu which I add put a Kurama's and a Uchiha's to shame and is above Itachi Uchiha in that category, and has thousands of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu styles mastered and has such godlike control over Ninjutsu she could take me on without a sweat." He said with pride in his voice while inwardly is still flabbergasted at how powerful such a young girl is. 'That's not even the bare minimum of her ability's and skills.' He thought dryly while seeing everyone look shocked while others like Kakashi had frowns on their faces at their Jinchuuriki being so powerful it wasn't right to them.

"THeir starting." Gai spoke up with a serious look in his eye with everyone turning back to the screen.

(With Naruko)

"Naruko-sama don't you think you should cut your hair a bit?" Riko a red-head with golden cute eyes asked curiously with Naruko glancing at her with a thoughtful look and shrugged.

"I like my hair this way plus my new looks are sure to discourage mutts and assholes like the Inuzaka and Uchiha to stop trying to pursue me since i'd rather kiss a Bijuu than let they're hands touch my body." She scoffed with Riko rubbing Naruko's back softly causing her to relax into Riko's soft, skilled hands before taking out her purple Ipod and slipped her headphones in and closed her eyes waiting for her turn while the girls continued their chat including Shina, Shika, Ino, and Naurko's other friends Chouji, Tsubaki, Satsuki, and some other clan members and civilians.

"Naruko should be my bitch right now!" Kiba growled in frustration while Akamaru just sneered at his owner hoping he'll die on a mission so she will become Naruko's partner (Yes readers Akamaru will have have a female human form along with a and it will be shown later in the fic).

Ako who heard what Kiba said due to her enhanced senses growled in anger and rage hearing what this mutt said about her master and quickly informed Naruko who's eyes opened slightly and sighed before sitting up and took her headphones down with them sitting on her neck.

"Bring It On" by Nathaniel Dawkins.

"Is that so Kiba?" Naruko's cold voice spoke up with everyone looking toward her seeing Naruko walk toward the ring her hands balled into fists and a dark smirk on her face.

"Let me show you why I will be known as the Shi No Megami..." She whispered closing her partially covered eye briefly and when she opened it everyone felt fear run down their spines as they saw a fully matured 3 tomoe sharingan in her eye spinning hypnotically.

Hinata gasped as she saw the aura of someone manifest behind her and whp it was made her quake in awe and fear. "Her K.I. is molding into the great Madara Uchiha." She breathed out as she saw the visage of the Legendary Uchiha Clan Head who was the equal to Hashirama Senju and TObirama Senju.

She blocked a punch to her head and saw Sasuke glaring at her trying to scare her into submission. "Weak is that all you have, Itachi-hime should not have spared you Sasuke." She sneered coldly making Sasuke's knee's buckle and his resolve waver evidenced by his clenching eyes while Naruko just smirked down at him.

"Even though I am your cousin, your ass belongs to me..." She whispered ominously causing him to look at her with fear in his onyx black eyes with only a few words she reduced him to the scared boy that survived the Massacre.

What will he and the others do to get rid of Naruko?

Stay tuned next time!