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Chapter 2

Everyone stared at Naruko who was smirking at a shaking Sasuke who began to wonder how the hell did this bitch get the Sharingan it was supposed to appear in only males, not weak women but, was cut off from his tirade as he was kicked into Kiba spawled on the ground. "If you can't even handle a fraction of my spiritual aura, then you are not worth fighting runt." She drawled in monotone making the girls swoon even more making the guys blink at this before they jumped up growing anime round eyes and shark teeth pointing accusing fingers at Naruko who had that ladykiller smirk.

"YOU'RE THE REASON WHY NONE OF THE GIRLS ARE INTERESTED IN US SINCE YOU JOINED THE ACADEMY!" They roared at her, which she responded by cleaning her ear with only a pinky and blew on it.

"Yes, why do you think they are always around me, surely you didn't think Tsubaki-sensei limping set off any ideas in your head?" She raised a manicure eyebrow allowing the words to sink into their heads and suddenly everyone's eyes bulged including Hinata's and the others along with the ones in the Hokage Tower.


==Hokage Tower==

Kakashi just stared and stared along with the others. "My respect for Naruko just went up a few notches, literally!" He breathed out with a hint of envy getting dumbfounded nods from everyone else.

"So that's why Tsubaki was practically glowing with a bounce in her step wit glazed eyes." Anko replied thoughtfully before their jaws crashed to the ground at the implications.

If Naruko got Tsubaki wrapped around her finger...who's to say she hasn't done the same for Suzume.

"She's got Suzume too, remember when you all heard that loud screaming?" They nodded before they facefaulted and looked up with deadpan looks.

'Minato would be so jealous of his daughter.' Sarutobi chuckled dryly in his mind.

(With Naruko)

"Let's start this spar, Iruka-sensei, Mizuki-sensei since I already know i'll be on a team by myself also allow these two weaklings to use everything in their arsenal they'll need it." Mizuki nodded her head (Yes, Mizuki's female srry if i didn't mention that) and quickly shouted for them to start.

"HAJIME!" Kiba shot at Naruko with Sasuke on his side with his claws aiming for her shirt with a lecherous look making the girl narrow her eyes dangerously and shifted her feet allowing Sasuke to crash into Kiba as he failed a sneak attack.

"Ryuusui." Naruko suddenly blurred around Kiba and Sasuke till she was nothing but, afterimages in her wake confusing everyone except Hinata and the girls who were smirking.

"So she decided to bring out that huh?" Shina smirked under her coat, getting confused looks from the audience watching.

"That's one of Naruko's special speed techniques, she moves so fast she creates real afterimages of herself with each going at a different speed and right now Kiba and Sasuke can't tell which one is the real Naruko meaning they already lost the second the battle began." Shika smirked brushing a lock out of her eye causing their eyes to widen just as Kiba and Sasuke were launched into the wall knocking them unconscious.

"HAJIME! NARUKO IS THE WINNER!" Everyone except the Naruko haters cheered loudly while she just smiled and waved at the praise before slapping Mizuki on the ass getting a yelp and a blush from her while secretly turned on at what she did before walking away inwardly aroused from the slap to her rear end ignoring Iruka's gawking look.

"Just wow, Naruko! are you not satisfied with the girls you got?" Iruka scolded playfully getting a round of laughter from Hinata and Ami who giggled lecherously and explained to their teacher.

"Because she has so much stamina it takes a miracle to even get her tired at all-NARUKO BEHIND YOU!" Naruko glanced back seeing a fireball headed toward the others and narrowed her eyes into slits realizing if she dodged the others will be injured and prepared to deal with this.

She clapped her hands. "Mokuton: Mokujoheki!" She yelled causing a massive wood barrier to surround her and the others blocking the fireball from them till it fizzled out of existence.

"Everyone alright?" She looked back at them getting nods while Iruka looked awed.

"'To think she has the Sharingan and Mokuton! ooooh boy the nations are going to flip if they find out about this." Iruka whistled inwardly and saw the barrier drop and saw Sasuke charge at Naruko with a mad look in his eye and that made Iruka decide to stop this right fucking now.

"Nehan Shouja No Jutsu!" Instantly Sasuke dropped like a rock sliding along the ground before getting picked up by the teacher and taken to the Hokage to punish him. "Congratulations Tokubetsu Genin Naruko Senju Uchiha!" Naruko saluted Iruka who chuckled at her and shunshined to the Tower leaving Naruko to a glomp from Shina and the girls, while Choji and the guys congratulated her.

Naruko smiled at all of this, to think she had such loyal and kind friends right next to her all along. 'I hope you're seeing this tou-san, kaa-san.' She thought before and went home for today and slept with thoughts of becoming the strongest in the Elemental Nations.

"So does begin the legend of the Shi No Megami..." She whispered, her eyes morphing into her Eternal Mangekyo that was shaped into a 9 sided shuriken over a black 3-sided scythe with a black background glowing ominously in the dark.

(Next Day)

(Lemon Scene)

Naruko moaned in her sleep, as she felt something warm and wet engulf her cock and it felt good and looked up to see Emi sucking, licking and rubbing her cock with lust, and love in her eyes wearing nothing at all and had to admit she was hot! Emi released Naruko's cock and began jacking her off at a fast rate while giving her underside small licks.

Naruko moaned biting her lip to keep from cumming and then growled as her eyes morphed into the Sharingan and pinned Emi under her driving her massive cock all the way into her getting a pleasured euphoric gasp from her as she felt it go all the way into her cervix and felt turned on by her Sharingan eyes. "My turn Hebigami let's see how cocky you are when i leave you a panting mess..." She hissed into Emi's ear making her eyes widen as Naruko channeled dakr chakra to her dick and began pounding in and out of her shaven pussy with unrelenting force.

Emi moaned and squealed at the pleasure her container is giving her and was so glad Kurami was asleep or she'd try and rape her and Naruko just for the hell of it and felt her cherry purple nipple getting licked and sucked on. Looking down Naruko had a trail of white liquid running from her mouth as she sucked on Emi's nipple and felt her lust and arousal spike dangerously as Emi's milk tasted so delicious it was like an aphrodisiac to her and drilled her pussy harder.

She grunted. "I'm not letting you go till you are unconscious!" She roared as her hips became a blur shaking the bed, house and the earth outside waking up everyone in the village who was staring at the Namikaze Estate with blushes and wide eyes.

Emi felt her pussy tightening up on Naruko's dick and saw her smirk darkly. "Oh, my Emi-chan doe's your hungry pussy like my cock that much?" She teased Emi who nodded with a moan as her mind was being turned to mush and was loving it and felt herself flipped over and pounded from behind making her scream in pleasure.

"Yes! scream for me Emi-hime! it makes it all the more pleasurable for me and you!" She growled as she was pounding her against the walls as she clung onto her neck with a massive blush and glazed over eyes.

Naruko felt her cock expand little by little. "I'm going to cum Emi-chan." Emi slammed her hips forward sheathing Naruko all the way inside her causing both of them to cum.



They both came with each other mixing their juices together and fell down on the bed as they went at it for more than 4 hours and felt exhausted.

Naruko moaned feeling someone grab her breasts and stiffened when she saw who it was that was grabbing them.

A very horny Kyuubi No Yoko.

"Let's have fun ne?" Kurami giggled pervertedly as the next few hours were filled with more moans, screams, and howls.

(Timeskip - 1 week later)

"Sorry, I'm late Sarutobi-sama overslept." Naruko said walking in with her normally smooth hair being wild, spiky, and shaggy making Sakura, Ami, and Ino drool at her as she looked very feral with her hair that way and saw blushes on Kurenai, Anko, and Yugao's faces including Kakashi's except Naruko smelt the pheromones of a female coming from him.

Her eyes widened before turning back to normal and Naruko sent a predatory smirk at Kakashi who went ramrod straight, seeing the knowing look in her eyes and cursed inwardly. 'Dammit now she knows!' Kakashi sweated in his/her mind (Shocking no!) and pad attention to the briefing.

"Naruko since your clones completed over 300 d-ranks and 20 C, B, and A-ranks im putting you as 2nd in command on this C-rank mission to wave country." Kakashi while shocked was jumping for joy inwardly at her sensei's daughter being leader and wondered how she can look so hot and slapped herself.

Sasuke, and Kiba protested loudly only to yelp in pain as Naruko gave both of them a brain duster sending them into the ground and grounded her heel into their heads and spoke with a cold, authoritative tone. "Sarutobi-sama gave me 2nd-in-command due to me having greater experience than you runts, now on this mission you will follow my orders to the letter and if i get any insubordination from you Kiba and Sasuke i will make sure to inform your mothers to deal out your punishment instead of me." She grinned darkly making them pale in fear at their mothers punishing them and nodded submissively getting pats on the head.

"Understand now boys?"

"Hai, Naruko-senpai." They chorused submissively getting gawking looks from the anbu while Kurenai had hearts in her eyes with a bit of blood leaking from her nose at her display of dominating skills and felt very turned on especially Anko.

'I'm so in love!" They squealed making Sarutobi and Iruka chuckle humorously.

Naruko's face scrunched up as she smelt a foul odor along with Akamaru, Kiba, and the others doing the same as a smelly old man stumbled in looking drunk off his ass looking at them with distaste. "Is this the backup you're providing me?" He slurred as he took a swig from his sake jug only for a hand to snatch it out of his hand making him sober up fast and saw Naruko looking at him sternly.

"Tazuna-dono, if you are our client do not drink!" Tazuna nodded feeling like a scolded child in front of Naruko while the others looked at her in awe just a few words and she had him following her orders like that.

'That is definitely an ability of a Kage in the making.' Iruka snorted.

'Naruko-chan makes Hisana-kaa-san look tame when she scolded Tou-san.' Hinata raised an eyebrow with Sakura and Ino thinking the same.

"Naruko-sama!" Naruko blinked as a female voice shouted and a figure blurred inside the room barreling into her showing a cute girl with black eyes and spiky brown hair, wearing cargo shorts, sandals, and a black t-shirt with a red scarf and a pair of black goggle on her forehead.

"Sarumi-chan, what have i told you about running into Sarutobi-sama's office like that?" She scolded Sarumi softly who had a pout and a blush on her face (Basically it's a ) avoiding Naruko's eyes.

Sakura grinned and whispered into Kakashi's ears making the disguised Kunoichi's eyes widen and twinkled with laughter something Naruko picked up and glared at Sakura who hid behind Hinata giggling while she just stood there amused.

"Ano, Naruko-sama?" Naruko looked at the younger girl with a raised eyebrow.

"When will we begin our next training session?" Everyone else looked at Naruko who was in thought before replying.

"After i get back from the mission i could be gone for 2 weeks or 1 depending on how fast the mission is complete, I'll even fix you, Hanabi and the others some of my special barbecue recipes." Sarumi's eyes lit up in delight it was known by a few people that Naruko could make evne recipe taste 2x better than the original and it was mouth-watering.

"Naruko how good are you at cooking?" Naruko smirked.

"I could put old man Chouza's best cooking to shame since the spices i grow in my backyard are bathed in chakra water increasing their flavor." His jaw dropped in amazement and disbelief.

"You can join if you want Sarutobi-sama?" She smiled at him softly getting a smile and a nod from the old man before dismissing everyone.

"Be ready in 20 minutes people!" Kurenai ordered getting nods.

The rookies prepared for their first mission outside the village, not knowing this mission will decide the fate of many.

(Timeskip-North Gate)

Naruko stood leaning against the gate eyes closed as Anko, Kurenai and the other girls chatted while Kiba talked loudly arguing with Sasuke butting heads together and saw Kakashi appear with Tazuna who nodded at her with respect. "Alright everyone let's move, Team Asuma, and Team 7 Manji formation, Team Kurenai diamond formation up front!" Kakashi ordered getting nods as everyone moved into position.

After 20 minutes on the road listening to Kiba talk loudly with Tazuna caused Naruko to nearly lose her temper she kept on tight lock since it was nearly impossible to get her angry enough to hurt someone but, took a deep breath and calmed herself while continuing to travel with the others but, snapped her fingers. "Fuuinjutsu: Silence." Kiba's voice was instantly blocked from everyone getting sighs of relief while Sasuke had a hungry look in his eye seeing the display of Fuuinjutsu something that Kakashi, Kurenai, Team Asuma, Naruko, Emi, Kurami, Hinata, and Tazuna picked up on and made sure to keep an eye on him.

Tazuna moved closer to Team Asuma discreetly. "Asuma-san, there is something wrong with that boy he looks like he broke out of a mental asylum..." He whispered warily eyeing Sasuke who was brooding the whole time while Asuma explained what happened so far but, Tazuna was literally disgusted at this boy's attitude.

"I'm glad my grandson isn't like this, he's been helping with the bridge trying to help Wave." He let out a tear of happiness which Asuma smiled at sensing the love the old man had for his grandson.

Naruko appeared between Shika and Ino who smiled at her and nodded at Tazuna. "Many could learn from your example Tazuna-dono to show such sacrifice for your own family and village shows how strong you are." She smiled at him kindly making Kakashi blink seeing the visages of Minato and Kushina walking side by side Naruko with smiles on their faces.

Kakashi smiled under his mask. 'She really is your son.' He thought before motioning everyone to the clearing up ahead and noticed it had plenty of space in it along with a large enough space to spar and train for Doton and Suiton manipulation.

"Alright everyone, we will be camping here for the night Me, Kurenai and Asuma will be setting up the tents while you go and get the food, Naruko place your Yami Kage Bunshins around the clearing for surveillance." He ordered getting nods as the shadows of Naruko squirmed before shaping into exact replicas of herself making Hinata, Ino, Shina, and Shika get nosebleeds thinking unhealthy thoughts which Naruko smirked sultrily at making them blush at getting caught and then zeroed in on her ass seeing her hips sway and like zombies they followed her.

Asuma saw this and bust out laughing at the look on Tazuna's face who blushed muttering about 'Hormonal kids' before setting up his tent while wondering how loud Naruko will be this time. "Something tells me she'll wake even the animals..." He muttered dryly and decided to take a little nap.

Kurenai was setting up their own tents while discussing about Naruko. "Kaka-chan, how good do you think Naruko is at Genjutsu?" She asked thoughtfully as she always wanted to pass on her teachings to someone who could improve them beyond what she could and admitted she was very attracted to Naruko never mind her age since they were shinobi old enough to kill, old enough to have sex and do adult things.

Kakashi was deep in thoughts, as she used her Sharingan to see Naruko's chakra flow and was floored immensely when it didn't even waver slightly it was completely still like an undisturbed pond of a large ocean, not even Tsunade could boast about that much chakra control and she was a Master Medic-nin and concluded the answer. "I think she may have trained so much in chakra control, it never wavered even under stress, as for Genjutsu." Kakashi shivered.

"I can tell she could do what even Itachi couldn't do make her Genjutsu real along with not needing to concentrate on the image." Kurenai's eyes just bulged out their sockets at that, hearing such potential of Naruko she decided to talk to her about learning more Genjutsu from her since she had witnessed her training in Genjutsu using it on the villagers.

Kurenai then blushed when she heard the screams coming from Naruko's home and had to wonder how could she get someone to scream like that, even Anko blushed hearing it and concluded Naruko knew her stuff when it comes to sex.

"Kurenai your nose is leaking blood." Kakashi deadpanned


(With Naruko)

Naruko sighed relaxing on one of the tree branches looking at the sun only for a shadow to block it and looked up into the skirt of Sakura who shae saw was wearing nothing under there showing her pussy with a patch of pink hair and saw Sakura smiling at her. "What is it Saku-hime?" She asked softly trying to relax.

"The tents are set up, and well i set up ours along with placing seals to make it fit for us." She said shyly with Naruko smiling at Sakura's skill in seals since she requested it and decided to teach her and surprisingly she took to making seals that channel elemental chakra, and was impressed since those were seals even experts had trouble making.

"Ok Saku-hime." She smiled at Sakura who blushed and nodded only to yelp when Naruko pinned her against the tree and moaned when her fingers slipped under her red dress and fingered her already wet pussy since her shorts were digging into her private parts so much they ached everytime.

"A-a-ah! Naru-naruko-sama!...ooohhhh don't stop this feels so good!" She moaned out as she started humping Naruko's fingers begging for release only to gasp as Naruko vanished with a smirk leaving her horny and wet making her grin darkly so she wanted to leave her like this she'll wait till she's asleep than she's all hers.

(With Naruko)

Naruko walked back to the campsite with a dead deer hoisted over her shoulder and a pair of dead rabbits in her hands and everyone gave her shocked looks well Sakura had a lustful one that made her smirk and quickly gutted the dead animal and skinned it before roasting it on the pit while listening to everyone converse while Ino and Sakura just laid against her chest.

Soon the food was ready to eat and everyone dug in with vigor and moaned as the meat melted in their mouths, not knowing Naruko put her special spices in the soup and food making it even more delicious.

She also looked over the memories of her patrolling clones that reported nothing other than a few animals but, paused when they found someone watching them and it was female and smelt iron, blood, and seawater making her wonder who has that particular set of smells.

"Naruko-chan how good are you at Genjutsu?" Naruko raised an eyebrow in surprise at the question from Shika who looked interested along with the others lookign to her for an explanation which she spoke simply.

"My Genjutsu are very real, and can affect all 5 of the main senses ninja have take for example you think you injured me with a kunai but, actually attacked yourself or one of your comrades." Shika and Kurenai blinked in shock at that even Kakashi did not knowing what they thought was true but, perked up hearing her words.

"Are you saying you can cause someone's way of direction to invert?!" Kakashi shouted in disbelief making even Kiba drop his jaw.

"Yours is already inverted Kakashi-chan..." Kakashi stiffened feeling Naruko's breath on her neck and gasped as Naruko's form faded away into the wind and looked back seeing the black haired girl standing behind her with a seductive smirk.

'Is she that good?' She thought under her Genjutsu.

Naruko yawned and headed toward the tent. "I'm hitting the sack later." She waved over her shoulder only for Sakura to tackle her into the tent while it was dark and zipped the tent opening down and threw her dress off leaving her naked and began jacking Naruko off.

(Lemon Alert!)

"Oh, yes so good Sakura-hime..." Naruko cooed rubbing the pinkettes head soothingly as she deepthroated her cock and was doing quite well while Naruko licked and sucked her pussy and clit making her moan in pleasure and sucked Naruko harder, while jacking her off and felt herself cum from her master's tongue skills and soon swallowed Naruko's load as she came.

Sakura yelped as Naruko tossed her on the futon ass up and bended down rubbing her cock against her swollen pussy that convulsed as it came into contact with her rod and pushed back on it allowing it to pierce her pussy and into her womb with slight resistance and began jackhammering her pussy so much it was spraying her juices everywhere and that enticed Naruko even more.

Sakura moaned as her ass jiggled from the strong thrusts. "Fuck me harder Naruko-sama!" She got her wish as Naruko pushed her on the floor grasping her hands with hers and began thrusting deeply into her pussy as sakura's legs wrapped around her waist and went to town turning the pinkette into a moaning mess.

Sakura wasn't sure how many times she came but, she could say ti was too many and felt Naruko's cock expand inside her and felt more horny. "Cum inside me Naru, impregnate me honey..." Sakura whispered making Naruko's eyes widen and nodded as she thrusted one more time and came with a roar causing her stomach to bulge slightly from the huge amount of baby batter.

Sakura panted only to squeal in pleasure as Naruko pounded her pussy some more doggy style. "You aren't getting off that easy Saku-hime..." She growled making Sakura howl in pleasure and delight.

"Than fuck me like the whore I am!" Sakura challenged getting a smirk as the whole night Sakura had the most pleasurable night in her whole life.

Outside the tents the others weren't getting much sleep especially Kurenai, Kakashi, Ino, and the other girls and guys.

Ino moaned as she fingered her pussy and had her other hand massage her breast moaning out Naruko's name. "N-naruko-sama!" Multiple female voices cried out in pleasure before passing out.

"Dammit! people are trying to sleep here!" Sasuke roared with a blush only to get a retort.

"FUCK YOU! YA GAY PENCIL DICK BITCH!" He growled and put a pillow over his ears and went to sleep.

(Lemon End)

The next day Naruko woke up early giving her lover's pussy a good rub getting a moan before getting up seeing it was almost sun out and put on some pants, along with a sports bra that allowed her tits to jiggle some more and some combat boots and her headband that went around her forehead in dark blue before heading outside the tent and saw Kurenai, Asuma, and Kakashi out.

"Hey guys!" Asuma grinned seeing Naruko who was like a granddaughter to him.

"So had fun last night Naruko-chan?" He teased getting a smirk from Naruko.

"Question is did you enjoy our show?" Asuma sputtered with a blush causing Kurenai to crack up while Kakashi surprisingly giggled at his embarrassed face before Naruko stopped laughing confusing them only to tense seeing, the hard expression on her face. "We're not alone." They instantly got the message.

Someone was watching them and were not friendly.

Kakashi pulled out the chakra sabre of his father glowing with the white chakra, Asuma pulled out his trench knives and Kurenai had her hands in a ram seal ready to cast a Genjutsu. "Guys when we get back to the village you guys need to learn more than your specialized areas so you won't end up dead if you encounter Akatsuki." She informed them getting nods as they were briefed on the group by Jiraiya and the Sandaime.

"Ok, Naruko just wish i could use this damn eye without worrying about fainting during battle!" Kakashi grunted in frustration while Naruko just tapped her uncovered eye making Kakashi blink as his vision returned to normal and no longer felt a drain on her chakra. "It's fixed Kaka-chan you can fight without that handicap now." She informed getting a grateful nod as they went back into their stances.

"Guy's what's going on!" Ino called out.

"Ino, Hinata, Shika-hime get out here! Sakura, Ami-chan keep Tazuna and the others inside their tents and guard them with Choji and Shina!" She got pulses of chakra in affirmation as the mist thickened and noise was blocked.

Naruko roamed the clearing as her vision wasn't clouded like this asshole thought and quickly heard footsteps on a tree from the north and small measured ones from the south circling around them and whispered. "You guys hear that?" They nodded quietly hearing the quiet footsteps and suddenly Kakashi's eyes widened hearing a slicing sound.

"DUCK!" They ducked down low except Naruko who saw the large blade coming toward them and simply caught it between her fingers without any effort making their jaws drop to the ground cracking it with a bewildered look in their eyes. 'What the fuck!' Were the thoughts of everyone who saw the display.

"You Shizuka Momochi, Kiri's Demon Mistress i expected more than this!" She spun the blade on her finger and tossed it toward the north at twice the speed it came at them making the hidden assassins eyes widen and used the reverse summoning to call her blade back as she landed in the clearing.

She wore black pants, sandals, a black sleeveless shirt with arm warmers colored sea blue along with bandages covering her lower face, the beautiful things Naruko noticed was her smooth creamy skin, and long silky smooth black hair and her golden eyes that looked at Naruko in curiosity and slight lust.

"Impressive to catch my blade with just your fingers show's skill but, that doesn't impress me enough..." Shizuka flooded the entire clearing with killing intent only for Naruko to match it without any effort and drawed her O-katana and stepped into a battoujutsu stance as they stared each other down.

Naruko and Shizuka suddenly blurred appearing in the middle blades pushing against each other with bloodthirsty grins and suddenly began slashing, parrying, dodging, and stabbing at each other with master precision each attack connecting creating a shockwave.

"Impressive Naruko!" Shizuka shouted parrying a overhead slash and kicked at Naruko who sidestepped it and attacked with her sheath only getting blocked but, unsheathed her blade and slashed Shizuka's arm making her hiss in pain as they continued their Kenjutsu battle getting more intense by the second.

"You're Kenjutsu's good let's check your Ninjutsu! Suiton: Suiryuudan No Jutsu!" The water in the air suddenly swirled to life and grew into a large dragon of water it's yellow eyes glaring balefully at Naruko who only smirked and made a single dragon seal inhaling air. "Katon:Goka Mehitsu!" She exhaled a massive blast of flames that clashed with the Suiton jutsu and to their shock it tore through it like wet paper and Shizuka barely managed to dodge it and the flames she noted were actually black with a blue outline it literally scorched the earth.

"She know's one of my ancestors jutsu's..." Sasuke whispered in fury at this bitch being this powerful, while Kiba slowly felt his respect for Naruko beginning to change and felt admiration instead of lust not seeing Akamaru's smile.

'Naruko-sama even in battle you change those not in confrontation.' Akamaru sighed in her thoughts while taking note of the scent that smelled of peppermint, and herbs.

The Jounin along with Tazuna were watching the entire thing and were floored especially Tazuna seeing a girl not even fully grown kick the swordsman ass like it was easy as hopscotch. "I gotta say damn, if she's a Genin right now I wonder how powerful she'll be when she reaches he prime?" He whistled while Hinata chuckled.

"Naruko-sama, is rare and will never have a limit to her strength that's just how she was born." Kakashi raised an eyebrow wondering what she meant by that and winced as Naruko was punched in the jaw with a lucky shot by Shizuka's fist and thought her jaw would be broken only to be shocked as the girl chuckled darkly as blood dribbled down her mouth and licked it up with her long tongue making every female in the vicinity horny as hell.

She suddenly drawed a sword that had a light green handle to it (Familiar anyone, picture a character from bleach with that blade) and unleashed her spiritual pressure which was an royal purple with a emerald outline.

Ulquiorra Bleach Theme

"Feel honoured to make me draw one of the swords of my clan." Shizuka suddenly paled and started to sweat.

"That is Murcielago!" The others paled remembering the legends of that deathly sword you could feel yourself drown in despair from just being near the blade.

"S-she can't possibly have mastered that blade." Kakashi stammered if she has than certain people were fucked sideways.

"Tokaze: Murcielago!" The sky suddenly darkened and started raining green rain but, Hinata and the others knew this was Reiatsu rain and could see the look of despair and suddenly a moon appeared and showed Naruko's new form and it made them gasp.

Naruko's skin turned a tad bit paler, her face gained green lines and her eyes turned a poisonous emerald with a yellow sclera with a vertical slit. Her fingers gained stripes down the fingertips, and her back sprouted large black leathery wings yet they saw no sword in her hand.

Naruko smirked down at Shizuka who was shaking in her shoes and tensed as a javelin appeared in her hand pulsing with energy and it made Shizuka tremble and suddenly heard the cool, emotionless monotone of Naruko.

"You can still summon the resolve to fight, even when you have no hope of winning along with your accomplice truly futile..." Shizuka and her hidden accomplice shivered and felt naked when she spoke it was like being under the eyes of a god.

Naruko sighed and replied as she gripped her projectile more. "Since you want to continue fighting, I'll make the first move fair warning don't blink even for a second." Shizuka wondered what she meant by that only for her eyes to widen as she teleported in front of her javelin swinging at her neck and quickly shunshined to a safe distance.


Everyone had to cover their eyes as the explosion forced them to move far away as the clearing was engulfed in a green light making their eyes widen comically. "This is insane! that one sword is that destructive!" Asuma yelled in shock and little fear as that attack could have wiped out a whole army with no time wasted and saw the light die down and felt his jaw drop to sea level along with the others.

They were staring at what looked like a barren wasteland and saw Naruko standing in the center staring at a bleeding Shizuka being helped up by a masked girl who was shaking from Naruko's gaze. "I'm impressed..." She began thinking of the words to describe how impressed she was.

"H-how are you impressed?" Shizuka wheezed tiredly realizing she spent a lot of chakra and barely had enough to move.

"Because I wanted to test how far your daughter would go for you." She smiled softly seeing them gasp in realization.

"Why, we shinobi are monsters Naruko-sama?" The masked girl questioned only for Naruko to cross her arms with a stern look.

"We may be monsters to those who do not understand the struggle we shinobi go through but, we all have the bodies and minds of humans that is what separate us from the real monsters in this world!" Shizuka felt her self listening to Naruko's words and felt her cold heart become warm again and smiled showing her pearly white teeth through her destroyed bandages a true smile for the first time.

"We surrender, Naruko-san we just wanted to gain money to gain Kiri from Yashira's reign but, she's being controlled it seems." Her voice seemed strained while Naruko looked deep in thought.

'Kurami-chan, Emi-chan doe's this situation feel familiar to you guys?' Naruko thought as the pieces came together while Emi and Kurami's eyes bulged in realization.

Madara!/Madara!' They shouted in unison realizing who it was that started the bloodline purges.

Naruko turned toward Haku and Shizuka who were walking toward her as she reverted back to normal and sheathed Murcielago. "I know who the Sandaime Mizukage really is and it's one of my ancestors." Haku's eyes widened in horror.

"It can't be he's supposed to be dead..." she whispered in realization and fear at the monster who started the bloodline purges.

"Haku-musume who is it?" Shizuka asked worried at her daughters fear and heard two words that chilled her deeply.

"Madara Uchiha."

Even still Madara Uchiha haunts the minds of many shinobi till this very day.

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