Through the years Petunia has been trying to find a way the cover both the 'horrible scar' and 'hideous eye' on her freak of a nephew. She once shaved the boy's entire head except for his bangs, which hid the scar but not that cursed eye, an unfortunate miscalculation she regretted to where Petunia was, almost, relieved all the boy's hair grew back over night so she can start all over again. A few months after that ordeal Petunia figured out that if Potter didn't like the way his hair was then his 'freakishness' will change it back.

And right now Petunia was working on the boy's long hair that went down just below his shoulders (it took Petunia like forever to keep Vernon from taking the boy to get his hair cut). Petunia brush the front part of all the messy raven hair the right side of the boy's head and brushed a little bit towards the 10-year-old's face just enough to cover the right side of the boy's head. She put down the hair brush picked up some scissors and trimmed the edges of the black hair. She walk to Harry's other side to make his left side shorter than his right. When Petunia was finished she brushed the boy's hair a little bit more and had him turn to look at his reflection.

Harry gasped at the sight of his new hair style. As Harry gawked at his aunt's work he said to her, "Aunt Petunia you should be a hair dresser, it's amazing!"

"So you like it?" Petunia said.

"More then that," Harry replied, "I love it! You could have all the hair dressers in the world kneeling down at your feet if they ever saw this."

Petunia was surprised to say the least. She didn't think the boy would like it this much. Looks like she's better at hairstyling than she thought.

"I will be buying you some hair gel and your own hair brush just as long as you keep that demonic eye and scar under there or else," said Petunia sternly.

"Okay," Harry didn't seem fazed by his Aunt's threat. "Seriously Aunt Petunia you should get paid to do this. You'd be rich and famous. All the celebrities would be knocking on your door."

That actually didn't seem like a bad idea to Petunia. She thought about it for a minute and told herself that she would see if she could do that later in the future.

"Oh, aunt Petunia," Harry turned around and away from his reflection. "I had an idea for Dudley's birthday." He exclaimed.

"Like what," Petunia eyed him suspiciously.

"I was thinking that instead of baking cake batter we could bake brownie batter for the cake." Harry said enthusiastically.

Petunia was confused. "Where on Earth did you get that idea from?"

"You know how last year you made Dudley a birthday cake and brownies, along with all that candy, he ate too much and then threw up the day after? Well, I had a idea to combined the both of them, so he probably won't eat as much. So, want do you say?"

"Well, I don't know," Petunia didn't know what to say. Not five minutes the freak gets a new hair cut, and now the kid's suddenly a genius?

"Just think about it," Harry said then walked out of the bathroom.

That night Harry sat on his mattress looking at his abnormal red eye in the hand mirror he managed to sneak into his cupboard. He thought about what he can see with that eye. Every time he looked at someone, in a picture or on TV, through his right eye he could see their names and a number floating above their heads, that is when he can see their faces clearly. Harry noticed that after a year the numbers would go down one above his relatives heads like a countdown. But a countdown for what?

Harry yawned. He put the hand mirror back on the shelf and lay his head down on his pillow.

When Harry opened his eyes he saw a familiar woman with red hair, the same green eyes as Harry's left eye, her name said Lillian Evans but there was no number above her head. She turned around to someone behind her and then next thing Harry knew she was screaming and then fell to the ground motionless. There was a flash of green light and pain in his forehead that then moved to his eye below. Harry cried in agony.

Then Harry was on his back, the pain in his forehead and eye have disappeared. He opened his eyes and looked to see he was in some sort of waste-land. He heard a couple of voices speaking but couldn't understand them. The pain in his forehead abruptly came back and began to scream. It felt like someone was stabbing him in the head. His little fingers turned into sharp, black claws, his black hair stood up as if he was electrocuted, black feathered wings sprouted out from his back. The stabbing pain went both to his eyes as they turned red with yellow irises, he closed them. Something touching his face made him open his teary eyes. A figure he couldn't describe looked down at him.

"Harry," it rasped, "you were meant to be-"

A loud banging suddenly awoke Harry who shot up from his bed breathing heavily from the pain he could still feel from the dream.

"Boy, get up!" He heard Aunt yell as she pounded on the small door then walk off.

Harry sighed. He always wakes up before he could hear the man, Harry guessed that it was a man cause definitely sounded male, finish what he was saying. Harry was meant to be what? At this rate he will never know.

Today was Dudley's birthday. The day before Harry had made the brownie cake he suggested a week before. They were supposed to go to the zoo today with one of Dudley's friends, Piers, coming with them but he got sick. Dudley's other friend went to Piers' house and after a little 'incident' he sick. Dudley was reluctant to let Potter come with them but was more than willing to seeing the dress Harry had to wear, and the fifty pounds in his birthday card that was given to him early.

The Dursleys and Harry were getting into the car when Vernon pulled Harry to the side and threatened that if any funny business went on at the zoo Harry would be locked up in the cupboard from now until Christmas. Harry just stood there smiling, with a small black purse his Aunt got him hid behind his back. He said, "Okay." cheerfully and without fear confusing Vernon greatly who just urged him to get in the car.

It was a sunny Saturday and the zoo was crowded with families. The Dursleys bought Dudley a large chocolate ice cream cone. When the lady looked at Harry to ask what he wanted then she screamed, which Harry and Dudley had covered his ears from the high pitched frequency.

"Who...did...your hair," she said slowly and amazed leaning through the window of the side of the van to touch Harry's hair. Hearing the woman say that Harry smiled and pointed to Aunt Petunia behind himself. The ice cream lady turned her gazed to Petunia and said in admiration, "Are you a world famous hair dresser? Because she is adorable!" The lady said referring to Aunt Petunia's old clothes on Harry.

Harry leaned towards a surprised, yet prideful, Petunia and said, "Told ya."

After that 'interesting' scene they got Harry a cheap lemon ice pop. It wasn't so bad, either, Harry thought, licking it as they watched a gorilla, who looked remarkably like Dudley, except that is wasn't blonde.

Harry had the best morning he'd had in a long time. He got more compliments than he could count, and Aunt Petunia actually wanted him walking beside her, though only to gloat that the boy's hair was her doing but still this is the closest the two had ever been.

After lunch they went to the reptile house. It was cool and dark in there, with lit windows all along the walls. Behind the glass, all sorts of lizards and snakes were slithering over bits of wood and stone. Harry didn't head to attention to Dudley, who wanted to see a some deadly snakes, for he found a mirror in between one of the windows, he pulled out his small hair brush to brush his hair for a minute. And thanks to Aunt Petunia she had him obsessing over his hair, and is practically turning Harry into a girl, but he didn't mind. At least they have two things they can highly agree about, the first being Aunt Marge coming for a visit but for entirely different reasons.

When Harry finished brushing he went over to where the Dursleys where Dudley stood with his nose pressed against the glass of a boa constrictor exhibit.

"Make it move He whined to his Vernon tapped on the glass smartly but the snake didn't move. It was fast asleep.

"Do it again," Dudley ordered. Uncle Vernon rapped at the glass smartly with his knuckles, but the snake just snoozed on.

"This is boring," Dudley shuffled away.

Harry moved in front of the tank and looked intently at the snake suddenly opened its beady eyes . Slowly, very slowly, it raised its head until they were at eye level with each other.

The snake winked at him. Harry stared, then quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching. Well there was a guy staring at him from several yards away. He was a few years older than Harry. Harry winked at him. The guy blushed than turned away. Harry rolled his eye than turned his attention back to the snake who was staring at him/her.

The boa constrictor tilted its head all the way to the side as if the say, "I'm confused. Are you a boy or a girl?"

"Actually, since my hair got like this," Harry pointed to the top of his head, "I have to dress up like a girl so it would match, or else it would just look very weird."

The snake gave what could be a weird-ed out look that said, awkwardly, "Okaaaay." Then the snake jerked its head towards Uncle Vernon and Dudley, then raised its eyes to the ceiling. The snake gave Harry another looked that plainly said:

"I get that all the time."

"I know," Harry murmured through the glass. "It must be really annoying."

The snake nodded energetically.

"Where do you come from anyway?" Harry asked.

The snake jabbed its tail at a little sign next to the glass. Harry peered at it.

Boa Constrictor, Brazil.

"Was it nice there?"

The boa constrictor pointed its tail to the sign again and harry read on: This specimen was bred in the zoo. "Oh I see. So you've never been to Brazil?"

The snake replied by shaking its head.

A thought popped into Harry's head, if he could see peoples' names and those numbers above their heads would he see it on and animal? He decided to test this idea. He pulled his hair back to reveal his red eye. The snake started hissing angrily and cowardly backed its head away which surprised Harry. Well, the answer to his question was a big fat "no".

Before Harry could cover his eye again he was pushed out of the way and to the ground by Dudley who just noticed the snake was awake.

Harry sat up and shook his head. He suddenly heard a screech of terror. He turned around, he was facing the opposite direction when he got up, and gasped; the glass from the boa constrictor tank was gone. The snake uncoiled itself rapidly, slithering out on to the floor. The boa constrictor lifted its head towards Harry.

"Thanksss amigo," The snake said to Harry, though it sounded a little forced and unsure. Throughout the reptile house people started screaming and running for their lives, and the exits. "Brazil, here I come."

The keeper of the reptile house was in shock.

"But the glass," he kept saying, "where did it go?"

The zoo directer himself made Aunt Petunia a cup of strong, sweet tea while he apologized over and over again. Dudley could only gibber. As far as Harry had seen the snake didn't do anything wrong except playfully snap at peoples' heels as it passed them, but by the time they were all in Uncle Vernon's car, Dudley was telling them how it nearly bit off his leg. But worst of all for Harry was Dudley calming down enough to say, "Harry was talking to it,weren't you, Harry?"

When they got home Uncle Vernon was so furious he could hardly speak. But he managed to say."Go-cupboard-stay-no meals," before he plopped down into a chair, and Aunt Petunia ran to get him a large brandy.

Harry lay in his cupboard much later, wishing he had a watch. He didn't know what time it was and couldn't be sure the Durleys were asleep yet. He couldn't risk sneaking food from the kitchen until then.

He picked up the hand mirror from above his head, tucked his hair behind his ear, he looked at his red eye which would glow in the dark radiating red light that would bounce off the small mirror and reflect onto the surfaces of the walls. Sometimes Harry wondered if their was something his relatives were hiding from him. Because he knew having an eye completely red, save for the yellow irises, especially only one of their eyes. Other times Harry would doubt that he was human at all. Because normal boys, 'human' boys, don't have to deal with a "demon eye", as his Aunt and Uncle would put it.

Which is what made him think, what was his family (HAH) hiding from him about his parents? Was one of them a demon and one a human? Did one, or did they, of them commit a serious crime and they're trying to keep Harry from falling the same fate (if this was the case, then they failed, and they're going to die).

Harry sighed to himself. Sometimes he wished that some distant relative would come to take him away from the Dursleys forever. Although, there are times when he feels a familiar presence following him sometimes. Like its someone he knows is around, yet he doesn't know who it is.

Getting bored, Harry began playing with the red lighting from his eye and the hand mirror. Acting like he was drawing something on the walls like stars, pentagrams, an X in a circle etc.

Harry froze. There was that feeling again. The feeling that someone familiar was watching him, looking out for him. But who was it?

He heard a loud snore come from up stairs, the sound traveling down stairs, almost shaking the whole house. Harry could finally sneak himself something to eat without.

A figure watched from a dark corner as Harry made his way to the kitchen. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He didn't know what happened when they were out but the spirit knew that whatever happen nothing really calls for a week without food. It was ridiculous how these humans were treating the poor boy. It just wasn't right! He had to devise a plan to have this innocent child away from this awful place. Thing is, how was he going to do it, nobody could see him.

He had an idea but than though better of it, because it would cause unwanted attention. If all three of the Dursleys died in a similar way people would get suspicious. Though he could figure out something later.

The figure watched as the boy in the battered and worn white nightgown quietly shuffled across the kitchen floor (though he doesn't really have to be quiet, that snore could cover an explosion from an atomic bomb) to made himself a peanut butter sandwich.

The spirit decided that he would have to come back later and try to talk to his king about this. Black feathered wings sprout from the spirit's back, he flew up and went through the ceiling as if there was nothing there.

Harry looked up from spreading peanut butter on a slice of bread, he felt the familiar presence was gone. He always felt uncomfortable when it would disappear; because every time he got that feeling, he didn't feel alone in the world. He felt like there was someone there every step of the way for him in this horrid life of his. But when its gone, he felt like he was in solitude.

Harry sighs. Whoever, or whatever, keeps visiting him, he wished they would stay. At least to give him some company. That way he won't be as lonely here as he sees he is.

(11/4/14) Very Late Author's Note: I probably should have said this last year after I posted this chapter, but to explain to some of you people who think too much on why Harry has to cross dress and won't just go with it.

Okay, basically Petunia (why do I keep tasting tuna in my mouth every time I think or say that name? I don't even like tuna.) has always wanted a daughter of her own so she keep this box full of her old clothes, and a few of Lilly's dresses that Petunia envied during their childhood, in hopes of having a daughter. When Pentunia had given birth to Dudley she felt kind of disappointed but that didn't stop her from loving him any less. But, however, she still wanted a daughter.

Several years later, after Harry moves in with them, Vernon finds the box of Petunia's old clothes and wants to throw them out. Petunia intervenes and it wasn't until then it struck her that she could let Harry wear the clothes and pass him off as a girl, since his hair grew really fast that wouldn't be a problem. Vernon wasn't comfortable with the idea but he let it go because Dudley found it amusing seeing Harry in a dress. And as we all know Vernon and Petunia want to please Dudley with what ever he wants.

Well, I hope that clears the air (and most of the tables at that Starbucks you're at). Enjoy the next chapters. If you don't then please no flames because those would be redirected to your no-no area and you'll have to change your name to Fire Crotch (now I didn't make this name up. That is someone's actual name in the United States.).