Harry sat with his back against the wall while Hiroyuki slept using his lap as a pillow. Hagrid was lying on the couch sleeping as well. Harry was the only one in the house awake. Too many things were currently running around in his head.

Just an hour ago he was given his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Hagrid. At first Harry thought it was some kind of a joke until he was proven wrong when Hagrid pulled out a cracked tea cup from his coat pocket and turned it into a little brown mouse then back to a tea cup. Harry was astonished at the display of magic. Harry nearly had a giddy attack at the thought of doing a spell like that himself, and that there were other freaks like him out there.

Hagrid was shocked and angry when Harry told him the Dursleys had failed to tell Harry about his heritance, let alone show the child a picture of his own parents. Hagrid would've done something horrible to the Dursleys if they were still alive. Even though he wanted to strangle Harry's relatives for neglecting him he still can't help but feel bad about their deaths, after all he isn't a monster to think such things.

So the half-giant told Harry all he knew about Lilly and James, from their first time at Hogwarts and what he knew about them outside of school, which wasn't very much but still very useful and refreshing to Harry.

Several minutes through the conversation Harry decided to show and ask Hagrid if he knew anything about his red eye. Hagrid was confounded at first until Harry tucked his hair behind his right ear. The half giant had let out an uncharacteristic girlish shriek, much to the half-giant's embarrassment, and caused Hiroyuki and Harry to laugh uncontrollably. After composing himself (and the two boys have calmed down from their laughing fit) Hagrid really didn't know what to tell Harry. Hagrid voiced his thought that to do with the supernatural (the other kind, not the wizard world) but he has very little knowledge about things like this. He was practically an expert with magical creatures, but when it comes to the other-worldly (like muggle ghosts and demons) genre Hagrid was basically useless. So Harry was told that would be something he'll have to find out on his own later. In the meantime, Harry was instructed by both Hagrid and Hiroyuki to keep his eye covered, because they said it wasn't normal to have a red eye like that, even for a wizard.

Harry was disappointed that no other freak like him had an eye like his, but in a way it somehow made him feel unique, in a good way.

Over all of this what Harry found the most shocking was that Hiroyuki was wizard too, and he went to Hogwarts as well! The albino Japanese was related through Mrs. Figgs's younger brother, who is a wizard himself (turns out Mrs. Figgs was a squib, a non-magical being born from a magical family), whom got transferred to a Japanese school where he met Hiroyuki's mother, Suki Usami. But that was a story to be told another time, Hiroyuki had said.

Harry wondered how things would go at his new school. Hiroyuki said he would answer all his questions about Hogwarts when the time presented itself. He said he was given a job a the school but he didn't say what kind of job before he drifted off to sleep. It was a lot to process in just one night. Harry's head literally felt like it was spinning. Harry thought that he should probably sleep on it and maybe his head won't hurt as much in the morning.

Pale, dainty fingers ran themselves through Hiroyuki's snowy white hair. They felt soft and silky in between Harry's fingers, like Hiroyuki's hair was woven entirely out of spider's silk. Harry stifled a yawn, laid his head to the side and closed his eyes for sleep to immediately overtake him.

In the morning everybody awoke before Mrs. Figgs who apparently spent half the night reading a romantic novel that her brain was glued to and fell asleep during the middle of the last chapter. After breakfast, consisting of left over pizza, some sausage Hagrid had cooked for them and chocolate cake, not in that order, Hiroyuki taped a note to his sleeping aunt's forehead explaining that Harry got his acceptance letter and he's tagging along with him to Diagon Alley with the keeper of keys to get his school supplies.

The trio walked along the sidewalk as they made their way to a train station. Hagrid received stares and weird/astonished looks from passersby. The boys didn't blame them. Hagrid was twice their size, and can easily turn them into a pancake should they make one false move, and kept pointing at ordinary things with his umbrella saying, "See that boys? Things these muggles dream up,eh?

When they got to the train station a train was about to leave for London in five minutes. Hagrid gave the bills to Hiroyuki, for he didn't understand "muggle money" as he put it.

During the train ride Hagrid and Hiroyuki were answering Harry's questions. Harry was concerned about how he was going to pay for the necessities he needed for school as he looked the list over and over again.

"Don't worry about it," Hiroyuki said.

"Did yeh think yer parents didn't leave yeh anything?" Hagrid said looking at the emerald-eyed boy.

Hiroyuki wrapped his arms around Harry's shoulders. "Yeah, did you think you they would leave you unprepared?"

"Uuuhh," Harry raised an eyebrow the teen's action. "But...if their house was destroyed-"

"They didn't keep their money at home," Hiroyuki playfully scolded. "They kept it in a bank, silly."

"Wizards' bank, ter be precise," said Hagrid.

"Wizards have banks?"

"No," Hiroyuki smiled, "just the one."

"Yep," Hagrid nodded in agreement. "Gringotts. Run by goblins."

"Goblins?" Harry questioned incredulously.


"You'd be a baka to try and rob them," Hiroyuki had interrupted, receiving a glare from Hagrid. The snowy-haired teen returned the glare with a menacing look in his eye that made the half-giant jump slightly. Suddenly looking uncomfortable, Hagrid crossed his legs in visible fright, for some reason, and proceeded knitting what looked like a yellow canary circus tent. Hiroyuki smirked at this, but Harry looked on in confusion.

"You see Harry-kun," Hiroyuki proceeded speaking as if he hadn't scared the living day lights out of Hagrid with just one look, "Gringotts is hundreds of miles under the grounds of London. There are spells and enchantments there to protect it. It's said that there are dragons guarding high-security vaults. If you, somehow, managed to get past those you have to keep track of where you are, or else you could be stuck down there wondering around the mines for God knows how long. And speaking of dragons," Hiroyuki turned to the tensed Hagrid who paused his knitting at the subject change, "Hagrid didn't you tell me before that you wanted one?"

Hagrid's nerves calmed down almost immediately, knowing that he wasn't getting hurt...yet. Despite the thought of a surprise attack from Hiroyuki could happen anytime soon the thought of dragons made him feel more comfortable.

"Y-yeah," Hagrid almost stuttered, "wanted one ever since I was kid."

"It would be kind of cool to have a dragon," Hiroyuki said. "Although, there are the hassles of keeping a dragon."

"What hassles?" Hagrid looked on in confusion.

"Well, number one, you have fireproof everything," Hiroyuki went on listing the several dangerous situations that could occur with a pet dragon, only to have Hagrid protest on some of them. Other people looked at them funny. Probably thinking that they were weirdos; or on some medication; or weirdos on medication. Although, they stared mostly because Hagrid was twice the size as a normal human and took up two seats of the train.

Within approximately five minutes the train had reached its destination in London. The three began their way out of the station when Hagrid got stuck in the ticket barrier. The boys and a brave volunteer, college student with brown, curly hair wearing a hoodie, had to push the giant out.

"Thank you for your help," Harry had thanked him. "I don't think we could've gotten him out without your help."

"Don't mention it," the stranger murmured before departing from the trio then joining a man wearing a cowboy hat several yards from them.

The three found a broken-down escalator that lead up to a busy street. "I don't know how the muggles managed without magic." said Hagrid as they climbed up the motionless steps. Hiroyuki let out a little snort. The statement seemed ridiculous to him since he was raised mostly around technology his whole life. Hagrid didn't react to the snort, either the half-giant didn't hear or he did but decided not to say anything.

After passing a bunch of shops, restaurants and movie theaters (and Hagrid's huge frame parting many confounded crowds) they arrived at tiny, shabby-looking pub.

"This is it," said Hagrid, "the Leaky Cauldron. It's a famous place."

Harry wouldn't have noticed it if Hagrid hadn't pointed it out. The people rushing by didn't so much as glance at it, like the place was invisible to them. Well, with a place looking this small it takes a very observant person to even notice it. Before Harry could say anything about it Hiroyuki gently tugged at his arm following Hagrid inside.

The interior of the Leaky Cauldron was very dark and shabby for a famous place. The low chattering noise came to a stop when they walked in. When the people's eyes landed on Hiroyuki they clapped their hands in appreciation; Hiroyuki rolled his pink sapphire eyes with the tiniest of smiles on his face. Everyone seemed to know Hagrid too, they waved and smiled at him. The bartender, who looked like a bald, toothless walnut, reached for a glass, saying, "The usual, Hagrid?"

"Can't Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business," Hagrid said, clapping his big hands on the boys' shoulders. Hiroyuki collapsed with a yelp from the half-giant's great strength and Harry's knees buckled. Hagrid apologized a dozen times to Hiroyuki. The albino waved off the apologies as Harry helped him up.

"Hiroyuki Usami," the bartender, Tom, said with friendly smile, "it is so good to see you again. It's been so long the last time you were here."

"Tom-san, its been a week since I've been here," muttered Hiroyuki.

"And who is this lovely, young lady," Tom asked looking at Harry. "You finally got yourself into dating Hiroyuki?"

Harry was about to correct the bartender about his gender when Hiroyuki snaked an arm around Harry's waist to bring him closer.

"Why yes, yes I have" Hiroyuki said with a smug look on his face. "We are running some errands to get my 'girlfriend' schools supplies for the first year of Hogwarts."

"Oh, she's a bit young for you isn't she?"

Harry's eyes widened in perplexity as his cheeks reddened, "W-what-I'm not-hmph!" Hiroyuki covered the cross dresser's mouth with his hand.

"Not to me," Hiroyuki tried his best to contain a sadistic smile as Harry's muffled voice sounded from behind his hand. "Well, we better get going. Busy day ahead of us."

Hiroyuki turned to leave, with Harry held by the wrist, but halted almost immediately to keep himself from bumping into someone. The albino Japanese looked up at the stranger who spun around nervously, catching the movements made by the teen from the corner of his eye; he was a pale, young man with a twitch in one of his eyes.

"Professor Quirrell," said Hagrid, "Harry, Professor Quirrell will be one of your teachers at Hogwarts."

"H-H-Harry," the man stuttered in question, "Harry P-P-Potter is a g-g-girl?" He said referring to Harry's hair, black short-sleeved blouse and light pink skirt.

Now Harry was feeling nervous himself. He couldn't tell Quirrell he had to cut his hair in a style to hide his red eye and scar. Or that he had to wear girl clothes to match his outgrown hair that hides the reason he has to put on a skirt in the first place. What should he say to him?

"W-well, um-"

"Harry-kun is a cross-dresser," Hiroyuki interrupted Harry, to the younger's assistants and relieve. "He feels very uncomfortable with boys clothes."

Professor Quirrell looked at him. He took a closer look at Hiroyuki; examining him. Wondering why his appearance seemed so familiar, when realization kicked in. He took a few, hasty steps away from the albino looking even more nervous than he did two seconds ago.

"M-M-Mr. U-Usa-mi-mi-mi," Professor Quirrell's eyes were bulging from their sockets as fear took a hold of his nervous system. "I-I-I a-apologize for m-my ignorance o-of y-y-your presence s-sir."

Hiroyuki waved off Professor Quirrell's apologies with an uninterested look on his face. He really didn't want to deal with a stutterer today. He wanted to see the astonishment on Harry's face when he sees more of the wonders of the wizard world, but he can't do that until he can get this kook to go away.

"That is quite alright," Hiroyuki's voice then took a darker tone as he said, "Just don't let it happen again."

"Y-yes sir," Quirrell did a poor excuse for a bow before telling Harry, "Well I-I g-guess I will b-be s-seeing you at s-sc-school Mr. P-Potter. G-goodbye!" then hurried off before he angered the Japanese teen and end up in a terrible fate, like someone else he knows.

"Hiroyuki," Harry began, "why does every man who recognizes you is completely afraid of you? I mean, what did you do that can cause so much fear?"

Hiroyuki laughed good-heartedly then took Harry's face his hands. "Oh, Harry-kun," he said, "all in due time, you will know why there is so much fear and respect towards me in this world. Now, shall we get to Diagon Alley, Hagrid-san?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah," Hagrid said as he led the way to their next destination with Harry and Hiroyuki following once more.

Sorry for the very long wait. I just forgot about this story, and I wasn't really feeling like writing for a couple of months because of this major writer's block I had, along with renewed depression to top it all off, I couldn't write for a while. But here it is! Chapter...whatever chapter this one is. Anyways happy Fourth of July!