Fandom: One Piece
This will be a small collection of one-shot stories that my quirky brain produced under the influence of awesomeness that is 'Diary of a Potato Bag' by nothing new in this world.
They will vary in length, subject and I took liberties when it comes to currently mysteries and future plot developments. Be aware that they may feel like teasers since sometimes my imagination goes merely to that one point. It's unlikely that I'll continue with any of the chapters as they'll function as standalones.

I'm not claiming I have some special talent when it comes to writing and that stories are mind-meltingly good or up to the quality of the original.
I do claim they are mine and I think they are decent enough to be shared like this. Finally, I claim that I do have permission by nothing new in this world to play around in her Universe and share the result.
By the way, my honest thanks for Universe's very creation because it truly brought me much joy and gladness.

If you are fine with all this - Welcome. I hope you'll like it.
If not - Thank you for your time.

Oh, and One Piece is not mine. Surprise!

Subject: AU Outtake of nothing new in this world's 'Diary of a Potato Bag'
Timeline: AU set at an undetermined point in the future
Place: Moby Dick
Title: The Sneaky One
Beta: mamc97nolongeranonymous (Special thanks for patience with me dithering around with it all. My only excuse is that I can be an insecure and lazy ninny sometimes.)

"You don't know me as well as you think."


"Why once you called me sneaky. Me! Sneaky."

"When was that?"

"Oh, it was on Gurashia Island. Remember? The burning building and Devil Fruits? I was slinking around your group, through the smoke, so I could get to the kids and Fruits first."

"…. My bad."