Sleeping Beauty:

By: Oona4

Beta'd by Greeneyes 84 Banner by Marie Carro

SM owns all. This is my "What If" story. If you are under 18, have triggers for spanking, violence, lemons please do not read. My vamps don't sparkle, can eat rare meats, eggs, and drink whiskey and coffee, along with animal blood. The males are all Alpha's and practice Domestic Discipline within their marriages. I hope you like this story.

Prologue: Once Upon A Time:
There was a kingdom filled with a different kind of creatures known to man as Vampires. They lived if it could be called living, on the blood of others, leaving only fear and hate in their wake. Three men rule this world, Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Hundreds of years pass, then one day a former friend returns to their Castle with both a new way of life for them all, and a son for them to meet. Now this younger Vampire called Carlisle Cullen had learned you didn't have to live off human blood, you could live off animals too. His eyes were Golden not Red and his heart was filled with love for his "brothers" who had saved him, when he needed them the most, and for the new son and family he hoped someday to have. Years pass, the older ones try and many take to the new lifestyle, some do not are called forever more rogue Vampires. They become something to be feared, and hunted down, lest they reveal their secret. The brothers take to both, giving them back a feel for humanity and life itself. One of the greatest joys Carlisle has brought to them is the son Edward, a handsome, charming, and if needs be fierce Vampire. He is soon made the Prince of their world. One dark night when Edward is feeling so alone, his uncle Marcus tells them all him a prediction he has seen for Edward. Carlisle has become the fourth brother and co rules with the first three.

"My boy I have been shown that you will one day find the love and mate you seek, she is asleep in time, my Edward. But time will one day awaken her and you will find your Sleeping Beauty, she will be the perfect mate for you and be yours forever. A Princess of our world, wait for fate to weave the hands of time in your favor"

Many years pass, The Cullen family as Carlisle calls his coven, now has seven children and a beautiful mate named Esme. Prince Edward has never found his mate or love. But time is finally on his side and the fates have woven time to bring him his "Sleeping Beauty" at last.

And so it begins…

Summary: He had been watching her at night for weeks. Coming into her room after she was in a deep sleep, he didn't know how he would live now without her. Too bad she had never met him; he'd have to fix that soon. Might be nice, to spend time with her, when she is really awake. She thinks he is her "Good Elf" but in reality she is his "Beauty" and he is her Prince. A Vampire, Volturi Prince, to be exact.

Chapter: One "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"


Another day, another dollar, as they say, can't stand much more I tell you, Mike always trying to "court" me, and working for long hours with no future at all. If I sold the house where would I go? I can't keep the feeling of there being something else for me out there, someone else but who? Still these last few weeks, my dreams have increased, along with the feeling of being looked after. I was always leery of things, a little shy, a little afraid, and even when my parents were alive.

About a month ago while shopping in the only decent sized nearby town that had a bookstore, me being the klutz I am; I got lost and all turned around. When I finally emerged into an alley there were four guys there waiting for me .Then all of the sudden they were running away. Looking around and seeing nothing I hurried to my old truck. I still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. Now I wish I had taken those self defense classes my dad always talked about. Between Mike and his nonsense and now being alone it might have been a good idea after all. A few days later I swore I heard my backdoor open; it was in the middle of the night and I know I locked it before I went to bed. Coming downstairs terrified; but holding my dad's police baton, or his butt whipping bat as he always joked about it, there was nothing there or out of place. Still the feeling made me wonder about getting a dog or something like an alarm system.

Then one night while having very bad dreams, I felt loving hands caressing me, sshing my fears, with a soft voice saying I was safe and that no one would ever hurt me. It sounds silly but true. And ever since that night I seem to sense when my dream lover is there, there's always a feeling of peace that comes over me. Somewhere in all the weeks this has been going on I realized that I'm not afraid anymore waking or sleeping. I think I love my protector whatever or whoever he is.

People around here would think I'm insane, but things are getting fixed here as well. First it was the back door, the knob was wiggly and the lock unreliable. After that scary night I noticed it was fixed and it works fine now. Then my stair rails were old and wobbly, always knew I'd end up falling down the stairs one night then I came home last week to find them sturdier and it looked like they had been repainted too.

I also never seem to run out of gas, there is always never less than ½ the tank, no matter where I drive too. So now every night before I go to bed, I say out loud

"My beloved shoe makers elves or handsome prince, thank you for what you fix tonight" meaning every word, because they don't scare me, in fact I feel like Sleeping Beauty, a princess to somebody, I just wish I knew who it was. I wish I could keep him forever. Took me a few days not to undress in the closet, but I got over that silliness, still if he or it stops coming at night, how will I go on from there. I live for his or their visits now.


Today like every other day she works, I disappear into her dad's room while she dresses and gets ready for work. Listening to see that she eats, her wreck of a truck starts, so whatever. Then I fix little things here and there, finally gave in, and went through her mail.

She had bills, and statements from her dad's death and insurance. Using the information I gleaned there. (oh I'm such an old man my father always said gleaned, but today we do not speak as eloquently as my dear father did, to glean was to gather, and in this case I am gathering information on my Beauty, will she think me outdated if I don't say learned all the time?) I went to her bank located on line, adding a little money for her now and then, but not enough to make her curious, just enough to see she has money for gas at least. Speaking of gas, every few days I add a 5 gallon can of it to that hideous dinosaur she drives. The only good thing about it is you can hear her coming for miles. Today I read all her saved mail, learning about her life before she caught my attention.

Slowly I have been cleaning out old things, moving her life away from here. Paying off things she has forgotten about. Wouldn't she be surprised to know she has a Hundred Thousand Dollars already in a bank account, in her soon to be name "Bella Cullen"? With just a little work on my part, I took her dad's insurance money, well part of it and reinvested it, adding a little of my own, plus I cashed in some old bonds I found in her dad's closet that were covered with dust.. I decided that I might as well live here too, until she and I leave, which will be very soon. Deciding on that a week ago, I gave up my room at the hotel next town over and put my car in storage along with a few things I always travel with.

Now in the back of her dad's closet is a duffle bag loaded for me. That is how I found these old papers, he must have stored, and then forgot about the box it was inches deep in dust. This made me go up into the never cleaned attic. Throwing out all the trash up there was a challenge. I didn't want her to see a huge amount of garbage she didn't make, so I put bags of it in everyone's trash on the street. I did that for three trash pickups, and then it was finally clean enough to search.

She'll be so happy; I found pretty things of her grandmother's on both sides. Wedding dress, jewelry, pictures, these I have in a waterproof acid free package in my car trunk for safe keeping. Then papers and the bonds still worth something, love letters from generations long gone. There is an old rocking chair worth taking that needs only love and cleaning, I know she will love it. It too is in the store room with my car.

Today I'm cleaning out her dad's things at last. Kept two flannel shirts for her, they smell of him and his after shave, these are in zip lock bags. His badge, hat insignia, and wallet as well, jeans and old clothes are gone to a nearby thrift store. Pictures added to our already packed box. Sitting on his bed, I look at her school work and drawings he kept, so cute she was an adorable child. Her mom's wedding ring not much else.

After washing the floors, and dusting the entire room. It looks good enough for now. I go into my sleeping beauty's room, makes me smile every time I remember her saying that in her sleep two weeks ago. 'I'm just like sleeping beauty, my shoe makers elves, or my prince are talking such good care of me"

Well one Prince anyway baby doll. Gads she is the messiest girl on the planet, I swear. Clothes everywhere, papers everywhere, shoes thrown wherever, no wonder she trips all the darn time. Gathering it all up, putting it either away, or doing a load of wash takes up some more time, before her room is neater, but not too much changed from when she left this morning.

Now sweeping the stairs, then the downstairs floors, and my "housework" for today is done. Never have to do the bathroom she is great about that and the kitchen. Still I go through the cupboards making a shopping list for food. Then heading out the back door, with the new lock she didn't notice, of which she and I have the only keys, well in fact all the locks are now new with only two keys to unlock them all including the "hidden" one out front.

Figured 30 year old locks and keys were too old, so I replaced them all. Shopping in a nearby town for the food, running "home" with it putting it away filled my day. Now to wait for my princess to return, for the night like I have for every night these last four weeks.

Four weeks ago while running past a fair sized city, I smelled the most wonderful scent. Following my nose and my mind which for some reason was blank I finally emerged near the back of a strip mall in the middle of the town. I hear a heartbeat go into overdrive and smelled the delightful smell turn acrid with fear. Stalking silently into the alley parking lot, I see four men circling my prey. Oh hell no I have tracked her for miles, she's mine boys. As they come at her in a line I walk up behind her allowing my fangs to drop and venom to drip.

As one they look over her head and see me in the street lights glare. They turn and hightail out of there and I step into the shadows. What I thought was going to be a nice treat, an occasional treat to be sure turned into something else.

When I got within five feet of her, the need to feast became the need to mate. I had to fight to not claim her right then and there. It was overpowering to me and very unsettling. Never and I mean never had I had such a physical response to a female human or vampire. I wanted to mate with her, wrap her in bubble wrap, and run with her, and then spank her sweet little bottom for being in an alley in the dark alone in the first place all at the same time. I must ask my uncles and father how one deals with all this, it was truly frightening. Top off that list with the fact I couldn't hear her mind at all and I was befuddled to say the least.

Nothing for it but to follow her home, which I did, I had too. It is as ingrained in me now as breathing was as a human I cannot leave her. When I knew she was safe and asleep I ran to a nearby motel and checked in. Now one month later I need to call my family both here in America and Italy. They will be sending the troops out soon if I don't check in. When I tell them I have found my mate, all hell will break loose. Can't be helped, we seven "kids" are the heirs to Volturi and all that goes with it. So my Princess will really be one when I take her home. Wonder how she will like that "My Sweet Beauty".