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Once there was a Prince born to a human and one not human any longer.

Once it had been foretold that a child would come one day, even though none believed.

Once a Vampire had been told true love existed but he never knew it could be his.

Once a young maiden, dreamed of a lover, a Prince, who would take her away, and change her forever.

Once that very thing happened and yet few knew of it or cared in the outside world.

But the very deed changed the Vampire World forever and so it changed the vampires as well.

For there in an ancient Castle lived a trio of brothers frozen by time, ruling a dark world.

Then another came with a son and new way of living. So for the first time in centuries there was happiness in the Realm.

Years would pass, and one day our Prince would find his Sleeping Beauty far from the castle.

She would awaken in him a love the poets write about and give him a gift thought to be denied.

She would give him a child, a son heir to all they had. Light in the darkness they no longer lived in.

So it was foretold and so it came to be, Sleeping Beauty once awakened was a treasure above Rubies.

Happiness and Love rang in the Castle forever more. A family had been formed and heir declared

A happily Ever after, assured by love forever

The End…

Epilogue: "No Matter How Your Heart is Grieving. If You Go On Believing; aDream That You Wish Will Come True"


I finished the story I was reading to my two year old son. He was the perfect mixture of Bella and me. He had my unruly copper colored hair but he had his mother's sweet face and brown eyes. He would blush just like her and he could be very stubborn. We were told that he would be born in three months but our son had other plans and stayed in for an extra week. Bella said he was too stubborn for his own good. I just said that she made such a nice warm and happy home for him inside her body that he didn't want to come out yet. She would always huff in annoyance and then smile as I kissed her cheek

I remembered when we landed in Volterra to have the baby. My aunts and uncles were all waiting at the airport to greet us and I was shocked to see most of the guard waiting outside for us. "Uncles, what is this?" I asked

"Oh my boy, this is just for protection. Word has gotten out that you were coming home and about the baby so we are just taking precautions" Aro assured me

I was uneasy about it but relaxed once we got to the safety of the castle. I won't lie about it; those few months waiting for our son were agony at its finest. Bella was sick the first month with terrible morning sickness that I thought we would have to hospitalize her for. But Pisa and Dory found a local mid wife who gave my beauty some herbs to mix with her drinks that would help. It did help a little but when my girl discovered that she was craving blood and drank some she found all her sickness gone. It was a bit alarming but a turn on at the same time to watch the deep red liquid coat her pretty lips but if it helped then so be it.

We did have one problem with someone trying to destroy my family, mainly Bella and the baby but it was short lived. The fool snuck into the castle and into our room, of course Alice saw it before hand and Jasper and Emmett were able to dispose of him before anything happened. Apparently his family should have been rulers and he would have been prince of Volterra or some nonsense. I happily turned him to ash.

The birth of my son was an experience let me tell you. Bella had been complaining of a bad back for days and we were expecting our son to come any day now since she was a week over due already. Carlisle said he would give it 48 hours and if it Bella still didn't go into labor on her own then we would give her a c-section and I swore I would change her right then and there if I had to. C-sections made me nervous, there would be blood, and not all vampires here had the same diet we did. Aro and dad assured me that they would take every precaution and most of the vampire guard had been sent away from the castle leaving only the best for protection.

We had just finished a lovely meal and we sitting around enjoying each other's company when Bella excused herself to go to the washroom. I helped her from her chair as she was finding it hard to maneuver when she cried out and latched on to the table.

"Bella, love, are you okay" I asked trying not to freak out

"Oh god, my belly" my girl shouted and I looked down to see the water on the floor

"Edward, her water broke, the baby is coming. Quickly, up to the room" my dad stated and I picked my girl up and rushed to the hospital wing as we were calling it. I immediately removed my girl's clothes as she panted and screamed.

"Eddie it hurts, I can't do this" she cried and broke my heart

"Yes you can love, come on now it won't be too long" I assured her and was relieved when my father came in and checked her stating that she was already fully dilated

"Eddie, please, I can't it hurts" she cried again and I wanted to cry with her but instead I used my "Daddy" voice and sternly said "You can little girl and you will, now come on and bring our son home or do you want a spanking later?" not that I would have, not right after she gave birth but it did the trick. She hissed at me and with a huge scream and push she helped our child come into the world and I cried as Carlisle proclaimed it was a boy. Bella and I cried as we held him and she told me what she wanted to name him. He was so beautiful and I kissed Bella again in thanks.

We spent a couple of minutes with our son before my father took him away to get cleaned up and I went to the closet we had there to help Bella change. I picked out a lovely soft night gown and I dropped everything when I turned around to find my girl shaking on the bed, her body was quivering, and her skin had gone ice cold.

"Ed..edw…Eddie, what's happening" she finally shrieked and I screamed for my dad

I was so scared, I had no idea what was going on. I stood horrified as my dad checked her over and claimed that something had detached inside when she was giving birth and she was now bleeding internally. "NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed

Bella grabbed my arm and hauled me down to her neck. I thought she wanted to hug me but all she was said was that it was time. I stared at her blankly not really know what she wanted.

"Edward, son, you'll have to change her, it's the only way. The bleeding is too much I can hear her heart slowing down. You have to son, it's' what she wants" my father said softly as he place a hand on my shoulder

I looked down at my love and saw her nod as tears ran down her face and I told her I loved her as my fangs sank into her neck. I sobbed against her skin as her blood coated my throat. As sweet as it was, I didn't want it but I would for her, for our son who needed his mother. I pushed my venom into her system and then sealed her wound with my venom coated lips and then stood up only to fall into my mother's arms sobbing again.

"Shhh, Edward, it will be fine" she cooed to me

"Come see you son while you father and sister clean her up" Esme said pulling me along

"Noooo! I can't leave her" I shouted

"Edward, son, go, you need to see you son, bring him back here. I promise it will be fine" my father said softly and I sighed in defeat as I followed my mother to the room just down the hall. I opened the door to find my aunts and sisters huddled around the crib looking down and cooing at my son. Once they saw me they moved aside immediately and left me alone with my boy.

I spent a few minutes just staring at him. He was so beautiful and so tiny and he smelled like the sweetest vanilla. "You don't know how long I've waited for you and your mom" I whispered to him and he gurgled at me which I found cute as well

"I love you son, let's go see how Mommy is" I said with more confidence than I felt

We arrived back to the room to see my love still on the bed and in the night gown I had picked out. I was expecting her to be shaking or screaming in pain but she just lay there, almost like she was asleep. It would have been fascinating it I wasn't as terrified as to what it could mean. My father assured me that everything was alright and Bella was going through the change as we speak. I was dumbfounded but smiled, she never ceased to amaze me and I just took a seat next to her as I told our son all about his mommy and then watched as my son fell asleep in my arms while I held my sleeping beauty's hand.

Most changes take three days but within just a day Bella had completed the change and woke up like she just had the best night sleep of her life. There was no blood lust, no rash behavior, and no need to re-learn everything. It was as if she just skipped that part and the bond to our son was instant and natural and oh so beautiful that it left me breathless. Gads, I had no idea I could be this happy.

Once our son was born there was a huge celebration and I smiled at the memory of my beauty in her pretty ball gown as she carried our son into the ball room. He wouldn't be staying long; just enough to introduce him to the vampires that had been invited, state his name so it could be added to the history books, and then Esme would take him to the nursery so he could sleep. My son looked so cute in my old baptismal gown from when I was a baby. I still can't believe it kept so well, not tarnished or turned at all.

In front of everyone, Aro, Caius, Marcus and my father once again claimed me as prince of Volterra, Bella as the princess and then introduced our son and the future heir to the throne. He was named Dominic Arthur Sean Masen Cullen Volturi and instantly everyone in the room fell in love with him and I was in awe as the entire room fell to their knees in honor of the new future king.

I was brought out of my memories as I heard someone say my name and I smiled when I looked up to see the love of my life leaning against the door frame with a huge smile on her face.

"Mommy!" our son squealed, she had been shopping all day for Dominic, he had turned two just last week and there was a huge party this weekend when his great aunts and uncles showed up, they made us promise not to celebrate until they got here so Bella and the rest of the women of my family had been out shopping for presents and decorations

"There's my little boy" she sighed as she sat down and he climbed in her lap, not one to be left out I sat behind my girl and pulled them both into my lap while I placed a kiss on my girl's head and another on my son's.

"What are you two doing?" she asked

"Daddy was weading me a sorry" he stated and I smiled

"Oh was he, was it a good one?" my Bella asked

"Yup" he shouted and I watched as Bella spied the book, it was a favorite of hers as well since it was about us we were sure

"Okay mister, time for bed" I said as I picked them both up and then watched as Bella place him gently under the covers and we both tucked him in and kissed him good night.

"Love you Mommy, love you Daddy" he whispered sleepily and we told him we loved him and then went to our own room

"Eddie, would Daddy care to read me a story?" she asked coyly and I growled as I tackled her to the bed and playfully bit at her neck

"Once upon a time there was stuffy old man who didn't know what love was." I started and she snorted looking up at me.

"He felt that love didn't exist and that he would never find it. He searched high and low for his princess but she was never there. Then one day he came upon a tower and scaled it to see what was inside. He happened upon a woman who was sleeping and from the moment he laid eyes on her closed ones he knew she was it, she was the one he would always want" I ended the tale here for my need was becoming too much

"Are you happy with our fairytale my Prince?" she asked shyly.

"Always and forever my Princess, you will always be my Sleeping Beauty"