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Chapter Nine:


I worry about Bella; already she is a true sister to me. The moment I saw her I felt a pull like the one I feel toward Peter. Interesting I wonder if we could be related, we'll need to look into that I have never felt it before for anyone else.

Peter loves her too. Rose is on board and I fear we need to make sure Ali is so there are no hurt feelings between us and Jasper too. Our folks already adore her. Peter says we must run interference for Bella with Ali so I will.

"Peter I have a feeling Bella and I are family like blood related could that be possible"

"Oh sweetheart, how wonderful would that be for both of you" Jasper walks in our room

"I heard that let's do some research, I have her birth information for our family records and papers" going to his study on the second floor we begin an ancestry search of her parents. After four hours we have the link. Her mom was my, Aunt Jennie's granddaughter, we are cousins. Funny how I am almost 75 years older, but it seems like she is my sister.

Now through her dad believe it or not Peter and Jasper are cousins of Charlie. His great grandfather and their dad were brothers. Charlie's left the south before the civil war. She is related to the three of us. Bella was meant to be with us forever. Can't wait to tell the family they will be floored.


She is so funny I loved hearing her thoughts these last few days. Her oweee makes me smile so darn cute. I'm sure she has no idea I heard all her ramblings during our loving earlier esp. about asking Charlotte. Not a bad idea really Charlotte is like family real family to me always has been. Glad she had her first "talk" here now she needn't be afraid of me like she was. Be so glad when she is changed don't know how humans stand their darlings turning into shrews on a monthly basis. Gads I'd die or be spanking her every time I turned around. Either way I'd hate it. Still the hormones we gave her are finally working she is back to her sweet self. Getting home will be nice, we need to get settled, and at least we are new to the house so she shouldn't feel odd being the only one there who is new.

I have a song running in my head I want to work out on the piano it's her or how my musical mind sees her anyway. Didn't know making love to your mate was so joyful and humbling at the same time. But it is, and she is all I ever yearned for, bet my mother would have loved her. Mom and dad love her like a daughter already. Now to get Alice on board and life will be awesome. She is waking up finally we have all day tomorrow before we head to the house.


Waking up with my bottom snuggled into my honey's abdomen, his arms draped over me is pure bliss. Add to that his cold body is very soothing to my very sore butt.

"I know you're awake, sweetie"

"Yes I am Edward but I'm so happy here it's nice to act like I'm not" tickling me I jump up,

"OK I'm up" laughing we get dressed after he makes me roll over so he can rub healing cream as he calls it all over my bare bum which made me laugh too. But it does feel better I'll admit. We make our way downstairs to put on coffee and soup for me. Eating and looking at him are my favorite things so far in my life barring sex with him of course.

"Edward what will we do once we're home, I mean do I need a job or something" he looks at me for a few seconds then smiles

"Darling forgive me we have little or no time to talk, no you never need a job, I have millions here and there overseas we are OK for as long as we live baby"

"Edward you never said, sorry I wasn't prying" 'Prying little one, it's not prying to ask your husband if we have money" relieved he isn't mad I eat more soup. "Then can I buy some books next time we are out" smiling at me sweetly "darling just say when" humming a tune I eat and nod, what do I need? I think to myself not much maybe a new laptop. Mine is awful and very old, download a few new songs on my old MP3 player, oh and a new cell phone one I can actually use and understand. I have money in the bank thanks to my darling so I could get a new phone and not burden him about it. All the time I'm pondering these things I see him looking at me now and then. Funny how he seems to know me then other times I surprise him completely wonder why that is.

"Edward is there a mall or some such place on the way home tomorrow if we leave a bit earlier"

"Yes baby there is, do you need to go"

"Um I have a couple of things I'd like to buy now that you have made it possible for me but I also want your opinion and advice too"

"It would be my pleasure sweetheart, let's pack tonight so we can leave early, and enjoy shopping too" stifling a groan I nod.


Silly little girl, she is not paying for any of that stuff. I had hoped to get her a card before she went shopping but there just hasn't been time. Yes to all she was thinking about and a couple of other things too like a new car for her. I'll bet we have a very long "talk" when we get to that. Probably have to go out to the woods after all.

Darn it, really wish she'd be more open about stuff and not so stubborn, but then would I have loved a wishy washy lady? No probably not, so we'll just wait and see what happens maybe if Peter and Charlotte go with us we can avoid the scene I fear will happen. Wonder what kind of car she would like?


We packed and made love twice before getting dressed after a very sexy shower. She was fusing a little because she is still having her period, but it's very light with the shot. Besides she is my Beauty, if she thinks that would keep me from wanting her she is very much mistaken. The blood doesn't appeal to me either, which was something I had been a little worried about when I realized she was having one. Dad told me after giving it to her that it smells off so she would be safe. He was right. Now I don't need to worry about her having them at home before she changes. I had to growl at her at first to get her to stop pushing me away because of it. But lucky for me she is very into me too.


We had to pack the cabin up securing things. Then getting it all set we headed out to a local shopping center. First a cell phone, glad he was there, he helped me pick just the right one and a cute cover too. He paid with his black card, I started to protest but one look at his face had me shutting my mouth. My bottom was getting hot again. When we got out to our car I turned to him

"Baby I didn't mean for you to buy that I wasn't asking you" keeping my voice calm.

"Bella let me say something here before we have a fight ok" I nodded and waited for him to continue "Darling you have one of these cards too but it didn't get to me in time before our wedding, now these cards are on the family money, all of us have one and we all use them. There is over a billion dollars for the family funds so no backtalk little girl, you will buy with my card or yours. We only use our own money for special stuff like if we wanted a house of our own understand"

"Yes but"

"Bella daddy doesn't want to spank your bottom again for a long time, but I will right now here in the car if you give me any BS on this, it's not negotiable!" swallowing hard I look at him

"You're mad at me? I didn't know about the black card Eddie you never said" he looked at me smirking "I was mad, but not now, you're right, so now that you know are we going to fight about it?"

"No Eddie I won't but tell me stuff first like if you want to buy something big, I need to think about stuff like that so I don't blow up it's a natural response for me" he seemed to think about that too "Deal baby, kiss me and we'll seal it ok" kissing my dearie I was so happy with my new phone and told him so.

Then we went laptop shopping took a couple of stores but we finally agreed on one, which of course meant a new case, all the goodies but I wisely said nothing but praise about it all. He was so happy buying it for me that I couldn't spoil it for him.

Soon though, when we run out of things I need we will have a terrible fight I fear. I can already feel the heat on my bottom and it hasn't even happened yet. Now look at him, he looks like he wants to laugh that stinker what is he thinking?

"Edward what's next?" he had a list on a paper he wrote in the car as I told him what I was looking for today.

"We need an I-Pad or something for your music darling" groaning I followed him into the mall. So now here I sit while he ran to the car, owner of a new laptop, new cell, new iPod, cases and gadgets for each one as well.

Been thinking about a truck, but I'm afraid he will explode, he hates my old one, He's only being sweet to me about it, but I could see it in his face. Still that or a SUV with 4 wheel drive for the snow would be awesome, I know he'd like it too but hasn't thought of it yet. I saw a really cool one in a magazine AD. Now what was it? Oh here comes my darling hubby. My special Prince Charming even if he does wield a strong right hand instead of a sword. He is my prince after all. I guess I should start acting like his princess after all.

I feared a real spanking this time earlier today before making love again. I was afraid that the bleeding would be too much for him and I felt icky in front of him. But when he started growling I knew between my butt bursting into flames and his eyes darkening so fast I was headed towards a real blow up. He was right I did feel better afterwards and not dirty. My man is so awesome to me. Now if we can get the car thing settled without him "talking" to me again for a long time I will be one happy bride.