What Bella and Edward Want You to Know

By R. '

August 22, 2013

For Fan Fiction; Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Myers of Twilight and are owned by her.

Story for Fan Fiction VELVET "What Bella and Edward Want You to Know" owned by R. '


It is through their sensuality that they release the template for all beings, and every person that taps into this expands the field for Divine Sacred Love. This New Paradigm is the purpose of their love.

Edward and Bella are Twin Soul Mates.


Rain in the City ~ NIGHT

The 'city' is nowhere. It is a fictional place better known as a dimensional reality that does exist but not here. So it is a city which is nowhere. No name, no locations on the 'grid' and no where you can find. Only through this story does it open to you.

Edward and Bella are together now in this space of the Divine Twin Love that allowed them both to step into this 'other world' of a new story. This is the part that takes the reader with them into this realm of discovering how this new life with this 'kind of love' transports a mortal into immortal or what is called 'Divine Love'.

Edward waited all his life in endless turns with endless times of high school. We cannot progress from one level to the next even if we are an ancient soul and in a state of 'unrest'. We must follow the plan of our 'lives' to unfold, experience, love, wait, then meet it and hold it gently. Edward met his true love in that level of waiting endlessly in that teen world to bring him into an awakening within himself. Even ancient souls must grow, go through Romeo Juliet love, then pain, their quandaries, then resolve, he met his true love, his soul mate of eternity.

Bella entered that period of her life with the rain. Dreariness became her new kind of sunshine or lacking therein. It was acceptable the terms to her for in that period she met her prince, her knight, her love charming. It was always only "Edward", never anyone else. He was someone of another time, of a past, of prose and poetry, of doors being opened for her Cinderella coach ride, he was her True love. It was always only him.

But when love of this kind finally meets, falls in love, they must grow through that first love time of high school; this love must grow them both. He waited for her. She came and they then met. Now it was heavenly, bliss and so on, they could settle into this love, endlessly so. Together finally and hopefully to the last, this was a dream come true for both of them.

But for one thing, the rain, the world it shrouded them in now was the doorway of the mist to this city of nowhere. That raining night in the city they both found their way to this building with the rain and the blue black night sky drizzling down around them. They were together making love that night while he waited till sunrise to share his vision he had that was coming to him more than twice now.

This city of nowhere in the rain was a new part of their story.

Please turn on the music of VELVET and enter this world of sound, words, love, and flow with where this will take you the reader. What Bella and Edward want is this VELVET… moment to tell 'you something'. The reason their 'love' came to be.

They have something to 'tell' you. They want you to know about why they met, fell in love, and now begin this telling you this 'secret'. This kind of 'love they embody and have' is a 'gift' for you as well. They have to tell you something if you merely just read on.

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Chapter 1

NIGHTFALL ~ Rain in the City ~ the Wall of Windows

Overcast high evening sky with the night rain trellising down the blue black windows. I was standing there looking out at the city view thinking of her. Our life had finally come together in this love. I had so much to explore with her. She was my twin forever love of a lifetime that was meant to be for an eternity. I checked my cell, my mood was altering with this weather front yet, there was no dreariness in me anymore. I wanted to spend this lifetime with her and endless nights. My mind drifted to making love with her. The high rise business building was very seductive late at night as this rain added to the feeling of intimacy in darkness. My life was in darkness or the forests where I preferred but now with this love that mirrored me perfectly. I was not alone in this state between life and death. A vampire's mystique is one of mystery, power, sexual attraction that draws people into your arms. I always preferred hiding in the shadows while my family usually placed our new life chapters in the trees. The forest gave us a natural privacy from populations or people that might get in too close to our kind of living. With her, now I finally could move more in the world with this relationship of endlessly being in love. .

The city was hushed with a night cloak of the evening rain falling, drizzling in ribbons down the high rise glass wall of windows. I stared out taking in the landscape of the darkness of this weather front with this blanket of quiet. My mood would drop back into my own shadow at times, when she was not here. I smiled to myself thinking on how much my life changed from this endless night to now a state of bliss with my love. The things I thought about doing with her and to her. Now we were the same. The same body temperature, the same sensitivities to touch, smell, hearing, and ability to move fast together. I longed for my soul mate; my other part of myself; my eternal beloved. She was what 'woke me up' from the slumber of monotony of life in this 'Bardo state'. I was feeling all I could not with someone to share that with, together. We matched in so many ways. I marveled at that.

I looked down at my cell in my hand. Music was playing on my I phone, the name of the song came on the screen, "VELVET". That is how she made me feel. She was like 'velvet' to my touch, with heightened awareness we both enjoyed this intimacy we shared. When I saw her my mind would wander all over the possible ways to surprise her in new ways of making love. I smiled, listened to the music and it and the rain put me into the mood for just that, making love. I allowed the music to 'take me' as I looked out over the city with the rain drizzling down the blue black night of the office suite glass. Maybe we should make love here. My mind was wandering all over her body now with making love slowly on each shift of lovers meeting in this sacredness of union. I looked back over the vista stretching before me; I was missing her, wanting her, feeling my other part was out of reach. I closed my eyes sinking deeply into the music; I wanted to fly away on a magic carpet ride. The night in the city with rain was sensuous, she was sensuous, and the music carried me.

I took in a slow, languishing deep breath, sinking into the belly of my body, feeling my own arousal, thinking of her.

The music took me.

In silence her hands slipped into my waist of my trousers. I knew she was there. I smiled. I kept my eyes closes, she was so cat like now, and I could not hear her approach. She was like a black panther with her carefully sneaking up behind me now. I kept my eyes closed. Her arms tightened around my waist then I felt her breath on the back of my neck. I smiled. Her hands then began to run down my body over my trousers. The music took me deeper. Her hands ran back up my pants legs then to my belt, she loosened it slowly. I felt every detail of my belt buckle slowly being touched by her hands, slowly opening it. I was aroused just thinking about her and now with her suddenly being behind me, touching me, teasing me. She brought on new ideas of what I wanted to do with her. I smiled. I stood there motionless facing the city night, the rain on the glass, and the nightfall with blue black evening as my body began to ache with responding to my love's slow touch agonizing me into pain.

A quiet groan came from me. She spoke then, "Did you miss me?"

I nodded not turning around yet; the music and her hands moving into my trousers with the open belt buckle had my full body attention feeling anticipated excitement now. I wanted to turn around and make love to her swiftly, but pacing my passion was what I was used to. I waited, I never wanted to overcome her with my strength, I wanted our love intimacy to always be special, caring, safe for her, pleasurable, sweet, but deeply satisfying.

I wanted to turn around, speak to her about the dream I had on the spirit that came to me. I could not focus on anything but the pleasure she was arousing in me. The music had me also, the rain, the city night and not losing control yet till we made love and only have all night long. I had to pace myself.

Her hand slid down fully into my pants now and I groaned. "You are not wearing any underwear Edward." I smiled. I could not speak, she had my full attention and I was aching for more of where her hands were moving.

"Are you in pain Edward? Are you suffering my love?"

I smiled.

"The cat got your tongue?"

I smiled. Her hand was moving sweetly over my manhood and the music was going deeper. I felt one of her hands move away and then one of my ear buds was being removed from my ear. She walked around to face me leaving her hand shift upon my pulsing body part. She stood in front of me, heat coming off her body now listening to the music that held me while her other hand kept me breathing heavily.

"So, Velvet, you are in another world with this music, aren't you Edward?"

I smiled and felt her lips reach up to me gently to touch my lips lightly.

Our kiss was sweet while she continued to pleasure me below the belt line. I did not want to open my eyes; the music began to loop again. I felt the anticipation of our fully making love. My mind began to think about picking her up to ravish her slowly on the desk. It was not even my office, what would my friend say finding out we had a romantic evening here. I smiled to myself. She was in an assertive mood and I was her play toy. I rather enjoyed it. Men normally are the aggressor, this filled my mind with fantasizes of all kinds. She was making all the moves, so I stayed motionless but for my occasional groans. I wondered what she was going to do as to what her plan was. She was going to have her way with me; I fully was enjoying this too. I wanted more, more teasing, more night rain, and quiet while I felt every sensation we would normally ignore in our bodies. I wanted to make love to her till sunrise the next morning. We now could go all night long wrapped in this dance of Tantra. She was going to torment me, as I felt her body moving, pressing, and dancing with the music we both were listening to.

Finally I found my words. Our lips had just parted softly. "You are torturing me. I did not even hear you sneak in on me. Do you like the music?"

"Hmmm, yes, can't you feel it through my body as I sway up against you? Edward will it always be like this with us, my body wants you so much?"

"Always and much more, exploring desire is one of the pleasures of this kind of life."

Then she moved her hand back so both were caressing me so sweetly, my own breath rose up in my chest while I wanted to press her down here on the floor. Instead my reflexes took over and I moved her swiftly up against the glass wall of windows. Her body did not fight me while I pushed my body flatly against hers. I wanted her fully now. We both were listening to this music. One ear bud was in her ear and the other remained in my ear, I wondered who would hold the I phone once my trousers were dropped from my body. Velvet played on. I reached into my pants pocket to grab my phone. I felt her on her toes suddenly, my cat wanted to spring up around my waist. With one hand free I finished releasing my trousers fully, dropping them to my ankles and with that she sprang up around my body. She was right where she belonged, around my waist as her legs wrapped behind me. I smiled. I loved when she did this tantric placement of the lotus in the flower. I so wanted her fully now. I had to pace myself. My one hand slid under her bottom, my other braced her in the small of her petite back while I held the ' I' phone. She was meant to fit me with how her body moved to come into union with mine. I smiled. I walked us to the desk, the only piece of furniture in the room. Behind us out the wall of windows was the city landscape being washed? The rain drizzled into ribbons that changed now into heavy rivers flowing down this wall. The desk it was. I scanned quickly while her legs tightened and I wanted entrance into her, the desk was clear of any obstacles or sharp things. I gently set her down there, while I caught my breath to calm my own excitement down. The music played on as her breathing matched my own now. I looked over her in the recesses of the office seeing her legs slightly open. The 'v' a woman carries arouses her partner more than a female would ever know. It is like going into something ancient, dark, moist, the womb of the cave of this pleasure of woman with man. The intimacy of this with how I felt revealed to myself somewhere to explore that I only dreamed of. The actual experience of this kind of union had no words. What came to mind was Rose of Sharon but when I was with my Bella it dimmed to what I felt with her. Poets, Rumi, Keats, Shakespeare, so many would write about love and that first time the heart breaks open to another, but now that we are together what changes is this awareness of a deepening forever. I wanted to make love for hours till I exhausted us both. No one prepared me for this. I was sinking into this bliss of love with tenderness, rapture of pleasure, arousal, dreamy state of endless hours loving her, my body responding to her movements and anticipation of it all. I had to step back but I had one half of the ear phone cords connecting me to this music ambience of the flow to both our minds. My ears would not allow this to be broken. I stood there looking at her beauty. Her legs beckoned me to come near as one foot now was sliding up to my naked lower half of my body teasing my manhood further with her toes. I wondered how she felt. I looked moving in closer.

"Bella, maybe we should head home? This could become an all nighter."

"Well, Edward, why is that concerning you?"

"You are not making this easy Bella."

Her foot moved out of the way and she beckoned me with sitting on the edge of the large black ebony desk. Then her legs opened, parting I realized she was not wearing panties. This brought me right to her instantly. She planned this. Gosh I loved her surprises.

I entered her with the music sliding into the quiet part of soft sounds. I then moved fully into her with her sounds matching my breathing. I wanted to take our time all night with the rain shrouding the view of the city. My full attention was on her now, we shared the music ear phones and our love making took on a whole new meaning. She sat back while I stood and our bodies moved into union. I wondered if our body heat would steam up the windows here. I smiled to myself and proceeded with care, deep passion for this woman I loved, and with pleasure of hearing her sounds. This music I could hear in my ear that held one ear bud in it. I loved her soft moans, her breathing, her languishing in our love making all night long. The music of velvet took us.

Being as I was, being as we both were, getting tired did not happen. I realized the sunrise was coming into form now. I looked over my shoulder seeing the early morning rays beginning to spread. I looked again to see the foggy windows with writing upon them. We had moved about the office all night long, holding her standing at times, pressing her up against the glass wall at times, back to the ebony black desk, and then moving her to recline on the desk. It was a full night of dreaming with her as our positions flowed from one into another. The writing on the windows I began to figure out. She wrote 'I love you', repeatedly in various locations where I held her around my waist when I reclined against the wall of glass to cool my heated body. I smiled.

"You did this?" She nodded. "All the cute love notes, you did?"

"Yes, and we better clear that off the windows or someone will know we were here."

We grabbed some tissues from the bathroom with playful team work we cleaned the glass windows of all the love marks.

"Well, are we done now?"

"Never, this is just a brief intermission for us."

She jumped on my back for a piggyback ride.

"Bella, I wanted to talk with you about a Vision I had a few nights ago. It came to me again. Would you like to head home or out to a forest to talk?"

Twilight characters of Edward and Bella belong to Stephanie Myers of Twilight and are owned by her.

Story for Fan Fiction VELVET "What Bella and Edward Want You to Know" owned by R. '