Episode: The Baby

"Okay let's see what those brain blobs are up to.''Donnie said.

He and the guys were on a roof watching a kraang facility

''What do you see?''Leo asked. He was kneeling down because he was getting bored. They been there at least three hours and nothing was happening.

''You sure this is the place?'' Galileo asked. He was lying down chewing his teddy bear.

''Yup.'' Donnie said. He was now using a telescope to see. ''Now to think of it if I'm not so sure.''

''If you want my opinion I'm starving'' Mikey said. Lying upside down reading a comic book.

''But nobody wanted your opinion.'' Raph said. ''Now did they?'' He was doing push ups.

''Okay guys let's go.'' Leo said standing up.'' I guess we were wrong about this place.''

''Good because I'm getting sick and tired of Mikey.'' Raph said. ''Also that annoying sound your bear makes.''

''Hey!'' Both Mikey and Galileo said in unision.

''Wait!'' ''Look there they are!'' Donnie exclaimed. Pointing at a van pullin up.

He said that a little bit to loud. As the kraang turned around they started firing.

''Nice going Donnie!'' Raph said dodging a bullet.

''Ahh!'' They all said when they were blinded by a flashing light.

So what do you think?

Hope you like it peace!