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Chapter 11

Snowpaw gazed around at the many cats at the gathering. It had been a quarter moon since she and the other outcast's from Forestclan had arrived at Windclan, and Snowpaw had been aujusting well. She wasn't any closer to Flamepaw, but was learning more about his true nature every day. Silverpaw and her had become great friends, and had been training together reccently. But tonight, Snowpaw just gazed dreamily at Flamepaw. He has friends, who were Lightheart, who is his best friend, Brownfoot, Darkheart, Creekwater and Applewing. Tonight, though, only Lightfoot had come, but Flamepaw was having more than just a good time.

Suddenly a voice spoke from behind Snowpaw."Hi! I'm Dawnpaw of Thunderclan. You must be one of the new cats, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm Snowpaw,"then the cream she-cat relized who this she-cat was. Flamepaw's crush!"Uh, not to be awkward or anything, but doesn't Flamepaw like you?"

"Oh, yeah, he does, and it's SO gross! Once he and I were together, and after just one meeting, I was SICK of that tom! He's so rude to any cat that isn't popular, so yeah."Dawnpaw said."I should introduce you to some of the cats around here, shouldn't I?"

"That'd be nice, and yeah, Flamepaw can be a piece of fox-doung! But that doesn't take away his good looks..."Snowpaw sighed.

"This is Jaypaw."Dawnpaw said to Snowpaw. The young cat was a silverish tabby with blue eyes."She is my sister. That tom over there,"Dawnpaw pointed to a black tom with green eyes,"is my crush. His name is Acornpaw, and his brother is Icepaw. Oh, and our leader's Bramblestar, and our deputy is Lionblaze!"Dawnpaw meowed with excitment.

"Our leader is Frecklestar, and our deputy is Blazeheart."Snowpaw meowed. Suddenly a large tawny colored tom leaped onto an oak stump.

"Let the gathering begin!"

"That's Shadowclan's leader, Rowanstar, and their deputy is Robinshade. Over there is Riverclan, and their leader is Mistystar, and their deputy is Reedfeather,"

Suddenly Flamepaw whipped around and spat at Snowpaw,"Shut up! I'm trying to listetn!"then the tom turned back around and snickered with Lightfoot. Snowpaw felt hot embarassment flowing through her.

She managed to retort,"At least I'm not a 15 moon old apprentice!"

Nearby cats started to go,"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !"and in the end, the gathering was stopped.

"Hey! At least my clan doesn't have problems!"Flamepaw hissed.

More "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHS!"and now even the leaders were enjoying the arguing cats.

"It's not my fault that my clan has problems!"Snowpaw spat,"And anyway, at least I'm not stupid!"

The whole forest was engrossed with the fight.

"Well,"Flamepaw began, an evil happiness rising off of his pelt."I'm sure it was your fault, because you wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't! And you are the stupid cat, because your clan hates white cats with green eyes!"

The cats were all purring with hearty amuesment.

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH!"Snowpaw yowled, emotion cursing through her broken heart."How would you like it if your mother died when you were only 2 moons old? How would you like it if the new leader shunned your WHOLE family, AND THEN GAVE YOU HER MATE TO BE YOUR MENTOR? How would you like it if the worst cat in the clan was your mentor, the one planning to kill you and your friends? Do you think I don't know that my clan has problems? MY CLAN HAS HUGE PROBLEMS, and if you think that my mother wasn't important, I'll be the first one in line to kill you! Who was the most brave, epic cat? My mom! AND I VERY WELL KNOW THAT SHE'S BEEN DEAD FOR A VERY LONG TIME!"Snowpaw was breathing hard with all of her yelling, but the forest had gone from laughter, to sadness."So it'd be nice if you could learn to show a little respect!"Snowpaw immedietly left the gathering, but before that, she peeked over her shoulder, and saw that Flamepaw's eyes were filled with sorrow. You should be sorry! she thought as she ran over the border onto Windclan territory. Suddenly a cat was next to her.

"Snowpaw, I know how you feel."

Snowpaw's ears pricked up at the familiar voice of Foreststar, her mother.

"You do?"Snowpaw asked quietly.

"Yeah. Toms at this age aren't looking for love, they're looking for trouble. Stormheart made me feel the same way when I was young, but once we were older, he changed."Foreststar meowed quietly."But be careful, Snowpaw. The most obvious choice now isn't the best in the long run."

"What? You mean Hawkpaw isn't for me?"Snowpaw begged, but her mother had already gone. But there was another cat there, one that made Snowpaw feel better for.

"Snowpaw, I know that Flamwpaw's mean to you."Morningsong meowed in her sweet, angelic voice."But he really is sorry, and says you should come back."

"Well, fine. I don't think he's THAT sorry."but as the two cats entered the gathering, cheers of "Snowpaw! Snowpaw!"were sent through the air. Even Flamepaw was yowling her name, but his eyes were gleaming in amuesment at something Lightfoot said.

The gathering started up again, and things went much more smoothly. The Shadowclan leader, Rowanstar began the gathering again.

"Prey is running unusually well, and everything is alright, but I'd like to accuse Thunderclan of tresspassing!"he hissed.

Immedietly, a dark brown tom stood, his amber eyes showed mystery and anger,"How dare you accuse Thunderclan? Do you just choose a clan whilly nilly and decide they tresspassed? I think Shadowclan has gotten their cats crossed, for it is them who have tresspassed!"the angerd tom yowled.

That must be Bramblestar, Snowpaw thought.

The Shadowclan leader looked fircely at Bramblestar, their eyes locked in a stare off.

"ANYWAY,"Ashstar meowed, jerking the attention of the cats."We should talk about border disputes later, for I have a clan that could be sleeping right now."

The cats in the hollow started purring in amuesment, while Rowanstar and Bramblestar still glared at eachother.

"Windclan is doing well as usual, but we're ready to fight if anyone challenges us,"Ashstar glanced at Rowanstar, and continued,"But we have a few new warriors. Please welcome, Blazeheart, Ferncloud, Stormheart, Jaywhisker and Hollowwing!"

"Wait!"a random cat, looking like Thunderclan called."First of all, those cats aren't from here, are they? Second, FERNCLOUD IS A THUNDERCLAN NAME, AND HAS ALREADY BEEN USED!"the Thunderclan tom yelled. The Thunderclan cats looked extrememly angery, and they started yowling random curses.

"STOP!"Ashstar yowled."Yes, they are cats from another set of four clans, Forestclan, Sunclan, Waterclan, and Mudclan. They're not even 4 seasons old, so the name Ferncloud can be used for them. Also, we have 2 new elders, Funnyheart and Willowheart, 6 new apprentices, Whitepaw, Snowpaw, Thunderpaw, Bronzepaw, Emberpaw, and Briarpaw, our new medicine cat apprentice, and 2 new kits, Heatherkit and Ravenkit!"

The cats in the clearing reluctently started chanting the names,"BLAZEHEART! FERNCLOUD! STORMHEART! JAYWHISKER! HOLLOWWING! FUNNYHEART! WILLOWHEART! WHITEPAW! SNOWPAW! THUNDERPAW! BRONZEPAW! EMBERPAW! BRIARPAW!"Ashstar had brought all of the 'new' cats, along with Crowfeather, Lightfoot, Echomist, Goldenwing, Skyfeather and Owlclaw, and Flamepaw, and Silverpaw.

"Prey is running well in Riverclan, and I'd like to make an annoucment! Buzzardclaw and I are having kits! They are due sometime in Spring."Mistystar said, her blue eyes gleaming with happiness.

Bramblestar gave a curt nodd, and stepped forward,"Thunderclan has NOT tresspassed, and we have a new litter of kits! Please welcome Lionblazes' and Cinderheart's 4 new kits, Pinekit, Firekit, Dewkit and Shadekit!"

"PINEKIT! FIREKIT! DEWKIT! SHADEKIT!"the cats cheered. With that, the gathering was over, and Snowpaw rushed over to Whitepaw.

"So what do you think?"she asked her brother.

"The cats here are really nice! Especially Thunderclan. They remind me of Forestclan..."Whitepaw meowed as they stepped across the slippery log. The Windclan cats started running home, as they were the fastest.

"Yeah, me too."Snowpaw agreed. Suddenly Briarpaw was with them, and soon so were Emberpaw, Bronzepaw, Thunderpaw, and Silverpaw."So Briarpaw, did you meet the other medicine cats?"Snowpaw asked her sister.

"Yeah! Jayfeather of Thunderclan is really funny!"Briarpaw said as they raced along. They were now almost home.

"Hey, Snowpaw! I'm planning to confront Flamepaw about what he did today to you. Wanna watch?"Whitepaw meowed.

"What? Why? It's not THAT big of a deal..."Snowpaw said quickly. Now they were in the sandy hollow the Windclan cats called home. The 7 apprentices stopped.

"That's what siblings are for, and I don't want that stupid tom ruinning your life."Whitepaw growled.

"Can the rest of us come?"Briarpaw asked hopefully.

"Yes! Let's show that magy flea pelt who's boss!"Emberpaw hissed with spirit.

"And to not mess with our sister!"Bronzepaw added.

"Goodnight!"Silverpaw called."See ya in the morning!"

(Before we watch Flamepaw get beat up, I forgot to say who the mentors are! Here they go!

Mousefang-Briarpaw's mentor

Blazeheart-Whitepaw's mentor

Ashstar-Snowpaw's mentor

Owlclaw-Emberpaw's mentor

Ferncloud-Thunderpaw's mentor

Crowfeather-Bronzepaw's mentor

Hollyfrost-Flamepaw's mentor

Creekwater-Silverpaw's mentor

Stoneclaw-Moonpaw's mentor

Skyfeather-Grasspaw's mentor)

The 6 apprentices walked into the apprentices' den, Whitepaw glaring at Flamepaw.

"What?"the firey tom hissed.

"Looks like you need a warning!"Whitepaw growled."Don't ever, NEVER mess with MY sister!"the white tom towered over Flamepaw.

"I'm older than you! What're you going to do to me? At least I've got friends!"Flamepaw stood, now taller than Whitepaw, but he wasn't afraid.

"I have siblings, who will never leave me for the world!"Whitepaw yowled, and added,"I am the leader's kit. I can get an ENTIRE forest after you if that's what you want!"

Flamepaw's eyes flashed with fear for a second, then he hissed,"I am popular! We can fight about this if you want to!"

"I ain't gettin' my white pelt messed up with blood over this! But I will if I have to. You know Flamepaw, looks aren't everything. Neither is being popular. Knowledge, on the other hand, along with common sense, is EVERYTHING! Clearly, my friend, you lack both of those. Goodnight, Flamepaw."and then all 6 apprentices returned to their nests for a good, long night's sleep.

The following morning dawned cold and clear, with snow still covering the sandy pit the Windclan cats lived in. Snowpaw felt a paw prodding her side. It was Ashstar, her mentor.

"Time to get up, sunshine."Ashstar meowed softly."Today is very important, as Flamepaw is getting his warrior assessment today, and you're going to help him."

Groggily, Snowpaw opened one eye,"Okay,"she mewed as she heaved herself to her feet. The sky was pink, as the sun hadn't quite rose yet, but it was about to!

Snowpaw dragged her heavy paws across camp to wait for Ashstar, who was informing Hollyfrost and Flamepaw of the news. Her eyes felt like giant rocks that begged to be closed, but she forced herself to stay awake. Snowpaw sat huddled just outside the apprentices den, her siblings already out on patrol.

She heard Flamepaw's shocked mew ring across camp,"What? Snowpaw's barely an apprentice!"

Snowpaw's ears grew hot with anger, as she strutted over in the cold snow."For your information, I am nine moons old!"she hissed, then she remembered that Ashstar was right by her, but oddly the leader's eyes were gleaming in amusement.

"Good job, Snowpaw. Glad to see you can stick up for yourself."Ashstar purred.

Flamepaw looked more than embarassed.

"Well,"Ashstar began,"Flamepaw, you and Snowpaw must bring back whatever you can on the Thunderclan border. Hollyfrost and I will be watching you from time to time, and I DO NOT want ANY harsh comments from either of you,"the leader growled."Remember, your hunting skills are also assessed on partner work as well."

Ashstar led the cats out onto the snowy moor, the sun had finally risen, and was casting weak warmth everywhere. The sight was simply beautiful to Snowpaw. She haden't noticed Ashstar had stopped, and she bumped right into Flamepaw, who just glared at her.

"We will leave you here."Hollyfrost mewed, and the two she-cats disappreared. There was a forest ahead of her, and Snowpaw's eyes were sad.

"Alright. Since this is my assessment, I choose where to go. Got it?"Flamepaw growled.

"Yeah,"Snowpaw meowed, her mind out of the task ahead of her.

Flamepaw's voice softned,"Is everything alright?"

"Sure. I just miss home."Snowpaw shook herself and said,"What do you want to do first, partner work or alone things?"

"Alone things. You go that way, I'll go this way."Flamepaw had pointed toward a strech of trees near a small stream. Snowpaw bounded towards those trees. As soon as she was there, she leaped up a tree and quite soon spotted a squirrel family. She slowly stalked towards the squirrels, and easily killed them. There were 3 squirrels in all, a mother and two babies.

Snowpaw quickly found Flamepaw, who had killed a single thrush.

"Okay, partner work. This time I get to choose."Snowpaw said, her eyes gleaming slightly.

Flamepaw quickly objected,"But this is my assesment! So I get to choose!"

"Well , you won't always get to choose, so I'M CHOOSING! End of disscusion. Anyway,"Snowpaw went on quickly,"Since we are from different clans, why don't we hunt on the moor first, and then the bottom of the trees?"

"Fine. Did your clan specilize in tree climbing?"Flamepaw asked.

"Not just tree climbing, but we hunted and did our best battle moves in the trees."Snowpaw boasted proudly. The two cats went towards the hilly side of Windclan territory, and found quickly a fat rabbit to kill. Snowpaw was remarkablly fast for not being an open turf type cat, so they had worked together quite well. When hunting at the trees, Flamepaw had more than a difficult time, until the squirrel they were chasing was on the ground, so Flamepaw could chase it better. They were still on the border line, collecting all of their prey.

"You're a pretty good hunter,"Snowpaw meowed to Flamepaw.

"Thanks. I underestimated you. I thought you would be horrible, but you're amazing!"Flamepaw meowed.

"Thanks,"Snowpaw said. Suddenly, a small trio of cats burst through the border line and headed straight towards Flamepaw and Snowpaw.

"We must speak to Ashstar quickly! Thunderclan is being attacked by Shadowclan and Riverclan!"a golden tabby mewed.

"Okay, Lionblaze."the 5 cats dashed quicky home, but were stopped by Ashstar.

"I heard the news already. Flamepaw and Snowpaw, get back to camp and get all warriors you can find! Let's go!"

Snowpaw raced home as fast as she could. This was her first battle!

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