Okay, y'all.

So I said I wouldn't psych y'all out like this again, but it's become a necessary evil. It's time for me to take care of some housekeeping things.

First off, I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long. I left a note on my author profile thing, but no one reads those anyway so I realized the necessity of bringing it up here. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. A couple weeks ago, she felt a new lump appear, and we all freaked, of course. We thought it was a recurrence, but thank God, it wasn't. We've all been on high alert, and frankly, writing was the last thing on my mind.

Secondly, I'm writing my novel. It's coming along pretty well, and I'm fairly proud of it so far-which says a lot because I usually hate my own work! Hah! Anyway, that's taking up a lot of my time.

Thirdly, school is stressful, as I'm sure many of you realize. The school year is winding down, and there is just a ton of crap to do, exams coming up in the not so distant future, not to mention I have had a lot of projects due, along with a major research paper I've been working on forever, which probably none of y'all care about, which I totally don't mind, but I thought I'd just give y'all a little explanation... that actually turned into a long explanation. Which always seems to happen to me.

Fourthly, I'm burnt out. I like to think I'm fairly honest with y'all, and that's just the God's honest truth. I am so tired. I'm mostly tired of school. But I'm also tired of Half Truths. I've been working on it longer than I've ever worked on any story before, for about six months. That's crazy for me. I hope y'all can understand. Does this mean I'll quit it? No. I will finish it. I promised to do so. And I'm only a few chapters away from those two glorious words I long to type: THE END. But will it be happening as quickly as y'all like? Most likely not. I know how much I suck. I really do. But I am so freaking tired of this story! Isn't that awful?! I hate to be so wishy-washy, but I can't help it...which is part of the wishy-washy-ness to begin with, I suppose. Anyway, Half Truths will not be updated for a good long while. As in a couple months. No deliberating on that. I need to get my head right to finish it. I could pound out something and give y'all crap, but y'all have stuck with me so long-y'all deserve a good ending. So trust me on this.

Fifthly (I really did intend this to be short...oh well), I'm going to get rid of some stories. Here they are: "Always and Forever," "Wild," and "Blood Ties." Will they be gone forever? No way, Hosea! I just don't want them up right now because I don't want new readers coming in and expecting them to be updated soon when they won't be. That isn't fair. It isn't fair to those of you who like these stories now, but y'all just have to trust me. One day, they'll be posted again and finished. I've got too much on my plate right now.

So, a quick recap. Half Truths: no updates for months. I stress...MONTHS! Plural! That S on the end makes it plural, y'all! And Always and Forever, Wild, and Blood Ties: Discontinued indefinitely. Chaos: maybe updated soon, maybe not. We'll have to see which way the wind blows with that one. While I've been gone I have, indeed, started a new story. I have a lot finished of it already, so the probability I'll actually finish this one is good. It's a Mortal Instruments fanfic, of course. Jace and Clary, of course. They are brother and sister in this one, too, but it's set in an ancient Egypt type deal. They are the prince and princess of Idris and Clary is promised in marriage to another and it's a cross of Half Truths and Blood Ties and Always and Forever, too. So look for that one. It's gonna be called the Exchange of Power. I'll be working on that mostly for now just because it's fun and I enjoy it and it's not stressful and I love ancient Egypt things.

Anyway, please forgive me for my absence. Please forgive me for all the unanswered emails and reviews. I plan to do hardly anything this weekend, so I should be able to respond to everyone then! In the meantime, God bless y'all and I hope y'all have a fantastic rest of the week! Message me with any questions! Y'all mean the world to me! I've never gotten so many kind words and so much support from anyone outside my family, and y'all have no idea how much every single one of y'all mean to me. Truly. No bull crap! Much love! OXOXOX