Author's Note: To start off, I wanted to state that I do not claim FMA, or any other fairy tale story you may recognize in this piece as my own. I'm merely spinning together some of my favorites stories, and making a fun little adventure for me and other fans to read.

Chapter One




There was once a kingdom with rolling green hills and skies of the most vivid blue; a kingdom ruled by a mighty queen that was loved by all. It was one of great prosper and beyond its time in knowledge of science and technology.

The Queen's heir, the prince, was a man of virtue whose kindness knew no limits. When he came of age and found a wife the kingdom rejoiced, for her strength and good nature was rivaled only by her beauty. The love that the prince and his bride shared was one that would stand the test of time, and when the announcement came that the new princess was with child, the kingdom was over-joyed.

But the princess grew ill, and kingdom grew sad.

Fearful for her heir and kingdom, the aging queen called forth the greatest healers and scientists her nation held in hopes of finding a cure. Day by day, hope became a fleeting thought, and day by day, despite being minds dedicated to science, the prince and queen grew desperate for a miracle.

One night, when the prince's despair was too much to withstand, a misshapen man came forth proclaiming he could save the princess and the unborn child. The prince called for his presence immediately, and the misshapen man presented to his majesty a silver pocket watch that, when opened, revealed a tiny fragment of scarlet stone.

"I hold in my hand a power no mortal should wield," the man proceeded to the royal court. "Good men have turned wicked, the wise have gone mad, and cities have been destroyed all for the chance to wield this cursed gem, for it holds everlasting life.

"I come forth to you not as a savior led by God, but as an alchemist and messenger of Truth. You will pay no toll for the use of this relic, but know well that should anyone find that your bride and child have this elixir flowing in their veins, they will be hunted, and they will be stolen from you."

The prince heeded his words, but his heart ached for his lover's embrace and to hear the cries of his child. He pleaded for the misshapen man to save them, and he obliged.

That very night, the princess was healed and their daughter was born.

The kingdom celebrated and rejoiced for their royal family, and all seemed right in their nation once more.

But the neighboring kingdom did not rejoice for the kingdom of rolling hills and vivid skies. The ruler of that nation, a wrathful and hollow man, held nothing but loathing for the prosperity and wealth his neighbor held. He wanted the secrets of their science for his own greed, and upon hearing the news of the mysterious recovery, the neighboring king's dark heart took a deeper plunge into the blackness of sin.

He called forth his commanding officer, a man whose soul was as black as his eyes, and forged a wicked plan...



"Might we be arriving soon, my darling?" the princess asked, swaying her weeping child. "The baby has never cried so much. I'm worried she may be ill."

The prince looked to his dearest wife and took in the distress of his daughter.

"We should arrive at the kingdom soon, my love." he replied. "Once this treaty is signed, we may return home."

The princess smiled a smile that would make the very stars jealous, and the prince's heart swelled at the sight.

An arrow shot through the window of the carriage, nearly striking the prince.

The princess let out a scream as the prince pulled her and the child to the floor.

"Ambush!" a soldier cried. "Protect the royal family!"

The prince's eyes grew wide. The neighboring king had fooled them all. Why would they believe that his intentions for peace were true? He looked at his family, and feared it may be the last time he would.

A soldier ripped the door open.

"Your majesties, you must flee!" he cried, and the princess screamed as a sword pierced through his middle.

The enemy pulled the sword free of the soldier's body, licking the blade as he swiped it by his tongue. He grabbed the princess by the hair on her scalp and pulled her from the carriage, the baby's cries blending with her mother's. The prince tried to follow, but he shut the door and barricaded it with the sheath for his blade.

The prince pounded at the door, screamed for mercy, but the man only smiled a wicked sneer as the sword slit the princess' long, porcelain neck. Her blood trailed down her chest like intricate beads of a necklace as her body hit the ground, her dress smothering their infant daughter.

The man laughed a high, sinister laugh as the prince cried, and took a torch from one of his officers.

"Farewell, your majesty." he mocked, and set the carriage on fire, laughing mirthfully as the prince's screams echoed through the night.

The remaining soldiers were slaughtered, and the few officers the man had left began to pick-pocket the dead bodies.

Then, he heard it.

The cries of a baby.

He swiftly moved to the princess, tossing her body aside to reveal the wailing child.

He kicked it, but the baby did not stop crying. It was as if it were unaffected.

He took his sword and stabbed at it's fatty middle, but the baby did not quiet. He pulled his sword away, and there was no wound.

The baby wouldn't die.

"What the devil.." he whispered, and grabbed the screaming infant by the leg.

He gasped, for a power he had never felt surged through his body that was more intoxicating than any wine or bodily release.

He looked at the child and saw the faintest glow about her, and knew, somehow, this child held powers beyond his comprehension.

"My baby.." he heard a woman say, and his eyes shot back to the princess. "Please.. my.. baby.."

He walked abruptly and pierced her heart with blade, and a glow much like the baby's faded away from her body. She must have held the power, too, but it was gone from her now.

"W-W…" she stuttered, blood splattering the skin around her lips. "W-Winry.."

The man smiled, and looked to the child.

"Winry, huh?" he whispered. "You shall be my greatest treasure."

"What'd ya find there, General Kimblee?" an officer asked, and Kimblee's greed took control of his mind.

He grabbed the man by the neck, and to his shock watched him implode. He looked down at the baby and noticed the glow had become brighter, almost a shade of red.

His wicked smile grew larger, and he used the power of the babe to kill off the rest of his troops.

"You will be mine," he whispered, running rampantly into the darkness. "And no one else's, my little Winry."



The kingdoms went to war after that tragic night. No one ever knew what had happened to the royal baby, as her body had never been found.

Little did they know, that deep within the uncharted forests, in a hidden fortress buried underground, the baby lived.