Frebbie woke up, ready for another peaceful day on Furby Island. He brushed his fur, and went downstairs. He saw his mom, teaching his younger brother to speak English. English was a required second language for every Furby. "Frebbie, put on your backpack before you leave!" yelled Frebbie's mom, Febra. But Frebbie just ignored her. Frebbie put on his trusty backpack, and headed off to school. On the way, he saw his best friend Furbith. "Hey Furbith, what are you doing?" Frebbie asked. "Just emailing my penpal, UchihaSlide76. He's so cool." replied Furbith. "Oh. That sounds dope, like weed." said Frebbie, and they kept walking to school. But then, the police showed up. The police officer pushed Frebbie. "Hey, what are you doing!" yelled Frebbie at the evil cop. "Confiscating your money, because you are late for school, dumb kid!" said the police officer, and he stole Frebbie's money and ran away. Furbith picked Frebbie up. "What the fuck...I hate this evil fucking government!" said yelled Frebbie. "Dude, my friend UchihaSlide76 also hates the government, he has created a resistance to overthrow the evil fucking government, why don't we go meet him after school. There is a boat leaving to Anime Island at 5:00, we can sneak on without anyone knowing." said Furbith. "Are you serious dude? It would take us forever to get there, and I can't just do something like that! I would have to ask my mom first." said Frebbie. "Uhh...go ask your mom after school! Dude, think!" said Furbith.

The school day was pretty lame, as usual. The police watched the kids do everything, because they are creepy, and weird. They smacked people just for writing sloppily. But the principal said they deserved it, because he said if they kept doing that, one day, they would have to write an important note, and the person wouldn't be able to read it, and everything would be fucked up, all because they are a lousy piece of shit who can't write like they got some goddamn sense. Frebbie hated the principal. At lunch, Frebbie waved at a girl he liked, and the police pushed him to the ground for "being a creep bastard". Frebbie had had enough. After school, he asked his mom if he could go to Anime Island.

Wait, no he didn't. Because his mom and brother were dead. They had been shot by a government agent. The agent pointed the gun at Frebbie, and Frebbie ran, tears streaming from his eyes. "Fuck you Government Evil!" said Frebbie, and he ran, and he ran all the way to the shipyard where Furbith was waiting. Furbith was also crying. Frebbie held in his tears and snot. "Why are you crying, Furbith..." said Frebbie. Furbith looked at Frebbie, then at the pack he was carrying. He opened it, and pulled out his father's eyeballs, tied together by a shoelace. Frebbie gasped. "...My mom and brother were killed as well..." said Frebbie. "We need to go to Anime Island, and find UchihaSlide76. He will help us kill the government...fuck you Government Evil...fuck you..." said Furbith. The boys hid in a box, and heard the ship make the noise that meant it was ready to go to Anime Island. They felt the ship move. "Whoa..." said Frebbie. He did not expect this. "Anime Island...I wonder what it's like.." thought Frebbie. The sun began to go down as the ship left the port.