Sometimes things aren't what they seem. Sometimes the things you think are said in jest are the truth. Sometimes the right person is listening. M for a reason.

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I realize the likelihood of this occurring is about the same as me stumbling into a field of wildflowers and finding a sparkling vampire waiting for me.

It is simply a fantasy... a story... fiction. Keep that in mind.

Adult situations. Strong language. Fantasies fulfilled. If you don't like that sort of thing - please don't read.

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And here we go.

"So, I told him to take a freaking hike. Who the hell does he think he is anyway?"

I smiled across the table at my friend's outrage. "I think he thought he was your boyfriend, Rose."

Rose snorted. "I don't do boyfriends, Bella. I told him that. You think I'm going to tie myself down to one man?"

I shook my head. I would tie myself down, given the opportunity. But if I looked like Rose I supposed it would be fun to be able to play the field. But I didn't look like her—in fact there was nothing remotely similar between us. She was tall, blonde, gorgeous and very self-confident. I was the exact opposite: short, dark hair and dark eyes, plain and fairly shy. She was like a brilliant burst of sun walking into a room and I was a shadow.

"What, or should I say, who's next?"

"I'm going to take a break. I'm not dating for a couple of weeks."

It was my turn to snort. "A couple of weeks? Wow, Rose, think you can hold out for that long? What will you do—join a nunnery? Buy stock in Duracell?"

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you, Bella."

I shook my head. "I haven't had a date in over a year, Rose. Try imagining that."

Rose leaned across the table and gripped my hand. "After the disaster with Riley, that's hardly surprising, Bella. But you need to get out there again. Show yourself off."

"Yeah, right. There's nothing to show, Rose." I looked down at my lap and shrugged before glancing back up at her. "I'm plain. Invisible. And that's just how it is for me."

The lunch room suddenly seemed too small. Abruptly, I stood up. "I need to get back to my desk. I'll see you later."

I made my way out of the lunch room quickly. I knew Rose would simply shrug off my outburst, pick up her phone and start texting one of her random men. I glanced around at the usual tables as I made my hasty departure. Assistants and interns were eating their brown-bagged lunches, while many PA's were eating from take-out containers—far too important to be seen with a made-at-home sandwich. My eye caught the corner table across from where Rose and I usually sat every day. Masen, Emmett and Jasper were, as usual, together. They were laughing over something Jasper had up on his screen, Emmett leaning back in his chair, bellowing loudly while Masen shook his head, his laughter quieter; his fingers busy as he tapped out something on his laptop—no doubt work-related. Masen was always working, even during lunch. Emmett raised his hand in greeting, and I nodded in return. Jasper was too busy laughing to notice me, but Masen looked up briefly, his eyes locking with mine for a second, a quick smile thrown my way, before returning to the screen, his brow furrowed in concentration. I noticed the half-eaten sandwich sitting beside him and inwardly I smiled. Too busy to eat—I knew he'd return to his desk soon, still munching away. I was sure he was busy fixing some error or helping someone with a computer problem. He was brilliant—no doubt the smartest guy in the office. He already had a degree in computer science, and was now working on a second degree in business and marketing. Although we had an IT department, most of the staff in our section, including the managers, tended to turn to Masen for help. Like I said he was brilliant. And even shyer than I was; and that was saying something.

I sat down at my desk, grateful the office was empty. My head fell into my hands heavily. Just thinking about Riley was enough to ruin my day. Hearing Rose say his name upset me—it was hard enough to work in the same office with him and to have to deal with his smug countenance on the rare occasion I had to interact with him without having his name dropped at lunch, stirring up old painful memories.

I sighed as I looked around, once again questioning whether I would be better off finding another job; a clean start with no nasty ex-boyfriend down the hall. But … I loved my job, and so many of the people here and I hated the thought of leaving. The leg of the company I worked for handled marketing and sales for a large mix of clients, and the office was a constant hum of productivity. It was never dull and I enjoyed what I did.

I straightened my shoulders; enough of feeling sorry for myself. I turned to the pile of work on my desk and got busy, ignoring the increase in noise as the bullpen around me filled back up with assistants and other staff members, returning from lunch. I plugged away at the pile of papers James had left me, shaking my head once more at his insistence of refusing to use the internet to send out documents. Instead, a good deal of my day, every day, was spent photocopying his memos, project updates and many proposals, and then delivering them. So much so, there was a second copier only I used in the room at the end of the hall. It was a tolerated quirk when you were one of the senior partners and still brought in more sales than any other member of the management team.

I liked James, even though he was a barker. He barked at his clients, his staff, even his wife, and before I started working here he had gone through five assistants in less than a year. But we had clicked after I barked back at him on the second day, and we had bonded. I had been his right hand ever since.

Sighing, I gathered my pile of copying and went down the hall. I set up the copier and sat down, waiting for the collated piles to start appearing. My phone buzzed in my pocket, signalling a new text. I pulled it out, frowning at the unknown number. My eyes widened as I read the text.

You're not invisible.

I see you.

And I think you're beautiful.

See you on Tuesday.