This is a gift for my beta Mid Night-Cougar who sent me a picture of a Christmas wreath made of Werther's candies and mentioned she would love to see Bella make one for Edward. So I wrote this for her. Very little about Werther's in it, but lots of citrus and frankly she prefers tang to sweet anyway. There is some of that in here as well.

Thanks to Sally for quietly stepping in and betaing this for me so it could be a surprise for MC.

Merry Christmas to you, my MC. I was lucky to find you as a beta and blessed when you became something so much more important. You became my friend. Love you.

The elevator door opened and I eagerly walked into the office: Alice's chatter fading from my ears as I looked over toward Bella's desk. To say I was disappointed to see her chair empty and light off was an understatement. After being away for a couple of days, I was anxious to see her, hoping she would be waiting for me and that she had missed me as much as I missed her.

I swallowed my disappointment knowing I would see her in a couple hours. I had a few things to finish up, and then I would go home and she'd be there. It was Friday; I knew she probably had a busy week and was tired and had gone home to wait for me there.

With Alice still mumbling away behind me, I approached my desk, a smile breaking out on my face when I saw what was sitting on it.

A Christmas tree, made up entirely of my favorite Werther's candies, was waiting. It was all decorated with little bows and a load of the candies. Smiling, I ran my finger over the shiny, gold covered treats.

She had missed me.

I sat down, pulling off my coat and opening up my messenger bag. I'd get these few files updated and then I could go. I wanted it all done so the next few days I had off I could spend with Bella. It was our first Christmas together, and we were both excited to be doing things as a couple, including having our friends over for dinner on Christmas day. Bella had been baking up a storm, filling the house with the most delicious aromas.

Alice stopped at my desk. "I'm off, Masen. You're not staying long, right?"

I shook my head. "Just updating these and checking voice mail and I am gone. We'll see you on Christmas day for dinner ?"

She nodded. "I'm so excited, and ah, so is Jasper."

I grinned at her; she was still so shy when it came to their relationship. "Bella is too. She is planning a feast. I think she's got enough food on the list to even fill-up Emmett."

She laughed as she pulled on her gloves. "Tell her to call if she thinks of anything else we can bring. See you in a few days!"

I waved as she disappeared into the elevator. I quickly sent Bella a text telling her I was back and would be home soon.

She had only moved in with me a few weeks ago, and it still made me smile widely every time I walked in the door and saw her there. She made the house a home and my life full and rich. I couldn't remember what my life was like before her anymore.

I finished the entries quickly, grateful I had done most of it on the plane and only had to load them up into the server and check them. I was anxious to get home to Bella. I was about to check voice mail when my phone buzzed. I picked it up, smiling, knowing it had to be her.

I missed you.

I replied quickly.

I missed you too. Home soon.

Another message came through.

Did you like your tree?

I love it. I love you.

I have another gift for you.

I know what I was hoping my gift was. Her. I grinned as I typed back.

Excited. Do I get it when I get home?

I like you excited. You can get it sooner than you think. Like now.

My fingers paused over the keys.


Yeah. I'm feeling all Christmasy. I'm in a giving mood. Very ho-ho-ho-ish in fact.

I see. And how do I get this present?

Part of it is in your top drawer.

I slid it open and, chuckling, pulled out a Santa hat. Silly girl. I adored her.

I'll wear it for you when I get home.

Wear it now.

What was she up to? Why would she want me to wear it now? A thought occurred to me and I began to smile as I replied to her.

Bella, where are you?

You know where I am. Come find me, Edward. Wear the hat.

Swiftly, I stood up, unbuttoning my shirt. If she wanted the hat, she got the hat. And only the hat.

Isabella was in the building. And she wanted to play.

And now, so did Edward.

*()* BPOV

I sat on the table, my legs swinging anxiously. Nervously, I adjusted the straps of the red camisole I was wearing. I looked down at the furry trim wondering if it was too much, but it looked so cute on the hanger, all sheer and racy, the front held together with only a bow, showing off my breasts. Edward loved my breasts. The matching thong was small and lacy. Both were flimsy and pretty, as well as the added bonus: sexy and easy to rip off. The two other things Edward loved—especially in lingerie.

I heard his footsteps coming down the hall, and I swallowed in anticipation. I had missed him so much; I hoped he liked his welcome home gift. I straightened up, pushing out my chest, and striking what I hoped was a sexy pose on top of the blanket I had spread over the table. The candles in the room cast a soft glow and their scent filled the air. I wanted him to be pleased. I wanted him to want this as badly as I did. The door to the copy room opened, and my breath caught in my throat.

There he stood, the light from the hall spilling in the doorway. He leaned on the doorframe, his Santa hat was perched on his head, his smirk cocky, and aside from the chain around his neck I had given him, not another stitch on his glorious body. I swallowed as I looked at him, taking in not only his lust-filled expression, but the long, heavy erection he was sporting. Obviously, he had missed me as well. And he wanted this—and me—badly. My breathing quickened as I watched him stroke himself as he gazed at me, his eyes hooded and knowing.

Merry Christmas to me.

"Ho, ho, ho, Santa," I murmured.

He stepped in, closing the door behind him.

His voice was low and rough. The one he knew I loved to hear in the dark.

"Hello, Isabella."


If I had any doubt where she was, it disappeared when I saw the large Werther's candy wreath hanging on the door of her copy room. Before I walked in, I plucked a candy off and sucked it in my mouth, crunching it, and releasing the taste fully into my mouth.

Isabella liked the sweetness when I kissed her.

And I planned on kissing her—hard.

Entering the room, there was just enough light to see her and what she was wearing. Or not wearing. My trying-to-be-aggressive little elf was a siren in a sheer, sexy little red number that displayed her best assets, and I knew by the way she was fidgeting she was beyond nervous.

It was time to let her relax and for Edward to take over.

I walked over to her leisurely. I knew she would be starting to pant softly. I knew she would be wanting my kiss. Her nipples aching for my touch. Her sweet pussy damp and already desperate to feel me buried deep inside her.

But not yet.

"Someone's been busy, haven't you, little elf?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"All sexy and waiting for me, Isabella? I bet you're already wet, aren't you? You want me?"

"Oh, God … yes."

I chuckled. "God isn't here right now … but you might be shouting for him soon enough."

She whimpered, leaning forward, seeking my touch. I stayed out of her reach, teasing her.

"Santa has a little present for you, my girl."

Her voice was breathless with want. "I don't think it's so little, Santa."

I chuckled lowly as I stepped in front of her. It certainly wasn't.

Unhurriedly, I trailed my finger over her collarbones, smiling at the shiver that ran through her. I let my touch drift lower, caressing her hardened nipples softly, before tugging and twisting on them as she pushed her softness into my hands. That whimpering, breathy noise I found so erotic escaped her lips, and I wasted no time in pulling her face to mine and crashing my mouth to hers. My tongue possessed her, plunging and licking. I buried my hands in her hair, tilting her head, controlling every movement of our kiss.

Deep. Hard. Possessive.



All for her. Always for her.

Over and over I came at her. I had missed her mouth. Her taste. How she felt under me.

Fucking perfection.

Shudder after shudder ran through her small frame. Her hands roamed, gripping the back of my neck, grasping at my shoulders. Mine travelled up and down her back, gripping her tight ass, pulling her against me as I ground my aching cock into the damp silk of her thong.

Small as it was, it needed to go.

One fast, sharp tug with my hand and the pretty lace scrap wasn't a problem anymore. A flick of my wrist and the sheer material of her camisole opened and she was bare against me, her warm, soft skin pressing into mine. I eased one then a second finger into her wetness, thrusting in long, slow strokes as I kissed up and down her neck, nipping and licking as I went. She arched against my hand, her muscles tightening around my fingers. She moaned in protest as I pulled my hand away, licking at my fingers.

"My favorite flavor," I growled, then crashed my mouth back to hers. "Isabella."

With a small cry, Bella's legs wrapped around my hips, pulling into her heat. Deliberately, I rubbed my shaft through her wetness, coating my dick, making her whimper again. I pulled away from her mouth, finding her ear.

"Is this what you want, Isabella? My cock? You want Santa's cock, my naughty little elf?"

"Yes … oh, God … yes!"

"Say it," I demanded, nipping her lobe. "Tell me exactly what you want. I want to hear it."

"You … your cock … fuck me, Santa. Fuck me hard," she panted.

"Merry Christmas, Isabella," I growled as I thrust into her.

Slipping my hands under her tight ass, I lifted her up as I pounded into her warmth. She fell back on her elbows, her body arching like a bow as she met my thrusts with small panting gasps, her hands gripping my arms to keep herself anchored to me.

The room was filled with our sounds. The table creaked and moved, hitting the wall in time with my thrusts. Our skin met and separated, slick with sweat and desire. Bella mewled and whimpered my name as I growled and hissed, the heat building and racing along my spine, pooling in the pit of my stomach. Her hands tightened to the point of pain as she stiffened and cried out. I kept moving, finally gathering her up in my arms as I stilled and came hard, my orgasm crashing over me in waves of heat and static that spread from my cock and bled into every pore of my body. I buried my head into the damp skin of her neck as I groaned out her name, spilling deep inside her.

Making sure to take the blanket, I kept her close and sank into the chair, my legs shaking, body sated, mind blank, and the fucking Santa hat still perched firmly on my head.

With a gratified sigh, I nuzzled her head. Her lips pressed against my chest softly. We stayed quiet, letting our bodies relax and our breathing calm.

"I missed you so much," she whispered after a few minutes.

"I missed you too. That was some greeting," I chuckled into her hair.

She tilted her head back and I smoothed the hair away from her face, kissing her gently. "I wanted to surprise you," she whispered.

"Well done. It worked."

Her voice became shy. "You liked it?"

"Could you not tell?" I teased her gently. "I couldn't get down the hall fast enough."

She snuggled closer. "Good."

"I like your handiwork—the wreath and the tree. Very festive."

She giggled. "I thought you would."

I fingered the soft material that hung loose from her shoulders. Unlike her underwear, it had survived our frenzied coupling. "This was … pretty. I liked it as well."

She reached up and tugged on my hat. "I like this."

With a grin, I yanked it off my head and tugged it down onto hers. "Looks better on you."

Giggling, she pulled it into place. "I'll wear it for you later … if you want."

"I want." Lifting her hand, I kissed the palm. "You ready to go home?"

She smiled at me. Even in the dim light, I could see the love and warmth in her smile.

My smile.

"I'm already home, Masen. As soon as I'm in your arms, I'm home."

My breath caught. It was the same for me. As soon as I was with her, I was home.

The deep passion and the play, we enjoyed as Edward and Isabella was an exciting, satisfying aspect of our life and I loved every minute, every encounter either here or in our home. But nothing was as fulfilling or as perfect as Masen and Bella. I loved our life.

I loved her.

I pulled her closer, dropping a heavy kiss on her head.

"Merry Christmas, Bella. I love you."

She smiled, cupping my cheek, her fingers warm and gentle.

"Merry Christmas, Masen."

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