I woke up the next morning, achy and sore. Muscles I hadn't used in a while were deliciously making themselves known, and when I stretched I felt their pull. I stayed in the shower a little longer, allowing the hot water to ease some of the aches. As my hands soothed over my body with the slippery soap I thought of his hands and how they had touched my skin. I cupped my breasts remembering how he had handled them and my nipples grew tight under my fingers. Simply thinking about what had occurred I sensed the deep ache between my legs, wanting to feel it, to feel him there again.

I shuddered, recalling how it felt to have his cock buried inside me. Long, thick, hard and … perfect. He knew just how to touch and move me to give us both the most pleasure. I had never been so full, or experienced that intense an orgasm. I wanted to feel both again.

I stared at myself in the mirror, my hair dripping down my shoulders, my eyes wide with a want I couldn't explain.

I wanted him—again.

The words I had uttered to shock Rose suddenly seemed very real.

I wanted to feel Edward pressed up against me. I wanted to feel his big cock thrusting inside me and hear his low, gravelly voice whispering dirty words into my ear as he fucked me.

My stomach clenched.

Oh, God.

This was so wrong.


I studied myself in the mirror, biting my lip. I looked fine. Different for me, but fine. I was wearing a long loose tunic over a pair of lace thigh-high leggings. Underneath the loose tunic was a racy bra and the smallest pair of underwear I owned—a scrap of lace and satin held together with thin straps. Nobody would know looking at me. But I knew. It was a simple, easy outfit. I slowly smiled. Simple to access. Easy to remove.

In case I "ran" into Edward again.

I had no idea if he would ever reappear. He gave me what I wanted. He got what he wanted. Maybe his itch was scratched already. Maybe I would never feel him behind me again.

I drew in a shaky breath and let myself say it – out loud.

God, I hoped not.


"Swan, I need this redone."

I bit back a groan. "What's wrong now, James?"

"I changed some of the graphs. Masen showed me some updated analysis stuff I wanted to add. So change page fourteen, eighteen and twenty-three and then put the package together. Twenty copies. And I want it by two."

I glanced at my watch. If I worked through my lunch I could get it done. Not much choice, really; James had been in a foul mood all morning—worse than usual, so I didn't even try and be flippant with him. I nodded. "I'll get it done."

James walked away then suddenly turned around and came back. "Bella."

I looked up, my brow furrowed.

"You can leave early. Just get this done and take off. But I still need you to work tomorrow. I'll have everything finalized then."

I grinned. "Fair enough."

"More than fair," he grumped, but then smiled before he strode away.

I was busy working when someone clearing their throat interrupted me. Looking up I saw Masen standing in front of my desk, his hair chaotic and his t-shirt, as usual, well-worn and rumpled. He needed someone to look after him.

Silently, he handed me a coffee, smiling I took it from him. "Thanks."

"I didn't mean to cause you more work, but some of James' stuff was inaccurate."

"No problem. Almost done." I indicated the list in his hand. "Errands?"

He nodded. "Alice has a bunch of samples she needs me to pick up. I'm gonna grab a sandwich while I'm out; can I get you anything?"

"No, I'm almost done then I will do the copying. James told me to go home when I'm done."

He smiled shyly. "An early afternoon. That's good. Enjoy your time, Bella, in case you're gone by the time I get back. I heard James say you're working tomorrow?"

I nodded.

"Me, too. I'll see you then."

I watched him walk away, heading for the stairs. He was probably the only one who used the stairs. Masen always walked down the stairs and took the elevator up. Usually because his hands were empty going down, but once he finished with Alice's lists, completely full when he returned.

I turned back to the screen, once again frowning, as my fingers ran down the list of the company directory. Not a single Edward was listed as either a first or last name, not even a single initial E. I shook my head in confusion. Maybe I needed to ask someone. My finger stopped and I smiled as I realized it had landed on Masen Cullen. He might know. Internally, I shook my head. I couldn't ask Masen, in fact I couldn't ask anyone. They would ask me questions I wasn't prepared to answer. I had to figure this out on my own. With a start I realized my finger was still tracing Masen's name on my screen and I pulled back my hand.

How odd.

I closed the list and scanned the documents once I finished printing them, and satisfied they were correct, I gathered up the small stack of papers then made my way down the hall. Every step I took to the copy room increased my nerves ... and anticipation. It was as if my body was coming alive and I was already yearning for Edward's touch. I tried to stay calm. I had no idea if he would even show up.

I glanced around the empty room and loaded up the machine. As the copies started humming I waited. Nothing happened—the lights stayed on and nobody appeared. He wasn't coming. Swallowing my disappointment I reached in the pocket of my tunic for my phone and realized I had left it on my desk. I walked toward the door, intent on going to get it when the room plunged into darkness. My feet stopped moving and I waited in anticipation, my breath hitching in my throat.

"Going somewhere, Isabella?" A whisper came from behind me. "Leaving me so soon?" A lone finger traced its way up my neck.

His voice and his touch sent a shiver racing through me. He was here. How he got behind me I had no idea. But he was here.

I whimpered.


His hands pulled me back, pressing me tightly against his chest. "Where were you going, Isabella?"

"Just … just to get my phone. I … I thought I would play a game to pass the time."

His chuckle was dark. "Oh, I have a game we can play. It's far more … satisfying … than anything you can find on your phone."

It was as if he had lit a match under me. Instantly I was hot, my clothing restrictive and I desperately wanted to be closer to him.

I shut my eyes in the dark.

What was I doing?

All rational thought left my head when his hands dipped, pulling up my tunic, and his fingers grazed the bare skin above my thigh-highs. "Such scandalous items you're wearing today, Isabella. I knew you had something on under here that was naughty. So sexy and ... open. Did you wear them for me?" he growled softly in my ear, his teeth pulling on the lobe.

"Yes," I panted.

His fingers slipped up; touching the soft silk of the thong I was wearing. "I like this," he hissed. "I like this so much I'm going to take it."

Another whimper escaped my mouth as I felt the give of the elastic snap on my skin. "Something else for me to use … later."

I became even hotter.

Like a rag doll, he spun me around, his mouth covering mine, his tongue slipping in, greedily twisting and stroking mine as he moved us across the room. His lips were hard and bruising against my mouth, his desire demanding, and I groaned under his onslaught. His taste exploded in my mouth—the sweetness was still there, but today there was the addition of mint and coffee and I groaned at the flavour as he delved and tasted me, his tongue caressing yet commanding. When we reached the chair he spun me around again, sitting down, and pulling me onto his already naked lap. His sheathed erection pressed up against me and I moaned at the feeling of his hard length rubbing and teasing my entrance.

"You want that, Isabella? You want my hard cock in your pussy?"

I whimpered, shifting and moving; trying to build up the friction I was seeking.

"Tell me, Isabella. Tell me what you want."

"You," I gasped. "Your … cock. Inside me, please Edward!"

He pulled me back, causing my back to arch as he kissed my neck lavishly. His hands were under my tunic, pulling at my breasts, teasing the nipples ruthlessly. "Such a good girl. I want you to ride my cock, Isabella … hard. Is that what you want?"

"Yes," I panted, past caring about anything but him. This moment. "Yes … yes …"

"Good girl."

And then he lifted my hips and plunged into me.


Just like he promised.

His hands grasped my hips, his fingers pressing into the skin so firmly I knew I would have bruises the next day. My head fell back to his shoulder as he pulled and pushed, directing me exactly how he wanted. The pace he set was furious, his need as overwhelming as my own. His mouth licked and nipped at my neck, up my cheek and around my ear, his voice panting dirty words as he fucked me.

So hot … so wet … wanted you all night … couldn't stop thinking about my cock in you … teasing me all morning … feels so good … so fucking good … mine … Isabella … mine … fuck … fuck … fuck!

His hips lifted in a powerful arch and he shuddered as he came forcefully and deep inside me. My orgasm raced through me, burning like a flame. The low moans escaping from my lips became louder and Edward yanked my head back, crushing his mouth to mine, swallowing my cries. He continued to thrust through my release, kissing me deeply the whole time, his tongue wanton and pressing. When I collapsed against him, his hand moved up, stroking my neck, his mouth gentling. Rough became soft, deep became caressing, and bruising became adoring. He lifted his lips from mine, his breath hot against my tingly skin. "My sounds, Isabella. Nobody hears your pleasure but me."

I whimpered against his mouth, wanting to feel his lips against mine again. He pressed his mouth onto mine again, kissing me as we slowly calmed. His tongue was velvet as it moved with mine, unrushed and tender. All too soon, he pulled back and I heard his head fall to the back of the chair. Mine remained resting on his shoulder, and I turned my face into his neck, breathing in his dark, spicy scent, my cheek resting against the rough nub of his sweater.

"You need to stand, Isabella." His gravelly voice was quiet.

Shakily, I got off his lap, his hands supporting me. I moved away, as he stood up, and I heard his pants being pulled back up, the soft clink of the belt suddenly sounding so loud in the quiet of the room.

He stepped up, pulling me back against him. "Always so perfect," he whispered. "Just like I knew you'd be."

"Will I … will you … come back?"

A kiss was pressed to side of my head as long fingers squeezed my waist.

"As if I could stop myself now, Isabella. I am addicted to you."

And then, he was gone.



I watched her after she left the copy room. She moved slowly and I knew she was sore. I had been so desperate for her; I was rougher than I should have been. I lost myself so easily with her. She'd been on my mind all night: the feel of her pressed against me, the sounds she made when she came, how right it felt to be buried inside her. All these things had kept me awake most of the night and it was all I could do to stay away from her until she went into the copy room. Thank God James asked me a question this morning; it gave me the opportunity to provide him with enough information he had to adjust his next presentation. It was exactly what I needed to guarantee Bella being in that room for me today. It was all I could do earlier not to chuckle out loud when I took Bella her coffee and saw her checking the company directory. Clever girl. Except she wouldn't find Edward there. She'd only find him in the copy room. Waiting and desperate for her.

And the fact she had been as desperate for me as I was for her was an added turn-on. She looked so lovely this morning. Lovely, sweet and innocent. Until she had bent over to pick something up and I got an eye-full of the thigh-highs she was wearing. I was instantly hard for her. I looked around but no one else was even glancing her way. But I was. And I knew she had worn them for me.

I watched her pick up her purse. She was leaving. I grabbed the phone from my pocket and texted her.

Nothing will keep me away from you now, Isabella.


I watched as a beautiful smile crossed her face while she waited for the elevator. She peeked behind her, looking around. I smiled as I watched her confused glances around the office.

She was searching for me. But she wasn't ready yet.

You'll see me soon, Bella.

The elevator doors shut and I moved to my desk, sinking into my chair with a sigh, ignoring Jasper's curious gaze. He hadn't realized I had returned from my "errands."

I glanced back at the elevator, a quiet sigh escaping my throat.

I only hope you'll see me soon.

Then I turned my attention to the list of items Alice had on her hard drive for me to do tomorrow. I would have to get a lot done tonight so I had time with my Isabella tomorrow.

I grinned. Thankfully Alice was always so prepared and I knew her password.

I chuckled dryly to myself.

As if that would stop me.

Nothing was stopping me from being with Isabella now. Certainly not something as insignificant as a password.

I put my head down and got to work.

I'd get my reward tomorrow.

Isabella was my reward.

So... yeah. The copy room once again was a warm place.

Once small thought for those of you urging me to have Bella figure this out now. Once the mystery is solved... what is left? All will be revealed and discovered, and yes, HEA. But it will not be rushed. Enjoy the ride.

Bella is.

See you Thursday.