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Four months. That's how long it had been since Jade and Tori had called it quits. More precisely: 4 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days. But who was counting?

Jade knew she should have gone home to be with her family but she'd much rather spend New Year's Eve in her own apartment. Her family could celebrate without her, they did last year. Of course, last year she was with Tori and their friends on New Year's Eve. A lot has changed in a year.

Tori and Jade had a great relationship throughout their senior year at Hollywood Arts. Their dynamic hadn't changed much from what people were used to, except for the constant pda and random disappearances, followed by weird sounds coming from the Janitor's closet. They seemed so happy regardless of the occasional argument, but that all changed after graduation.

Mason Thornsmith had stayed in touch with Tori after her Platinum Music Awards performance. He kept tabs on her and watched her talent progress. When graduation came around he offered her a chance to kickstart her music career. Mason offered Tori a chance to record a demo for his company, the catch was she would have to go to London to record it.

Taking a sip from a bottle of Jack, Jade thought about her initial reaction to Tori's news.

"London?!" Jade shouted. "So you're just going to run off for God knows how long to record a demo? Can't you record a demo here in America? We have the same shit they do."

"Mason wants me to record it with a friend of his who he believes can make me appeal to a wide audience," Tori responded.

"That's bullshit! Your voice alone should attract the audience; plus your gorgeous."


"No, don't do that. Don't make it seem like I'm being irrational."

"Jade I'll be back before you know it. It's just a month of song writing and recording."

"That's just it Tor, that's a whole month that you'll practically be on the other side of the world."

"I promise I'll call you everyday; and we can video chat. I'll even visit whenever I can get time off."

"This is crazy!"

"This is my possible career. We can deal with this Jade."

"I don't want to deal with it."

"Jade, what if I make it into the big time one day? I'm going to have to travel for tours and stuff. Are you telling me you won't be able to deal with that?"

Jade sighed, "You're right. I know you are, but you've got to see it from my point of view. We've been together less than a year and most of that time has been spent in school. We just graduated and the summer is upon us and we're going to be spending a lot of that free time apart."

"I know, it sucks-"

"There's also the fact that this whole thing is so last minute. I mean you're leaving in a couple of days, that's hardly enough time to bond."

Tori cupped Jade's cheeks in her hands, "We will spend every minute together until I have to leave. We'll have our tearful goodbye but I'll call you as soon as I land. We'll video chat so much it'll feel like I'm not even gone."

Jade didn't like the idea but she calmed down enough to spend as much quality time with Tori as she could. Tori had even kept her promise and visited Jade twice during that long treacherous month. During the second visit Tori had more news to share with Jade which led to another huge fight.

Jade pulled Tori into her apartment and shut the door as fast as she could. She couldn't wait to be reacquainted with her girlfriend's body. She pulled her in for a quick kiss before saying, "Clothes off," as she began to peel her own shirt off.

"Jade wait." Tori breathed. "Can we sit down and catch up first?"

"Yeah, we can catch up on all the sex we haven't been having. Then we can share stories all you want as we bask in our postcoital bliss." Jade continued to remove her shirt.

Tori stilled Jade's hands with her own. "Hold on Jade, we really need to talk."

"Last time you said that you told me you were leaving me for a month. What is it this time?"


Jade pulled her shirt back into place, "If you tell me you're leaving again Vega…"

"Jade, If I want my career to take off I need to do this."

"You don't need t-," Jade cut herself off. "How long are you leaving this time?"

"It's going to be much longer than last time."

"How long?"

"Well their releasing my demo as an EP in Europe and Asia, so they want me to do a promo tour over their. That's how the Backstreet Boys started you know."


"Then I'm gonna have to get my name out there here in the states. I'm going to do a mall tour on one of those old tour buses-"

"How long Vega?"

Tori looked at Jade sheepishly, "Three months." Jade's eyes narrowed. "B-but there's going to be breaks in between cities and stuff. I can fly you out to meet up with me and I can fly back to see you. Money's going to be tight until I start actually raking in the 'big bucks' so we can probably only see each other a couple of times…"

"Stop rambling Vega."

Tori sat down on a chair in Jade's living room. "I'm sorry Jade. I know you were really looking forward to spending the summer together. I ruined it."

"Look Tori, let's just not talk about it." Jade sighed, "Lets' spend the small amount of time we have together just enjoying each other's company." Tori smiled at Jade. "Why don't you tell me about London?"

Tori's eyes brightened as she began to tell Jade about her experience in the city and recording her demo.

That was a mistake on Jade's part she reminded herself as she reminisced. She should have spent the time talking to Tori about her decision to go on tour. She should have explained her doubts to Tori. She should have explained her feelings; instead they burned holes in her psyche until she was unable to control it anymore. It had been a month after Tori told her she was going on tour when all the feelings Jade had let build finally exploded in an emotional phone call with Tori.


"Hello? Tori?"

"Hey Jade, why didn't you call me through Skype?"

Jade's voice began to shake, "Tori I miss you so much. It feels so…just…urrrgh!"

"Jade?" Tori was concerned, "Jade, are you crying?"

"Tori I just can't take it anymore. I just…I want you home."

"Jade I'll be home once the tour is over. In the meantime I was thinking we could come up with a plan for you to come visit me."

"No Tori, you don't understand. I need you here. This whole thing that's happening…I just can't function like this."

"Babe I'm so sorry. I wish I could just drop everything and be with you but I can't. I'm actually making headway here. I'm gaining fans! Isn't that exciting?"

Jade just couldn't bring herself to feel any excitement when she felt like her soul was being crushed. "Tori I just…I can't do this. I can't do this shit anymore."

"What do you mean? Did something happen with your dad? Are you ok?"

"I'm talking about us! I can't do it anymore, Tori. I'm sorry."

Tori's panic stricken voice came through the phone, "Jade no. We can make it through this baby. It's just a minor speed bump. Baby please don't do this. Not now."

"Tori, I can't. I can't sit here and put my life on hold while I wait for you."

"I'm not asking you to put your life on hold for me Jade! I just need some time to chase my dreams, but I want you to be part of those dreams Jade! You can't give up on us!"

That's exactly what Jade did. She gave up on waiting for Tori. It hurt at first of course, but soon Jade found that 3 months had turned into 4 months. Last she heard Tori was supposed to be coming home for the holidays and she would most likely be spending every minute with her family.

Jade took another sip of Jack as she thought of how much she wished she could see Tori. Of course she still missed her. She was in love with her and Tori had treated her like the most treasured person in the world. At times Jade was sure they spoiled each other with the amount of love they had for each other. As sappy as it sounds. Jade had a lot of love to spare for the aspiring pop star and Tori seemed to be able to fit Jade into her bubble of love she held for her family and friends just right. It's like the Latina had an endless supply of love to give away but she saved the best parts for Jade.

This holiday sucked. All it made her do was reflect on the things she could have had and the things she gave away. Like her heart. She wouldn't be getting that back anytime soon.


With all the time she had to think about it Jade knew she should have returned all the calls she had rejected from Tori. She should have listened to every single message Tori had left. She should have saved the messages just to hear Tori's voice. She should have apologized because she knew that in order to follow her dreams Tori would have to leave her, she just didn't expect it would happen for another couple of years.

Jade was selfish, she could admit that. She always had been somewhat selfish. And Tori loved her anyway. She had made a terrible mistake and when she found out Tori was coming home she wanted to make some grand gesture and show up at her doorstep on Christmas Day. Then she talked herself out of it. The Vega's probably wanted "family time" or some shit, and Jade showing up uninvited and unannounced would probably be viewed as selfish.

Jade took a longer swig of her good ol' friend Jack. She should really cut it out, Jack was starting to knock on her brain and it was making her dizzy. Good thing she didn't have to drive anywhere.

The knocking in her brain continued until Jade realized that it wasn't coming from her brain, it was coming from her door. She started to rise from her seat and make her way toward the door as the person on the other side continued to knock. Who the hell was pounding on her door so close to midnight on New Year's Eve?

"I'm coming!" Jade shouted in an attempt to get the person to cease their knocking. She grabbed the handle without looking through her peephole. As she pulled her door open she said, "What the hell do you wa-"

"Hi Jade."

"Vega? Wh-what are you-"

Her words cut off at the sight of Tori Vega clad in shiny green wrapping paper so that only her arms and head were free. She had a big Red bow on top of her head top off her "gift-like" appearance.

"What am I wearing?" Tori completed Jade's question for her. "Well, I know it's really late but I decided to bring you a Christmas gift. I was hoping that would be ok with you.

Jade stood slack jawed. She wasn't sure if what she was seeing was real or if she was having an alcohol induced dream on her living room couch courtesy of Jack.

"Can I come in? I'd rather talk to you inside your apartment. I don't need to have pictures of me covered in wrapping paper popping up all over the internet. It could ruin my image," Tori winked.

When Jade finally collected herself she nodded, still at a loss for words, as she gestured for Tori to come in. Tori waddled in since her legs were also covered in wrapping paper. When Jade closed the door she turned to stare at Tori once again.

"Not to ruin this shocking moment," Tori started, "but I'm a little uncomfortable."

Jade finally came to her senses and stepped forward. "Sorry," she said as she began to rip the paper off of Tori's body only to reveal the sexy Santa outfit Tori was wearing underneath. It was very reminiscent of her an outfit she had worn during once Christmas at Hollywood Arts. Once all the wrapping paper was gone Jade took a step back as she let her eyes roam over Tori's body.

"You like?"

"Tori," Jade breathed, "what the hell are you doing here?"

Tori's smile faltered. "I came to apologize."


"No," Tori put her hand up. "Let me finish. I came to apologize, but I'm not going to apologize for my career choice or the measures I'll take to achieve success. I want to apologize for basically abandoning you in what was technically still the early stages of our relationship. We hadn't even been together a year and I put our relationship through a trial that many long-term relationships can't withstand. I don't regret recording the demo, but I could have asked Mason to put off the tour for a few months or even a year.

"I'm young, I have a lot of time to figure out how to succeed in my career. What I don't have time for is spending time away from the love of my life. We have our whole lives ahead of us but we need to spend time together now so that we can bear the time we're apart. I lost sight of our relationship when I put they idea of achieving fame as fast as possible ahead of you. Please forgive me Jade."

Jade did her best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall with the knowledge that Tori still loved her. No doubt good ol' Jack was to blame for all these emotions.

"I'll forgive you," Jade started, "If you'll forgive me for being so selfish. I know how much work needs to be put into a singing career but instead of trying to understand why you were leaving, I blamed you for a decision that could affect your career. That's selfish and I'm sorry. I've been wallowing in my misery thinking you were never going to love me again and then you show up to give me the best Christmas/New Year's gift I could ask for."

Tori grabbed Jade and pulled her into a tight embrace. "I wanted to come see you as soon as I got home but my mom was being selfish and I didn't want to break her heart." Tori pulled back a bit, "But I'm all yours now."

Eyes still shining with tears Jade smiled the biggest smile she could form in her drunken haze. She noticed the clock over Tori's shoulder. "What a great way to ring in the New Year."

Tori looked at the time and smiled, "I can think of a better way to ring in the New Year."

Jade smiled as Tori pressed her lips to Jade's. Jade wrapped her arms around Tori's neck and opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. Tori let her hands trail over Jade's hips as her tongue made its' way into Jade's. She grazed the skin under Jade's sweater causing gasp to escape Jade's mouth.

Pulling away to breathe Jade said, "Let's take this to the bedroom. I don't think I finished unwrapping my gift."

Tori smiled, "With pleasure."

They embraced once more bumping into walls as they made their way down the short hallway to Jade's bedroom.


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