As much as I enjoyed the first 3 seasons of Being Human, it really bothered me that season 2 and 3 were really about Mitchell's downfall. So, the frustrated side of my brain kicked in and said - hey, this doesn't have to be tragic! Here's my hope for Mitchell... a hope with out the Box Tunnel 20.

I pulled conversation from Season 2, episode 8 (and a few others) - to mix and match and rework it to fit a new storyline. But I do not claim it as my dialog. (They gave such brilliant dialog in that episode!)

Please be warned, as much as I like Annie's character - this isn't a Mitchell/Annie story. I don't think she completes him. In the series, she constantly tries to make him something he's not. She can't fully accept what he is.

Watching from the upper window of her flat, she spots him walking down the street. She rushes out to follow - hoping to stop what he's about to face. Can she catch him before he reaches the his destination?

Her shoulder length black hair flows behind her as she descends the stairs, tosses the binoculars on the couch, and tugs on her jean jacket. There's not even time to bolt the door behind her as she dashes down the street.

"John Mitchell!" she shouts trying to not be too loud because she knows he doesn't like much attention. She's pretty sure he heard her, but he keeps walking. So she calls his name again, a little louder, "Mitchell, please! I have to talk with you!"

"I'm busy," he stops but doesn't turn around, tosses a cigarette butt to the ground, and steps on it with his boot.

She skitters before she stops in front of him, her hair swinging into her sweet cherubic face and she has to brush enough away to see him. "Please, listen. The funeral parlor - it's a trap - a bomb!"

"What the hell?" he shoves her against the wall roughly.

"BUR intercepted a call last night to Kemp," the woman desperately tries to say enough to keep his attention, but not too much at the same time. It was risky to mention BUR.

He pulls her jacket lapels tighter to her throat and pushes her harder against the wall. Her dark eyes lock onto his as he growls down at her, "What's BUR? What's this got to do with Kemp?"

"Bureau of Unnatural Registry - we watch over supernaturals. Kemp is a fanatic and bent on killing supernaturals," she manages hoarsely.

"And the bomb!?" Mitchell's anger and fright gets the better of him and he shakes her.

"Planted in the funeral home... Let me go, I can help!" she insists. He releases her and she grabs his wrist and takes off at a sprint, "You get everyone out, I'll see if I can locate it..."

"What if it goes off? You won't survive." he protests as they run.

"Might not. But I'll put my life on the line for what I've seen of you in your file. The vampires here need a leader that gives a damn about the good side of humanity," she pants as she does her best to keep up with his longer stride.

"No. I'll find the bomb," he states booking no argument.

"Shut up and get your people out! They won't listen to me!" she retorts as they near the location.

They scramble around the corner of the red and tan building with the boarded up windows and into the entryway. Mitchell practically rips the door off it's hinges and heads for the garage meeting room. "Everyone out! Now!" he barks orders.

"Please! There's a bomb! Get out!" the lady pleads to the vampires inside as she frantically searches for it.

"Ah! There you are!" She spies the device and sees the scrolling 'Hello'. "Oh, damn," she mutters and looks up to see Mitchell, Ivan and several others are still in the room. Lunging Mitchell's direction to shove him out the door away from the blast, she hopes she's in time. Ivan dives to push them farther from the blast, and shields them both.

"Nooooo!" Mitchell screams and reaches forward for Ivan as the deafening roar and the flash of heat come over them. The woman does her best to hold Mitchell back, clinging tightly to him and burying her head in his shoulder. The sheer force knocks them down into the cement floor.


When she comes to consciousness again, Mitchell is hovering over Ivan and speaking to him. She can't hear what he's saying. Pulling her hand back from her ear, she sees blood and shakes her head.

She experiments with getting up, and can manage a crawl. The pounding in her head is too much to stand. She works her way to Mitchell and Ivan. He's in bad shape. Crimson stains everywhere. Shrapnel in his chest. Thankfully not wood. A few others are laying on the ground likely dead.

She's not real good with lip reading, but she thinks Mitchell says Ivan needs blood. Nodding in agreement, she confides but still unable to hear herself, "I wish my blood would help. But it won't. It could kill him in his current state. We need to find someone else."

"What are you talking about? You're human," Mitchell can't comprehend what she's saying.

"She's right, Mitchell. She's one of the rare ones," Ivan rasps. "I knew when she came in with you."

Scuffling and scraping, then a thud can be heard. The three turn to see Daisy dragging in an unconscious bleeding man. "The bomber. He can make a small donation for you Ivan dear," she suggests. It's obvious that Ivan is too weak to sit up.

The new woman pulls out a pocket knife, flips it open and makes a slit in the unconscious man's arm for Ivan's convenience and Daisy holds it to her husband's mouth for him to drink.

"This has to be revenge for the Chief Constable," Mitchell concludes from his guilty conscience.

With her hearing starting to come back a bit, she answers, "No, it's not the police. It's worse, Mitchell. God... I'm sorry to have to tell you..."

"What?! Who is it?" Mitchell grabs her arms squeezing them very hard and making her wince.

"I was hoping to be able to contact you before you were seeing Lucy. But I was forbidden until she made the call last night to Kemp that you were holding a meeting. Kemp organized the bombing."

"No! Lucy wouldn't do that!" Mitchell insists.

Ivan notices the compassion in her eyes as she has to tell Mitchell, "It's true. God, I wanted to intercept. You deserve so much better than to have your heart ripped out. BUR has been tracking her since she joined up with Kemp and his false offers to help supernaturals. We suspect that they've killed several werewolves."

"How do you know this? Who are you" his grip tightens and she squeaks in pain.

Ivan pipes up weakly with his mouth covered in blood, "Loosen your grip, John. But don't let go of her yet. You'll need her to help you through this."

"Tara Daniels on assignment with BUR. BUR tracks and does their best to bring justice for supernaturals. We have reason to believe Kemp has been killing them methodically and we've had a dickens of a time hunting him down and stopping him. ... Mitchell, I've wanted to meet you since I read your file. I'd hoped I'd meet you under better circumstances. I know what you are, and that I can help you, Mitchell."

"What are you talking about!? No one can help me!" his voice drops in pitch and volume as he pulls her close to his face.

"Try to use your fangs... you won't be able to. I can help you with the blood lust as you deal with the betrayal," she whispers and bends her arm enough to offer him her hand. "Bite my hand Mitchell... Do it!"

"No! Are you crazy? With how I feel right now, I'd end up killing you..." he protests.

"Do it, John," Ivan encourages. His voice is gaining energy but still weak. "You can't be a vampire while touching her."

Mitchell's head swerves to Ivan and flashes an eyebrows furrowed 'Are you crazy?' look. Ivan nods for him to try it.

Her round pretty face is resolute and her lips drawn and tight. Loosening his grip and letting go, he backs up and lets the pupils in his eyes dilate completely and his fangs protrude. She reaches up to put her hand on his cheek and he gasps as he returns to his human form. Crab-crawl scrambling backwards away from her touch, his fangs return and his eyes go wide in shock, "Shit!"

Ivan chuckles then coughs and Daisy tries to settle her husband. Tara smiles back and responds, "I didn't expect that reaction..."

"Do that again..." Mitchell crawls back, still with a mouth full of fangs and big black pupils. He reaches out almost like she's poison and makes contact with her outstretched hand. As his features become normal again she feels him shaking, "What the hell? I could feel your pulse in my ears just a second ago. But I can't right now!" Laughing hysterics over take him as he experiments with taking his hand off of her and then placing it back on several times. Then he sits back, closes his eyes as he soaks in this new information.

Groaning sounds interrupt Mitchell's joyous discovery and the group sees the bomber awakening.

"Daisy, no! We'll take him into custody to face his crime!" Tara screams as she sees Daisy go vamp. But she's a fraction of a second too late and Daisy sinks her teeth into the man and rips his throat out before Tara can reach over to make contact. Blood spatters Tara's arm and she recoils and covers her mouth, trying to keep down the contents of her stomach.

"John be gent and help her get to the WC. Then I'd really like to chat with you, if you don't mind," Ivan suggests trying to sit up and pick a chunk of metal out of his arm.

Mitchell pulls Tara up and helps her out of the room and she keeps one hand clamped over her mouth as they walk.

When Mitchell returns to Ivan's side, Ivan has managed to sit up with Daisy's help. "FYI. BUR must be making a come back. They sank into the background some years ago after a split in the hierarchy. But they're generally good and try to watch over us. Now, you were going to ask me something tonight. What was it?"

"I wanted to turn the leadership over to you," Mitchell concedes.

Ivan closes his eyes, "Why? You have their trust. For Christ's sake, many have sworn off blood because of you."

"No, because of the two of us lead the others that direction."

"Never-the-less, why? Because you were seeing this Lucy?"

Mitchell looks down at the ground as he kneels beside Ivan.

"Ah, love... Well, that one went down in flames, quite literally," Ivan attempts a terribly timed joke.

Fists clenching, Mitchell nods. Ivan puts a hand on his shoulder. "John, I am sorry... But keep your eyes open. This Tara, she just revealed herself to you and said you deserve better than a broken heart. She knows what you are and just threw herself in front of a bomb for you." Ivan gives Mitchell's shoulder a squeeze, "Everyone deserves a Daisy..."

"I'm not sure I can trust her. Shit! She's been spying on me, and you - all of us! She knew you and Daisy by name - yet hasn't met you face to face. That's just plain disturbing," Mitchell can't buy it.

"BUR does their best to stay out of the way and only interfere when they have to. I've dealt with them before...," Ivan pushes just a bit.

Mitchell raises an eyebrow warning Ivan to stop it. Then he goes back to the reason he called the meeting in the first place, "Will you take the lead here?"

"Will you keep contact with us?"

"I don't know. I have to deal with Lucy," Mitchell's jaw clenches and his chin drops as he looks darkly at Ivan.

"Will you kill her?" Ivan blandly asks - knowing it flies in the face of what Mitchell has been working toward.

Mitchell's fingernails dig into the jeans on his knees.

"Mitchell?" Tara asks as she steps up behind him making him jump. She retracts the hand she was about to put on his shoulder, "Sorry. I was sure you'd hear me."

He runs his hand through his hair as he tries to recompose himself, "I...I was intent on the discussion."

"Understandably. But you need to know something..." she holds out her phone showing the text message.

'M's friends w/ Jaggat 2 B "cured"'

"I'm coming with you. Back up is on the way," Tara puts her hand on Mitchell's shoulder as he puts his head in his hands - as if the day can't get any worse.

"I'm going alone," he growls.

"I'm coming, but I won't interfere. I'll be making the arrests for Lucy and Kemp, or cleaning up the mess. This is beyond human law. Decide now what you'll do. I can help as you face her," Tara informs as she crosses her arms defiantly.

Mitchell rolls his eyes and the growl continues, "NO YOU WON'T. These are my friends. Stay the fuck out of it."


"No buts. You couldn't even hack it when Daisy killed that guy... You don't need to add killing to your resume." he spits the words trying to verbally push her away.

Getting down on her knees and leaning forward into his face she returns in a steady low pitched voice and her eyes narrow, "Too late. You have no idea what I've been through." She pokes his shoulder for emphasis, "And YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Now are you just gonna sit there and argue while your friends are in Jaggat's hands?"

The snarl of mumbled curses as he gets up makes her rub her temples in annoyance. She pops onto her own feet, mouths the words 'Thank you' to Ivan, and follows Mitchell out.