The Gilmore girls aren't mine. I just love 'em.

Jam Hands

"Daddy! Daddy, daddy, daddy, DADDY!" Luke looked up and smiled as he saw his daughter, Mia, rush into the diner. He set down the plates he was holding to catch her and swing her up onto his hip. He kissed her on the head, and set her down on the stool at the counter.

"I'll be back in one sec." Picking up the plates, he took them over to the table, apologizing for the wait.

"So, what'll it be?" he asked as he moved behind the counter, plopping a small menu down in front of his daughter.

She took it very seriously, opening the miniature purple menu that said: "Mia's Picks" in large yellow letters. Of course it was construction paper and crayon, though he had it laminated for her. She had been so excited when her cousin Doula helped her make it last year.

Doula got her artsy streak from her mom, and so helped Mia make a list of all over her favorite foods, excluding the things on the normal menu that she felt were '"icky" like ham sandwiches.

He glanced back at her when she imperiously set the menu back down on the counter.

"One peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich with crinkle carrots," he gave her a long look, "Please."

He smiled and ruffled her. While making her sandwich she told him all about her day at school. Apparently Bobby had stolen her favorite blue crayon so she accidently-on-purpose bonked him on the head with a nerf ball during PE.

At last, he set down the plate in front of her. It had ended up being two sandwiches because she was on a star-shaped kick. He wasn't going to let her near Kirk ever again.

He went about his business as she happily munched on her sandwich and carrots. Only looking up when he heard the shout of "Mommy!"

Luke looked up to see Lorelai walk in the door and catch their daughter mid-stride, twirling her around; she nearly took out Taylor's hat in the process.

She sauntered over and leaned into to kiss his cheek, prompting Mia - who was still on her hip- to grab his face and give him a smack on the cheek. Lorelai giggled when she left small hand shaped jam marks on his cheek-

"Ahh!" Luke sat up, gasping for breath. The clock next to him read 2:19 AM in large red letters.

He rolled over and groaned into his pillow. That was the fifth time this month he had that dream. Now, he took a deep breath and tried to go back to sleep.

A/N: So. A lot of people asked me to continue, "Rory's First Bid-A-Basket. And I am, in a way, doing just that. RFBAB ended just the way I intended, as Lorelai's first hint of feelings for Luke. And then I got to thinking about Luke's rant about how kids always had "jam hands" and Lorelai's dream of having his twins. What if he had a similar dream? So, now this is going to be "Gilmore Glimpses": a to be sporadically updated glimpse into the lives of the Gilmores and Star's Hollow. What do ya think?