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Set in the same AUniverse as "Doctor's Visit" (Only on my writing tumblr, the URL of which can be found in mai bio!) but it can be read separately.

"Courf, what're they gonna do to me?"

"It's okay, Gav. You've just got a big heart, so they've gotta give you a smaller one." The man looked at the innocent boy, so small, so scared, and felt as if he needed to fling his arms around him, to protect him from all the wrongs this world had to offer even if he'd already faced more than all the college boys combined.

"Havin' a big heart ain't bad, though, is it?" The boy was innocent, Courfeyrac thought, looking scared out of his mind at having his heart cut out. "I mean, the more heart ya have, the more kindness ya have, right?"

"Of course it does. Problem is, it might be a bad thing for you to keep this one. It's not healthy, see, so you could die if you don't get a new one." The boy coughed into his elbow, shivering slightly before returning his attention to the man sitting in the chair next to his bed. "Luckily we found a donor." Courf's eyes slowly flooded over, one of his hands dropping to the boy's bedside.

"Courf, do I know em? Do I know my donor?" The boy looked eager to know who was saving him, and simultaneously terrified that he knew them and that they were dying.

"It's... It's not important, Gav. I'll see you in a bit, okay?" Courf walked into the waiting room, his hand covering his eyes as he cried quietly.

"Courf, I think I like her."

"And what's so wrong about that?"

"She's sick, Courf. Very sick."

"Courf? You okay?" Gavroche's sister Azelma (Known to all the college students as Zel) walked up to him, her hand resting on his arm.

"Zel, his donor... It's his... It's Julie, Zel."

The expression of shock on her face was horrible to look at.

"Did you talk to Julie today?"

"Yes. She's getting better, she thinks. She told me that when she gets out, she'll be twice as good as she is now."

"That's good, Gav. You never told me why she was so sick."

"She was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer awhile ago. Her parents didn' care."

"Did she say what kind it was?"

"Some kinda brain tu-mer. Courf, what's a brain tu-mer?"

The surgery went well. The surgery went well. The surgery went well. The doctor's words pounded in his head as he hurried down the hall to the transplant unit, his fingers tearing nervously at his clothes. He hadn't been able to see the boy until they had moved him here, the five days Gavroche had been in the ICU having been agonizing to him.

He asked for you and his donor. He asked for you and his donor. He asked for you and his donor. Courf's surprise at the boy begging to see Julie was more than had been expected.

Courf paused outside the small boy's room, leaning up against the wall as he contemplated what to tell the boy about Julie.

"Courf, is Julie gonna die?"


"Will it hurt 'er?"

"I dunno, Gav, maybe. If she's lucky she'll pass out. If not..."

"Courf, where's Julie?"

"Julie... She's right there." The man motioned toward the boy's heart, taking care not to touch it.

"My heart?" At first the boy didn't understand him, confusion mixed with the struggle to figure out what Courf meant written on his face.

Courf could pinpoint the exact moment when it clicked with him, his face completely transforming into a look of horror, anger, and sadness.

The tears flowed down the boy's face, and Courf decided the best thing to do would be to give him some space.

So he listened to himself.