A/N: I have a different view of how I wanted to take this collection. So I completely scrapped it. And tried some different things out. I hope you appreciate the changes.

This collection is only friendship never romance.

Please enjoy.

Jenna and Felix: Siblings

Jenna plays with a fireball she had conjured up from her own Psynergy. She's seen Sheba do that once, except the Jupiter Adept had conjured up a mini-cyclone with which she had done some neat tricks. Sheba also said that it helped her maintain control of her Psynergy and is therefore a good training technique, but Jenna thinks she's just trying to make excuses for being bored. Jenna tries to emulate the tricks she saw Sheba pulling off, but she soon realizes that she is not as dexterous as the blond-haired youth is; she decides not to potentially burn down the whole ship and allows the fireball to disappear into the air.

Jenna almost regrets doing so because she is immediately hit with an extreme case of boredom. The Mars Adept tries to endure the boredom, but gives up very soon, so she gets up and leaves her cabin to search the ship until she finds what she is looking for. Felix is sitting on the floor of the common area, sharpening his weapons. He stops what he is doing for a second to acknowledge her presence, and then goes back to what he was doing.

The red-haired teen curls up next to him on the floor and proceeds to take a nap. She pretends not to notice that he is sharpening her weapons, too.